Friday, July 31, 2009

The Good Life

Everybody likes the good life.

Politicians are no different.

They have just worked out
How to have someone else pay for it.

Fly here, fly there.
Live here, live there.
Meet here, meet there.
Talk here, talk there
Handshake here, handshake there.

The end result.
Mostly 5/8's of sweet FA.

Just wack it on the bill
And if the taxpayer hasn't got the cash.
Put it on the next generation's tab.

After all.
The good life is a right.
And why do tomorrow.
What the taxpayer will pay for today.

Oh, Sir Roger Do Not **** Me

Someone should tell Rodney Hide to tell Sir Roger Douglas to go and get some PR lessons.

Sir Roger Douglas (Source: NZPA)

Labour Party people will be laughing their heads off as the silly old duffer takes ALL the flak for ALL MPs who have 'overused' their parliamentary perks. His arrogant quip "I'm entitled to take a holiday" is inflammatory and stupid.

Instead of focusing on the exorbitant use of travel allowances for party purposes as practiced by Phil Goff, the media are having a picnic pursuing Sir Roger's personal first class family visit to the UK. Unfortunately for ACT, ordinary voters strongly resent MP's slurping up taxpayers hard earned for personal pleasure and Roger Douglas has made himself the figurehead for this resentment. He has become the archetypal slurper. A rich prick who doesn't need the money but is in for every penny he can get. Whether or not that is true, doesn't matter. It is now the entrenched perception.

Singlehandedly, he has destroyed Rodney Hide's reputation as a 'perk buster.'

I'm afraid the events of the last two days have turned him into an electoral liability for his party. It would be as well if he does not allow his name to be put forard in 2011.

Audrey Young is onto it:-

"Act's Sir Roger Douglas, Parliament's most vocal campaigner against wasteful spending of taxpayers' money, was among the highest-spending non-ministers."

The Widow's Coin

Readers might recall Adolf has been trying to help an Indo-Fijian family gain residency in NZ. A delightful and scrupulously honest couple with two young boys. They have not worked for six months and have little money left.

Last week saw two starkly contrasting episodes.

First, Adolf was recommended to a lawyer who specialises in immigration appeals on humanitarian grounds. This lawyer was an Indo herself, not listed in the phone book and conversing only by e-mail. She might as well have been a blogger. Adolf briefly explained the background and asked for some initial guidance as to the likely costs of an appeal. Not a quote, not an estimate, just a vague indication. Would my friend be facing a bill of say $5k or might it be $25k.

The dozy bitch went on and on about how she did not give quotes and she would need to first read the file and blah blah blah. Adolf politely told her to **** off.

A phone call to the Law Society elicited the name and number of one Simon Laurent, who practices in Down Town Kandahar. Mr Laurent was superb. He listened carefully, phoned Murray McCully's office to establish the facts of the case and called me back. Unfortunately he is unable to assist as in his opinion it is too late to launch such an appeal. No fees charged.

My friends are extremely grateful for now they know reliably where they stand. Well done Simon Laurent. I hope this blog post brings you some new business.

The other episode occurred earlier in the week. Adolf and The Cook were arguing in the kitchen about how to boil water when there was a loud knock at the front door.

There was Mr Patel from next door. He held out a large stainless steel platter with assorted Indo type delicacies. "Hello My Adolf. Today is our Buddhist festival and we want to bring you this food." Adolf was stuck for words and managed to blurt out 'Thank you. Thank you very much."

I was reminded immediately of this story.

41Jesus sat down opposite the place where the offerings were put and watched the crowd putting their money into the temple treasury. Many rich people threw in large amounts. 42But a poor widow came and put in two very small copper coins,a]">[a]worth only a fraction of a penny.b]">[b]
43Calling his disciples to him, Jesus said, "I tell you the truth, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others. 44They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything—all she had to live on."
Yesterday, Adolf and Cook visited Mr and Mrs Patel to return their platter. On it were lashings of hot freshly carved roast lamb, green peas, new potatoes, mint sauce and gravy.

If their appeal to Associate Minister Wilkinson turns out to be unsuccessful and they have to return to Fiji, at least they will be able to say they have experienced New Zealand's national dish.

(BTW I had forewarned them earlier in the day not to prepare an evening meal.)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Benefits, rights and entitlements....and SLA's

Some time ago, maybe two years or so, I was involved in some discussion groups within ACT when the party was trying to formulate its policy around social contracts, or as they were framed at that time, Service Level Agreements. Nothing much came of it but Rodney Hide did give speeches on them during 2007 and Farrar covered them here.

A constant theme from some in the group centred around rights and the rights taxpayers had viz a viz the tax they had paid. For instance, a lot of Rodney's constituency time was at that time taken up with people, invariably elderly, who could not get the operation they wanted and were literally dying. Another example given was the slow level of service from the police. I mean here were people who had been burgled and it took two days for a police car to turn up. Eventually they were told just to make the complaint at the station.

The anger was twofold. First, this was during time of unprecedented government spending (no need to remind you of that). Second, people affected were invariably the least well off who should have been looked after better: they had paid taxes all their life and were getting nothing in return.

The issue then became whether such citizens had a right to expect better service and if they did how such a right could be enforced against the state. Ideas such as tax credits or instant fines were considered and some ideas were very interesting but nothing much came of it apart from a few speeches which is a shame because the whole concept is very important as explained here.

During the discussion, I queried the use of the word "right" and specifically whether it was overused by the general populace. I contended that undoubtedly it was and in the context of welfare "entitlements" proffered this to the group: the State has rights too. If beneficiaries had rights to their benefit, then the State, as a natural person and acting on behalf of the taxpayers, also had a right to demand that such monies were correctly applied and weren't being wasted.

That should never be forgotten. The State has rights just as much as individuals do. It is the proper function of the State to protect citizens rights and not to usurp them, but similarly it is also the proper function of individuals living in society to protect each others rights (and therefore the State's) by not doing anything that would diminish or limit them. Thus, the State has a right to expect beneficiaries will not claim when they are not entitled to; will not claim when they can work; and will not commit welfare fraud.

Bring back the discussion on SLA's I say.

Modern Day Gestapo

What an extraordinary revelation. What a bunch of hypocrites.

Whining sniveling Charles Chauvels' obsequious questions of Minister Bennett have come back to bite him on his pansy little arse.

"What advice did you take?" he asked.

"How did you access the information?" he bleated.

"Oooooooh this is invasion of privacy!" he shrieked.

