Sunday, May 31, 2009

Perhaps Sunshine causes Global Warming After All!

A few weeks back I saw a film, Sunshine, that featured our own Clifford Curtis.
It was 2057, the sun was dying, and even Sydney was a winter wonderland.
Anyway, Cliff and a crew set off to the Sun and set off some bombs to kick it back to life again and they save the world.
Now, how much such science fiction might have a basis in fact remains to be seen, but there is growing evidence that the big yellow thing in the sky has more impact on climate than tiny amounts of a gas. Yes, a lack of sunspots causes global cooling.
Either way, we are enjoying a rather early wintry blast, aren't we?
Yet most of our world leaders are pressing ahead with carbon trading legislation, at great damage to their already depressed economies, though I hear the Japanese are now having second thoughts.
How crazy for us all to let them proceed down this AGW route and associated legislation when the evidence is increasingly confounding them!
But it wasn't about climate change was it? But rather control of people, industry and our civilised and successful Western way of life!

The best vindication for the Budget yet!!

I've just picked up a paper copy of the Sunday Star-Times.
By the top of the masthead of the business section was a pic of Bill English and the words 'The Budget. Rod Oram Doesn't Like it.'
Well, what better vindication can you have!

Anyway, Bill Ralston seems happier with it.

Herald Wrong Again

Some faceless and pious pontificator writes in this morning's Herald, castigating police for failing to bring charges against the officer who mistakenly shot an innocent bystander on the North Western motorway.

Here's a sample of the nonsense:-

"With other homicides, the police establish who is responsible and lay charges. The courts decide whether or not the homicide was culpable - whether the person responsible is guilty of manslaughter or murder."

Weeeeell no. That's not actually how it goes.

The first thing the police do is establish whether there is a reasonable chance of a conviction - any conviction. THEN and ONLY THEN do they lay charges. The unknown Herald scribbler might not quite comprehend the possibility that, given all the circumstances, the Police consider a conviction, any conviction, unlikely in this particular case.

Does The Herald wants us to clog the already overloaded courts with prosecutions for every death which occurs? No matter what?

The answer probably is 'yes.' Then the Herald can print more anonymous opinion decrying the inadequacies of our justice system to deal with cases in a timely manner.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Orbs? Spirits or a load of old balls?

Last night I mentioned how a mate had a thing about ghosts and has been out seeking them.
I have visited quite a few graveyards and cemeteries with him, with my mate who thinks he is some kind of ghostbuster, and yes, we’ve had that song playing many a time on the CD player!
Out of the several hundred photos taken over a fortnight, many did contain orbs. But you never see them in the flesh.
Orbs are a genuine phenomena with various explanations. Are they just some photographic trick caused by water or specks of dust or are they the energy of spiritiual beings? Or something equally ghostly?

Well, they tend not to appear in close-ups, they tend not to appear in the day time, they tend not to like Auckland’s CBD.
Barnsley Bill will be pleased to know that they stay well clear of the manor too. The only spirits here being what is kept in the pantry, the fridge and what fills Barnsley’s whisky glasses!
But they did like Mair Park in Whangarei, Parnell Cathedral, Auckland Domain, the pa site near Kerikeri’s Stone Store, the graveyard on the Paihia waterfront, and the cemetery out in the bush about 12kms away from here. They also liked Waiwera, just north of Auckland.
But also it seems they did not like the Waikumete Cemetry in West Auckland, at least in the daytime!
I tend to be quite sceptical about such matters, but my mate has alterted me to something quite interesting, something I cannot fully understand or explain.
Some time back with my other maori mate, I went to his nan’s tangi on the East Cape.
The lights in the marae kept flickering on and off, to signifiy the arrival of visitors, I was told.
My mate kept saying Nan was telling us people were coming, but I believed it was the dodgy electrics.
During the burial the next morning it absolutely pissed it down but moments later as Nan was finally laid to rest, the rain suddenly stopped and the sun came out. I put this down to the passing of a rain-bearing cold front. My mate said it was Nan finally accepting her place in heaven.
Either way, the timings of such happenings fitted either explanation.
So what can we say about these orbs. The times and places they appear seem to fit the ghostly spiritual argument too, even if there might also be a more rational explanation.
But have you seen them for yourself and what did you think?

