Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Be Still My Heart

It's looking very much as though Mr Key is setting up the CTU and Labour for a very big fall.

And the best the Labour Party can do is to have Goff run off at the mouth in Australia about how great they wert to waste billions on insulating houses (killing only four people in the process) and paying five times the going rate for school halls.

My bet is the price that will be paid for the return of The Hobbit to New Zealand will be the complete and total emasculation of Labour's 'military wing' the trade unions. Look for legislation preventing union involvement in 'strategic' industries. When Mallard and Co start squealing, all John Key has to do is remind them how they imperiously declared Auckland Airport to be a strategic asset when a benign Canadian pension fund wanted to buy in.

I'm laying in large stocks of pop corn and cognac for the ensuing jousts of the next few days.

Just watch the currency trader fuck over the dim witted loons of the left.


PM of NZ said...

I see the Liarbour Goon Squad has been active today, spouting on many topics, even fronting for Te News tonight. Head henchmen Mallard and King are running the shop whilst Dear Leader Phil is philandering with Julia. And obviously enjoying their hand on the reins.

Psycho Milt said...

Look for legislation preventing union involvement in 'strategic' industries.

I'm sorry, did Key and Brownlee decide they can't be arsed remaining in govt past 2011 but didn't bother telling the rest of us? Seriously, this Asian authoritarianism shit doesn't play here, much as right-wingers would dearly love it to.

The Silent Majority said...

I hope you are right Adolf, I really, really do. What gets me is that while alot of Kiwis seem to be blaming the unionites, they are not making the connection between their goals and the rest of the left (Labour, other unions, the Greens) Can't they see that following the path of all of the above will lead to the same sort of economic tragedy?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Au contraire Milt. Just the existance of the legislation might be enough to turn a comfortable win into a landslide.

Anonymous said...

Liabour is tainted by its association with the unions. That includes Lyen Brown as well.

Liabor is brought and paid for by the unions.

Until Key makes all union and associated political party members jointly and severally liable for the economic damage their terrorism causes their employers, and criminally liable ideally under the anti-terrorism legislation for the damage their terrorism causes the country, we know he won't be serious.

he has done his best to keep the Hobbit in New Zealand.

Except of cause that when the Hobbit goes, Liabour and the Unions will say it's all his fault!

When did we get the idea that it is the government's job to intervene in the investment decisions made by productive private businesses?

Psycho Milt said...

This thread gets funnier and funnier. I wish Key would hire all of you as electoral strategists.

Anonymous said...

"When did we get the idea that it is the government's job to intervene in the investment decisions made by productive private businesses?"

When they did tax deals to attract those businesses and the businesses want to increase the tax deal advantage.

The stupidity of the unions astounds me. If it was all about the tax break and the dollar the unions could have shut up and shown Warners to be the thugs they are but no, they have to open their stupid gobs and let them off the hook.

Anonymous said...

I wish Key would hire all of you as electoral strategists.

Political strategists. Our first advice would be to push elections out to 10 year parliamentary terms, of course on the basis of a taxpayer franchise and FPP.

With that kind of system, Key wouldn't need any electoral strategists.

James Stephenson said...

I'm with Milt on this one - there's more chance of that Whipp idiot being used as an excuse to outlaw Australians...

Anonymous said...

Remind me again...what were the terms and conditions that the actors wanted to sit down and negotiate?

All they wanted to do was sit down and talk as is their "right"

At no stage have I seen or read just what the issue was that jeopardised a %500 million investment.

It is an obvious question, but it seems to have been overlooked by the MSM and/or blog commentators, or lost in the psycho-babble.

Anonymous said...

At no stage have I seen or read just what the issue was that jeopardised a %500 million investment.

How about a fucking international ban (yeah co-ordinated by the union version of the comintern) on the Hobbit or any other NZ productions.

It was industrial terrorism. Pure and Simple.
And unlike JohnKey, Warners doesn't negotiate with terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.08: unfortunately your answer was the same as the MSM, focusing only on the unions heavy handedness...what were the actors bitching about...what terms and conditions of their employment contract so vexed them that they felt impelled to discharge the neutron-bomb?

I don't know...do you, does anybody?

Anonymous said...

yet again the absolute falacy that a job is a worker's right is the cause for this whole debacle. The truth is that a job is created by the person/ people who want an activity achieved, and lack the necessary time/ skill to perform the function so are willing to pay someone else for the result wanted. A job therefore is the sole property of the employer, on the proviso that the worker is recompensed for their effort. This is where the unions get it so incredibly wrong, and are allowed to misrepresent the truth due to government intervention into what is and should be a private matter between the employer (buyer) and the employee (seller).
In the current case the fools represented by Malcolm etc, actually believe they had the right to dictate to someone else the terms by which a major production and therefore huge financial risk would be undertaken on, forgettting they are nothing more than upstarts in a dikshit economy. The only reason the movie production outfits came here in the forst place was escape the union bollocks that the production companies were getting from their native hollywood, so to get more of the same in what was supposed to be a safe-haven from actor union idiocy was and is retarded.
It goes to show how stupid actors really are that they honestly believed they only wanted to talk... never divulging that the talks not only would have encompassed remuneration rates (which has been well publicised as being very generous in comparison to other countries pay scales), but would probably also have tried to dictate who got employed, with the likely outcome that anyone not of the inner clique who wanted a self arranged contract would be deemed scab labour and so unemployable.

Malmolm must have a real hatred for everywhere outside of Auckland, because so far her actions have resulted in the loss to the NZ economy of over $10b, and with this latest little shimmy, you can add another 600m to the total.

Anonymous said...

I don't know...do you, does anybody?

cos there weren't any.

Like the teacher strike (anyone know what those whingers want) it's not about pay, or conditions, or anything rational

its about formeting industrial terrorism to support Labour