Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chicken Shit

The Aussies ask to reinstate ANZAC and we turn them down. Is it any wonder that they look down on us as the irresponsible little brother. John Key, Wayne Mapp and Murray McCully have made a foolish decision for our longer term security and relationship with Australia. We have a volunteer army and any ANZAC force could have been volunteers. Those posts would have been snapped up.The Government rejected an Australian request for a joint Anzac force in Afghanistan because it would put more New Zealand soldiers at risk, Prime Minister John Key said today.
UPDATE: Just to reinforce the point I quote Britain's defence secretary Liam Fox speaking earlier today on the special relationship. Just substitute New Zealand for Britain and Australia for the United States.

The Defence Secretary concluded his speech with extremely warm words about the 'special relationship':

"Britain’s relationship with the United States will remain critical for our national security. The United States will remain the United Kingdom’s most important and prized strategic relationship... The relationship between our two nations is based on shared history, shared values and shared interests. We have stood shoulder to shoulder at many times in the past, in the face of tyranny and adversity – in defence of freedom. And today in Afghanistan we stand shoulder to shoulder again, alongside our many partners and alongside the Afghans themselves.

"In his famous speech at Fulton, Missouri in 1946, Winston Churchill warned that fraternal association would not be enough to overcome the Iron Curtain that he described dividing the free world from the subjugated... I too believe that now, in our age, in the shadow of 9/11, fraternal association is not enough. We must continue to strengthen our military relationship and remodel our Armed Forces to face new threats in this new era. For when the Stars and Stripes and the Union Jack fly side by side, we are greater than the sum of our parts."

Common Sense At Last

Fonterra has gained a ninety percent approval for its proposal to allow its shares to be traded between suppliers.

Such a move is a positive step along the road which leads to the company and our biggest export earner gaining access to extra capital to finance its growth and future direction, without unduly penalising producers by withholding excessive amounts of each year's milk solids pay out.

Well done.

The dawn the ETS era

The article below was written by John Boscawen. It is a good summary of Nick's rort.

The Emissions Trading Scheme Must Be Stopped
John Boscawen ACT M.P.

On July 1 this year, the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) will be extended across most productive sectors of our economy, making them instantly more costly for everyone.

The ETS was created because of the theory that human emissions of carbon dioxide cause “global warming” or, as it’s now called, “climate change”.

The government wants to make energy (electricity and petrol) more expensive, so consumers will use less of it, so less carbon dioxide will be emitted into the atmosphere, so arguably less climate change will occur.

Although the ETS will not influence the climate, it will influence your budget. The Treasury predicts that the immediate financial impact of New Zealand’s ETS will be a 5% increase in the price of electricity and a 4c/litre increase in the price of petrol. These increases have already started to be announced and there will be many more. Natural gas will also increase in price.

In three years (January, 2013) there will be another round of similar increases making a total of 10% for electricity and 8c/litre for petrol, just from the ETS.

The Reserve Bank says prices generally will go up by about 0.4% on July 1, since these price increases will affect everything that we buy. While the government promised to adjust superannuation and benefits if GST increased, they didn’t make the same promise about the ETS, and for many people the additional costs imposed by the ETS will take a big chunk of their tax cuts.

Because of the way the New Zealand electricity market works, these increases will create massive windfall profits for the electricity generators, paid for by hard-working Kiwi families. Even the government is up for huge windfall tax gains. Together they amount to hundreds of millions of dollars. (read the full details below).

These profits will come from ordinary consumers, farmers and exporters. The impact on our exporters and farmers will be huge, because they cannot just pass these costs on to their foreign customers, as domestic firms can. So Kiwi jobs will be lost and it will take even longer for New Zealand to recover from the recession.

New Zealand is the first country in the world to install an ETS that covers the whole economy – it means everyone will pay. While Europe has an ETS, it is nowhere near as extensive as ours. In particular, the European ETS applies to the whole European Union block and imposes costs on all businesses. Around 80% of European exports don’t leave Europe and only 20% do. Of New Zealand’s exports 100% leave New Zealand, and none of our four major trading partners – Australia, China, the US or Japan- has an ETS.

Lately, attitudes towards climate change have changed. This is powerfully illustrated in the recently-failed attempt by France to introduce a carbon tax on petrol, as will apply in New Zealand, President Sarkozy abandoned this in March when other countries in Europe refused to match it.

When National amended the ETS last September they modelled it on Australia’s ETS. Everyone fully expected that Australia would also introduce one, as would the US. However, the Rudd government has just shelved its emissions trading scheme for at least three years. It is most unlikely to be re-introduced.

As a consequence, New Zealand has gone from being a “fast follower”, as John Key promised us, to being actually the world leader in ETS taxes.

Since our ETS tax became law, the Copenhagen climate talks have broken down and nowhere around the world is there any expectation that we will see a climate agreement to replace the Kyoto Protocol from 2013. At the same time, “Climategate” and other UN IPCC irregularities have increased public scepticism of the human-induced global warming theory.

The ETS was originally passed by Labour, the Greens and New Zealand First. It was supposed to start on January 1 this year, with a 10% increase in electricity prices and an 8c/litre petrol increase from 2011. Because they introduced the ETS, you won’t hear Labour or the Greens speak against it, even though we are the only country to have such comprehensive increases.

National argue that because they halved Labour’s tax plans and delayed the scheme, it is not as bad as it might have been. Perhaps we ought to be grateful for this. But the scheme won’t have any effect on the climate, none of our trading partners has an ETS and can hardly complain if we don’t, so what are we paying for? What are we getting?

ACT, and only ACT, believes that regardless of whether man-made global warming is true, New Zealand is crazy to be proceeding with an ETS tax at any time, but especially during a recession.
ACT believes that the implementation of the ETS should be delayed, at least until our major trading partners, Australia and the US have caught up.

ACT says that, in the absence of concerted action from our major trading partners, there should be NO INCREASE at all.

The government has made a big point of saying that agriculture doesn't come into the ETS until 2015. This is correct with regard to animal methane and nitrous oxide from fertilizers. However, Meat and Wool New Zealand has calculated that the average dairy farmer will incur a cost of $3900 pa from July 1 this year, $7800 pa from January 1 2013 and $10,200 pa from 2015. By far the biggest cost to a farmer is the petrol, electricity and processing costs of dairy factories and meat works. And these costs start on July 1 this year. Does Nick Smith not realise that Farms are a business too?

Windfall Profits from Electricity Generation

Electricity in New Zealand is generated primarily by five major companies – the government-owned Meridian Energy, Mighty River Power and Genesis, and the privately-owned Contact Energy and Trustpower.