Yet, all along he knew where the information came from.

It came from a direct computer link installed in all Ministers' offices by none other than the Labour Regime of control freak Helen Clark.

"Labour MP Trevor Mallard confirmed that as education minister he had a staff member with access to the Education Ministry database. Other ministers would have had staffers with access to their departments. "

But if Helen Clark had caught a minister using information which we all know is available inappropriately she would have sacked them."

Yeah Right, Trev. Have another Tui's.

Did you know that Michael Cullen could have a staff member go into the IRD's main frame and access your personal tax records?

Did you know that Annette King could ask a staffer to go into the Health Ministry's database and access your personal medical file?

Did you ever wonder how Trevor Mallard was able to parade Erin Leigh's personal employment record in the House under privilege?

Well now you know.

Helen Clark, Michael Cullen and the twenty first century's New Zealand National Socialist Party.

hattip: adamsmith1922

Hey Big Spenders.

MPs' expenses have been published today and Whack it on the Bill Phil is at the top of the big spenders' list. He's one of Labour's rich pricks.

Here are the big spending MPs, in descending order:-

Phil Goff.............................Labour...........$125k

Chris Carter......................Labour.............$83k

Hone Harawira.................Maori...............$80k

Lockwood Smith..............National...........$70k

Rick Barker.......................Labour.............$67k

Roger Douglas..................ACT..................$63k

Kelvin Davis.....................Labour.............$60k

Presumably that was their expenses as MPs rather than ministers or shadow ministers. God knows why the MP for Mt Roskill needed to spend so much on surface travel. Did he pay to ship the Labour army in for the Mt Albert by-election?

On top of that we have Ministers' expenses:-

John Key.........................National.......... $213k

Bill English......................National...........$144k

Judith Collins.................National...........$132k

John Carter....................National...........$113k

Georgina Te Heu Heu..National............$104k

Paula Bennett...............National............$102k

Interesting to note Paula Bennett with the biggest department was very economical. No doubt some $30k of the PM's expenses were Helen Clark's prebooked first class air travel to London.

Questions and answers

People ask government to provide welfare, jobs and even solve disputes between private parties.


When a governments only answer is to tax or borrow more money on our behalf, are the right questions being asked?

Old Yeller Howling At The Moon

If there's any one MP from any party who needs to 'come clean' it's Annette King, the fat old dog from Labour.

This morning she's managed to get her socialist friends at Radio Left Wing to carry her spurious call for Minister Bennett to 'come clean' about how she obtained information on Labour's two latest mendacious stooges.

Annette King needs to remember that New Zealanders are more interested in hearing her 'come clean' about all her dirty work at the Hawkes Bay DHB, where it is alleged she and David Cunliffe skilfully assisted her husband and his mates conceal their devious machinations and rorting of contracts to their own and her financial benefit.

So what about it Old Girl? When are YOU going to start yapping?

New Zealanders aren't interested in how the Minister discovered a wealthy benefit fraudster. They are cheering her on for having done so. However, they really DO want to see you and your corrupt friends in Labour get your public comeuppance.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What is the proper function of a Prime Minister?

This is a little late but I've been wanting to comment on it for a while and now is as good a time as any.

In this post, David Farrar and commenters praised the intervention of John Key in resolving the private dispute between Auckland Museum and the Hillary family. I took a contrarian position arguing it was no business of the Prime Minister involving himself in a private dispute even if it was Sir Ed Hillary. I mean, where's the line drawn? But as a result of my stance I received much abuse and condescension.

I simply ask readers to do the following:

1. Read the Kiwiblog post and my comments.
2. Consider what I say there in light of the statement below by Helen Clark.
"The government's role is whatever the government defines it to be."

The end of welfare?

Things to come out of the DPB saga
  1. This debate is a long time overdue
  2. Taxpayers are entitled to know where their money is going.
  3. A government that takes over the responsibility of people's welfare and personal problems are probably in it for their own ends.
  4. No matter how well intentioned, human nature will always ensure that welfare is rorted and abused.
  5. While welfare started as a noble deed to provide a means to the truly needy, it has grown to be the Achilles heel of the western world.
  6. It has distorted our society and diminished personal responsibility.
  7. The system is unsustainable and will inevitably lead to the demise of the standard of living that we proudly built over the past century.
  8. You can only afford to pay people to do nothing for so long.
  9. No politician will ever have the courage to confront the real problem.
  10. So basically we are ******.

Benefit Fraud

When you put yourself out into the public limelight and attack the government of the day for withdrawing a benefit, you really really have to be squeaky clean or the result inevitably is disaster.

Our two momentarily famous ladies in waiting are heading that way, very quickly. DISASTER with a double D. They may soon be joining Mr Goff here.

A quick perusal of their Trademe chatter indicates the strong likelihood that (a) at least one of them has been receiving the DPB while her bloke was living with her and keeping his income separate and (b) the so called business was a sham and the $10k grant was spent initially to buy a car which was sign written for a cleaning business and then crashed, with the remainder of the grant being used to buy another car for the family, by which time the silly bitch was pregnant again and so the business was closed.

Adolf sincerely trusts the Minister has advised the CEO of WINZ to ensure these two cases are referred to their fraud unit for rigorous investigation.

Warning to Beneficiaries:

"Talking to Labour Party people is a wealth hazard.

Help The Poor And Get Your Arse Kicked

hattip to heine

A couple of enterprising guys have set up a food stores in South Auckland and Wellington where people can go and buy half price groceries. Yes, that's right, half price groceries. The stores are called 'Reduced To Clear.'

Here's their website.


What a wonderful example of enterprise. What better way to help people through the recession than to provide an opportunity to buy some basic grocery lines like soap, detergent, tinned fish, tinned soups, pasta meals, chocolate, biscuits, nuts, cheese and one day soon, frozen vegetables at half price or less.

Snack foods

Hell, if you can buy groceries at better than half price, who needs a tax cut?

The trick is, these guys buy in from manufacturers surplus stock which has passed its 'best used' date but is nowhere near its 'use by' date. All the stock on sale is safe to eat or use and complies with all statutory standards.

But that's not good enough for the Food Nazis.

Apparently the Nazis are upset because Cadburys' products feature. Good God, you can't have beneficiaries buying chocolate!!!!

As my first ever boss used to say,

"Shoot the bastards!"

Little Goff and the dike

When Will They Ever Learn?

Labour, that is.

