Monday, May 31, 2010

More ETS meetings


Next two:

NELSON –– Thursday 3 June - 8 pm, The Nelson Club, Main Bar, 61-65 Selwyn Place,


MOTUEKA –– Friday 4 June - 11 am, Edens Edge Backpacker Lodge, 137 Lodder Lane, RD 3


Then following:

MASTERTON –- Tuesday 8 June - 7.30 pm, Cosmopolitan Club, Turley Lounge, 398 Queen Street, Masterton

PAIHIATUA –- Wednesday 9 June - 10 am, Tararua Club, 15 Tararua St, Paihiatua

FEILDING - Wednesday 9 June - 1.30 pm, The Cedar Room, The Civic Centre, Fielding, 84 Aorangi Street, Feilding

PALMERSTON NORTH – Wednesday 9 June - 7.30 pm, RSA, Cabaret Room, 200 Broadway Avenue, Palmerston North

DANNEVIRKE - Thursday 10 June–– 10 am ‘The Hub’, Dannevirke Christian Fellowship Centre, Allardice St, Dannevirke

WAIPUKURAU – Thursday 10 June - 1.30 pm, Civic Theatre, Gallery Room, 14 Northumberland Street, Waipukurau

HASTINGS - Thursday 10 June - 7.30 pm, Angus Hotel, Mätäriki Lounge, 507 Railway Road, Hastings

NAPIER – Friday 11 June 11.00 am, Napier War Memorial Conference Centre, Break Out Room 1, 48 Marine Parade, Napier

DARGAVILLE – Monday 14 June - 11 am, Pono (Masonic) Lodge, 39 Hokianga Rd, Dargaville

WHANGAREI –Monday 14 June - 7.30 pm, The Pickwick Room, Dickens Inn, 71 Cameron Street, Whangarei.

For more information call 09 531 5531 or email

ETS campaign

This month I am going to dedicate any blogging solely to the ETS as it is intended to be implemented on 1 July.

It is appalling that in the current economic environment the Gnats and the MP are imposing costs on ordinary New Zealanders for no purpose or reason whatsoever.

I am not going to debate the issues as they have been traversed for years. Suffice to say, the ETS is an economic debacle that New Zealanders cannot afford and which will put our exporters at a serious disadvantage to our trading partners.

What we can do

Someone suggested to me that if even 40 people wrote the same letter (demanding National scrap the ETS) to John Key and Nick Smith, every day, for the rest of this month that would produce 1,200 letters in the month. If they sent the same letter by email also, that would be 2,400 pieces of correspondence. If that number of people doubled to 80, by adding wives, husbands or girlfriends/boyfriends, then that would be almost 5,000 pieces of correspondence this month.

If that 80 was in fact 1,000 then that would be 60,000 pieces of correspondence!

So, No Minister readers and bloggers in general, please spread the word. For the month of June please send the below letter to both John Key and Nick Smith, every day, by both snail mail and email. The post is free - no stamp required. Then get one other person to send it too, and we can bombard the pricks with so many emails and letter they wish they were never born.
Dear Mr Key/Mr Smith

I write to oppose the introduction of the Emissions Trading Scheme.

This tax will add unnecessary costs to families and taxpayers at a time they can least afford it. It will produce no environmental gain; will provide windfall profits for state-owned electricity generators; and provide state subsidies to foresters. This is simply a wealth transfer of gigantic proportions that cannot be justified.

Our trading partners are not implementing and ETS and are unlikely to. Further, New Zealand is in credit under Kyoto so there is no need to tax anybody. And, Kyoto is due to expire on 31 December 2012 so this tax is even less justifiable considering that. There was no agreement in Copenhagen to extend Kyoto and there is unlikely to be an agreement going forward. But as you know, that ETS tax will remain regardless after that date.

Your party campaigned on reducing costs on ordinary New Zealanders, and properly so after middle New Zealand was starved of cash during the Labour years. Yet, you are now imposing the biggest cost that has been seen for many, many years for no reason at all.

We cannot be a world leader because the rest of the world is not following.

For the sake of middle New Zealand, who voted you in at the last election, scrap the ETS.


Of course, edit as you like. But at the very least, send this every day for the month of June. Get your friends and family to send it by both post (no stamp required) and email. Let's get 1,000 people doing it and force them to stop this madness.


Contact details


post: John Key, Prime Minister, C/- Parliament Buildings, Wellington; Nick Smith, Minister for Environment, C/- Parliament Buildings, Wellington.

Wait For This To Hit The Opinion Polls

I never thought I'd ever hear from any Labour cabinet minister such an appalling statement as this:-

" we really think those New Zealand troops in Afghanistan are going to make a world of difference to the final outcome there?

"No, we don't.

But it's not from a Labour minister. It's from my own party's sorry excuse for intelligence, Dr Nick Smith, whose mouth exceeds the capacity of his brain.

Environment Minister Nick Smith played the trump card. Photo /  Mark Mitchell

What the hell does he think the parents, wives and children of the seventy-one members of the SAS serving in Afghanistan think now?

What the hell does he think ordinary hard working New Zealanders think of an arsehole who would send young men and women into harm's way to serve their country when he doesn't think they will make a difference anyway?

Someone should tell this despicable fool that General McCrystall seems to think these specialist elite troops will make a difference.

ETS irony

Some wonderful irony from the Herald this morning.

First the fool Nick Smith, forgoing any rational reason to impose the ETS and trying to stir up a patriotic excuse to screw us.

"The challenge I give back to you is: when our Anzac troops went to Gallipoli, and when we've got our New Zealand troops in Afghanistan, do we really think those New Zealand troops in Afghanistan are going to make a world of difference to the final outcome there?

"No, we don't. But what we do say, as New Zealanders, and what those Anzacs said in the tradition of New Zealand, is we as a country believe in doing our fair share."

He should be sacked for that comment.

Followed by this headline
Most NZers want SAS out of Afghanistan.

Just like most NZers want NZ out of the ETS.

A good review of why basing a tax ( yes it is a tax) on the carbon cycle is ludicrous is here

After The Battle Was Lost

Adolf saw the original press release and shook his head in disbelief.

Are these guys off on some sort of academic wankathon?

The securities Commission is the outfit which is supposed to PROTECT unwary depositors from predators and PREVENT finance companies getting themselves into a position where people need to SUE THE BASTARDS to get their money back and anyway the pricks by now are ALL BANKRUPT and where does the dickhead from the Securities Commission think the money will come from and anyway the poor bloody depositors don't have any money for legal fees because the FUCKERS in the FINANCE COMPANIES have stolen it all and pissed it up against the wall.