So many questions

Metiria Turei has been elected as the Green Party's new co-leader at the party's annual conference today.

1. Who really gives a toss?
2. Is this the begining of the end for Sue Bradford?
3. Will Turei also now have "mainstream" delusions like Norman?
4. Will the small lifeline that Key threw them be enough for survival in 2011?
5. Or has Key just flogged their environmental blanket and left them holding the red baby?
6. Will they finally replace that missing "n" in Co_leader?
7. Who really gives a toss?

Obamerica: Corrupt Banana Republic or Marxist Basketcase??

The descent of a once proud world superpower is happening at an alarming rate.

As USA Today reports on exploding government debt, which as I reported last night at Fairfacts Media can only fuel world interest rates (and hence our mortgage rates), we now see some savage mockery from the Russians.

It must be said, that like the breaking of a great dam, the American decent into Marxism is happening with breath taking speed, against the back drop of a passive, hapless sheeple, excuse me dear reader, I meant people.

The Pravda article 'American Capitalism Gone in a Whimper' continues:

First, the population was dumbed down through a politicized and substandard education system based on pop culture, rather then the classics. Americans know more about their favorite TV dramas then the drama in DC that directly affects their lives. They care more for their "right" to choke down a McDonalds burger or a BurgerKing burger than for their constitutional rights. Then they turn around and lecture us about our rights and about our "democracy". Pride blind the foolish.
Then their faith in God was destroyed, until their churches, all tens of thousands of different "branches and denominations" were for the most part little more then Sunday circuses and their televangelists and top protestant mega preachers were more then happy to sell out their souls and flocks to be on the "winning" side of one pseudo Marxist politician or another. Their flocks may complain, but when explained that they would be on the "winning" side, their flocks were ever so quick to reject Christ in hopes for earthly power. Even our Holy Orthodox churches are scandalously liberalized in America.
The final collapse has come with the election of Barack Obama. His speed in the past three months has been truly impressive. His spending and money printing has been a record setting, not just in America's short history but in the world. If this keeps up for more then another year, and there is no sign that it will not, America at best will resemble the Wiemar Republic and at worst Zimbabwe.

As Crusader Rabbit says so well today, some pigs are more equal than others! And this is especially the case in Obamaerica, ruled by a corrupt Chicago machine politician.

Hat tip: Drudge Report, Powerline, Crusader Rabbit, Gateway Pundit

Perfection - By Accident

Adolf loves fish. The Cook does not. Thus it falls upon Adolf to pursue piscatorial perfection.

Today saw a trip to the fish market and the acquisition of a Blue Moki for $20.00. These fish are cheap, man. $8.95/kg compared with snapper at $17.00.

For his money, Adolf went home with a kilo of fillets and a chopped up head for the cats.

The Cook buggered off for unspecified Cookly activities so Adolf was left to contemplate the highlight of the day, LUNCH.

The 'flap' portion of a fillet was diced into sashimi and tried with a blend of a desert spoon of soy sauce and juice of half a lime. Not very successful. The flesh was too hard.

Oh well, another failure.

So on to the smoking hot fry pan with a chunk of fillet, 15 seconds on either side and turn down the heat. As an afterthought, dribbled the remains of the soy sauce lime dip over the fillet and let it poach for two or three minutes.


Out of this world!!!!! Absolutely bloody amazing.

Succulent, tasty, glorious.

Well, you'd expect that, wouldn't you when you find out this species' staple diet is crayfish.

I'll just have to have another glass of sav blanc and an afternoon nap.


Have just read the comments on FFM's post below and the comments in Kiwiblog as someone called Kingi attempts to justify why Maori are special.

It takes no time for the concept of "racism" to appear.
And always from the left side of the debate.

This always gives me a good laugh, because the Left have always been the ones to ram multiculturalism down everyone's throats. But when things don't go their way, they pull out the "you're a racist" shot gun and let off a couple of cheap rounds.