Now their mastermind Charles Chauvel is to launch a complaint against Bruiser Bennett for breach of privacy.

Bravo. He will gain many many more votes for National in 2011. Labour really really don't seem to get 'reality.' But Granny Herald does. Their faceless editorialist gives Chauvel no chance of success.

You see, according to the privacy Commissioner, the test for implied consent is 'relevance.'

Here's what the Herald has to say about that.

"The crux of this issue is whether the information now released by Ms Bennett is relevant to their case, or merely an attempt to intimidate, as critics say. The two women claim genuine financial hardship is thwarting their prospects of escaping the benefit and building a career. The total amount they receive from the state must, therefore, be relevant."

Having shot themselves in the foot by bringing their two hapless friends' details to the house, Labour now proceeds to induce gangrene in the wounds by prolonging the media attention on this latest self induced fiasco. Funnily enough Old Yeller seems to have taken it upon herself to champion this particular cause, publicly allying herself with Smacker Bradford, arguably the biggest political villain in the mind of the public.

Crosby Textor could not have written a more successful script.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sir Roger on Super

Almost missed this.

ACT New Zealand Welfare Spokesman Sir Roger Douglas today accused Prime Minister John Key of emotionally blackmailing his colleagues to ignore much-needed superannuation reform by threatening to resign should any changes be made to superannuation eligibility.

"Since superannuation was first introduced in its current form, life expectancy of those who receive superannuation has increased 40 percent, while the age of entitlement has only increased 8.3 percent – this is clearly unsustainable," Sir Roger said.

"It's obvious that eligibility will need to change if we stick with the current system. The demographics show a decreasing number of workers to every superannuitant, from 4.5 today, to 2.2 in 2036. In other words, it will cost the average worker twice as much to fund other people's retirement.

"The public is aware of this and knows that these changes are inevitable. What New Zealanders don't realise is that moving the age of eligibility will not solve the problem and in 15 years we will be talking about moving the eligibility age again from 67 to 70.

"If we move from a ‘pay-as-you-go system' and encourage people to save for their own retirement, New Zealanders will be able to retire with more in the bank and stop politicians interfering in their lives.

"Under ACT's policy, each person would save the amount that they are currently taxed to pay for superannuation - and the average person would retire with over $1 million in the bank, at conservative interest rates of just four percent.

"We need an open and honest debate over the future of superannuation. That can only start with a Prime Minister who is willing to engage with ideas like those outlined above. Over the coming months it is my intention to make public a detailed policy in this area," Sir Roger said.

And I can't wait for those. Sorry for the copy/past verbatim but this was so succinct and so on the button I had little option.

Tight v Loose

I've been trying for a while to conjure together some coherent thoughts on the way John Key runs his cabinet and government compared to the way Helen Clark did and the political philosophies each adhere to and whether those philosophies manifest themselves in their respective leadership styles. But I am struggling.

So as a result of absence of coherency I will just prattle on and see where that takes me.

Clark was a control freak. She therefore ran a very tight and disciplined ship. Clark wanted to control ministers' actions and words. Key is less controlling and a lot more relaxed. He prefers his ministers actions to speak louder than their words. I guess he wants some personal responsibility to shine through whereas Clark deemed herself personally responsible.

Of course not all of Clark's ministers had halos over their heads: there was a long line up of "failures". But her ship was certainly disciplined and tight whereas Key's seems straggly and loose: the threads are barely holding together.

I've heard through the grapevine that Richard Worth was picked on especially because of his predilection of women. What I also heard was that Bennett was next. When Bennett is dealt to/with Nick Smith had better watch out. And for the hypocrites out there just remember this: if it was Rodney Hide doing this you'd be loving it.

So for me the most bizarre thing out of the Bennett fiasco (and I think she is out of line) is that she took the bait. She didn't have to go to the media. She didn't have to prove a point. She could have just shut the fu*k up. In the same way as Worth could have just kept his clothes on. She could have asked Key "what the fu*k do I do"? But she, and Key, are loose.

Perhaps if Paula was more focused on her job and less focused on what the local government minister is doing (so she can fend off the whinging westies) she might have done a little better.

Stay tuned Nick Smith. They're coming for you. My guess is in about 4 months when the Copenhagen meeting is due. Key should be warned; if he doesn't know what to do just pick up the phone. After all, Helen's only a txt away.

Paula Bennett: scum

That's quite a precedent that's been set today. I look forward to the howls of anguish the next time we have a Labour govt and right-wingers start to complain that we're paying too much tax. "Oooh, implied consent! IRD, please send me Mr Asshole's income statements and tax returns for the last few years, for immediate release to the media..."

Random observations.

1. Has Phil Goff got a jaw of steel?

Recent events would suggest he has. Any man that can repeatedly smash his face against the immovable rock of common sense and decency must be tough as concrete.
The latest one two punch is the beneficiaries that labour threw at Paula Bennett, they bounced right back.
Are Labour and its hapless team so disconnected from the public that they are unable to find a genuine hardship case? It would appear so.

2. Has there ever been a more ridiculous attempt at a defense in a NZ court than; "She had a feeling in her head"?
I don't think so.
This one will need to go down as the Napoleon move. An attempt by a defense lawyer that his/her client is a deluded dribbler and should be pitied rather than punished.
And I am still wondering why this liar was not pulled for this in 2004 when they first called her qualifications into question.
Update 4.55 p.m
We now have reached the point of "the dog ate my homework"
We should not forget that this trial is just about a fraudulent CV. The backdooring of relatives into the country is a whole different issue.

Don't Mess With This Mama

Update 1340: Labour shoots itself in the foot yet again trying to imply that Paula Bennett has breached the silly bitches' privacy. Here is the advice tendered to the Minister by the Privacy Commissioner:-

8. In making allegations against a Department, an individual has released considerable personal detail to the news media. The Minister wishes to respond to the allegations using those details, but wants to add some further detail in order to answer specific allegations.

By releasing a large amount of personal information to the media, the individual is taking the risk that unfavourable publicity could result. If the Minister releases only information which is relevant to the issues raised by the individual, that person may not be able to claim that any particular harm was caused by the Minister's disclosure rather than by the individual's own disclosure. If the individual is not harmed, there would not be an interference with the individual's privacy under section 66 of the Privacy Act.

Warning to beneficiaries "Speaking to Labour Party people is a wealth hazard."

Update 1500:
Squeaky little Charles Chauvelle is banging away in parliament's question time trying to imply that some of one of the aforementioned silly bitch's $50k plus income might have come from child support. They just don't get it, these Labour idiots.