Just thought I'd sum it up in one succinct sentence.

It's long past time for the blitheringly incompetent and much coiffed Jane Dipstick to depart.

I don't think I've ever seen a worse example of the troops turning up after the battle has been lost and sending advice to their captured colleagues on ways to escape from POW camps.

Community Service

Big 'ups' to The Herald for publishing this picture of Kiwi stupidity.

Yellow lines, fog, a warning...this motorist ignored them all, and  police want to speak to them. Photo / Supplied

Napier/Taupo, double yellow line, heavy fog and no brains.

The cops have the lunatic's plate number and Adolf hopes he or she is put off the road for a good long time.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Obama as a transformative president

Change we can believe in
By Friday, he was sticking his finger in the sand at Grand Isle, Louisiana as part of a photo op self-consciously designed to contrast with Bush's famous looking down on the Katrina devastation from Air Force One. It was Obama's second visit to Louisiana in the 39 days since disaster struck. According to NBC's Mark Knoller, in the same period Bush visited the post-Katrina region seven times.
Sounds like the Illinois Senate seat debacle has had a follow up
Even worse was Obama's refusal to say anything about the growing furore over White House attempts to persuade Congressman Joe Sestak to pull out of the Democratic Senate primary contest in Pennsylvania. Obama's advisers had preferred the Republican turncoat Senator Arlen Specter - and Sestak inconveniently let slip that he'd been offered a government job to step aside.

That was potentially illegal and for weeks the White House stonewalled.

Yes, Well....

...they would have looked a bit stupid, wouldn't they?

If they'd sacked a bloke for telling the truth.

Well That Didn't Take Long


Poms, Poofs and Perfidy

It appears the goody two shoes junior coalition partner had some real skeletons in the cupboard.

What is it about leftists which makes them think they can get away with this sort of sham transaction?

Laws stepped down as Chief Treasury Secretary after the Daily Telegraph newspaper reported he had channelled more than ₤40,000 ($68,300) of taxpayers' money in rent to his long-term male partner.

"I do not see how I can carry out my crucial work on the budget and spending review while I have to deal with the private and public implications of recent revelations," Laws said at a brief press conference.

The millionaire former banker, a member of the Liberal Democrat junior coalition partners, said he had not disclosed the financial arrangement because of "my desire to keep my sexuality secret".

I see the same sort of shenanigans going on within the church as lefties try to use sham transactions to have their parishes evade the payment of GST on rental income from buildings. They dress it up and call it 'donations.'

All Whites best ever win?

Some are saying this morning's one-off, (boring, boring Arsenal) one niller against Serbia is the All Whites best ever win.

Not a chance.

These one-off type wins, World Cup warm ups or not, are simply that, one-off wins that in the greater scheme of things don't mean much.

Stuff is running a poll asking this question. The leader at the moment is the win over Serbia.

Neither, nor the China win, rank first for me.

The best win by the All Whites comes from 1982 and it was the 5-0 drubbing of Saudi Arabia that got us to the playoff game against China. All goals came in the first half, and Wynton Rufer got a memorable double (IIRC).

I remember getting up in the early hours to watch the game, and the memories are still there. I ran into my brother's bedroom at halftime urging him to get up and watch as we were already up 5-0. He didn't believe me, but got up and watched the second half. He, like most, thought the dream was over. I still believed. That was a life-changing result.

And so it is the best result for the All Whites from my perspective. Sadly, it is not in the Stuff poll.

UPDATE: The reason the win over Saudi Arabia was so important was because it gave us the right to a playoff against China that we won and then went to Spain. We needed a five goal buffer to just draw level with China on goal difference, and we had those in the first half. Sauda Arabia were no easy-beats; we could only draw with them in Auckland.

ETS madness

I hear on the radio this morning that mortgagee sales are still increasing, and are now hitting mums and dads, rather than investment companies as has previously happened over the last 18 months or so.

The way to stop this, to keep families in their homes, is to introduce an Extortionate Tax Scam Emissions Trading Scheme that will increase power bills, increase petrol prices and increase general costs across the economy.

Madness, as the Herald cartoon says.

Live blogging Eurovision ;^)

Update 7: The German winner gives a performance to celebrate. The conclusion in this household is that she cant sing for shit. Not as good as the miming pig in X factor. You think I joke? Youtube it
Update 6: Germany wins 246 points. UK last 10 points. Surprise!!
Update 5: Awesome. UK hits double figures!!! It has 10. Belarus gets 12. UK now in last place. ;^)
Update 4: Israel gave no votes to Germany??? wow what a surpise
Update 3: Are you bored yet. I am. Lithuania needs money. Germany bolting ahead with 196 points. Belarus voted top points for Russia. who would a thunk it
Update 2: Ukraine gives 10 points to Russia. I guess they really need that gas

Update: You have no idea how much fun this is. or not.
Germany 134 at halfway

Share the dancing dogs, the kitsch dance, the shit songs.
The Eurovision 2010 leader so far is...
Germany with 122
UK has 7 votes. woooo
so all uk need to do is lend billions to broke countries and it could win eurovision

Oh How The Left Lie

McCarten is fairly dripping with envy and jealousy as he sets out to tell us how he is neither envious nor jealous.

A whole column is wasted as he trudges through the same old same old tired litany of leftist claptrap.

The fool (who usually doesn't let his guard down so badly) doesn't realise that ordinary Mums and Dads don't want to be there just to be 'his poor' so that he can continue to draw a salary spruiking for them. He actually admits he has lost the war because his erstwhile 'poor' now have become rich Mums and Dads.

The newly rich aren't being asked to buy shares in basket cases like KiwiRail.......

.........Instead English is offering plum assets such as Kiwibank. It's a big money maker and he wants to let the "mum and dad" investors join the party.

Nowhere is there a better demonstration that the left needs to keep you poor in order for it to survive and prosper. They need to keep you dependent on them for your meal ticket. How dare these ordinary hard working New Zealanders get ahead on their own! We can't have that.

The silly bugger doesn't realise he gave the game away with his too clever closing one liner. The Left don't like it when a center right government actually makes the poor a little better off. It's like sticking cold steel up their Omdurmans.