The left may have achieved their multicultural utopia, but I suspect that they don't enjoy it quite as much as they eagerly anticipated. Mostly because it arrived with a suitcase full of competition as well.

Their special place in history, regardless of race, is being shoved to the side of the road and bypassed.

Personally, I have no problem with multiculturalism because it just brings us new challenges, but more importantly, new opportunities. I judge the people I deal with daily on their actions rather than the colour of their skin.

"Racism" is yesterday's word. It has had it's time and place.

People that cling to it like a lifebuoy, to keep their own racist aspirations afloat, should realise that the tide of time is just carrying them further out to sea.

John Armstrong Continues To See Trees

Yesterday I posted on John Armstrong's assessmentt of the budget and today he continues in similar vein - trying to see how the budget will be 'bad for National.'

Mr Armstrong is an excellent writer with an astute political mind (He would have been a bloody good cricketer.) but for some reason he seems to have made it his task to paint one of the most outstandingly successful budgets as a potential disaster for National.

John Armstrong

The first glaring but not obvious example is his continuing focus on tax cuts and Labour's futile pursuit of their deferral. Here is Mr Armstrong on Labour and tax cuts.

"Labour has also put much effort in the past couple of days into slamming National for promising tax cuts during the election and legislating them into law under parliamentary urgency before last Christmas when it already knew the cuts were unaffordable."

However, the priceless pearl of information is here.

"The Treasury estimated a downgrade would push up the cost of borrowing by 1.5 per cent."

Repeat after me:

A credit downgrade would push up the cost of borrowing by 1.5 per cent.

Got that, have you? Well get this. A credit downgrade was widely expected but we got instead, a surprise credit UP GRADE. That means a net 3.0% reduction in the cost of borrowing compared with where we would be under Labour or a 'tax cut induced' credit downgrade..

Armstrong (and National) should now be talking about mortgage interest cuts of up to three percentage points. They should be leaning hard on the banks to pass on this windfall reduction in their costs of borrowing.

(This windfall far exceeds anything related to recent RBNZ cuts in the OCR because the banks borrow most of their money overseas and the gummint's sovereign credit rating largely determines the price the banks will pay for their money.)

This budget's surprise credit upgrade will put more cash money in the pockets of middle income voters than the tax cuts they were not really expecting anyway. The budget is a bonanza for salary and wage earners - all those middle class people who live in My Albert electorate. The message needs to be hammered home before voting day. Melissa Lee's party just gave you the mother of all tax cuts. She not only saved you from a $170 per week hike in your interest bill, she reduced it by a further $170 per week. That's cash back in your hand. Far more than you were going to get from some lousy tax cut the country can't really afford, thanks to Labour.

Three points off the interest bill for Adolf's $80k salary Mt Albert voter with an LAQC investment property and a $600k loan (There will be thousands of them because that's where BlueChip went prospecting for sales) means this guy gets an immediate benefit of $346 per week! Yes I had to double check - it's not $34.60 per week. It's a whopping eighteen grand per year.

The second glaring example is this already worn out furphy

"...........the big clanger in the Budget - the suspension of Government contributions into the Superannuation Fund for the next decade and possibly longer."

Michael Cullen himself prescribed this very measure in his introduction of the fund to the Parliament. It is Michael Cullen's woeful extravagance in government spending and parsimony over tax cuts when they WERE affordable which brings us to the point when we must implement HIS remedy which is to suspend contributions.

Get over it please, Mr Armstrong. Get over it Labour.

The as yet unrecognised political genius of this budget, Mr Armstrong, is that it is designed to win the seat of Mt Albert.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Maoridom’s rich legacy!!!