It DOESN'T MATTER where the money comes from. People on Fifty Grand should not have their hands out looking for more welfare hand outs.

Update 1220:
Labour is moaning to Radio Left Wing that Paula Bennett has 'set a new standard' by releasing individuals' information. They're damned right she has. New standards of transparency and accountability which Helen Clark promised ten years ago and never delivered.

Goff's motto appears to be 'Another week, another SNAFU.'

Labour Party strategists are like headless chooks this morning, trying to figure out how to tend their wounded and where to bury the dead after Paula Bennett smashed their latest foolish attempt at 'doing opposition.'

The two silly bitches on DPB who allowed themselves to be used as misguided missiles by Labour have been shot down and exposed for what they are. Liars. They failed to tell all the truth. How very Labour.

In fact, one of them is receiving more than the country's average weekly earnings by way of a raft of benefits. If, as the Herald reports, her benefit is net of tax then she's on over fifty grand. In addition, she also received nearly ten grand (tax`free) as a grant to set up a business which was folded within a year due to 'illness.' (The Minister should probe some more and release this so called business's statement of financial performance.)

The Department is issuing health warnings to beneficiaries with next week's dole payments.

"Talking to Labour is dangerous for your health and may cause long term damage to your lifestyle."

What a wonderful one liner from Paula Bennett.

The minister said she did not intend a "blanket" practice of releasing private information on all those who spoke out.

However, she would do so again if people misrepresented their situation or "put themselves out there with their 'full story' but put a full stop where it suits them".

Labour's winter of malcontent now reads as follows:

1.....Muffed honey trap attack on John Key via Richard Worth

2.....Bungled Kiwi battler attack on John Key

3.....Excruciating embarrassment at Question Time, day after day

4.....Slumping opinion poll ratings

5.....Botched attempt to embarrass Paula Bennett.

It going to get a hell of a lot colder before spring comes along, Phil.

Monday, July 27, 2009

All Things Must Pass

Dear readers

Fairfacts Media has his own blog, The Fairfacts Media Show (he hasn't been alone among us in having a personal blog as well as No Minister). Now FFM's co-authors at No Minister have decided it would probably be best for everyone if he concentrated his efforts on The Fairfacts Media Show rather than continuing to post in both places. Naturally we wish him every success with TFMS and will maintain a highlighted link to it. Fairfacts' No Minister posts will remain live and he will remain listed as a contributor, but future posts by him will appear exclusively on The Fairfacts Media Show. We encourage you to take a look.

What's that noise?

I'm loving the din created by various lefties as they've heaved their toys over the sides of their cots recently.

Firstly, not long ago, one Ratbiter decided to remove himself from Kiwiblog because DPF was too pro National, and he didn't like the way lefties like him got a hard time from other commentators. Here's a few quotes:

"I mentioned once to someone who then worked for a Government Department that I read Kiwiblog, and she responded thusly: “Oh, David Farrar – I know him; He came into our office a few times. he was just like I imagined – he was short, fat and NASTY…”
Not getting personal of course


"Since National’s election victory Farrar’s blogging has become ever more obsessed with showing the Government in a good light while condemning the opposition in the most jeering fashion possible. And noticeably avoiding talking points that don’t facilitate this end. This has become a cheerleading/propaganda site, similar to The Standard. And suppressing any discussion that does not conform. (And make no mistake, the discussion here is every bit as controlled – albeit by a pack of loyal hounds rather than directly from the moderator’s keyboard.)"

I felt sorry for the poor wee dear, well at least as sorry as it's possible to feel for someone who went out of their way to be a smart arse and whose nickname was a piss take of Redbaiter's.

Then our resident former would be terrorist, toad, got all snarly at Whale Oil and posted this gem of inclusiveness and difference celebrating on WOBH:

"Shit, I get a whole thread of my own. I'm so honoured.

You misogynous, born to rule Tory prick. Just add a racist post and you've got the trifecta!"

Mmmm profound indeed, one can almost taste the fury

But pride of place goes to My Favourite Marxist, one Chris Trotter, for his evisceration of Fill In on Bowalley Road. I'm sure most of us have read it but I particularly liked this bit:

"If it is your view, Phil, that the quest for democratic socialism should be dismissed as something belonging to "nineteenth century history", then I say: "The hell with you!""

Ouch. But why all this anger?

I think that reality has finally hit home and they've realised that it wasn't Crosby Textor that cost them last year's election, or that voters simply wanted a change, but it is the realisation that their plans for a Socialist New Zealand are simply at odds with those of ordinary Kiwis.
In essence - people don't like them and do not want to be governed by them, and this hurts.

Still with Chris's piece, I was intrigued, nay fascinated, to read that ""the socialisation of the means of production, distribution and exchange" was, once upon a time, labour's founding objective.

Could someone please help me with this. Chris, perhaps you could join in yourself and explain what difference there is between the "socialising of " and the "ownership by the state of" the means of production, distribution, and exchange? Please satisfy my curiousity.

I also wonder if all those who ever voted labour on account of "them being for the working man" ever had any inkling of their main goal?

Look What We Nearly Got!!

It's just as well Phil Rudd or Kevni Goff is not running the place here.
Australia's PM about to take a light snack.

Australians are about to start paying the very high price for Rudd's profligacy. He thinks he had to spend his way out of recession and he continues to do so, running up huge deficits in the process. Tax and spend is thriving in Oz.

Adolf is damned glad Messrs Key and English have a more responsible approach.

The best thing Phil Goff could do for both country's is to transfer his pantomime enquiry into bank interest rates across the ditch and relocate its venue to Sydney and then Melbourne. He could get The Libs to pay for the enquiry for it is Turnbull and his mates who have most to gain.

"One of Mr Rudd's most obvious political dilemma's is how tighter monetary policy would clash with the timing of the next election, due by the end of 2010.
The opposition is war-gaming for an early election before next May's budget. The thinking in the Liberal camp is that Labor won't want to tell voters where it will cut spending to achieve its promised surplus by the middle of this decade."
The Blond Headed Wax Eater looks set to become an endangered species.

Bastard Banks and Bill's Windfall

Adolf missed an excellent piece by Bernard Hickey yesterday. Adolf agrees with him entirely.

The big four banks have been caught out indulging in institutionalised theft on a grand scale and the High Court has turned down their appeal.