Electricity is generated from both renewable sources (hydro, wind and geothermal) and non-renewable sources (gas and coal). Meridian, owner of South Island hydro stations and wind farms, generates 100% renewable power, while Genesis, owners of the coal and gas-fired Huntly power station, generates mostly non-renewable power.

From July 1, generators using coal and gas will have to pay for their carbon emissions. They will recover this cost by increasing the wholesale price at which they sell electricity to the market. However, all the other generators will also get the higher price – whether they pay the tax or not. That’s the way our auction system operates. So Meridian (renewable power) will get a higher price and don’t need to pay for carbon emissions. So they collect a “carbon tax”, and they get to keep it.

This gives the term “windfall profit” an entirely new meaning. Their bitterly unlucky consumers will be forced to pay the carbon tax, even though their power is coming from hydro stations and wind turbines.

The government, as owner of Meridian, will pocket not just the carbon tax, but Meridian’s windfall profits. Literally hundreds of millions.

National are Feeling the Heat

In response to ACT’s campaign, Nick Smith and the National MP’s are fighting a rear guard action and publishing some incorrect and misleading statements in an effort to neutralise the economic logic I am presenting at Public Meetings and through the media. But this is a last-ditch attempt to justify the unreasonable excesses of an ETS regime.

If you email a National MP you may receive a standard email in return, containing these misleading pronouncements. I detail them below and also the truth of the matter so that you, the tax-paying citizens of New Zealand, can reach your own conclusions.

Misleading Statement Number 1
In the next 12 months the government has to pay $1.1 billion to foresters, in the form of emissions credits for forests planted since 1990.

The Truth
Nick Smith’s own officials confirmed to me that this was not correct. This figure is a combination of payments for both pre 1990 forests and post 1989 forests. And there is a very important difference. The first is a lump sum; non-recurring payment ($420 million) and the second ($685 million) covers forests planted in 2008, 2009 and 2010 and has an ongoing recurring element Also, those who planted forests in the 1990s and early 2000’s did so without any expectation of emissions credits or subsidies from their fellow taxpayers.

The governments budget documents this year also showed that the payment due to foresters who planted post-1990, is $1.6 billion over the years 2008-2012 . This $1.6 billion is based on an assumption that 67 percent of eligible post-1989 foresters will take up their entitlement. Unfortunately for National, government officials have advised me that recent projections show that some 87 percent of foresters may now be planning to take up their entitlement. If this happens, the $1.6 billion will blow out to over $2 billion.

When will they come clean on that?

These subsidies will go to New Zealand and foreign-owned forests alike. These payouts will be funded by all New Zealanders, forced to pay more for electricity and fuel – and all for no environmental gain whatsoever!!

ACT says we should defer the ETS and compensate foresters who planted after the forestry aspect of the ETS came into effect on 1 January, 2008, because they did so with the expectation that they would receive carbon credits from the government. So it is only fair to compensate them. That would cost no more than $20 million and would be a much cheaper option.

Misleading Statement Number 2
The Government’s revenue in the first year from the ETS will be about $350 million.

The Truth
Nick Smith’s officials also confirmed to me that this figure excludes the windfall profit gains from the three government owned electricity generators. So Act expects the government revenue from the ETS will be in excess of $500 million pa

Misleading Statement 3
New Zealand is not leading the world with our ETS, because 29 other countries have one.

The Truth
The New Zealand ETS is a single country scheme; no other country in the world has a single country scheme. The European Union as a trading bloc has a scheme which covers 29 countries. The European ETS imposes costs on the entire European trading bloc and 80 percent of European exports are internal, only 20 % go outside of Europe. In contrast, 85% of New Zealand’s exports go to countries that do not have an ETS. New Zealand truly leads the world, in penalising our exporters and farmers, all for no environmental gain. The European ETS also excludes major parts of their economy, whereas our government has been very proud of the fact that our all gases/all sectors ETS is a world first.

Misleading Statement 4
New data shows that the moderated ETS has reversed the trend of deforestation which was a major worry under Labour.

The Truth
New Zealand’s plantation forest area grew extensively through the 1990s. In the lead up to 1 January, 2008, there was excessive harvesting of forests, only because people rushed to fell them before January 1 so they wouldn't be subject to a bill of $17,000 per hectare. This would never have happened if it weren’t for the ETS.

Misleading Statement 5
National’s development and implementation of the ETS is in line with National’s 2008 election policy.

The Truth
It is true that National said they would continue with an ETS albeit an amended version. ACT was the only party last election who campaigned to “dump the ETS”. However, bear in mind that John Key also said in October 2008; “we shouldn’t be the world leader because that will come at the expense of our economy”.
Since the election, many things have changed. We are now the only single country with an all encompassing ETS. We are now world leaders.

Misleading Statement 6
In response to ACT’s statements about carbon taxes on petrol, you will be told that “29 countries have implemented an ETS. Most of the schemes include some kind of coverage of petrol, diesel and electricity generation.”

The Truth
The UK - has a carbon tax on petrol but it does not apply to the transport or domestic sector.
Sweden - has a carbon tax on petrol and its introduction coincided with a major tax reform with the aim to reduce taxes on income and capital and to increase environmental taxes.
Norway - has a carbon tax on all fossil fuels but some industry sectors were granted exemptions to preserve their competitive position.
Denmark - has a carbon tax on diesel only and does not cover the transport sector.
Finland –has a carbon tax covering fuels used for heating and transportation.
Ireland- has recently introduced a tax on petrol and auto-diesel which includes the transport sector but excludes the 12,000 installations, covering industrial and stationary energy activities already covered by the EU ETS

So of the 29 countries that come under the umbrella of the European ETS, only three have a carbon tax on petrol that covers the domestic sector. Nick Smith stretches the truth when he claims that “Most of the schemes include some kind of coverage of petrol…”

Outside of Europe Quebec has a small carbon tax on petrol of 0.8 cents per litre.

Misleading Statement 7
The Government views this issue as one of risk management. There are uncertainties in the science, just as there are over earthquakes, but the prudent approach is to take steps to reduce the risks.’

The Truth
This is ridiculous. Not only are there uncertainties over whether global warming is occurring – and if so, whether it is man-made – everyone agrees New Zealand is too small to make any difference to world climate. The Prime Minister’s own Chief Science Advisor Professor Sir Peter Gluckman has said ‘anything we do as a nation will in itself have little impact on the climate – our impact will be symbolic, moral and political.