In these politically-correct times, it is certainly a no-no for Pakeha to attack Maori as useless drunks and the like.
But what if Maori say it themselves?
There I was last week, outside the grounds of the Waitangi Treaty House with a mate debating whether to go inside.
New Zealand residents don’t have to pay, I noted.
My mate said he had no ID with him, but since he’s half-caste, I joked his face was his ID!
He commented this might have been the only good thing his Maori father had ever done for him!
Indeed, later on, he railed on about his useless drunk of a violent father who abandoned him and his Pakeha mum while he was a young child.
My mate is into ghosts and as darkness approached, he got the digital camera out and called out for any ghosts or spirits to appear.
None did so and he commented that since the ghosts would probably be Maori, they were obviously too lazy to appear. He attacked Maori for their drinking too.
It certainly does seem odd to see someone attack their own race, even if you are actually of mixed race.
But another mate of mine, who is also part-Maori, has also at times condemned his race for problems like alcoholism, lack of work ethic, etc, etc, with him having a similarly useless drunk of a violent father.
So, while the younger Maori generation pay for the sins of their fathers, what was the issue exciting Maori elders and leaders this week? The Auckland Supercity and their demands for guaranteed Maori representation.
In the meantime, their sons and daughters grapple with the issues caused by their parents and grandparents, and the issues of drunkenness, violence and family breakdown are tossed aside.
How will guaranteed Maori representation on the Supercity Council help these victims at all?
And aren’t all these Maori leaders continuing to fail their youth and their own people?

What would Liarbour have done?

There is a delicious irony in seeing Liarbour slam National for cancelling taxcuts.
And the embarrassment applies to both parties too.
As I noted yesterday, the dire state of the economy and the debts left by Liarbour meant National had to renege on a promise.
The issue was, which promise? The promise on taxcuts, its central electoral plank, or promises on spending or ‘selling the family silver.’
Sadly, Bill English chose to break the main promise that separated the party from Liarbour, taxcuts. So no wonder righties like me are a little upset, much as we might be happy with other aspects of the budget.
And all this comes as government spending continues to rise, as National promises; hardly the talk of ‘cuts’ the media seems to focus on. There is no slash and burn as English freely admits.
Instead, as other blogs have noted, we have seen a strange development in government language- the use of the word ‘entitlements’ as if the claims of the beneficiary class to other people’s money counts more than the entitlements of those who actually make the money to keep a little bit more of it for themselves.
This presents an interesting debate for the country and for National to decide what kind of party it is. Is it the party of enterprise, the party of the workers, the workers that actually work, or it is the party of bludgers and beneficiaries?
Looking at the budget like this, and the language Bill English used, you can now see why Whale Oil and Not PC are not happy. This is a debate the party as well as the country needs to have, to decide who is more important, the worker, or the shirker, the productive or the non-productive.
Now, National apparently chose pragmatism, believing cancelling taxcuts was the less harmful policy. Well, today’s Stuff poll shows a majority saying the government should have lived up to its promise of taxcuts!
Of course, we should look at the underlying cause of National’s broken promise. The dire state of public finances under Liarbour, how Liarbour’s spending binge created the deficit, how their policies brought New Zealand into recession 18 long months ago, long before other countries. Imagine, as Homepaddock said yesterday, how New Zealand might have fared over the past decade without Cullenomics.
So it does seem strange that Liarbour should be attacking National as they are. Yes, there is an irony in seeing Liarbour berate National for dishonesty and lies over tax. But what would Liarbour do?
There’s David Cunliffee shouting away, but what would he have done as Finance Minister? Might we have seen actual tax increases? Might Liarbour have deepened the deficit even further, thus removing the credit upgrade from Standard and Poors that looks set to benefit businesses and mortgage holders.
Or would Labour have delivered the very same policies it is now so loudly condemning?
No wonder it is staying silent now it has been challenged by National.
It certainly seems rich for Liarbour to capitalise from a crisis largely of their own making. It certainly is rich to see Cunliffe and Goff having their political cake and eating it.
Instead, we have all to look at Liarbour’s role in creating the mess National inherited. The high spending of Liarbour, Cullen and the budget busting initiatives like WFF, Kiwisaver, interest-free students loans, etc, etc. These were policies the country could ill afford in the long run, but Liarbour delivered them all the same, putting National into a dilemma over whether to dismantle them.
Thus National is effectively locked into Liarbour’s policies thanks to the spendthrift scorched Earth policies of Cullen, deliberately leaving a financial black hole for National to grapple with. Clever politics from Liarbour to hamstrung its successor.
Which brings us back to the taxcuts. How else can National create a difference with the opposition? How else can it get the country on a new track if it effectively mirrors Liarbour in practice, having swallowed so many dead rats.
Remember, National had a mandate, it remains well ahead in the polls. And as the polls show today, the party staying honest over taxcuts might have earned it more support, as well as deliver the policies that would generate more economic growth in the long run!
hat tip: Not PC, Whale Oil

