Saturday, October 16, 2010

If It's Successful, Attack It.

Those paragons of environmental virtue, the people from Greenpeace, are at it again. The worldwide organisation which is anti-industry while disguising itself as pro-environment.

In recent days they have been attacking our highly successful dairy industry with a mendacious and spurious campaign over the use of a by-product as an emergency feed source for starving cows.

Now it's their turn to give the fishing industry a serve. This time with equally spurious propaganda aimed at closing down our most profitable fisheries.

Both species feature in environmental groups' "fish to avoid" guides - orange roughy is at No. 1 and hoki at No. 5 on Greenpeace's NZ Red Fish list. Influential newspapers The Guardian and The New York Times have cited New Zealand in critical stories and columns about "unsustainable" trawling and the impacts of bottom trawling.

Influential? Both with declining readership as the public wakes up to their abjectly partisan treatment of political and environmental issues.

Adolf cannot remember anywhere hearing these people use the following argument when discussing their now fading cause du jour - global warming, no that's now climate change, no that's now climate disruption.

The ministry (and fishing industry) says the QMS is grounded in science; environmentalists say the science remains as uncertain as picking Lotto numbers.

Like the Lotto numbers used by the climate science scammers, eh chaps?

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