Misleading Statement 8
The government is also conscious of concerns specific to New Zealand’s economic resilience, namely the high value consumer markets where issues of carbon footprint pose a long term risk to our key export industries.

The Truth
49% of New Zealand’s exports go to our top 4 trading partners, Australia, United States of America, People's Republic of China and Japan. These total $18 billion per annum or 48.5 % of our total exports. None of these countries have an ETS and are unlikely to ever have one. Our exports to all of the EU countries combined total $5 billion per annum or 14.3 % of the total.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New job going well. UNTIL.......

Started yesterday, was asked to come in at 9.30 instead of the regular 8.
Arrived to a warm greeting by all. Shown to my desk which was buckling under the strain of all the new toys. Flash new laptop. Check. Flash new PDA. Check. All the accessories. Check.
Look around, everybody still smiling. Went for coffee. Met with boss who informed me we are off on holiday on Thursday (he called it a conference) to some swankly lodge on the Waikato near Taupo. Met new P.A, like Mary Poppins (without the singing). Went for lunch. Started reading training manuals, constantly interrupted by IT guy who wanted to make sure I had everything I could possibly need E.V.E.R
Spent the remaining hour of the day being introduced to senior staff.
Today. Arrived early for daily conference call with sales team. Went for coffee, read some more stuff. Had an organic interface issue with intranet login, called IT guy. He was at my desk within seconds and actually apologised for not training me properly!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF. Starting to look around now wondering whether the dream would end. Interrupted by boss who told me the rental 4wd was organised for me to get to the holiday, and a cab to collect me from home in the morning to collect it. As I am absorbing this he drops the bombshell that a week after I am back from this weeks holiday, we are off on holiday again (he called it national conference).
Now think that somebody has slipped me a shroom and I am having a Tom Cruise in "The Firm" trip and terrified that I might awaken. Brought back to reality by glimpsing my hideous reflection in the window.
Lunch. Curry.
Meet with HR manager who is like Mary Poppins mum, fought back the tears at the niceness of it. Feeling euphoric when she asks me if everybody is being nice. Then trotted along to payroll, they were getting twitchy because they needed my forms SO THAT THEY COULD PAY ME TODAY.
Finished the day with some more solid reading.
Got in car, traffic parted.. Home in minutes.

And then I got the email with my payslip in it and saw the BAD NEWS.

I am now back in the PAYE system. Woe is me.

Expensive cities

Topping the list of most expensive cities across five continents this year was Luanda in Angola, with Tokyo coming in at second place, followed by Ndjamena in Chad in third.
This was downtown Ndjamena in the 1980's. The whole centre of town had been shot up.
Apparently the locals had been unhappy about a proposed rate increase, after a truce between several warring city council factions had failed to deliver any savings.

Number of the day

$268,620,000.00 (Two hundred and sixty eight million six hundred and twenty thousand dollars).

The cost as at 1 July of the ETS (based on John Key's $165 per average household x 1,628,000.00 NZ households as at 31 March 2010 - from government statistics).

Squirming, Twisting, Lieing

Adolf nearly drove off the road laughing yesterday as he lightened to Hooton jousting with some illiterate squeaky voiced nasal trade unionist whose every second phrase was 'you know.'

This idiot (I think his name is Campbell but I can't locate a transcript or audio) first put up a remarkable cock and bull story about Lyen Brown's demise being ALL the result of a concerted smear campaign on the part of the Banks' team. The bit that made my eyes water however was something like this.

Labour is backing Len Brown but we understand Steven Tindall has been doing some polling at his own expense.
Well of course it will be at his own expense as the flat broke useless Labour Party will have asked him to pay for it because they can't.

I think Tindall, unlike Brown, would be a formidable candidate and Mr Hooton will need to get a better attack line than' he imports junk and his shops are ugly.'

Monday, June 28, 2010

Book review

There's an interesting book out by John Freeman called The Tyranny of E-mail: The Four-Thousand Year Journey To Your Inbox.

The book says that the average office worker in the United States receives and sends 200 e-mails per day, and so "who has the time to think clearly when under assault by this tsunami of other people's needs?", but because e-mail has "re-oriented time", "the permitted reply time has shrunk as well".

Note the word "permitted".

The assault on my work time by e-mail is not as bad as it once was, but the problem I see with e-mail as a form of business to business communication is that because it arrives almost immediately, it assumes the reply will come almost immediately also. That is a wrong assumption, but not a surprising one.

Freeman continues, "perceived time saved by using e-mail, rather than using the post, is being spent on compiling e-mails..." (presumably by people who cannot type) and, critically I think, "use of technology has begun to alter our attention span; we've started reverse engineering our brains for speed, as opposed to mindfulness".

Absolutely. Productivity is not assured through technological advances - it has to be used properly.

His conclusion is that it is time to "push back against the machines", in some Terminator-metaphorical way I guess.

The bizarre thing about all of this is Freeman uses this quote to start the book off: "Our desire to outstrip Time has been fatal to more things than love...We have minimized and condensed our emotions...We have destroyed the memory of yesterday with the worries of tomorrow...We do not feel and enjoy...We assimilate and appropriate".

That quote is from 1901.

I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Peking Duck

The poor little squealing Ruddlet has been left on the back bench.

Maybe Big Julie (I toooold him naaat to goooo!) has a special job for him.

Ambassador to China, where he can spend the next three years explaining to the Chinese, in their own language, the finer points of rat fucking.

Goff's denial sad to watch

I feel sorry for Phil Goff and his family.

They are going through a tough time, and one that is regrettably too common for many NZ families.

It was also regrettable that his daughter's problem became news, but in this day and age, the families of leading politicians are increasingly used for generating both positive and negative news stories.

What I can not fathom is Phil Goff's statement to the media that he denied his daughter had used drugs before being caught with ecstasy.

Goff should have simply said "I will always support my daughter whenever she needs help, and this is such a time. I would now ask for privacy for our family."

By making such a naive sounding denial that his daughter had never used drugs before, Goff has successfully turned the issue onto himself - precisely how gullible is Goff?

It was sad to watch because what could have just been one day's bad publicity in the Sunday Star-Times has now become two days bad publicity.

I am going to bed

4-1. And on comes Heskey. That says it all.
No point complaining about the goal that was not given, comprehensively outplayed, outpaced and out thought.
One positive, I get to go to bed at a normal time a lot earlier in this tournament than in previous failed years.