Free shuttle to airport

I say "Let them go"

If the world owes them a living, let the world provide it.
Greener grass on the other side of the fence is really only for cows and sheep.
But, I guess many political and social science lecturers would fall into that category anyway.

Armstrong Flat Out Wrong - And FFM

John Armstrong was generally positive about yesterday's budget, except for one glaring howler.

"The big black mark against the document is the almost cavalier gutting of the Cullen superannuation fund and with it what was left of the shallow consensus on pension policy."

Sorry John, try and get it through your head that If Cullen had been delivering yesterday's budget he would have done the same thing AND he would have suffered a credit downgrade. (Just for being the perpetrator of the mess.) Yes, the English upgrade is a major political coup for National because now we will see the cost of overseas borrowing for trading banks decline and that decline flow on to borrowers - personal and business. That alone means hundreds of new jobs but Mr Armstrong seemed interested only in pessimism.

Remember it was Michael Cullen, who sold the fund to parliament AND the public on the basis that contributions would be made ONLY in years of fiscal surplus.

FFM, Steven Joyce was right. New Zealanders don't want and won't tolerate Roger Douglas's recipe for recovery. They don't want the forty or fifty farmer suicides which were the unreported legacy of his last turn at the economic oven.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Damned if you Do, Damned if you don’t budget