Let real political debate begin. I'm not jealous of the rich's new wealth. I'm just annoyed that in the Budget they got it at the expense of the poor.

Only problem with his argument is that the poor all were made a little bit better off by the budget. But facts never got in the way of a good leftist mantra.

McCarten should go off and join Phil The Greek's strategy team. They might give him some lessons.

And a Blackmailer Too.

(Big 'ups' to Herald journo Matt Nippert for digging out this story.)

Does anyone remember s black prick on a Harley who went down country with a bunch of criminals, broke into a pig farm in the middle of the night, shone lights into the eyes of the animals and when they were half awake and screaming with either fright or anticipation of being fed, filmed them?

Do you remember the way the film was presented to the public as 'evidence' of animal cruelty? Do you remember which channel ran the story?

Well it turns out the black prick was carrying out his threats to his previous employer, delivered via his then agent.

Here's an excerpt from the blackmailers conversation, published in this morning's Herald:-

Smith said: "I remember the conversation quite clearly - some severance pay would be a good way to stop Mike going 'dog', help prevent him from going 'feral'. $50,000 was a good number, he indicated."

Steele's request is also noted in records from a NZ Pork committee meeting in February.

Steele tries to brush it off as a throwaway line. Oh yeah? A thrown away line from an extortionist?

As my teenage mates Up North used to say, 'this man is a disgrace to the Maori race.' Both of them, that is.

And for the commenters who like to scream 'racist' every tine someone mentions the word 'black' let me remind you 'black bastards' is a phrase used by one Maori to describe other Maori who might be bad bastards.

And for the nit pickers who might say King did not say these things, let me remind you to look up the meaning of the word 'agent.'

Saturday, May 29, 2010

What'chu talkin' about Willis?

A tribute to Gary Coleman who died today.

RIP little fella.

Labour's Failed Smear Test

Adolf has made reference previously to the lugubrious deportment of Labour's Hodgkinson as he goes about his grizzly undertakings for Labour. It's as though he is one of those pox doctors from the early Victorian era or maybe a Georgian leech master - who crept about the royal death chamber attempting to ensure the inmate's death was managed in an orderly fashion.

Is he dispensing palliative care to a terminally ill party? Naah, that doesn't fit.

Is he participating in Labour's assisted suicide? Now you're on to it, Adolf.

Just as Labour manages to edge up over the 30% mark Dr Death slips a needle into one of the party's few remaining unscarred veins and thumps in a new dose of poison. Watch for the immediate drop back to mid twenties within a couple of weeks as the punters send back the party their judgement. Smear test failed.

It won't be long before Hodgkinson will be called upon to begin the after death rites. The injection of special fluids into the rotted corpse and the heavy disguising of the shrunken and ravaged face of Labour with layers of lies in order to portray something less unpleasant.

For lessons in that craft he could do no worse than consult with the world's most accomplished liar and blame shifter:-

President Mbama himself.

The guy who singlehandedly has done more to kill off American enterprise than any other man in the last two hundred years.

ETS explained. Updated.. Sat morning

Right here it is;
But first let me explain my position on the ETS and the global warming issue.
I firmly believe that we are (that is we as all humans as a collective) having an impact on the global climate.
Once "we" accept that we are having an impact we need to decide a few things.
1. Is the impact bad?
2. Can we stop?
3. What should we do?

My answers to those questions are.
1. Not as bad as the reconstituted marxists, unicorn spotters and (surprisingly) the National party believe.
2. If we accept we are having an impact then the answer to 2 has to be NO. Why? Because "we" includes the emerging superpowers and the third world who all want planes, trains, electricity, cars and big fuck off television sets as well. And they are not going to switch the motor off and not catch up with us. E.V.E.R
3. So, what should we (as in the NZ "we") do? Nothing. We cannot ever have any measurable effect on whatever damage that may be occuring globally.

Right then. The ETS.

It is of course a load of bollocks, it will see prices rise, but not enough for shortened journeys, shorter showers or people huddling around draped in blankets squinting at smaller tellies.
Of course a few cardigan wearing, mung bean eating wankers might feel warmer basking in the warmth of their righteous smugness. But the rest of us? Not so much.


It is a master stroke of political genius by the National party.

With one piece of mental legislation they have achieved a great victory over the left. Labour and those marxists in the green party have been completely neutralised. They cannot complain that national is not doing anything and cannot campaign against a piece of legislation that they originally introduced and has now been weakened.

Where are the voters going to go? To ACT of course. It may help ACT cement an extra few percentage points which of course is good for the Nats. Nobody opposed to the ETS is going to give their vote to Labour or the Greens because those economic terrorists would make it even more expensive.
Check and Mate on the global warming scam.

Of course, none of this means I would not happily see Nick Smith confined to a rubber room with a coat that fastens at the back and I am still incensed that Agriculture is included in our Kyoto calculations. Nobody else on the planet has done this.

Do what I say not what I do!
I have just seen a procession of govt cars arrive at Waitangi... With a bunch of ministers all arriving in a car each. For crying out loud, why can't you pricks share a ride. You are not Labour, stop behaving like them.

Desert Pete and The Road Runner

Adolf doesn't know whether to laugh or cry over the embarrassing debacle created by Labour's resident mortician, the sepulchral Pete Hodgkinson. You know they are buggered when even lefty journos turn against them.

In sonorous tones reminiscent of a Scottish Presbyterian presiding over the burial of a 98 year old spinster, this aging walrus attempted during Question Time to trap the PM. Just like his idiot ex party secretary attempted to trap the PM before the election. Just like his current idiot leader tried to trap the PM. Just like his fat little front bench poofter mate tried to trap the Minister for Westies.

Same old result.

Egg on face in a big way.

David Farrar has put up this morning a copy of the PM's legal advice on the activities of and his non-involvement in his blind trust.

Apparently Desert Pete is too blind to see that after all his digging, it is he and his piss poor party who are at the bottom of the hole, covered in shit and with no way of getting out.

It's time for a new Center Left Party to rise up and throw out this tainted bunch of cull for age old goats, Goff, King, Dyson, Hodgkinson, Mallard, Cunliffe, Plughead and Co.

They've had at least four goes at the same strategy and all four times they've not just failed but have failed spectacularly and have confirmed their already rancid public image as incompetent muckrakers and throwers of shit who could not get a wet turd to stick on the inside of the shit house door.