The crushing disapointment is not quite so bad this time around. They never looked like it.
No quality ball delivered and despite my decade long moaning about David Beckham. We really needed the squeaky voiced one this time. The amount of ball being sprayed around like a mad ladies piss has been the most disappointing aspect, well that and the lumpen slowness of the defenders.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Labour's Secret Weapon?

It has become evident that Labour has realised it has a right lemon in its mayoral candidate from Manukau. The word's out that they are polling to see how acceptable might be Steven Tindall. (See Kiwiblog)

Adolf reckon's Mr Tindall will likely have a few more important fish to fry and in the event he refuses to stand, one needs to consider the alternatives.

Who is Labour's Julia Gillard?

The front runner obviously must be Judith Tizard whose two redeeming characteristics are (a) that her name rhymes with Gillard and (b) geriatric voters might think they are voting for her mother. By the look of this shot voters will get twice as much as they would get with Banks. By hell she's a big heifer!

Close behind must be Shane Jones who hasn't got a shit's show in hell of getting anywhere in national politics but who can provide vital support and guidance for the conversion of Auckland's waterfront from the Tank Farm through to the Container Terminal into a gigantic South Pacific Sex Market, ranging from Little Amsterdam at one end for poofters through to our very own PI Patpong at the other for all the red blooded Kiwi blokes, with sections for trannies and pedos somewhere in between. Like Tizard, this starter has a fully developed carcass, bought and paid for by the tax payer.

Chris Carter lost his foreign affairs portfolio last week. Photo /  Mark Mitchell

Chris Carter will be looking for a job and he'd be a wonderful candidate. Waiheke Island would enjoy holidays from ever again having to pay rates while the Super City CEO would be free to run the show just so long as Chris and his little rent boy were left to roam the earth in first class Boeings and five star hotels. No messy press conferences to worry about because he won't EVER speak to the media again, the bitches!!!!

How could I have overlooked John Tamihere? He's actually got some ability and might make a serious contender although the CEO would need to keep him off the turps and away from Ian Wishart.

Actually, Labour really needs to find and use some flair and imagination. Find a person who has universal appeal and who has led a blameless life.

I've got it.

Norman Kirk.

There's a feller called N Kirk listed in the phone book living in Sandringham. Labour's spin doctors need to get over there real quick and check him out. If he's not a big amiable oaf with a good set of teeth they've got their work in front of them. Twenty grand's worth of dentistry and five kilos of Samoan steroids (taro) each day will soon solve the physical deficiencies. All they have to do then is photoshop the election posters and they'll be home and dried.

After all it worked with Clark.

There must be others.

Any more bids?

Blind, lying or stupid, you choose!

When further questioned as to who placed them in her bra she stated `myself'. The accused ... stated it was her intention to `consume them'."
Speaking at Auckland airport yesterday Phil Goff confirmed his daughter's arrest but said he was confident she had never taken drugs. "I can tell you something, that my daughter has never taken drugs, never taken drugs. I'm not challenging this [court document], she was discharged, she was not convicted.
hattip nominister

Introducing the Auckland Mayoral candidates

From the left, Simon Prast, John Banks, Penny Bright, Len Brown and Ewen Gilmour.

Move over Tui

Len Brown: the anti-transparency shouting Christ

The Herald on Sunday's Carolyn Meng-Yee interviews Len Brown after his torrid month under investigation for credit card abuse.

The interview borders on the incredulous, with a number of comments right out of the mouth of Brown that suggests he is unhinged and may have had some kind of breakdown over the month.

It starts with the headline

“I considered quitting”.

Not a good look for someone who wants one of the most important political roles in the country. If you can’t cope with pressure over the rightful questions over how you have broken the rules over a ratepayer funded credit card, you are unlikely to be able to deal with real pressure.

He said only Jesus Christ had withstood such a high level of scrutiny as him, and come out clean. If ratepayers demand that he identifies who he meets with, then he will quit as Manukau mayor.

Threatening the voter with quitting is not a good basis for the sound and transparent governance of the new supercity. The Christ analogy isn’t helpful too.

Christ, for starters, would never have bought a ham (being Jewish), and he got free food for the masses from a miracle, rather than getting the masses to buy food for his own family through the miracle of Mastercard.

It’s arguable that Brown’s spending up on the back of the poor in Manukau makes him more of a Pharisee than a Messiah anyway.

The mayor insisted he had no obligation to disclose who he had taken to dinner on public money, and that criticism of his spending was a Citizens and Ratepayers "smear campaign".

If it’s completely innocuous, then just tell the public already! His wife later states there were no family members present, so why not just state who was there? Or would the public find out that he had a knees up with his campaign team or fundraisers on the ratepayers tab?

He had good reasons for refusing to identify his guests, he said.

"It is against my principles. I am fighting back on what I believe are they key issues of this campaign and what people are vitally interested in."

He shouted: "I clearly don't give a damn about this stuff."

Shouting at the journalist? Not giving a damn about being honest? What kind of principles are that?

He said there was no requirement for him to disclose who he spent council money on.

"Transparency is not a perfect thing," he added.

"Transparency doesn't just happen in a perfect world. You have to measure that up against other significant principles and that's what I'm doing and I will live or die on that.

This just beggars belief.

I am not an expert in public sector accounting, but I think there would be a requirement, at the very least an expectation, for Brown to disclose who he spent money on.

Since Brown thinks otherwise, there’s only one way to find out – and that’s where the media start demanding the principles of transparency that EVERY politician should try to be perfect on.

Look, I don’t want to be cruel here. But if the face slapping and petty purchases didn't raise questions about Len's candidacy, the statements above do. He appears to have had some kind of nervous breakdown and is losing the plot. It’s almost unbelievable that someone would compare himself to Christ, threaten to quit, say that transparency is not important and shouts at journalists.

If a senior National or Labour MP had said these things, we would expect them to resign.

Labour royalty gets off.

Nice, plead guilty and then whine about being unable to party around the the world and you can get a discharge.
And if her fathers assertion that she has never taken drugs is to be taken as the truth then why was she caught (and admitted) carrying drugs. If you are not taking them you must be dealing them?
I hope somebody has been firing OIA's at MFAT about this. If there has been any favours called in by the former minister of "keep him overseas" to help his daughter there is going to be hell to pay.

Just When You Thought.......

.......Richard Lyen Brown Nixon had realised he should keep his mouth shut for at least a month, he comes out with this howler, straight from the drunken Mad Mayor of North shore's story book.

He said only Jesus Christ had withstood such a high level of scrutiny as him, and come out clean.