It now remains to be seen whether they will take a further appeal to the Supreme Court. Adolf hopes they do and he hopes they cop the bleating judicial activist Sian Elias in one of her particularity 'socialist do-gooder' moods. Another failed appeal will add a few hundred million more to the final account by way of use of money interest and late payment penalties.

Adolf loves to pay tax. If you are paying tax you are making money. Sure sometimes he's been a bit late when cash flow was tight but the taxes still got paid, eventually.

The most disgusting person I have ever met was the 'born again' happy clappy Christian who had set his business up within a trading trust in order that he could show himself as having no income, so as to qualify for the DPB (His wife was as made as a snake and had beaten him up before returning to the whanau up North.) This fraudster had the nerve to admonish me to 'keep my faith strong.'

The banks' engagement in fraudulent sham transactions over an extended period provides John Key and Bill English with a huge opportunity to cash in politically and cut what legs remain from under Labour.

Bill English should announce today that when the banks shape up and hand over their three billion smakeroos, he will put half of it into the Cullen Fund.

Should be worth about three basis points on the Roy Morgan scale, I reckon.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Questions of sport

The AB's are at 50% this season. Two wins, two losses. Is this acceptable? How come All Black hookers, who do nothing but play Rugby and practice/train, cannot throw the ball 6 metres to someone who is 6'5" and then lifted off the ground?

Why do we throw $30 million at the Americas Cup just so we can't be involved? Why don't we enter a team in the Tour de France which would get us 10 times the coverage?

Speaking of Le Tour, how will Contador hold the trophy up with arms as skinny as that (see left)?

Finally, Kimberley Smith finishes 3rd in a rich 5,000 metre race in London behind an Ethiopian and a Kenyan. Her time puts her 15th in the World this year guessed it 14 Africans.

How will she ever win a medal at the World champs in a few weeks despite being the fastest white woman on earth?

Some Iron Clad Guarantees

Two sixteen year old males were walking along State Highway 1 at 11.30 p.m. when they were struck by a police car responding to a call out in violence prone Northland town, Moerewa. One of the lads was killed, the other seriously injured.

The map shows the section of highway and the remote valley in which Adolf spent his childhood and teenage years.

There will turn out to be a number of contributing factors. Here are some excerpts from the yet to be written CPA report.

1..... The boys were Maori.

2..... The boys were pissed or spaced out.

3..... The boys were walking on the wrong side of the road, on the bitumen carriage way.

4..... The boys were dressed from head to foot in black.

5..... The boys had their ears stuffed with walkman plugs with what passes for music operating at 120 decibels.

6..... The boys' parents did not know where they were.

The newspapers and the local marae will conclude it was all the fault of 'the fuckin' cops.'

Goff's last 100 days?

It looks like Phil Goff's honeymoon is rapidly deteriorating into his wake. He has never really got a handle on being glorious leader and consequently has been fighting his battles in the wrong trenches. The war has moved on and throwing cannon fodder like Bruce Burgess into the fray has only served to highlight what an inept leader he really is.

Whilst many wish that his bumbling stay at the top is prolonged, I say bring on the night of the long BBQs.

I want to see what the real Labour looks like. Because that is the fight.

While they have been stripped to their core we have the opportunity to see their true colours.

I don't want my children inheriting a nanny state utopia where they are treated as a source of endless taxation and wealth redistribution.

Time is of the essence.

Goff's Gone To The Blogs

Very interesting commentary today from Bill Ralston

If the commentary by the bloggers was hostile then many of the readers' comments were insulting enough to make a hardened talkback caller blush.

In a fairly predictable account of Phil Goff's recent decline into irrelevancy there is an unexpected but stand out quote.

"The blogosphere means we now hear what party supporters once said in private discussions over a beer."

This came after he ranged through the postings and comments from a number of leftie blogs, evincing the left's anger at Goff's recent pontifications and blunders. The knives are being sharpened but the bloodletting will have to wait. Labour needs a mug to stand up in the house until it can find itself a real leader.

Essentially he is saying that blogs can almost be used as the poor man's focus group. Adolf long has thought blogs in fact are the intelligent man's talk back radio - if you keep away from the execrable Standard, of course.

All in all, I'm pleased to see that Bill Ralston shares Adolf's view that Labour does not have a shit's show in 2011, no matter who they throw up as leader. Yes, 'throw up' is right.

Adolf smiles as he sees the very people who hounded Dr Brash out of the house now supporting a leader who makes Dr Brash look like a modern day Disraeli.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Herald Stands In For Standard

This morning's Herald could be mistaken for a Labour Party advertising brochure. No wonder its circulation is falling.

First, John Armstrong berates the Head of Treasury for telling the Public Service that it needs to harden up because that is the policy of the government of the day. Armstrong, who usually is more reliable, proceeds to assert that somehow this is partisan conduct. Good God, Mr Armstrong, the man is doing his job which is making sure public servants implement the policies of the elected government. Armstrong tries to justify his palpably flawed argument by comparing Mr Whitehead's actions with the appalling speech by the Chief Justice in which she crossed the line into policy activism.

Mr Armstrong, The Treasury Secretary was doing his job, the Lady with the wig was interfering.
John Whitehead

Mr Armstrong might have done better to wonder why Mr whitehead felt he needed to take such a step. The answer lies in a public service laced with Labour Party activists who have been infiltrated into every significant part of the bureaucracy. (No better example can be found than the careful leaking by bureaucrats of the enquiry into unfounded allegations of corruption by National Party MP Buckshee.) Mr Whitehead was giving them a clear blunt message and quite rightly so.

Armstrong then indulged in a shrill outburst against privatisation - he might as well hold his hand out to the Labour Party for his salary this week.

Next, The Herald engaged in a bit of its own partisan politicking by printing an unattributed editorial contending that Phil Goff's new policy of paying the dole to millionaires and the unemployed spouses of the nation's 'rich listers' is, wait for it, 'heading in the right way.'

Finally, another faceless editorial writer had a go at portraying Labour's money and time wasting so-called enquiry into bank interest rates as 'a welcome initiative.' It is nothing of the sort. It is shameless grandstanding.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Roy Morgan Shocker For Labour

Link fixed

National is down slightly in the latest Roy Morgan poll but Labour has plunged to the depths thus far unknown. teetering on the cusp of the 30% barrier as they face the prospect of humiliation and oblivion. The Greens are the big winners but it will do them no good because their mates in Labour have gone from dog tucker last month to inedible road kill this month. Next month they will be rendered down to a dusty trace of blood and bone.