New Zealand needs a decent opposition party which has some competence, some common sense, some sense of political purpose, knows where it stands on policy and can elucidate it, knows how to stay on song and above else, knows WHAT NOT TO DO.

Come on, Cris Trotter. Here's your big chance to establish a whole new order. You could call it 'The Democratic Party.' That way they could at least continue to lie through their teeth and rob the tax payers blind.

Okay so what are our four best posts?

Pablo has been agonising on whether he should enter Kiwipolitico in the REAL blogging awards. I have been wondering which posts we should use to enter NoMinister. Thoughts people? We have until midnight 31 May. The comment from NZBU to Pablo is classic.

Jesus Christ. You’ve spent longer analysing the whole venture and in effect promoting yourself which in that time you could have gone back, cut and pasted 4 simple links and sent them to my email address.
I haven’t asked for your first born child, just to simply enter a competition.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Some stuff

Two quickies.

First one: Read this article from Granny and shudder. It's quite incredible. Even more so when you consider the signing of the declaration on indigenous rights.

Second one: Read this post of mine from December last year. I'm getting a little excited now after this Granny article (relevant quote below).
The fragile state of global economic markets could tip Alan Bollard's opinion in favour of holding the Official Cash Rate (OCR) steady until the July review if international markets flare up in the next two weeks, ANZ senior markets economist Khoon Goh warns.
Ooohhh, I can't wait.

Socialism is not an alternative to capitalism

Worth repeating from Not PC

A man who chooses between drinking a glass of milk and a
glass of a solution of potassium cyanide does not choose between two
beverages; he chooses between life and death. A society that chooses
between capitalism and socialism does not choose between two social
systems; it chooses between social cooperation and the disintegration
of society. Socialism is not an alternative to capitalism; it is
an alternative to any system under which men can live as human beings."
Ludwig Von Mises- Human Action

Those Pesky *'s

The Securities Commission says its investigations into finance companies show that many investors are entitled to refunds on their investments*.

This is fantastic news for all those people ripped off. Jane says you can have your money back plus interest. Thank goodness for her Commission.

*The viability of any such action will depend upon the financial ability of the issuer or the directors to meet that liability.
The amount available may exceed the amounts returned on receivership or liquidation.
Investors must take action themselves.
Security Commission salaries and expenses are totally non-refundable.

The Magical Twenty Nine.........

.........countries with an ETS turn out to be just one. So much for Dr Nick Smith's learned spruiking during Question Time.

Yes, it seems the only outfit with an ETS is the European Union.

Would that be the same European Union in which sits the city of Copenhagen? Where not too long ago it was discovered that over ninety percent of the transactions on the Copenhagen Carbon Credits Exchange were fraudulent?

So the truth of the matter is, there's only one other ETS in operation in the world and the one 'country' which has it can't control it and already has significant trade barriers impeding out imports anyway? Did you know, Dr Smith, that without the aid of an ETS, the European Union managed in 2010 to reduce their imports from lil ole NZ by 13.5% compared with 2009?

Who cares what monkey business they get up to when we boot the damned ETS into the duck pond? They are buying bugger all from us and they have no intention of changing that stance. Ever.

Come on, John Key and Nick Smith. You'll have to do better than this sort of pathetic bluster.

Last year the EU (which is going broke) bought just a lousy $5 billion from NZ. The rest of the world - the bit with no bloody ETS or Cap N Trade - took a whopping $34.5 billion

Get rid of the albatross, Mr Key.

Defer the ETS before it gobbles you up and spits you out.

A startling discovery

A team from the University of Otago, Wellington and Whakauae Research for Maori Health and Development said that by marketing female-oriented cigarette brand names like "Vogue Bleue" and "Topaz" with feminine colours, packaging and extra-slim cigarettes, companies were appealing to women smokers.

How many hundreds of thousands of taxpayer's dollars have been sunk into this amazing discovery?
Is this finally the elusive break through they have been searching for?

But have they considered that gay men may also find these brands appealing?
Or is that burning question for another study?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Green leader can't get anything right

From Granny:
It was possible the Japanese ship was responsible for ramming the Ady Gil which would make Mr Bethune's actions legal, Mrs Turei said.
Really? Bethune would have had no legal power to make an arrest if the actions were illegal.

If the Maritime New Zealand investigation shows the Japanese vessel was at fault then this has been a serious mistrial and the New Zealand Government has been implicit (sic) in that mistrial.

Don't you mean complicit?

Law & English fails for Metiria. Back to school for you.

More market manipulation uncovered

You Want Differentiation?

Well, I'll give you differentiation.

It only took Labour two years to move New Zealand into trade deficit territoryand they kept us there for as long as they were in power. Now that the GNACTs are back in the chair it has taken just a year and a half to reverse Labours disastrous legacy of nine years trade deficits.

Funny how the Herald somehow downplayed this glaringly obvious feature. All it could say in its headline was:-

First NZ annual trade surplus since 2002

So please Actoids, let's not have anymore of your fatuous prattle about Labour-Lite.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Basis Points

Today's progress for the NZ/Aust cross rate. Notice anything unusual about it?

Intraday Data

Just a thought

Now that Fonterra has announced a higher payout, would Allan Crafar be in a position to comfortably service his debt.
To me, it looks like he may have been shafted by fair weather friends - the banks, taking a very short term view of a long term asset.
Not to mention the $30m or so of debt added to the bill by the recievership.

My Father in Law once offered me some sage advice
All bankers are *****'s.

I've experienced this first hand which is why there is a certain bank that I or my children will never step inside again, ever.

Catch 22

It's enough to make a conservative come over all faint like as the Kenyan gets his comeuppance

Cactus bakes a cake


Cactus has gone domestic. She is obviously manhinting. ;^) - yes hinting even though she nails BB.

Next thing she will be scouting mothercare.

World cup 2010. Update 3, with added extra bonus Michael Caine.