I can only go on what I heard on Newztalk ZB while driving up from Auckland today about the budget.
And at best I can only own up to mixed feelings. Whatever Bill English did, he was bound to upset someone.
This is the dilemma he faced and it is a result of the mess he inherited from Liarbour, added to a recession and global prospects that worsened during the election campaign and afterwards.
So it was obvious National had to break an election promise to someone.
It either broke a pledge to the beneficiary class, or it broke a pledge to the productive class, the workers rather than the shirkers, or National worsened the red ink situation inherited from Liarbour.
Fortunately, Bill English’s improvement in tightening up the financial deficits means that he has been rewarded with an improved credit rating from Standard and Poors and for that he should earn our praise.
But to gain this, Bill English either had to shit on the workers, or shit on the shirkers. Sadly, he chose to shit on the workers, the ones who pay for the shirkers.
That is where Bill English has gone wrong today. He has sucked up to those who contribute little to the economic renaissance that this country needs. He has instead turned his back on the productive sector.
Now, Bill English justifies this in saying people need security, that spending decisions might have been factored in at current benefit levels. Etc.. The same might have been done by the taxpayers who were counting on the last round or two of taxcuts.
Now, the cost of keeping this promise was a mere $900 million a years. Surely, Bill English cannot be saying that such savings could not have been found from somewhere?
I had to smile when I heard Liarbour talking about National breaking its pledge on election taxcuts. How could they say this with a straight face when Cullen cancelled his own chewing gum taxcuts and Liarbour would surely have cancelled any taxcuts it might have promised.
Now, National made many promises in the election campaign. And yes the budgetary position has worsened since then.
One promise it made was not to ‘sell off the family silver’. I heard some chappie on Newstalk ZB saying how National could have done such a thing, say on public-private sector financing of things like roads.
Steven Joyce has announced some wonderful new road schemes and some of these could have been PPPS. They do not necessarily need tolls to fund them. PPPs could have been used to bring the roads now, while allowing the government to maintain debt levels that would protect the credit rating and allow taxcuts. Creative accounting maybe, but one that has been tried overseas and is allowed.
Alternatively, there are a few SOEs, say in the energy sector, that might raise a few billion.
But as English replied to Newstalk ZB, National promised not to sell off the family silver.
But National also promised to cut taxes!
So that is my beef with National and Bill English tonight. The economic mess it inherited from Liarbour meant that an election promise had to be broken and in my view Bill English has chosen the wrong one.
It does seem that National is acting Liarbour-lite. Of course, I am sure the seasoned strategists of the party played the expectations game very well. They seasoned up everyone to expect the taxcuts to go, so when they did go, people are not surprised and may well not blame the government, so its support is maintained.
Trouble is, what will generate the wealth to help us close the gap with Australia, what will kickstart a change in attitudes towards enterprise and create a productive economy. I doubt it is the tinkering here and there that we see from Bill English today.
And this is why I offer National only faint praise today.
I also look at the ideas from Roger Douglas. We have to realise how government spending rose under Liarbour and for little benefit. New Zealand also needs a clean break from the past. We need some kind of vision.
This was a political budget, one that will keep people on side with National. It will miminise the loss of any support to Liarbour.
But that is why , as Roger Douglas says, where it lacks courage. There is not the courage to tackle the deep seated problems in the economy, of too much welfarism. But there again, radical policies, necessary as they are, will only turn people off and perhaps cost National the next election, unless ‘sold’ properly.
However, if we don’t have the budgets that generate growth, how can National go to the voters with a record of success?
I fear part of the problem is our 3 year electoral cycle when it should be 4 years or 5. Allowing a government more time to deliver the economic goodies might allow it to make the brave decisions we need.
Sadly, with the system we have, we see a finance minister have to choose between principle and pragmatism. Pragmatism was the winner and principle was the loser, as was choosing the policies that would have delivered economic success.
I fear that despite their decent majority and their success in the polls to date, National still lacks the courage of its convictions, to deliver what its rank and file want. David Farrar says John Key delivered what he campaigned on, being a centrist, but I feel the crisis we face does justify a shift to the right, and National delivering on its prime policy of taxcuts.
I know there is nothing gained by being pure and being banished back to opposition but I feel the seriousness of the times might well have allowed for more radical and braver action, and there are few things more radical in politics than keeping faith with the voters on your main election pledge!
So I will leave giving Bill English praise for the good news from Standard and Poors and stick for the taxcuts betrayal. I can only hope National can pluck up the courage to be bolder and braver in future. It truly needs to hammer home the message of Liarbour’s failed legacy of the past and how we need a clear break from it, if we are to succeed in future. And that why I feel so let down tonight.

Highly Successful

Most New Zealanders will echo Steven Joyce's description of the budget. He said in Parliament - "The best compliment which could be paid to this budget is that it is 'predictable and boring' "or words to that effect.

Few of the loud mouthed imbeciles in Labour would understand the profound adverse effect upon wage and salary earners which would have resulted from a further downgrading of our sovereign credit rating.

Neither do the dopey imbeciles from the right, lead by the economically challenged and naive Not PC.

Full marks to Bill English.

Whaleoil needs to pull his silly head in.

Herald Harassment Continues

The mud stained Herald is obsessed with Christine Rankin.

Today it tries to dream up a story by revealing (quelle horreur) that 'officials' did not recommend Ms Rankin for the position. (Note the habitual use of the most uncomplimentary picture of its victim.) When you read the story, however, you find her name WAS listed by these same officials as one of 'those deemed suitable.' Hellooooooo?

So the real story is that officials supported the appointment.

The fact that the officials' four 'recommended' individuals were overlooked is a good sign. It means the gummint is NOT pandering to socialist politically correct officials who have been indoctrinated for nine years in the ways of Labour and it's gang of crooks and frumps.

It looks as though it's time to set up a weekly Junk Journalism Award to go with Home Paddock's annual Mediocres.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Who's that fat bastard?

There's a fun thread over at Danyl's place in which his multiple personalities argue amongst themselves over what to do about obesity. My own multiple personalities struggle with forming an opinion on this in a similar fashion, so I joined the comments thread (a thread which could be regarded as irrelevant, given that the multiple personalities had already thoroughly canvassed the issue in the main post, but what the hell).