Labour down 1.5% to 30%

Greens up 2.0% to 10%

National is down a bit but it's not really significant in the bigger picture.

What is significant is that this poll does NOT take into account the period of Goff's most egregious gaffes and obvious devious manipulation of information and people for political advantage. He has been exposed as a very nasty piece of work.

Labour can look forward to 27% or worse, next time round.

AL Gore, The Crocodile Dundee of Conflicted Interest

If you thought Henry van der Hayden sitting on the board of NZX was a conflict of interest, you ain't seen nuthin!

is a conflict of interest.

Al (we've got to sell global warming before the world freezes over) Gore chairs the funds management company which rakes in billions of dollars worth of fees managing so called sustainable investments for the world's wealthy tree huggers and at the same time travels the world burning jet fuel like there's no tomorrow, promoting the very global warming that raises the price of the shares his funds management company is flogging.

One day history will record this fellow as the biggest bullshit artist since Moses, who some 3,300 years ago, conned the Gypos into giving their whole industrial energy source away. (They let their slaves all go. Remember? Suddenly there was nobody to heave rocks around to build pyramids.)

hattip: Gooner

Liarbour's ladyboys and eunuchs!!!

Since my posts on Thai ladyboys have attracted much interest, I thought I would share you a story from Pattaya People's Television.

A few days back a group of Indian tourists were robbed late one night on Pattaya beach by some ladyboys.

One told police that after they 'had a cuddle' he discovered his wallet was missing!

I mentioned this to my mate, who lives in Thailand, and he reminds us that underneath the make-up and lipstick, ladyboys are still male and can thus be quite strong.

Indeed, you should see some of the drag queens that perform on Auckland's K Road!

Which brings me on to the Liarbour Party. You can see how one has you thinking about the other.

After arriving in Auckland at lunchtime, I was reading a funny piece in the NZ Herald from Claire Trevett concerning the fallout concerning the well-to-do welfare bludger and Liarbour poster boy Bruce Burgess.

I started to wonder which Liarbour figure might well be likened to a ladyboy, but, no, they are more like eunuchs.

Read how Claire Trevett reveals how skilful surgeon Bill English yesterday was castrating allcomers yesterday, slice by slice.

First up was a statement he found from MP Charles Chauvel's time as president of the Labour Youth Council in a previous year of recession - 1988. Mr Chauvel told then Employment Minister Phil Goff to "take action or resign".
"Charles Chauvel is probably feeling the same way today," Mr English said.
He goes on with further pearls from Labour's former years - this time deputy leader Annette King berating others for "using the backs of unemployed people to make political points. I despair at the gamesmanship of politicians trying to get votes from the problem of unemployment".
Clearly worried that Labour has not quite understood, he returns to the topic with a more overt dig - noting he had heard about one man suffering in the recession "who was used for political purposes by the Labour Party, which has now left him high and dry".

David Cunliffe and Trevor Mallard were also left impotent at the hands of Dr Bill English, as the finance minister was able to cut down anything raised by Liarbour on unemployment.
Trevett concluded:

He wraps up with a list of dos and don'ts for any others unfortunate enough to be laid off. Do go to a Work and Income office to check if they can help. Don't "make an appointment with the Labour Party, because they will never quite know when they will be dragged into political debate and have their personal circumstances misrepresented for political purposes".

Indeed, what a skiful operator National has in Bill English, who this week has left Liarbour looking like a gaggle of toothless eunuchs!

Friday Funny

Three lawyers and three accountants are travelling by train to a conference. At the station, the three accountants each buy tickets and watch as the three lawyers buy only a single ticket. "How are three people only going to travel on one ticket?" asks an accountant. "Watch and you'll see", answers a lawyer.

They all board the train. The accountants take their respective seats but all three lawyers cram into a restroom and close the door behind them. Shortly after the train has departed the conductor comes around collecting tickets. He knocks on the restroom door and says "Ticket, please". The door opens just a crack and a single arm emerges with a ticket in hand. The conductor takes it and moves on.

The accountants sees this and agree that it is quite a clever idea, so after the conference the accountants decide to copy the lawyers on the return trip and save money (being clever with money and all that).

When they get to the station they buy a single ticket for the return trip. To their astonishment the lawyers do not buy a ticket at all. "How are you going to travel without a ticket?" says one perplexed accountant. "Watch and you'll see," answers a lawyer.

When they board the train the three accountants cram into one restroom and the three lawyers cram into another one nearby. The train departs and shortly afterwards one of the lawyers leaves his restroom and walks over to the restroom where the accountants are hiding. He knocks on the door and says, "Ticket please".

Power 1, Gotlieb Nil

Remind Adolf to never, ever hire the walking talking ego Gary Gotleib who, by the sound of it, went to the same school of debating skills management as that other loser, Phil Goff. It's been a terribly terribly bad week for all the lefties and their followers.

Gotlieb leaped into print accusing the Justice Minister of not knowing the law when he announced his intention to change the laws surrounding the allowable evidence relating to a rape complainant's previous sexual behaviour.

"Mr Gotlieb, a former President of the Auckland District Law Society, earlier said he was concerned the Justice Minister did not know the law.

"I'm just gobsmacked that we've got a lawyer who is Minister of Justice who has got no idea what the law is. How much confidence does that give you in our politicians who are making law and don't know what the law is."

Gobsmacked indeed, Mr Gotleib. It's your gob which is being smacked down by Mr Simon Power.

Simon Power has set out to improve the justice system. Photo / Mark Mitchell

"Lawyers such as senior Auckland defence lawyer Gary Gotlieb say the restrictions is already law under the Evidence Act, and therefore completely unnecessary.

But this relates to sexual history with people other than the accused. Mr Power said currently the previous sexual relationship between the complainant and the accused does not need the judge's agreement before being brought up in court.

Mr Power clarified his proposal by giving further detail that he wanted to ensure that all evidence relating to a complainants' sexual history was dealt with in a consistent way - irrespective of whether the sexual history involves the defendant or any other person."

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Scrapping MPs in brazen brawl

I know this breaks the 2-posts-a-day rule. but I thought you might enjoy the scrapping MPs in the Korean parliament.
I can't see Trevor Mallard, but one of the ladies does look like Melissa Lee.

hat tip: Conservative Home

There It Is

Two hours and I'm cross eyed. I may have made the odd mistake but draw what conclusions you can. I can see when Adolf departed for Fiji on June 18th but the figures recovered well before his return onn the 28th.