The Seppos lost. Good.
FIFA, IOC, RCC, Labour... All large organisations run for generations by corrupt greedy pricks doing their utmost to scam as much for themselves as they can.
In the case of FIFA the massive backhanders paid by prospective host cities and the living like emperors by the hierarchy are par for the course. It has been a feature of FIFA since I went to flight school with Pontius and I just cannot maintain the bulging eyed rage of my younger years about it.
The vein popping, eye bulging rage is never far from the surface when I think about how the USA ALWAYS have a nice soft ride to the tournament all because the FIFA princelings need the money Coke and other global brands deliver to them on the condition that the Septics get to play.
So I always cheer up no end when they lose as they did today to the Czechs.
Other results are not really telling us much. The Irish are still mildly perturbed by the supernatural incident that saw the short fat Argie posess the tall black Frenchman and took it out on poor old Paraguay. Greece scraped a score draw against North Korea. Not sure what to read into that, on one hand you would think the North Koreans would be too busy trying to start WW3 and on the other hand they might be worried about upsetting the pyschotic dwark king who will probably turn them into some sort of Korean soylent green (with added spaniel flavouring) if they lose. Unless........ The Koreans paid the Greeks? I hear the greeks are short of a quid at the moment.
The big shocker for me was Portugal completing a scoreless draw against the Cape Verde Islands.

First wildly uninformed prediction. The Winner will be a European team. My heart says England, my head is screaming Portugal or Spain.

Next games Netherlands v Mexico and France v Costa Rica.

Todays super added extra bonus Michael Caine is the trailer from Escape to Victory, a good film that would have been great if they had not cast the Italian Pit Pony as a dwarf monosylabic goal keeper. Everybody knows goalkeepers are supposed to be tall and monosylabic with a serious addiction to internet porn.

UPDATE.. A terrible thought occurred to me after writing this. It is world cup time which can mean only one thing. The professional bog trotter Tommy Smith is no doubt going to turn up on our screens ruining every minute of coverage. I have called South African Immigration anonymously and told them he is a retired IRA hitman out of retirement to cause havoc in the Republic. If a few of you could also drop them a call or email we might just head the idiot off.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More on the ETS - the tax barrel

Many people are wondering why the National Government are pursuing the ETS at all cost and in the face of much opposition.
The answer is simple really.

It is the last scrape of the tax barrel for a big government model.

Income Tax is last centuries model and has become a blunt election bribe tool anyway.
Consumption Tax is maxed out at 15%. Try putting GST up to 20% and see what happens.

So the only thing left to tax is our interaction with nature itself.
CO2 is perfect as the science can never be settled, the measurements always variable and few will ever understand it. Unlike an hour of work or buying a bag of apples, it is very difficult to visualise a tonne of CO2.

But it can be taxed by applying guilt on the premise of caring for the planet.
And that tax can be applied to everything from energy, to housing, to food, to transport.
Everything that is vital for mankind to function.
The beauty is that most won't even understand it.
They will just pay.
A perfect tax for a new world.

The people will have no choice but pay if they want access to transport, electricity and other basic items.

The politicans can never be proved wrong and the wastage of big government can continue to be funded. They will get their pound of flesh one way or another.

And good old NZ is the perfect guinea pig in a barrel.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The 7.62mm is on its way back!

News from the Times that both the US and UK personal weapons are struggling in long range fire fights in Afghanistan against the heavier calibre AK47. Their solution is to start to bring back the 7.62mm round
With its light bullets the M4 rifle lacks sufficient velocity and killing power in long-range firefights, leaving US troops outgunned by the Taleban and their AK47 Kalashnikovs and the old Russian SVD sniper rifle.
Britain has followed the US in investing in 400 new larger-calibre Sharpshooter rifles, which use a heavier 7.62mm round, and are effective at longer ranges. The weapon is expected to be deployed in Afghanistan, alongside the standard rifle, by the end of the month.
I trained on both the 7.62mm SLR and the 5.56 M16. Although I never fired either in anger I always believed the 7.62 would be far more effective in battle. Logistics wise the smaller M16 rounds would be easier to distribute.

Filled with shame, Name suppression.

Name suppression issues.

Whale Oil has kicked off again and even though the latest target has been found not guilty I think this case is even more valid for exposure than some others he has written about.
Peter Cresswell has written in support of Cameron as has Stephen Franks. I know for a fact that a lot of the MSM support what he is doing but sadly they share my lack of guts and fear of consequences so will hide behind breathless reports allowing him to soak up the consequences that are no doubt coming his way.

He has outed a broad cross section of society since he began his campaign. We have doctors, teachers, lawyers, celebutards, failed fading sportspeople and coppers.
All these cases have one (or more) of three similarities in common. Firstly some can afford decent representation thus affording them what appears to be preferential treatment by the people who have been appointed to judge us, secondly some of them can quite reasonably be viewed as insiders and it suggests to me that accusations of mates looking after mates can be thrown around. And last but not least, some of them are hiding behind the anonymity rules for their victims.
No situation highlights this better than a professional man in Palmerston North being granted suppression after being found guilty of posession of thousands of indecent images. An almost identical case involving a mentally ill young man in the same city was blasted throughout the local media without suppression.
We have a case of an ex sportsman charged with multiple charges including rape, assault, sexual assault and kidnapping granted suppression AND IS OUT ON BAIL.

The system is not fit for purpose, Simon Powers has the tools to effect change in what has become a redundant system because of technology and a completely discredited system in the eyes of the public. I am writing to him to express my disquiet for the current system. if you agree then you should do the same.

Cameron Slater is a complex character. He wears his heart on his sleeve and is as fiercely loyal to his friends as he is fiercely against those he deems to be against his beliefs. I consider him to be a true friend and it shames me that I don't have the guts to stand alongside him on this issue.

Many claim to support him but are really only participating in watching a car crash. Remember that he is risking his liberty for this issue. How many of you are prepared to do that for any issue?

Whatever your opinion of the messenger we should all try and focus on the issue.

The ETS softening up continues

First it was a modest insurance of $3 per week.

Now it's the old we're much better off than others trick.
As if the price of petrol in Turkey has anything to do with it.

And the power only going up $5 month.

Anyone would think that Clark left her manual behind in the Beehive desk drawer.

Woo Hoo

The dairy pay out for this season has been boosted to $7.00 and may go as high as $8.00.

That means we don't need John's Key Tee Ess to raise tax revenue.

All he and Blenglish have to do is make sure the cockies pay their 28% tax on these windfall profits and he'll have an extra billion of revenue.

Simple see? But they buggered it up by not clamping down on tax free capital gains.

World cup 2010. Update 2, with bonus Michael Caine.

