Monday, September 27, 2010

Retarded ideas of our time.

Create even more jobs for useless gobshites at IRD

Is this the best they have got?
Two years in opposition, one daft poof who will not go away, more corrupt Indians than a subcontinent changing shed, no apology for enabling and covering up for Taito, trying to reinflate Peters as a potential coalition partner and now a tax break on spuds.

This is not good, we need effective opposition. And NO, the greens are not opposition. Retreaded communists and unicorn collectors are never going to be a mainstream opposition which means Labour is it.
FFS, look at the nonsense national have got away with since they came in. We have Joyce trampling on our rights with even more grimness than the last lot, Simon FIGJAM Powers spending all day staring at the mirror, English doing........... Well, fucked if I know what he is doing actually and ACT.............. Shit, what can you say about ACT?

Sort it out Goff.
Contract Mansons to put Carter in a hole.
Vet all your Indian candidates properly.
Kick Winston and his fisheries/ horse racing paymasters into touch.
Stop listening to whatever spintard came up with the Kumara tax break and start being a proper opposition.
Recovery recovery recovery. That is what you and the collection of queers and union retreads need to start working on. A plan to repair the damage you did in a decade of spraying taxpayers money around like a mad ladies piss. Own your mistakes and work on a plan to fix things.

A few cents off a bag of onions is not going to get you back in charge, no matter how much taxpayers cash you waste on big red buses.


Keeping Stock said...

Nice to see you speaking right from the heart after your experiences at the weekend BB.

But you're right; it's nothing more than a job creation scheme which will quadruple the staff muster at IRD, and create lots of jobs in accountancy offices.

gravedodger said...

Awesome stuff BB. I am very concerned at the ineptitude of the opposition in the parliament as it makes it too easy for the government to govern and at times the most exposure to account is often generated from Mr Speaker and aint that a contrast to the Banshee from the dying corpse of Dear Leaders mob.

Barnsley Bill said...

When you look back at labours year it is going to have some fat old man pulling his guts out to taxpayer funded hotel porn and the runaway gay. And that is about it.
useless twats.

Psycho Milt said...

It's an inevitable outcome of the two main parties not being significantly different from each other. National gets in and continues Labour's programme because they really don't have any better ideas, and all Labour can come up with in opposition is take GST off fruit and veg because they really don't have any better ideas. Wadyagunnado?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

One thing you're not gunnado is anything hugely radical until a recovery is well underway and there are a few more job vacancies. Otherwise the fickle dumbarse electorate will tip you out because they've forgotten how appallingly awful the other lot were and are.

Anonymous said...

last time I checked retarded didn't mean stupid. you shouldn't have to have a child with special needs to get what I'm saying.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

What a bloody shambles this is.

"The policy would only apply to fruit and vegetables that have not been frozen or processed.

That would exclude items including salads in restaurants, fruity bars or fruit-based spreads or ice creams, and frozen peas."

Reminds me of the little bottles of unlabeled strawberry conserve on the table at church.

"Please leave a donation. $2 per bottle for jam or $4 per bottle for ice cream topping.'

Anonymous said...

Well said B.B. There is no Labour party. Helen Klark was the Labour party.

Mrs Danvers

Anonymous said...

I think that it might only apply to " RED " onions BB