Gist of my comment was that although obesity is correlated with type 2 diabetes and with heart disease (note: not "obesity causes type 2 diabetes and heart disease"), it would be foolish to try and combat these "negative externalities" through excise on foods believed to contribute to obesity, for reasons basically the same as those the previous Labour govt gave for not cutting GST on foods believed to be "healthy:" complexity of administration and the likelihood of bizarre unintended consequences.

It's not clear to me in any case why exactly we might impose excise on one high-calorie food item which consists largely of highly processed carbohydrates with a high glycaemic index rating and significant fat content (eg, a chocolate bar), but not some other high-calorie food item featuring a similar level of highly processed carbohydrates with a high glycaemic index rating and a significant fat content (eg, a filled roll). The whole thing seems to come down to nothing more than assigning moral values to food.

For this I was declared "ignorant" by a fellow commenter, who went on to say:

One of the big problems in New Zealand is that people do not realise they are overweight because everyone else around them also has a weight problem. So it is hard to inform the public because they don’t even think there is a problem to fix.

This is certainly plausible - I recall my wife (at 175cm and 72kg) saying on a visit to Singapore that the women there made her feel like a sweaty hippo, and there's no denying that NZers are a bunch of lard-arses for the most part. As an argument though, it's seriously begging the question - that is, it's working on the basis that stating the problem is an argument for your solution: "People in NZ are fat, they don't even notice they're fat because everyone else is fat too, so it's important that we all adopt my proposed solution."

Er, well, no, not really. It may be evidence that we should adopt a solution, but that doesn't necessarily mean it has to be yours. The S59 debate was characterised by similar logical failure, in that a lot of people seemed to imagine the fact NZ has a child abuse problem was an argument for repealing S59.

When we consider taxpayer-funded lobby groups like the Obesity Action gubbins or proposals to ban advertising of certain foods or even to impose excise duty on them, it's worth considering the following: look at photos of your grandparents when they were young, or just photos in general from 50+ years ago. In my case, I have plenty of photos of relatives hanging out in the 1940s and 1950s, and there isn't a fat-arse to be seen - and this in Lancashire, with a diet consisting to a great extent of lard, dripping and beef suet. Compare that with a look round your own workplace lunch-room, in which tubby middle-aged women starve themselves on their nutritionist-recommended low-fat diets and wonder how they can possibly have gotten 30 kilos overweight. I smell bullshit - now, if only we could tax that...

ACC Slash and burn

ACC to slash 70 jobs in restructuring
Great headline BUT when you actually read the details it actually is saying that overall ACC are taking on an extra 30 people.

About 70 jobs will go in a restructuring of the Accident Compensation Corporation's head office.

Dr White said with the proposed changes, a total of about 180 positions would be affected but many of those people would move into new roles. However, the new structures did have about 70 fewer positions than previously existed.
"Second, the proposed new structures would better support changes to some other parts of our business, including putting more focus on the front line where we are adding another 100 roles. They also recognise the fact that some programmes of work have been completed, de-scoped or stopped.

So the final completed, de-scoped (for some wierd reason I like that word),stopped end result is
-180+110=-70 +100=+30

So really the headline should be

ACC to add 30 Gobs in restructuring

Budget advertising

Isn't the lefty Moon-Bott the true racist?

By saying Polynesians will be worst affected by their greater propensity to appear in the justice system?
Council for Civil Liberties chairman Michael Bott said the measure was racist, as Maori and Pacific Islanders were the most heavily represented in the court and prison system.
That's the trouble with lefties. They are such bigots and they cannot help but shoot themselves in the foot by coming up with crazier comments that undermine what they are trying to achieve.
I can only guess what the row might be had a right-winger , say a government politicians, had branded polynesians as criminals like this!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Goff Asleep, Gower Illiterate

If I had any doubt Filk Off is desperate for name recognition it was dispelled by this piece of Alice In Wonderland nonsense. Just have a look at the headline.

Making cold pills prescription better than ban - Goff

Now ask yourself what is the difference between banning OVER THE COUNTER sales (as John Key proposes) and 'making cold pills prescription' as the little jerk from Labour proposes?

Is Patrick Gower so desperate for something to report that he doesn't read a press release before he puts his stupid name to it?