Well, the idiot Mayor from Manukau is wrong AND he doesn't know much about Jesus. Rather than come out clean, Lyen Len is going to be CRUCIFIED at the election.

According to David Farrar, Labour is waking up to the fact that it has backed a loser.

"I’ve been hearing Labour are starting to panic over the Brown candidacy, and are looking around. If Tindall enters, they may swap their support to him."

Why Am I Not Surprised?

Read this and cringe.

Good old egalitarian, tolerant, fair, politically correct New Zealand.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Perhaps a sense of reality is in order Mr Hide

The planned ACC farewell seems to me a perfectly appropriate and fitting expenditure. A sense of proportion is well overdue. There is nothing unreasonable about a courteous thank you for public servants who have done their job and may not all be moving on to the super city bureaucracy. This would be perfectly normal in the private sector. I am becoming less impressed with the divide between Mr Hide's actions and his words.
The Auckland City Council intends spending $87,000 of ratepayers' money on a staff-only farewell bash. The manager of the Auckland City chief executive's office, Steven Ross, said all 2500 staff would be invited to a function at the Town Hall in October.

"Light refreshments" would be provided for about $15 a head, and there would be a cash bar, with possibly one free drink for each staff member. Mr Ross said the council had not had a function for all staff since a Christmas party about nine years ago.

Last night, Mr Hide said he would be sending letters to both councils urging them not to spend money on expensive "last hurrahs". He said he could not stop them spending the money but he was going to strongly advise against it.

"There is some silly spending going on in the washup, and I'll be writing to the councils reinforcing the message that ratepayers don't expect their money to be blown in a last hurrah."

Politics can be a lonely place .......

Friday, June 25, 2010

More ETS meetings

Here are some final ETS meetings for the coming week.

My campaign to destroy the ETS started on 1 June and finished on 3 June. I wrote four letters and sent 2 emails. I got a response from Nick Smith that suggested the ETS wasn't a tax and it was the best thing since sliced bread.

Actually, sliced bread isn't that great, and the emission tax is worse. My $82 p/w tax cut due in October is reduced to about $20 p/w once GST, ETS and rates increases are taken into account. I guess $1,000 per annum isn't bad, but it could have been more than twice that if it wasn't for Nick's tax.

Anyhow, here are the meetings. The ETS is a fait accompli and Nick's review in 2011 will be nothing more than a self-congratulatory, backslapping exercise in self flagellation on how we're leading the world, but making average Kiwis poorer.

Learn about the back downs that have already resulted from the anti-ETS campaign and ACT's strategy going forward should it go ahead.

TE PUKE - Monday 28 June - 2.30pm, Kiwi 360, 35 Young Road . – John Boscawen

TAURANGA - Monday 28 June - 7.30pm, RSA, Oak Room, 1237 Cameron Road . - John Boscawen

WHAKATANE - 13 July - 11.30am, Eastbay REAP Head Office, 21 Pyne Street – Rodney Hide

ROTORUA – 13 July - 7.30pm, Pig and Whistle Function Room, corner Haupapa and Tutanekai Sts, Rotorua - Rodney Hide

OTOROHANGA - 14 July - 11.30am, Otorohanga District Library Meeting Room - Rodney Hide

PAPAKURA – 19 July – 7.30 pm, Hawkins Centre, 13 Ray Small Drive , Papakura - Rodney Hide and John Boscawen

WARKWORTH – 9 August - 7.30 pm, The Bridgehouse CafĂ©, 16 Elizabeth Street , Warkworth- Rodney Hide and John Boscawen

TE KAUWHATA - 1 September, 7.30 pm, Waikare Golf Club, 66 Waerenga Road , Te Kauwhata-Rodney Hide

For more information call 09 531 5531 or email

To subscribe to John Boscawen ’s ETS newsletter, email with the word “Subscribe” in the subject line.


Dear old Shane Jones. Once the 'Great Brown Hope of the Labour Party' and now a discredited trougher with a penchant for porn movies and he still doesn't get it.

One understands that many in the Labour caucus consider him arrogant.

Now we know why. In his occasional column published in the latest Northland Age and with reference to his various peccadillo's he quotes this happening at a function he attended as representing some kind of badge of honour "as Amy Winehouse's voice belted out 'Got to go to rehab' suggested people just want to progress".

No Shane, what people REALLY want you to do is to go somewhere, anywhere, and reflect on your many sins and stop paying for them with OUR money.

What a tosser.

Rudderless leads the way.

Just after the last Aussie election, I had the misfortune to be stuck on the Heaphy track with an Aussie who was waxing lyrical about the great Kevin Rudderless. Having endured 9 years of Helen Clark, I finally shut him up with two words -"just wait"

But even I thought he would last a full term before being thrown out on his butt.

The interesting thing is that the ETS was part of his undoing and people are struggling to work out why.

The answer to that is simple.

The ETS is designed to be confusing. Based on unproven and abstract concepts.
It is big government pushing the boundaries of new ways to pickpocket your wallet.
They have created a problem that is your fault, ramped it up with fear mongering and then offered to "save" you from yourself with their brilliant solution. A solution so clever that you can't quite understand it.
A total win - loose situation. If you can't figure out who looses, go and have a quick look in the mirror.

Naturally there will be not so sharp politicians who will also be confused by this confusion.
They haven't the brains to understand the full implications of what they so vigorously promote.
They are likely to be seen about town with their foot in their mouth. Nick Smith would be a prime example.
But they really don't care about that minor technical hitch.
They may be idiots, but they have just cashed another pay cheque from your account.

So expect to see more "Rudds" floundering around the world.
But they will mainly be bloodless falls from grace.
The useful idiots will merely pop up at the next trough.

Out But Not Down

Adolf arose at 0130 and watched the All Whites in black play Paraquay.

I'm not an aficionado but I did play a few school boy games at the age of thirteen so anything I say must be taken as the view of an outsider.

The first half was like watching Geoffrey Boycott at the batting crease and the second half opened with Adam Gilchrist batting.

I thought there were many poor refereeing decisions, most going 'agin' the boys in black. With instant replays available so quickly, surely there must be scope for FIFA to introduce TV referees who can radio instructions to the field ref. If it's good enough for the linesman to call offside then it's good enough for the replay ref to call out some of this ridiculous diving and 'gaming' which goes on. There was one incident where a NZ player clearly was seriously fouled but the ref was blind.

And as for those bloody buzzing bees! The sooner they are banned, the better.

Well done to all the players, coaches, managers and support staff.

A fabulous effort.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

This Loon Really IS Nuts

Now I've heard it all.