Date Comments unique Vis All Posts FFM Adolf PM Gooner Lou Grant Barnsley
10-Jun 33 1221 4 2


11 38 1241 3 2

12 20 1214 5 2 2


13 24 1082 4
1 1

14 18 1054 3 2

15 43 1230 6
2 1

16 24 1163 5 2 2 1

17 35 1156 6 2 2 1 1

18 25 1030 4 2 1

19 7 997 3 3

20 14 694 3 2


21 42 840 4 2


22 6 1082 2 2

23-Jun 15 1033 3 2

24 24 1036 3 1

25 30 984 3 2


26 87 1061 6 1
2 1

27 12 845 3 1

28 17 749 3

29 34 1120 4 1 2 1

30 48 1145 6 2
1 3

1-Jul 19 1006 5 1 1 1 2

2 28 1128 8 2 3

3 40 1008 6 2 2 1 1

4 47 794 4 2 2

5 23 879 4 1 2

6 10 999 2 1


7 17 978 3 1 2

8 78 996 7 2 2 1 1

9 26 1050 4 1

10 9 906 2 1 1

11 16 718 4 2 2

12 19 827 3 2 1

13 22 1038 6 2 2 2

14 15 1555 4 2 1

15 9 934 3 2


16 11 998 7 2

17 7 849 2 2

18 15 821 7 2 1

19 4 719 3 2 1

20 20 1019 4 1 2


21 46 1982 9 1 4 2 1

22 16 1159 5 2 2



Let's all laugh at the retard

A while back I wrote a sneering post about Clayton Weatherston, speculating that his monstrous ego would lead him to testify, despite his lawyer having to know that it would do him far more harm than good. Naturally, his monstrous ego won out, he did testify and he provided a spectacle for days on end that has made him infamous.

It left me embarrassed. I'd been sneering at a guy who was plainly, in light of his testimony, seriously mentally ill. That's just wrong. All I can say in my defence is that at the time, I thought he was simply an arrogant asshole, not criminally insane.

Two psychiatrists got up in court and gave a contrary view - according to them, he's not insane, merely has one or two personality disorders, like many other of our prison inmates. Fuck that - the guy obviously thinks he was provoked outrageously by her perfectly ordinary behaviour and can't understand why people aren't feeling sympathy for his plainly justified response. I'm sorry, but that's a nutbar in my book. Yes he needs to be locked up some place where he can't be "provoked" by others' banal everyday activities, but prison isn't the place.

I see tonight on Stuff that "sources" are reporting there's a bounty on Weatherston's head in Chch men's prison. Well, duh - since when have crims felt the slightest compunction about beating up on the mentally ill? Most of the thicko munters locked up in there would love to get their hands on someone like Weatherston, so they can tell themselves they're doing the right thing while enjoying taking out their violent frustrations on someone else. Fuck them and their self-inflicted frustrations - I hope Corrections keeps him away from them.

Is swine flu a hoax??

I was sat in a Bangkok cybercafe last night and I overheard an American woman talking to its owner.
She said swine flu was not as bad as claimed and was being hyped up by the government to take people's minds off the economy.
People might be losing their jobs, she continued, but they will be happy to remain alive.
Well, I haven't kept up-to-date of what's happening with Swine Flu in New Zealand, but it is big news in Britain.
A handy diversion for the media to take attention from the many failings of Gordon Brown and his government.
Here in Bangkok, its a major issue too, with the papers having many stories and many Thais buying and wearing facemasks. I have just past a street-trader who was offering them in a nice range of colours and patterns.
The other day, I was in a taxi and I happened to give one of my allergy sneezes and within seconds all the electric windows were opened.
Now, it may be this American woman was a complete moonbat, but there has been much commentary about Swine Flu being a hoax.
I remember how in New Zealand we had a Foot and Mouth scare in Waiheke just as Helen Clark faced possible troubles over Doonegate, and the media frenzy let that matter pass by.
How much do our politicians manipulate the media like this? How much can we trust our political masters?
Like I say, I don't know whether swine flu is a hoax or is as bad as claimed.
But that bird flu crisis a few years back didn't eventuate into much, did it?

No sailing ships this time.

In days gone by it was the terrible white person who sailed around the world, setting up colonies and taking advantage of the poor unsuspecting locals.

Of course we now pay the price of the guilt for such heinous actions by our ancestors.

So I wonder if the Chinese and Indians will face the same criticisms and guilt some time in the future. And will they leave behind a democratic legacy and excellent infrastructure.

Somehow I don't think so.

Chickens come home to roost

I haven't blogged much lately as have been busy with work.

But I have the feeling that the chickens are finally coming home to roost.

Look at Goof's inept attempts to stitch up John Key via Bruce and Jo Burgess. I know these people and they are good people, but like many they have made choices based on the "system" that has been sold to us all.

That owning property is the key to wealth.

It is actually only the key to security.
Jobs and business are the key to wealth.

Houses are depreciating assets that require upkeep. They can only rise in price through inflation, as the replacement value is driven up. It is only the land that can truly appreciate and that value totally depends on supply and demand. Low demand = low price.

Controlling property requires access to cash. As we have build a society based on consumerism rather than production, the ability to find new ways to come up with cash have dwindled.

Plus the double whammy of 9 years of Labour allowing the productivity of the country to drop whilst pissing good money after bad through the state sector has left us all high and dry.

Like all western countries real productivity increases can now only come from government reform. They are the log jam in the economic stream. Most businesses I know have already squeezed every drop of margin out of their work.

The government must slash spending and have the balls to tackle the welfare elephant. They cannot be all things to all people.

Sure in the short term people will suffer but that will be nothing to what will happen if we foolishly think that the "system" can go on for ever.

Goof's pathetic attempts to put up viable solutions to the realities that we all face today shows how bloody useless Labour really were. Put it on the bill is no longer an option.

There is only one solution.

Hard work and investment in productive areas that produce cash.
Take our speculative losses on the chin and protect our true wealth and assets.
Knock 30% off state spending.
Look to the future.
And leave Goofy Labour in the past.

Bruce's and the country's chickens have come home to roost.

Outstandingly Superior

Adolf has avoided the media frenzy surrounding the Weatherston trial. Over the weeks this saga has given us a sobering look at the way New Zealand has descended into a nation of slobbering aggressive mobs, selfish and vindictive voyeurs, egged on by a venal and self serving media.

