Friday, September 24, 2010


All fundamentalists are dangerous. They come in many guises:-
  • Christian fundamentalists, for whom the Bible starts and ends with the book of Leviticus. They are referred to in scripture as Zealots and are to be found today largely in protestant churches which call them selves 'bible based,' implying that anyone who doesn't agree with their hard line literal beliefs is somehow not 'bible' based.
  • Islamo fundamentalists, for whom lying to and killing non believers is OK because some child molester said so 800 years ago.
  • ACT Party fundamentalists, for whom nothing the National Party ever does can meet with approval because it should have been done yesterday and anyway Roger didn't suggest it.
  • Greens Party activists who regard all other humans as earth destroying vermin who should be culled in order to make room for more frogs and snails.
The funny thing about Christian fundamentalists is that they talk big about grace, love and compassion but when you watch them in action there is no resemblance whatever to the genuine grace, love and compassion demonstrated by Jesus Christ when he was wandering around the Middle East two thousand years ago. They are the ecclesiastical version of socialists and some go very close to being national socialists. They know best what everyone else should do and woe betide any person who dares to indulge in original thought or to question their orthodoxy.

ACT Party fundamentalists are a little different but not much. They worship Roger Douglas. God knows where they will go for policy when he's dead for not one of them appears to have an ounce of initiative or original thought. Perhaps they'll rescue his lamb skin rug from parliament and create their very own Shroud of Reform . If you look really closely you will see the distinctive features of the once prominent Douglas derriere. (The Douglarse)

Sadly, it appears to Adolf that the protestant churches in New Zealand are being taken over by fundamentalists. The result is that many people are leaving these institutions in droves. Their departure is hailed by some as a move away from Christian faith but I think it is more to do with a rejection of the institutions themselves. Most people don't make a fuss, they quietly leave and never return. Just like they do in a restaurant.

Fortunately for temporal New Zealand, the fundies are not doing so well in politics. The vast majority of ordinary hard working Kiwis are centrists politically. Not for them the strident caterwauling of the rabid Actoids or the loony schemes of the demented Greens. No, most Kiwis are damned pleased to see co-operation between the Maori Party, ACT and National. They are intelligent enough to know that such an arrangement ensures the excesses of ACT or Maori Party policy will never get a run while the bland same old same old so beloved by some elements within National gets a bit of a hurry up.

Adolf is all for the principle of MMP but he'd like to see it tidied up so that the political fundamentalists from all sides are emasculated while the pragmatists from ACT, Greens (if they have any) and Maori Party continue to thrive.

What about New Zealand First? I hear you ask.

Well, fundamentally they are fundamentalist liars.


Anonymous said...

So ACToids who want a little more action than the repressive socialist regime of H Clark are somehow befuddled?
In an earlier post you asked what would you do, and the person who answered din't really have an answer so you call them pathetic, then you get a dissertation and aparantly none of that is original thought. The same can be argued of National's current policies, as 95%+ of them are just continuations of Labour's policies which IIRC you ralied against vehemently at the time.
Perhaps its time for National to look to thier foiunding roots and ask themselves some hard questions, as to whether they actually plan on standing for anything, rather than tiptoe around the don't want to get binned at the first hurdle malarky, all the time forgetting that it was 3 years wasted. A govt's political life is usually 6 years, and can sometimes be stretched to 9 or even 12 years, you are running out of time if you want meaning reform, or are we merely biding time until the next lot of Socialists, this time under Andrew 3 hats' rule, rather than Jonny come lately's.

CahBlah said...

You missed one Adolf. National party fundamentalists. Tribal National party supporters interested in nothing than 'their team' being in power. Have no ideas of their own, or indeed any ideas at all. Instead they spout slogans and try to paint anyone else with political convictions of any kind (other than a desire for power) as dogmatic fundamentalists.
The disturbing thing about your post is you clearly don't get the irony of what you are saying - fundamentalists follow blindly, idealists (that is, the ACT and in some cases Greens supporters) in general hold a specific set of beliefs that they have given a good deal of thought to.
The average National party supporter follows the party blindly, clearly does not give a lot of thought to what the party actually says or does and is simply content to see the colour blue in office and a different face as prime minister.
Of course, I understand why you and people like you exist and operate in this way, you're emotionally tied to the party, to confess their numerous failings is to admit that the party you've followed your entire life is not only wrong, but also soulless and motivated by nothing more than the pursuit of power.
And so you write there ridiculous little posts, because, deep down, you know this to be true.