Four teams, three continents, two venues.
The MCG should never be used for the beautiful game, for a start with the best will in the world it is a struggle to call it that when Australia play New Zealand. All the ugliness last night was delivered by the ockers. Filthy flying boots was the only answer to a complete dominance by NZ in the first half and but for the fickle finger of fate they could have been 3 up. The game ended with a last touch goal to the home side allowing them some much needed face saving.
On the other side of the world the game was again dominated by the Australians. On the site of what was once the greatest temple to football the world has ever seen the Australians managed to pick the pockets of the English and deliver them what is a fantastic but soulless stadium and it surrounds a pitch that will end careers.
England won well , the coach mouthed the usual faux grumbles about the boys not trying hard enough but I think he will be reasonably pleased with a solid 90 minute performance, Rooney got through the full game with nothing more than a sore neck, an ailment that is completely understandable when you take into consideration the giant potato of a head that his neck is forced to support.
The all Whites aquitted themselves well last night, if they can put 90 (or 93) minutes in then they may well embarass their betters over the next few weeks.
The excitement is building....

When and how?

According to the yellow CPI line our core state spending should now be around $40billion instead of the budgeted $64.7billion.
If we aren't going to use the current global financial mess to sort out Labour's rampant spending spree, then when and how are we going to do it?
I don't see the world situation improving anytime soon.
Trying to sort this out over the next 10 years on the back of growth, which appears to be National's plan, seems a high risk venture.
The other solution is to push the yellow line up by inflation.
This is the easy, no pain solution for the State.
Big government loves inflation, it helps cover their tracks.
Shame about people's capital though.
Just remember that this shambles was 110% Clark and Cullen's fault.
That's why Goff's ravings are now even more meaningless. He would be better off apologising.
Before someone takes that big red wedge above and sticks it somewhere the sun doesn't shine.

What A Lot Of Ballyhoo

The execrable tabloid Herald trumpets:-

Super City u-turn: People power wins

But hang on a minute. There is no U-turn, not even a slight veer to the right or left.

The plan ALWAYS WAS to have a select committee hearing at which submissions could be made and Adolf understands the Minister ALWAYS SAID the submissions would be taken into account.

The Super City bus has travelled unerringly toward its final destination, as Mr Hide said it would, despite the desperate attempts of a gang of lieing left wing politicians aided by a gutter rag which once upon a time was a decent and respected newspaper.

So what the hell was all the fuss of the last six months really about?

Lefties squealing because they are losing their cushy sinecure jobs. That's what.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Productive investment leads to greater wealth.

Peter Cresswell at Not PC has an excellent fisking of a subStandard demonstration of economic ignorance. Go read the whole thing. I hope Peter follows up with an analysis of New Zealand capital accumulation vs consumption over the last 100 years.
Now, the seed corn of economic growth is capital—capital put to work producing economic wealth, and still more capital. It’s an ongoing virtuous cycle dependent on one thing: that you keep growing your seed corn instead of consuming it.

Its a simple truth that New Zealand politicians have seemed unable to grasp. Peter goes into more detail with a quote from John Stuart Mill
“What a country wants to make it richer, is never consumption, but production.”
When spending on production exceeds spending on consumption, more capital goods are produced and a process of capital accumulation (and economic growth) is begun. When spending on consumption exceeds spending on production, however, the result is the opposite: capital is consumed instead of accumulated—and since the means by which economic activity is diminished, so too is the economic activity that the consumed capital would have made possible.

So (leaving aside the risks and uncertainties associated with entrepreneurs directing their capital towards all the various places it can be put to best use) the simple equation to look at as a predictor of economic growth is the proportion of productive spending to consumption spending.

The higher the proportion, the higher the rate of economic progress; the lower, the less.

That applies to the economy as a whole but with the ability of government to force their will on the country they have great power. As Peter says:
Governments you see have only three means by which they can obtain money to spend: taxes, borrowing, or the printing press. The higher their spend, the more one or more of these three hurdles are put in the way of successful capital accumulation. The more governments spend, the less private investment can happen.

From my long wanderings around the web for stats on capital accumulation & wealth there seem to be very limited data sets to do further empirical analysis. If anyone can direct me to some data sets I would be most interested.

The logic of capital accumulation means that Cullens fund actually served a worthwhile purpose by deferring expenditure in favour of longer term saving.

In a New Zealand context National policy on broadband, roading infrastructure, mining, even Canterbury water can be seen in a much more positive light. The recent budget is an excellent rebalancing between consumption and saving. As Peter points out the government temptation of having tax cuts without spending cuts is a false choice.

I am interested in carrying this them on and developing something more useful than one off posts on these subjects. To me the government is heading in a mainly positive direction but they need to focus on the following

1. Corporate Governance to protect private investors from the likes of Hawkins & Hotchin
2. German style depreciation of 100% in year one
3. Investment in production in New Zealand


That would keep the home invaders out.

I saw the HMS Illustrious final defence system - Goalkeeper on Richard Hammond's engineering programme on BBC last night. One for Whale and Not PC. Wiki describes it as
Goalkeeper is a Dutchclose-in weapon system< (CIWS), which defends shipsagainst incoming missiles and ballistic shells. This system consists of an autocannon and an advanced radar which tracks incoming fire, determines its trajectory, then aims the gun and fires; all in only a matter of seconds. The system is fully automatic, needing no human input once activated.
The system's reaction time to a Mach 2 sea-skimming missile like the Russian SS-N-22 Sunburn from automatic detection to kill is reported to be 5.5 seconds with the firing synchronised to start the engagement at a range of 1,500 m and ending with a kill at 300 m.
Youtube demonstrates

The Gathering Storm

Is it possible that within my lifetime we will see another world war?

Maybe that's not as far fetched as you might think.

There are remarkable upheavals happening in Europe and the US. Upheavals which have some uncanny parallels with the events of the 1930s. A resurgent Germany; an indolent Europe; an isolationist America; and a host of hangers on waiting in the wings.

Victor Davis Hanson has an interesting take on the Europe of today and the potential for conflict inherent in the United States current rush toward isolationism as it redirects its military expenditure toward social welfare payments.

Are we seeing the ascendancy of Germany again in Europe as Germans wake up to the fact they have been conned into paying for the languid lifestyles of Mediterranean ne'er do wells?

Will Germany re-arm itself to fill the gap left by an isolationist America as Iranian madmen threaten European capitals with nuclear armed ballistic missiles? Germany looks like the only European nation with the capability to step up to the plate and fill the vacuum.

We live in interesting times where the academics of Liberalland have failed to grasp any of the many blood soaked lessons of the twentieth century.

But that's the way of those who know best.