In the midst of this disgusting display, nowhere better exemplified than in comments threads at Kiwiblog, shines a beacon of gentle restraint, gracious recognition of human frailty and generous consideration for those one might assume to be opponents.

I'm taking about the post trial statement of Mr Weatherston Snr, the guilty party's father. Here is a man whose life has been ripped apart, whose heart obviously is broken by his son's hideous actions.

Roger Weatherston said the family was shocked at what Clayton had done and felt for the Elliotts. Photo / Otago Daily Times

See what he had to say people and learn how to properly conduct yourselves.

"Our thoughts are very much with the Elliott family in their tremendous loss," Clayton Weatherston's father, Roger, said.
"Clayton Weatherston was our son and brother. We love him very much and will continue to do so, .....
....Family members were shocked by what he had done because it was out of character for the person they knew."
"We are very sad that we did not recognise that Clayton needed the help that he clearly does and hope that now, at least, he will receive it."

Right Up There

Not sure exactly why but the last two days have seen a minor surge in visits.

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Lying - That's The Labour Way

Lying seems to be the first resort for Labour. And The Herald isn't much better.

See full size image

Back in April 2008 I noted the Party's theme song - to the tune "He Lives."

He lied, he lied, Mike Williams lied today,
He lies to me, he lies to you,
For that's the Labour way.

He lies, he lies, the nation to deceive,
The more you hear, the more you know,
They cannot be believed.

File:NewZealand PhilGoff 01.jpg

'Whack it on the bill Phil' continues in the proud tradition of Lying Labour so ably evinced last year by Mike Williams. You could always tell when Clark was lying because there would be that tell tale little half cough, half laugh. Phil Goff is easier to pick. You can see his lips moving.

Here's what John Armstrong has to say about it.

Twice within the past two months, Goff has sought to cause National discomfort only to end up pinging himself by failing to disclose facts....."

Where I come from, we call that lying. John Armstrong sums it up thus as 'game over Goff.'

"If he fails to win in 2011, Goff knows his party will look for someone else to lead them into the next election. If he keeps performing in the fashion displayed this week his colleagues might start asking themselves whether they should not look elsewhere before then."

The only problem facing his colleagues is that like Hitler's nazis in 1945, all they have left is the Hitler Youth and 'die alten soldaten' - the Pensioners' Regiment. The Yanks used to call them the belly boys, as they shot them down - they all had paunches.

Interesting to see the obsequious Herald carries a front page update to their fatally flawed earlier story about the fool Burgess. Nowhere did the reporter or the paper admit to or apologise for adding his name to a story planted by Labour without the slightest effort to check facts.

But for the immediate attention of bloggers and the Gnats' research unit, Goff might have got away with it.

Fail Gaffe: He's so bad, even the media is noticing!!!!

No matter how far away you are from New Zealand, you cannot fail to notice the awfulness of Phil Goff.

Any boost he might have had since the Mt Albert by-election has well and truly evaporated, and Phil has made no impact on the polls either, I see.

I have been struck by his latest failings, which are so bad even our favourite political reporters like Guyon Espiner and Duncan Garner are noticing.

So in a bid to whip up concern about unemployment and welfare, Fail Gaffe has found a new poster boy.

A man who he could use to sell a case for extra welfare to those who lose their jobs.

Never mind the argument about the cost of this extra welfare, when Liarbour has left the country with a decade or more of deficits and savings must be found.

Here we have a man whose wife was working and yet we were told he was set to lose his house!

Dave at Big News has been covering the story of Bruce Burgess and has been helping the NZ Herald with some information. Unlike what Liarbour says, it seems the Burgess family can get some extra help from WINZ.

But the best is yet to come, it turns out Bruce Burgess has several rental properties and this is something Liarbour knew too but chose not to disclose, either to the public or the prime minister.

Indeed, as 3 News so wonderfully blogs here (Duncan Garner, I presume?) :

Labour has been dealing with Burgess for days over his plight and Goff has just given a vein-popping performance about poor old Bruce in Parliament.

“Why,” Goff asks, “should poor old Bruce be missing out?”

Why should 60-year-old Bruce lose his lifestyle block because his wife earns too much for him to qualify for the dole?

Well, let me tell you what Phil Goff won't tell you.

Bruce Burgess also owns two other rental properties on top of his lifestyle block. Burgess appears to have never told the Herald this.

But he did tell Goff. Oh yes. He told the Labour Party about his financial situation alright.

He told Labour he owned three properties. It's just that Labour never told the media. Phil Goff never told the full story in Parliament about Burgess.

It was the Government who went away and checked out Burgess’ story.

Labour sat on the fact he owned three homes. To Labour it was irrelevant to its case - that hardworking Kiwis are missing out under National.

How many Kiwis can cry poor with three homes? It's a bad look Labour - and I suspect you know it.

Indeed, with Goff proposing extra welfare for millionaires, before withdrawing, Garner calls this Goff's second cock-up.

David Farrar notes Liarbour's shabby,shabby,shabby behaviour too.

Even Guyon Espiner at TVNZ has noticed Liarbour's Gaffes and this was even before the Burgess debacle.

Labour's ill-judged foray into the benefit policy debate - offering the dole to anyone who losses their job regardless of their spouse's income - is a strategic blunder which ignores these basic facts of political life. In fact, it may prove to be a mid-year, circuit breaker for a government which has been under mounting pressure.

Hopefully, having seen such incompetence and skulduggery from Liarbour, political reporters like Garner and Espiner might well take a more quizzical line with Liarbour. If the government won't have its own inquiry into Liarbour and Immigration, I am sure there would be a worthy story in it. Even just noting the various other cases, as Adolf did, just highlights something that is at least fishy.

Finally, consider how Fail Gaffe had some most interesting poster girls of supposedly innocent victims of Dr Richard Worth. There was the 'strikingly beautiful' Naleem Choudary and a Korean businesswoman.

But look at how these individuals turned out. Fail certainly does pick 'em.

Indeed, the MSM needs to look more at the judgement of Fail Gaffe and his involvement in various scandals. His judgement has certainly being failing him lately. They also need to look at the honesty of Gaffe and the Liarbour Party too. Both have certainly been failing there too.

Gaffe seems to be getting as untrustworthy and deceitful as his predecessor.

Fortunately, it seems the MSM just might be waking up to him.

As I once said, we love Fail Gaffe!!

Hat tip: Big News, Kiwiblog, Whale Oil