Saturday, October 9, 2010

Henry's done us a favour

I was furious that a lot of people around the world now think of NZ in terms of infantile, loudmouthed bigotry - but on further reflection, I shouldn't be. He's done us a favour.

People around the world tend to leap to the false conclusion that NZers are great blokes from a wonderful country, rather than people much like themselves from a perfectly ordinary country. They shouldn't do that, because it will only lead to disappointment.

Consider this story:

Mr Mehta said widespread publicity of Henry working himself into fits of laughter over the name of Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit could deter fee-paying students from coming to New Zealand, which was usually regarded as racially tolerant.

Or this one:

To drum up support for their rally, they set up a Facebook page publicising the event – which has since been bombarded with abusive messages.

"There have been times when me and my colleague have sat down and burst into tears. People have said: `You should just go back to your country, Paul Henry is good'," Ms Chandra said.

"It's just been like `wow, I didn't think this was New Zealanders and this was their view'."

You see? It really is high time people from other ethnic groups realised that the shrieking simian retard they saw pissing himself over a funny foreign name actually is a lot of white New Zealanders and is their view. White New Zealand's pretence that this is actually a friendly, tolerant, welcoming country has been exposed as a pretence, and that can only be a good thing. Now foreigners considering studying here can make a more realistic assessment of what their actual NZ experience would be like.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Milt, you only got halfway.

You MUST include all the racist nasty as thy can be red necks black bastards whose forebears infested this country before the white man came.

Chris said...

I think Kiwis are human. We are tribal. We bond together. We want to be led by someone who we think is one of us.

Chris Trotter's comments here are wise -- Our current GG, througn no fault of his own (he was a respected lawyer) is associated with Helen's denigration of Pakeha and elevation of ethnic minorities. What is now happening is that Pakeha have learnt to play the race power game. Which should not happen: we are all NZers. (I am aware the politics of identity is the raison d'etre of the left, but it should not be that way. It should be protecting the poor... regardless of identity).

Henry is crass. But so is the Mad Butcher... Mike King, and Billy T James. We find this funny.

I think incompetent people (I am referring to the Indian minister her) who cry 'Raaacist': if you are in power, harden up.

Otherwise, I have a Muldoon jokes to recycle.

Chris said...

sorry, last sentence should read a lot of muldoon jokes to recycle

Anonymous said...

I think it just shows how far down this p.c. road where no-one can risk offending anyone, we have travelled.

Henry's comments were stupid and crass. But that's all they were. Hardly cause for international outrage.

We need to harden up.

Mrs Danvers

Psycho Milt said...

You MUST include all the racist nasty as thy can be red necks black bastards whose forebears infested this country before the white man came.

Why? They're a tiny minority of the population. You want me to include them so Whitey can feel better about himself, but this is about Whitey, no-one else. I'm glad foreigners are being given a chance to stop deluding themselves about how wonderful we supposedly are.

Anonymous said...

Being half caste myself, my Bro's side of the family thought that was the funniest bit of TV out there, and they can't see an issue with the Satelliteman issue. (Some of them wiches he would come around and connect it up for free, rather than cahrging $99.) They of course aren't racist at all, they despise honkeys, chinks, gooks, niggas, boongas, coconuts, choges and wogs with equal fervour. In fact they even take offense to most Maoris outside of their immediate tribe. (Which is probably not too far off the path, given the buggers have tried to steal their land, by attempting to sell it from under their feet, not to mention the Tuhoe massacre of innocent women and children while the Menfolk were off with the local constabulatory keeping the peace further south).

Anonymous said...

Thankfully there are a one or two white New Zealanders like you Milt who are virtuous, genuinely compassionate and tolerant, who value diversity and social justice.

Where would we be without you ?

Psycho Milt said...

The fact that you struggle to understand relatively simple concepts isn't my problem, it's yours.

Anonymous said...

If people that get offended so easily don't want to come to NZ, then good. They aren't needed.