Anonymous said...

It is a funny thing, Adolf, but there was nothing NON "fundamentalist" about the Christianity under which the West evolved into humanity's first ever healthy, wealthy, and progressive society. What was stopping the Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Aztecs, Arabs, etc etc etc from achieving what Christendom did virtually as soon as its Holy Book got into everyone's hands (blowing the cover on the earthly powers who had abrogated "Divine" authority).
If you think our civilisation is not now headed for collapse BECAUSE, NOT "in spite of", going post-Christian, you are a fool.

Anonymous said...

You're fundamentally right - everything's better in moderation, including moderation.

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that Act's policies are viewed by many here as hard right.
The current economic polices undertaken in the last 11 years sit well along side previous Eastern block countries and Cuba
We are in fact a left leaning country.
We hate winners, hate the success of others, rich people, people with strong opinions or those with opinions contrary to the herd

We love the underdog, want to be "fair" and redistribute money so everyone is poor. We have a small penis syndrome as a country, such when the All Blacks lose it is like a death in the family.

Shame because there is a lot to like about NZ


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I guess fifty years ago the Nats would have been described as the fundamentalist farmers' party and Labour as the fundamentalist unionists partry. Both have moved away from those extremes with the Nats having retained credibility while Labour squandered its last vestige of that quality between 1999 and 2008.

Ask Chris Trotter, he'll tell you.

Anonymous said...

Adolf, if you want your similes correct, the National party is the equivalent of the Anglicans. Great edifices, 'socially responsible', all things to all people, going nowhere and utterly irrelevant. When Don Brash got rolled, so did any plan for the future. It aimed for the middle and got it -- the middle of nowhere. Maori Party co-operation is all very cosy, but I never met a Maori yet that admired weakness and compromise. They see it for what it is -- weakness, a lack of courage, -- and they despise those qualities. They will ride the National nag until it goes lame and leave the electorate to shoot it.
If you can clearly enunciate a set of core values besides sniffing the wind for trends I would listen to you. You see Douglas as the anti-Christ. I can see why. He has guts. I hated his reforms, and I hated those of the first Nat finance minister that succeeded him, but we have been living off their forethought ever since.
It's about time you noted what is happening in the USA and elsewhere. Society has had it with business-as-usual politicians who will happily trade it's freedom and prosperity for the sake of a lack of conflict with what opposes these ideals. The vilification of the Tea Party (which is not a political party but a movement) equates to the same fear Key has of Douglas and anyone like him. Here's a scripture for you to sneer at 'but you are lukewarm...because you are neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of my mouth'

The same could be said of the middle of the road, lukewarm National Party.
Have a nice day.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

George, I always have a nice day. Thank you for the good wish.

I'm surprised you hadn't noticed that the Anglican Church, like ACT, is ripping itself apart as we speak. In the case of the Anglicans, over the issue of homosexuality.

I'll ask you the same question I asked one of your friends the other day. Was it David?

What exactly would you have done differently over this past two years, given the ever changing circumstances surrounding our economy, which would have (a) made us more prosperous that we are now and (b) not handed Labour the levers of government in 2011?

Do tell. Take your time now.

Anonymous said...

Ignore the sad little man and his sad little frothings about "ACToids". Adolf is a tribal fool.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

This last one sounds just like a leftie from The Standard.

What utter wankers. A soon as they are asked for substance they go to water.

Anonymous said...

Please don't even compare Douglas to those teaparty idiots George.

The teaparty is full of backward, freedom hating, christian fundies who are anti evolution and would impose their own christian facism on a great nation.

Douglas is the antithesis of such people basing his policys and ideology on rationality and fact which is why Key fears him.

Zarchoff said...

You forgot Maori Fundamentalists who want to wind the clock back to the 18th century but keep all the 21st century technology;; moan about racism but practice it every chance they get; say they believe everyone can access the foreshore and then chain up roads leading to the beach; think they are superior just because they got to NZ a few years before Europeans; dish it but can't take it! Kinda like Islamic fundamentalists.

Anonymous said...

What exactly would you have done differently over this past two years, given the ever changing circumstances surrounding our economy, which would have (a) made us more prosperous that we are now and (b) not handed Labour the levers of government in 2011?