Oh, by the way. For the intellectually ignorant, The Gathering Storm was the first volume in Churchill's twelve volume history of the Second World War, in which volume he described the many signs which, for those who had eyes, told clearly of the coming conflagration and slaughter.

That's it, Straw. Camel. Back. Broken.

Following up from the post below:

"The question is for a household, are they prepared to pay $3 a week for the insurance premium of our environment and I think the answer to that is yes," he told TVNZ's Breakfast."

John Key. Not for me mate. I am hopping off the smile and wave magical mystery bus. You can give me tax cuts, you can promise to slash and burn the non jobs in the public service. Fuck, you can even promise to drag Clark back in chains and put her next to Cullen in public stocks for us all to fling shit at. But never again will I vote for a person who can sit there and spout absolute gobshite like that.

Insurance premium? You are having a laugh mate. At least I hope you are because if this is not a laugh that can only mean you are shitting in our faces in the exact same way that the last lot did.

Where is this "insurance premium" going? Towards building a big dome over the whole country to protect us from all that evil carbon? Or to fund the SAS to blow up every coal fired power station in China? Or perhaps to build us a humungous rocket ship to fly to new worlds where we can all live in a time where people who dream of becoming vacuous empty politicians are drowned at birth.

Where is the critical analysis in the MSM?
Forget whether you believe in climate change or not. That is completely beside the point. What exactly is this extra tax going to do?

It looks like the jouney has begun

"Every new tax starts with a single dollar"

Come back in 20 years and see what modest insurance looks like.
I will guarantee it won't be $3 per week.

A Corrupt Labour Party

Golding's fight against the extradition strained relations with the US, which questioned Jamaica's reliability as an ally in the fight against drugs. Locally, critics have asked for Golding's resignation, although his Jamaica Labour Party continues to back him.

Coke allegedly leads one of Jamaica's gangs, which control politicised slums known as "garrisons". Political parties created the gangs in the 1970s to mobilise votes. Coke's gang is tied to Labour.

Gee, who would have thought it. Another corrupt Labour Party. What is the world coming to?

Are there actually any boy racers in NZ?

Somehow, the guys who do this stuff always have parents who claim they're not boy racers, merely "car enthusiasts."

Various of us at No Minister have plenty of experience driving reasonably powerful rear-wheel-drive cars. In my experience it definitely is quite easy for them to lose traction while cornering in the wet - it's happened to me plenty of times with wet asphalt on roundabouts and suchlike. At the kind of speeds you normally do in a built-up area, this isn't a big deal - you feel the tail start to go, you correct it and take it as a reminder that wet roads mean you should take corners more slowly than usual. What doesn't happen is that you fishtail all over the road and sweep across the footpath fast enough to kill pedestrians and severely damage your car - unless, that is, you're flooring it.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Write your future.

Have been trying to contain my excitement about the greatest tournament the world has ever seen.
Beckham getting crocked helped dent my enthusiasm as did Rooneys constant niggles and when the England coach managed to negotiate himself a 2 year extension just last week it made me think he knows something the rest of us don't and England do not have a shot.
But then came along this clip which has with one viewing rekindled the most enduring love affair of my life.
You Kiwis can get all moist about Rugby but the only thing left for me in Rugby after watching Lorenzo and his boys lift the cup in 2003 is the immense joy I get watching your lot of chocolate soldiers cock it up every four years.

The Focus soundtrack is perfect.
Risking excommunication I shall post regularly over the next few weeks with the theme being football and England.
Oh, and I hope the All Whites pick up a point or two along the way.

Fox Missed The Mark.........

...........with this on line poll:

Who Poses Greatest Foreign Threat to U.S.?

They didn't allow for anyone to nominate the President Of The United States.

The black arsed Kenyan in the White House, that is.

A perfect solution for a perfect world

McCarten's response to the budget is par for the course.
In his world, the perfect solution to everything lies in collecting more tax.
So that a bloated government can divvy up the proceeds to make everyone a pretend winner.

Of course in the long term this is an unsustainable idea. There isn't enough real profit that can be taxed.
Western countries, including us, may well have already reached peak wealth.
This might be as good as it gets.

As a whole we are now resorting to borrowing and printing to bail out, firstly private individuals through welfare, then private companies and finally countries. This has far more to do with wealth destruction.

Matt's view that everyone is somehow entitled to some magical, endless income is absurd. The world doesn't work like that. Just ask the typical man on the street in somewhere like Nairobi.

McCarten blames the rich people when all they are guilty of is hard work, bright ideas, commonsense, ability and the basic desire to improve their lot.

The real solution is for us to cut our cloth to reflect our circumstances.
And that is what annoyed me most about the last budget.

Key is taking a huge punt on our circumstances improving. Pretending to be a jolly Father Christmas, knowing he's only got a half full sack and hoping like hell that more toys will miraculously appear.

The real criminal is not the rich prick, but the bloated government who has assumed the role of being everything to everybody. The truth is that they only excel at two things - reproducing bigger versions of themselves and spending money badly.
It's time for Father Christmas to downsize his sled.

When a budget outlines a serious proposal to limit government to what we can actually afford then I will be happy. That way we still might have a chance to have a say in our destiny.

Better we do it in an orderly manner over the next few years, than wake up one day and find it being done for us.

That day will come somehow. It might be the IMF telling us to slash and burn or the day we read in the papers that China now owns half of our dairy production. (Business models for primary production in the future will not care for rates of return but only for control.)

I look forward to McCarten's perfect spin when that day arrives.

Navtej Singh bleeds to death, cop in charge punished with a promotion.

Read this story on Stuff.
The IPCA found a catalogue of errors in the way the liquor store shooting was handled by the cops.
They refused to allow ambulance officers inside. The guns were locked in the boot. The keys were back at the station. One winner put his kevlar jacket on back to front. A catalogue of stupidity, incompetence and what would be high farce were it not for the fact a man bled to death.
The cops did not shoot this man and those that did have been found guilty and have begun their punishment. But I find it astonioshing that the cop in charge at the scene has now been made an inspector.
Of course the Police have refused to accept the findings of the IPCA, which in itself is amazing because they certainly do not have a reputation for impartiality when reporting anything that might get somebody a slapping.

The last few lines of the stuff story is scary ;
"Police superintendent Kelvin Powell, manager of the police's northern communications centre, said police were satisfied that Rutene was appropriately appointed and promoted.

He had applied for a nationally advertised vacancy and was considered to be the best applicant."


