Saturday, September 4, 2010

Reality TV

I see the 'half breed Ayrab freak' in the White House is attempting to persuade the Israeli PM to make concessions to his neighboring Arab terrorists BEFORE they come together for 'negotiations.'

Here's what Mr Netanyahu should say to the worst ever president of the US.

"Mr Obama, here is a message for your friend Mr Abbas and his mates from Hamas and Iran.

We know where every weapons cache is in Gaza. Yes, the ones you have hidden in schools, hospitals and residential apartment blocks.

From today onwards we are regarding these as legitimate targets. I invite you to view this little hand held TV screen on which you can see one such arms store. This one is in a school and as we watch live you will see the result of an unfortunate accident within the arms dump.

"pause................ "boom."

There will be one such tragic accident in Gaza every day until your friends publicly affirm Israel's right to exist and publicly renounce terrorism against the people of Israel.

Then we will talk.


Anonymous said...

While I agree that Israel has rights the real issue is far more complex than just blowing shit up. While that remains the approachpeace is going no-where irespective of anyone's effort. Its not helped by all the US Christian fundies looking to Israel as the seat of the heavenly ruler either. How or why the US picked Obama amazes me.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The US picked Obama because they were duped by news media who had decided he was their man.

James said...

The yanks jus wanted to salve their consciences re race by voting for a skin colour...nothing more.

Now its become apparent that black people can be just as stupid and fiscally dodgy as white ones maybe they will decide to vote on actual policies and ideas next time.

I sadly suspect however that this won't happen until they have got the need to vote for someone who has a vigina instead of a penis out of their systems...sigh.

Anonymous said...


Like the Palestinians won't smuggle more weapons in and use them.

Haven't the Israelis tried to use use force for over 30 years and they are still in the same predicament so really Netanyahu's threats are essentially meaningless.

Anonymous said...

So your solution, Adolf the Fink, is for your Zionist nazi chums to blow up a bunch of schoolkids. Nice. Can you spell the word terrorism - as you seem keen on advocating it?

Besides, you seem behind the times. The Zionists already ran Operation Cast Lead as a Christmas present to Palestinians over a year ago, in which they cast a whole bunch of lead at the imprisoned people of Gaza - home to the workd's argest concentration camp, run by your Zionist buddies. For your target practise, it seems.

Repent. Your soul is burning.

Murray said...

Meanwhile Abbas has made a precondition of any Un forces deployed must not have ANY Jews in them.

Not a whimper from anyone about that.