1. Plenipotentiary Inquiry into Electoral Corruption from over the last 5 general elections. Labour & Green parties banned, their leadership jailed (not sent on junkets), their List MPs removed from the house, their electorate MPs replaced by second placegetters. Unions banned from political activity.

2. Declare fiscal state of emergency. Full scale address to the nation al al Cameron. Announce immediate austerity programme:
- GST up to 20%
- marginal income tax on income over 100,000 set to zero
- WFF terminated
- other benefits including super reduced to 1990 dollar terms
- immediate rapid privatisation of all state assets
- immediate privatisation of health & education
- apply same discipline to local government

3. Reform Labour law. Cancel minimum wage, all leave provisions. Introduce full "fire at will" policies and apply to all employment relationships. Ban all attempts to "organise" labour under conspiracy to reduce profits or increase business expenses as a criminal and civil offence. All employment contracts now must conform to legal requirements - no overriding possible.

4. Arm the police ideally with fully automatic sidearms & repeating shotguns. Introduce "fire at will" policy regarding suspected criminals. Reward police for saving society the expense of trying and imprisoning suspected criminals. Cease all prison building. Introduce death penalty, and full criminal-cost recovery. Streamline justice system to eliminate unnecessary appeals process and rules of evidence that stymie prosecution.

5. Reform electoral system - 50 electorates, geographically proportional, FPP, restrict franchise to those with incomes over $100K or substantial landholdings (including Maori tribal property recognised by tribal voting), increase term to 7 years.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Yes, you're right. I did omit those wackos and with luck they'll shortly leave the Maori Party and form their own 'We Own The Country So Fuck Off Whitey' party.

Anonymous said...

Adolf, I have been taking my time but not because I want to -- the power has been off as a result relying on a generator that trips circuit breakers.

Man, we're going nowhere. What's worse is we are paying for those who don't want to go anywhere or make use of their talent. Radical rethink is needed and that involves shock. There's none in the offing. It's too comfortable and easy to be mediocre. The groupthink is all-pervasive, there is no plan. Sniffing for trends is not going to help anyone except mediocre politicians and we don't want them, we want leadership out of the bog. Today an example: A professional we know offered a pay rise to one of his tertiary educated staff. He refused it because it would affect 'his' working for families. What the hell!! Can the bloody scheme! People who have wanted to work with me want to be payed under the table for the same reason. I refuse and tell them to get a life and get some ambition. If NZ limits itself to getting by with a C minus then the place is rooted.
C is for Centrist.


Phil Sage (sagenz) said...

Brilliant post adolf. Homepaddock summarises it succinctly.

Funnily enough I dont believe that Douglas is a fundamentalist. His prescriptions are based on sound economic analysis. His supporters are the fundamentalist ideologues although their parliamentary representatives with the exception of Douglas are very much an example of not practising what they preach.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, Sept 25, 9.43AM.

Oh, the "Tea Party" people in the USA want to impose a nasty, ant-progressive theocracy?

Funny, the founding fathers of the USA were pretty close to your description of Christian fundamentalists, and they established the world's most progressive-for-the-better nation. Oh, they're anti-freedom? What? Freedom of worship, freedom of speech, property rights, gun ownership, small government, low taxes? Etc? What freedom are they anti?

Meanwhile, the "liberal" Left takes away our freedoms while people like you focus your invective in the wrong direction.

Zarchoff at 10.13; YOU SAID IT. Maori Fundamentalism is just one of many modern day fundamentalisms which are inevitable if you insist on pushing Christianity out of the way. Religious faith will never be replaced by "reason", it will be replaced by unreason. The choice, for determinants of social values, is between the various religions, and unreason - even if it is CALLED "reason". You KNOW environmentalism and indigenous culture and political correctness and relativism are NOT "reason". They are what WE have inherited as a result of going post-Christian. Think Nazi Germany, Bolshevik Russia: the Anglo world's turn is coming.

Just my opinion said...

I'd be happy to add to that the Nats, however they are well known enough to change their entire political ideology as often as they change their leaders. So there cannot be a National Party fundamentalist - simply because every Nat I know cannot stick to a single policy for more than a couple years.

I agree with Sage, Sir Roger is a fine MP, it's some of his fans who are a little crazy. But you remember, these problems are more Heathers rather than Rogers.