The skinny carrot top from Queensland reckons the change of PM in Australia is all down to the commies dressed up as environmentalists. Has anybody ever made such a fatuous and stupid comment in public? You'd think after his catastrophic fiasco on the steps of parliament he might have kept his mouth shut for a day or two.

It must be only a matter of days before he claims credit for the economic renaissance in China. Yeah guys, it was me and Rod wot did it you know. Yeah, we demonstrated!!!! Dinkum!!

Just when you think they are starting to show signs of maturity, their true colours emerge.

It's time for a name change.

Russel and his Dickheads' Party.

Comment of the Day

From Andrew Bolt's blog:-

Andrejs replied to gumbyman
Thu 24 Jun 10 (12:11pm)

I wonder if Kevvie will still bother going to Church now that it won’t be a photo opportunity.

Kinda sums him up very well.

Firing Blanks

I watched that useless drone Mallard today, as he lingered over every syllable in his ponderous, pendulous, jowl quivering, shoulder drooping pursuit of Chris Finlayson.

sums up Mallard beautifully:-

"Carter’s petulant performance underlined how several former Labour Ministers have lost little of the arrogance which went so far to destroy the party’s electoral chances in 2008. The “holier-than-thou” attitude has also been visible in the personal attacks, first on Key himself by Pete Hodgson, and this week on Chris Finalyson by Trevor Mallard. In firing blanks, rather than bullets, Hodgson and Mallard have succeeded only in demonstrating Labour’s policy poverty, and a nastiness which sours the political climate."

You'd almost think Trevor is after him because he's gay!


So, Farrar went to Canberra yesterday and within 24 hours Kevin Rudd was history.

Question ... has the Republican National Committee been in touch and when to you leave for Washington?

Clearly your blood is worth bottling. Just make sure they fly you first class.


Obama 1 vs McChrystal 0 .... Obama had no choice in removing General Sandy McChrystal from his post. McChrystal executed a McArthur in his criticism of the political establishment (no matter how true). You don't dump on your Commander in Chief and expect to get away with it. Our son (who is in Afghanistan with the UK forces) was on the staff of General David Petraeus a couple of years ago in Iraq. He has respect for Petraeus as a soldier and a commander.

Rudd 0 vs Gillard 1 .... sez it all. Rolled during his first term. Ironic that Rudd came to power riding the mantra that his leadership transcended factional support with many seeing this as a positive. Now those factions, both Left and Right, have combined to force him out Watch Gillard move to reintroduce an ETS and relax moves to tighten Aust borders against asylum seekers. You heard it first.

The wonderful world of sport

The sport's longest ever marathon was suspended because of darkness at 59 games apiece - that's fifty-nine, in a format where a set typically goes up to only six games - in the fifth set at Wimbledon.

The first-round match between 23rd-seeded John Isner of the United States and qualifier Nicolas Mahut of France already had been suspended because of fading light the previous night, after the fourth set.

They have now been playing each other for a total of exactly 10 hours - 7 hours, 6 minutes in the fifth set alone, enough to break the full-match record of 6'33", set at the 2004 French Open.

Meanwhile, Paraguay and the All Whites draw 27 all, and in the first cricket test between South Africa and West Indies, South Africa declare at tea on the first day at 3,786 for 1 with Graeme Smith unbeaten on 2,564.

Across the ocean to the USA we go and the fourth round of the USA Golf Open where Tiger Woods shoots 19, after holing in one on every hole apart from the par 3 2nd (only 123 metres) where his tee shot hits the pin and rests inches away.

Rudd's ride almost over

Suzie strikes again

Ryan Nelsen has thrown a scare into the All Whites camp with the skipper suffering from a tummy ache ahead of their crucial World Cup match with Paraguay tomorrow morning (NZ time).
Suzie strikes again.

Rudd's Out, Rat's In



Well, she's about to at 1100 our time.

Julia Gillard is of the hard left which is about all Adolf knows about her so I'll have to go and study up a little. She suffers from the impediment of facial features bearing a striking resemblance to those of ratus ratus and ratus norvegicus which impediment did much to strike down one of her predecessors, Simon Crean.

One thing is for sure. Tony Abbott will need to lift his game if this lady is smart enough (and I think she is) to quickly neutralise Rudd's worst policies and campaign early and hard.

And what of the little Rudlet? Australia's first ever None Term Prime Minister

Well, the first thing he should do is go up to Queensland and privately, then publicly, apologise to the farming family whose father he defamed when he built his cock and bull story about being forced out of the family home when a child.

Adolf is really going to miss that rare bird, the now extinct blond headed, nose picking, wax eating, short arsed, yellow bellied, bullshitter.

The Kevin Rudd post

Some around here have been moaning about Rudd since before he got the job. I said back at the time that the deputy PM would roll him in the first term and a transplanted welsh hard left extremist lesbian would fight the next election for Labor in OZ. If you think Rudd is a moonbat wait to see what the Gillard nutter does.
It makes my guts hurt hoping Rudd hangs on at 11 a.m NZT.

50 million sigh with relief. Time for some PG Tips

3.50 a.m, laying on the carpet in an empty house in Kerikeri watching England squeak through with a 1-0 win and the seppos score in the 98th minute to keep the sponsors happy.
England will now probably have to play Germany in the last 16.
Rooney limped off.

I will be at the Kohi Yids for the next game. A bad omen? I have watched England knocked out of every world cup since 1990 with him.

House packed up, hitting the road for Metropolis after a final fry up at the cafe.

Australia may have a Lesbian Welsh PM by the time I hit the bridge.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Well done America, the rule of law does still apply

I was beginning to wonder whether justice and the rule of law had been overtaken by Presidential fiat in the United States. But it turns out that justice still exists.
NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- A federal judge struck down the Obama administration's six-month ban on deepwater oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday, saying the government rashly concluded that because one rig failed, the others are in immediate danger, too.

The amazing increase in cow productivity in Wisconsin

I came across this graph at carpe diem and thought people might be interested in understanding the competitive pressures that our primary industry faces. The number of cows has nearly halved yet production per cow is up enormously. Click through the link for an interactive graph using Tableau.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

ETS Meeting tonight in Auckland

On behalf of the Minister, Nick the Greek, I now write to invite you to public meetings being held by him around the country.

For information about the meetings please see the following:

Or Call 0800 CLIMATE [0800 254 628] during business hours 9am - 5pm to find out more information.

Will Goff rebuild Labour or shoot through?

"Mr Goff said the pair were friends. He didn't have any problems with Mr Carter seeking advice from Miss Clark and said he expected the advice he received would have been the same as his own."

