Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mossad 10; Iran 0?

Update 2:
Oh dear, does anyone really believe them? Looks like the Yids are onto a good thing.

Now AP is running the story. 60% of the 45,000 computers infected worldwide happen to be in Iran. How quaint that nearly all countries infected begin with the letter 'I.'

Adolf first saw this story two days ago on Pajamas Media where there was speculation Seimens Corporation might have been the source of the virus.

More interesting was the suggestion that in fact Mossad has delivered a mortal blow via the internet to Iran's nuclear capability by literally frying every computer which controls a centrifuge in their uranium enrichment plants. Sure as hell beats trying to bomb the bastards.

Even more interesting still was the notion that the Yids and the Krauts kept this one well and truly secret from the Americans as the Yanks could not have been trusted not to forewarn the barking mad Iranian regime.

One thing you can always rely on is Israel's ability to innovate and to use the element of surprise. History tells you that and this time it appears they have struck with a vengeance - and not one casualty. If true, this will be one of the stand out stories of clandestine warfare ever.

I must admit to having wondered many times at the reliance placed by modern military officers on electronics and GPS. In 1944 the critical factor was control of the air. Today it is control of satellites and cyberspace.

One has to ask, who really IS in control?


alex Masterley said...

I've been working on my astro-navigation because of the doubts I have about GPS.
People laughed when I bought my sextant.
The thought occured to me that the Iranians might not have as much controll of their missiles as they think. If some nasty person can infect the systems with the bug, they can reprogram the missile navigation systems as well.

mawm said...

There are some interesting opinions and insights into the Cyber Attack in the comments on the article.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

If you were the Yids and you were looking to really give the shits to the Mad Mullahs, wouldn't you kinda cloud a few issues by also hitting a few other countries? Like those beginning with 'I'? Indonesia, India etc?

They say some computers in the US have been hit too.

Adolf wonders whether they are in the states of Indiana and Idaho.

The Jews have a bloody great sense of humour, you know.

Anonymous said...

The virus is either eastern european or most like Chinese.

The Iranians just aren't stupid enough to have their top-secret centrifuge PLCs connected to the fucking open internet.

The only solution to the Iranian problem remains what it always has been: Strategic counterforce strikes to remove the threat plus strategic countervalue strikes to ensure that it cannot be replaced.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon, I don't think anyone is suggesting they have. It looks as though there might have been some inside help.

Anonymous said...

Don't overlook the fact that most Iranians don't like their govt. Islam survives at gun point. In the same vein, trust the Jews at your peril.

Lucy said...

YES!!! Please let it be true.