The deserting Dad

A copy/paste post from a comment by me over @ Farrar's place:

I see that Pete Buffoon Bethune cares so much about humans he abandoned his family including two young daughters for his flights-of-fancy.

Money quotes:

Finally, the pressure of having an absent husband proved too much, and in September last year the couple separated, Sharyn revealed during an interview with the Sunday Star-Times last week.

“I’m still supporting him, we’re still very good friends, but when you’re apart – in five years we saw him maybe for six months – you start going your own way. I’ve moved on,” she says.

She admits to feeling some resentment that her husband travelled the world while she dealt with the more mundane task of running the household.

“It’s for a single man without responsibilities. He’s got two daughters, he’s been away from them five years. He’s got no life insurance or anything. To me it is a little bit selfish, but the girls fully support what he’s doing.

Nice guy.

Are we winning yet?

Hey, you know that war on drugs, yes, that one. How's it going?

After 40 years, the United States' war on drugs has cost US$1 trillion ($1.5 trillion) and hundreds of thousands of lives, and for what? Drug use is rampant and violence even more brutal and widespread.

Even US drug czar Gil Kerlikowske concedes the strategy hasn't worked.

"In the grand scheme, it has not been successful," Kerlikowske said. "Forty years later, the concern about drugs and drug problems is, if anything, magnified, intensified."

It's pretty clear it's just not enforced by the authorities. That's what we need: more laws, more cops, greater enforcement despite the facts.
The USA has spent $US 1,000,000,000,000.00 [One Trillion dollars] on the issue; the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) budget in 1971 was $75 million dollars, in 2001 it was $1.6 Billion; as a result of this “war on drugs” drug arrests quadrupled and the percentage of prison inmates committed for drug offences increased from 26% in 1973 to 56% in 2001; yet the drug ‘problem’, and of course related crime problems, have got worse.
But don't worry. A politician will pass a law soon that'll make drugs illegal.

Then watch them go off the streets.

So that's what it was

I always wondered why the save the world, stop global warming, cure aids in Africa, stop NACT in its tracks, utterances of Ms Castle-Hughes always seemed so bizarre.

Now we know.
Oscar-nominated actress Keisha Castle-Hughes has quit drinking after battling an alcohol problem.
The 20-year-old made the admission in an interview in the latest issue of New Zeala nd Woman's Weekly.
The revelation came after she was pictured in a rival women's magazine leaving a support meeting for alcoholics last November.
Now I'm just waiting for Robyn Malcolm to be sprung hiding away with Randle McMurphy, Billy Bibbit, Charles Cheswick, Martini, Dale Harding and "Chief" Bromden.

Then it will all make sense.

Is there a link?

You know that Chinese guy who had links to Shane Jones and others in the Labour Party and who was given citizenship in murky circumstances....yeah that guy.

I'm just trying to remember his name.

What is it again

Selling the farms is selling our birthright.


Yesterday was a good day for New Zealand with an excellent step in the right direction in the form of the budget. Today is a very sad day. I know that I should believe the Crafar sale is simply open cross border investment. Having spoken to my 84 year old mother we share the same view. By selling prime dairy farms we are selling our birthright. Somehow when forestry land was sold to the Japanese trading houses in the eighties and nineties it did not seem the same. They still own a big chunk of New Zealand but that seems acceptable. Try buying Japanese rice growing land and see how far you get.

I don't agree with Adolf. When you sell the farms you sell the rights to shares in the downstream production. Every farm has a share in Fonterra. I could not give a rats bottom who owns the airports, they are services, but the farms are the core of our heritage and the core of what it means to be a New Zealander. When they go to the Chinese they will not come back. Try going to China to invest as a foreigner in Chinese land and see how far you get.

Asian investors are busy buying agricultural land in Africa where they send their people to manage their investments and the locals become simply tenants. Is that really what New Zealand has descended to? That is the destiny for the next generations? Have we really squandered the heritage of those who broke the bush, planted grass and grew such magnificent farms?

In my view the Overseas Investment Office should review the decision on the basis of Chinese law. If New Zealand corporates are entitled to go to China and buy significant chunks of productive rice growing land in prime areas then they should consider letting the sale go through. If the rules are not the same for foreigners in China as they are for foreigners in New Zealand then we should reject the deal and preserve our birthright.

Otherwise we will never get it back.

UPDATE: Anon in the comments points out that Fonterra is in fact investing in farms in China so I take back the point about OIO getting involved and take some well deserved hits on the chin for suggesting government get involved. If you believe we are competing on an equal international playing field then you are naive, but that was not really the point of the post anyway.

The point of the post was to express sorrow at the fact that New Zealand has over consumed since the fifties to the point where we are becoming tenant farmers from a position close to the wealthiest in the world per capita.

The word "birthright" did give an impression of "right". My family has owned farms in this country for generations. Our extended family still own farms but not in the immediate family. I don't believe that a property owner should be forced to sell to a lower bidder but simply rue the situation where our strongest strategic asset is being diluted by overseas ownership.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Regulating free speech

Obama style.

Hat Tip: Trevor Loudon.

The joys of life

One of the great things about being married with kids and a hefty mortgage is that, while others are out on a Saturday night, having a meal and a few drinks, or listening to music, or watching a movie, you get to stay at home on the couch watching Americal Idol.

Sarcasm aside, it's actually quite a good show (there is real talent on it) and when it gets down to the final three, as it is tonight, you sit there in suspense wondering who will be the finalists. I thought Casey should have been biffed off last night, but big Mike just wasn't a ladies favourite.

So tonight the suspense was palpable. Who would be the two finalists out of Casey, Lee and the chick with the best surname on TV Crystal Bowersox?

AT 9:15pm, while the show was still going, in an ad break, TV One displayed an ad. It was an ad for the live grand final of American Idol on Thursday night. AND ON THE AD IT SHOWED THE TWO FINALISTS!

The only joy in life for a middle aged white male with a mortgage and kids - who will be the finalists on American Idol - and TVNZ ruin it!


New Labour Uniform?

Seeing how Phil the Greek and his hapless cohorts are so keen on digging themselves into a permanent opposition hole.

Best Apres Budget Comment Yet

From Danyl at Dim Post.......

on Phil The Greek

Labour are besides themselves at English’s suggestion: if they were really opposed to asset sales they’d sack their leader, feed his strategy team into a wood chipper and bury the remains at a crossroads at midnight. That way the country might have a genuine choice in the voting booth next year.