There is only one thought running through Carter's mind.
How to keep his nose in the trough.
That would have been Clark's advice because that is what she knows best.

If Phil is happy with that it says a lot more about Goff than Carter.
What Goff should realise is that he is backing the wrong horse.
New Zealand doesn't want a Labour in it's current form and is very unlikely to change that view in the future.

By not dumping Carter immediately, he is basically saying that under his leadership, he is happy to preside over a party that will only ever be good for <30% of the vote.
He knows that Carter is only the tip of the iceberg of Labour's problems.
That is a recipe for years of irrelevence.

The obvious conclusion is that he no longer cares.
He is going through the motions until he can arrange his own golden parachute, jump ship and leave the Dear Leader Party to stew in it's own juice.

Goff Finds His Backbone, Carter Finds His Brains.......

.............or at least a small part of them.

Chris Carter

Carter appears to have blinked first and decided to stay away from parliament. Of course, to use the term beloved of Labour, this is a gigantic flip flop on his part.

Only last week, he was acting just as you'd expect a petulant poofter to in proclaiming that he would be coming back to Parliament today - in direct contravention of his leader's instructions. Adolf reckons Goff probably told him that if he stuck his ugly mug anywhere near Wellington today or any other day this week he could expect a special caucus meeting to deal with a motion for expulsion.

If Goff plays his cards well he might come out of this with his reputation enhanced.

God knows, he needs to.

Round and Round and Round and Round

When will Len Brown realise that his mouth is so big it should remain closed?

When will his brainless minder David Lewis realise that Richard Lyen Brown Nixon is an unmitigated no hoper?

When will the public realise that Brown couldn't lie straight in bed or get his lies straight.

When this dream team realised he had made an ass of himself at a very public council meeting, Lyen Brown put out the spin that his performance was 'part of being Maori.'

Asked to explain the mayor's physical actions last week, his spokesman, David Lewis, said it was part of a Maori gesture inviting people to tackle him face-to-face.

That didn't work. When prominent Maori shouted in unison "bullshit, Len" his mate Lewis went away and took two whole days to figure out this latest response. Hell, it's hard work being a professional liar and bullshitter.

Yesterday, Mr Brown said the physical actions were nothing to do with Maori, but how he communicated with the community face-to-face.

Ratepayers of Manukau City and all potential voters in the Auckland metropolitan area would much rather Richard Lyen Brown Nixon came clean and told them who he entertained on the ratepayers' card at his operatic birthday bash.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Kevin O'Lemon

TeleVision Now Zenophobic

TVNZ and it's news room needs a big kick fair up the jacksy.

Take a look at this appalling crap

The Reserve Bank increased the OCR by 25 basis points the other day.

The ANZ and National bank increased their short term interest rates by just 10 basis points.

So according to the little 'socialist, communist marxist freaks' who write the news over there, the RBNZ 'increased' its rates while the ANZ 'hiked' its rates.

They couldn't resist a gratuitous reference to the banks' ownership.

Both brands are owned by ANZ National, which is owned by Australia's ANZ.

Perhaps they have their money with South Canterbury Finance or Hanover. Good old wholly owned and operated Kiwi companies. None better.

How silly, Adolf. These idiots don't have money. They only have debt and as long as they write drivel like this they won't ever be paid enough to pay off their ridiculous loans. In fact, they'll be lucky if in six months they still have jobs.

That Long Legged Maggot Daddy

Adolf is deeply indebted to KG over at Crusader Rabbit for some wonderful entertainment. If only I knew how to download the video and post it but I don't, so the link will have to do.

Here's a sample of the more temperate commentary as our black southern preacher lays into the POTUS.

"Why, he's just a long legged, maggot daddy, prolific liar, half breed, usurper, illegal alien, quasi Muslim, socialist, communist, marxist freak."

Absolutely made my day!

Winners And Losers

The prime ministerial attitude to sport is instructive.

This man attends events at his own expense because he is an enthusiastic supporter

This baleful bilious bitch attended events at huge taxpayer cost because she wanted the photo opportunity and made no secret of the fact she would rather be at home reading a book.

Stunned is my mullet.

In other news, Lewis and Roberts are said to be desperately trying to get a flight to South Africa to try and convince the All Whites keeper to stand for the supercity mayoralty. Godspeed fellas, if you pull it off he has my vote.

Our goal was fantastic despite the off-side. Theirs was what you would expect from a nation of pick pockets and bottom pinchers.

To put this into some perspective, this would be like Iceland qualifying for the Rugby World Cup and holding the All Blacks to a draw.


I am not a football supporter but that was Awesome!! 1-1 against the world champions, Italy. Well done.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Tiger's third round at Prebble Beach was sublime. Couch potatoed from 9.00 am through to 2.00 pm until Memsahab revolted and kicked me outside. Who said his mind was on other things? Magic display of putting. He can certainly make his balls do what he wants them to do.

Go Tiger.

The Week's Best One Liner

From Danyl at DimPost

I wonder how many of our allies would be at war with us if Labour were in government and Carter was our Foreign Minister.
The United states is finding out fast the answer to Danyl's rhetorical question. We've got Carter, they've got Mbama.

Clark unveils Labour's latest look


To understand the rationale that has it that Minister's spending, paid for by Ministerial Services, is subject to the OIA while that of the 100 ordinary members, paid for by Parliamentary Services, is not.

I mean, how do we know that Anderton's bid for the Christchurch Mayoralty is not being subsidised in anyway, shape or form by the taxpayer ... not that he would ever do that of course.

Just wondering

Nailing down a coffin with a telephone handset.

This story in stuff

Carter withdraws apology, claims he only did it for the Labour party.

Just when you think Chris Carter might have figured out that shutting his mouth might be a good idea for a week or two.
This story raises a few points.
1. Is Clark still running things from her $500,000 (US) a year job in New York?
2. Is Carter so detached from reality that he needs to call Clark for a moral compass reading?
3. Is Carter so completely over the edge that he cannot see speaking to Jonathan Marshall about anything is perhaps unwise?
4. Have the ambulances been sent to Phil Goffs mansion in middle class clevedon yet to make sure they have a defbrilator charged and ready to go when he reads the story?
5. Is Phil Twyford getting his hopes up again?
6. Can Labour actually fund a byelection?
7. Has he withdrawn the apology after taking advice from Clark?

So what we have is a man who has shown a complete inability to apologise, has no idea that he did anything wrong, made a fool of his leader and is still running to the last leader every time he needs advice.
Chris Carter is the gift that keeps on giving for anybody who still looks back in horror at the last government and I for one hope he does not resign.
Sadly for some of us it has now become impossible for Goff to do nothing, he simply has to force him out of caucus. If Goff survives reading the story he needs to call a meeting with senior caucus colleagues and demand their support to force Carter out.

Campaign down the drain

The New Zealand sunday papers, more known for its more left-trending "latte liberalism" that its heavy hitting conservative commentary, have unleashed a barrage of withering criticism over the left-liberal candidate for the Auckland Mayoralty.

After what must be described as two weeks of the worst possible PR imaginable, Len Brown's campaign for the Auckland Mayoralty has surely fallen apart. His soft-liberal support has abrubtly collapsed in the face of his disturbed public antics and his council credit card spend.

Kerre Woodham, an icon of the female Grey Lynn and Devonport liberal set has identified herself as a former Brown supporter that no longer supports Brown because he's not up to the job.

Quotes the Progressive Princess:

But emotional blackmail is hardly a rational response to requests for financial accountability. Nor is beating yourself about the head and face.

That was weird. In his soliloquy, Brown repeatedly hit himself in the face and chest, saying if people had a problem, they should come and see him.

That was enough for me.

You need somebody a little less ... overwrought ... as mayor of New Zealand's first super city. Someone who can take the rigours of the job. It would surely be injurious to Len Brown's health if he was elected as mayor.

Then for him to claim later that his self-abuse was a Maori gesture - a little light kanohi te kanohi - oh, please. You're not Maori, Len, and the council chambers is not a marae. Middle-aged white men should never try to pass as Maori.

The image of Len slapping himself on the face is now seared into my consciousness along with Bill English's topless haka and I'd really rather it wasn't. Len looked more like Homer Simpson than a proud Maori warrior.

Hard left unionist Matt McCarten wasn't any more complementary either.

This brings me to the parallel universe of local government politics in which Labour Party-backed mayoral hopeful Len Brown has credit card problems of his own.

His use was careless at best and, as many Aucklanders don't know much about him, his misuse will worry them. But it was his response, like Carter's, which is more revealing.

The cutting up of his credit card on television was a cheap stunt. Was he saying he can't be trusted with a credit card to do his job?

His explanation on why he used his card to buy personal items was because his wife had their joint card raises more concerns. Everyone knows couples can get a card each on joint accounts.

The Libertarian libertine, Deborah Coddington, said in her "Pigs-in-the-trough column:"

Every time Brown put a coffee on his credit card, the coffee shop was charged commission, and possibly merchant fees, by the card company. Because he's mayor, they probably don't like to refuse him.

Another sharp-eyed Brown-watcher spotted the $810 dinner at Volare restaurant on a Sunday night in September last year occurred just days before his birthday. Happy coincidence or happy birthday?

Now Brown says it wasn't his fault, he was too much "out there". Sorry's not good enough from this serial offender and big spender, who was repeatedly warned. He shouldn't be in office. He's not a lawyer. He has a law degree - there's a big difference.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Bromhead can have the final say:

Gone Walkabout


The Penrith returning officer, that is.

One hour and twenty one minutes since the polls closed and he's managed to count one booth, 267 votes.

Looks like Rudd will be tipped out next week.

How's all that blond headed bullshit going for you now, Ackers?

Update: A record historical swing against Labor.


With 75% of the vote counted the Libs have over 50% of the primary vote.

There were only four people at the Labour Party piss up!

You can hear the little Ruddlet squealing in the background as he prepares to spend the rest of his life on HIS selection. (That one's for those of us who read literature.)

Russell Norman on loan

Another one for addie. Do you think they did not have enough security for the loan
Loan pro-Tibetan protester and Green Party co-leader Russel Norman physically clashed with a Chinese delegation today. -

The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting..... older

Thomas Sowell again, worth a read
Sowell shows, for instance, how debates about income distribution in the United States have been distorted by a preoccupation with statistical categories. Journalists and academics alike endlessly repeat that the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer. What these discussions ignore is that people move with some frequency from category to category over time. Only 5 percent of Americans who were in the bottom quintile of income earners in 1975 were still there in 1991. Only 25 percent of the “super-rich” in 1996 (the top 1/100th of 1 percent of income earners) remained in that category in 2005. Over half of the poor earning at or near the minimum wage are between the ages of 16 and 24. As Sowell wryly notes, “these individuals cannot remain from 16 to 24 years of age indefinitely, though that age category can of course continue indefinitely, providing many intellectuals with data to fit their preconceptions.”

Our next head of state.

From that well known royalist Christopher Hitchens

So the speech made by Prince Charles at Oxford last week might bear a little scrutiny. Discussing one of his favorite topics, the "environment," he announced that the main problem arose from a "deep, inner crisis of the soul" and that the "de-souling" of humanity probably went back as far as Galileo. In his view, materialism and consumerism represented an imbalance, "where mechanistic thinking is so predominant," and which "goes back at least to Galileo's assertion that there is nothing in nature but quantity and motion." He described the scientific worldview as an affront to all the world's "sacred traditions." Then for the climax:

As a result, Nature has been completely objectified—She has become an it—and we are persuaded to concentrate on the material aspect of reality that fits within Galileo's scheme.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


I have updated the blog template and made some changes adding some cool audio
Please have a look and give me some feedback, if the comments are positive we can make it permanent.

Hit And Rudd

It looks as though the Boy Prime Minister is about to become a has been baritone as he heads for his inevitable walk to the forum.

The ALP is pretty good at slicing the gonads off non performers and the little blond headed, yellow bellied Rudlet will go down in history as being the only Australian Prime Minister ever to fail even to survive for one term.

A fitting end for the short arsed, blond headed, nose picking, wax eating, bullshit artist who turned out to be Australia's biggest fraud in history, beating even Christopher Skase.

Not Once But Twice.......

....... the fuckwits who infest Radio Left Wing's newsroom display their ignorance.

We have a new location for tropical tourism. A virginal, hitherto untouched, not yet trammeled by humankind part of the world - the Anadaman Islands. Of course they are referring to the Andaman Islands.!Bay_of_Bengal_map_1800s.png

Adolf wonders when they will report on the goings on in Auckerland's super city or Wallingtown's parliamentary precinct.

Can't be very far away.

A river of tears. (They do not deserve a Michael Caine clip today)

That is all. Click through the pic to revel in the fun that is a Sun front page the day Gods football team break 40 million hearts. A.G.A.I.N