Will The Herald print every word of inane gibberish which flows from the mouths of Labour?

Exquisite Timing

The day after this, the gummint does this.

Adolf looks forward to a Dorothy Dixer question today.

'My question is to the Minister for Health. Has he seen any recent reports which would indicate that money spent on anti-obesity campaigns does not represent good value?'

Minister: 'Yes, the most recent report is languishing on the opposition benches.'

Monday, May 25, 2009

Did your daughters turn you into a lefty???

It's crazy survey time and one I saw in the NZ Herald says daughters helps turn people into lefties while sons cause a swing to the right.

Now, that might apply to Poneke, but what about Adolf and Whaley, plus all of the other righties with daughters.

And what about lefties with sons?

Have I just discovered a crap suvey or is it right?
I am sure our mothers and fathers out there can tell us.

Passionate or Pushin' It?

Of all the buzz words which have littered the business world in recent years, the one to be most feared is 'passionate.'

When I hear some person extolling the virtues of a CEO as being passionate about the business I immediately rush off to make sure there are no stocks held in that person's organisation. If I recall correctly Mark Bryers was 'passionate' about property investment and Rod Petricevic was 'passionate' about using other people's money. By Hell, those finance company entrepreneurs kicking their heels up in Turkey were surely passionate about fleecing the turkeys who were their customers.

When I hear some autocue reader telling the world he is passionate about the news, I wonder why? Could it be the real passion is for the next $50k increase in his annual emoluments?

Instead of so much faux passion spilling out all over the place, Adolf would prefer to see a return to some sober common sense and respect from within banking, commerce and journalism.

Speaking of quality journalism, I happened to watch an hour or so of Maori TV yesterday. A seafood programme fronted by Pio and a sports programme fronted by Glen Osbourne. Both programmes were superb. Refreshingly original, unpretentious, interesting and informative.

Ten times better than the tired junk served up hour after hour on TV 1,2 and 3.

They didn't need to TELL YOU they were passionate about their jobs. You could see it in their faces - even when they were sea sick.

Hikoi and Hope

The more I think about the Supercity the more I like it.

It is bold.

There are too many comfort zones out there that are unaffordable. Councils are like turkeys. They will never vote for an early Christmas.

They would carry on rearranging rates, like deckchairs on the Titanic, knowing full well that they have a guaranteed place in the lifeboat.

The rates under a Supercity may not be cheaper, but the real value of them will be the message they send to people, that change in how we do things is possible and can work.

It is also an opportunity to tell the Maori that they are actually just New Zealanders like the rest of us. The seperatism charity that they want from us because they happen to be a different colour is wearing a bit thin. I am very happy to see elected Maori representatives on the council along with any other race that may care to stand.

Our politicians have the opportunity to get us one step out of the economic and racial quagmire that we now inhabit.

Bring it on and then take the thinking to Wellington.

Moral Decline

This morning's Radio Left wing News headlines describe a country in severe moral decline.

Auckland motorists warned of hikoi delays

When you can't get your own way you disrupt the lawful activities of ordinary people who need to use the motorways to earn a living.

Protest group threatens more harbour bridge action

When you can't get your own way you disrupt the lawful activities of ordinary people who need to use the motorways to earn a living. You lie to the police when you say your gang won't force their way onto the bridge. And then you threaten to do it all again.

Not RNZ but elsewhere on the week-end, I see over 75% of the people who voted in a survey think the bloke who stole $7 million from Westpac is a good guy.

A large section of the populace sees nothing wrong when a jilted pork promoter breaks into his ex employer's place of business with the intention of seriously damaging his lawfully operated business.

I'll bet all of them are under the age of 35 and have only Clark and Cullen's example as recent and formative barometers of honesty.


My attention was caught by this story in the SST of a family selling many of their possessions to ensure cash flow for their businesses.

It struck me as a fine example of how different others are from oneself, and yet how the world is somehow finely in balance because of it.

The chap described in the story, Regan Frost, is indeed most unlike me. (NB: I'm aware many of our dimmer readers consider the phrase "not like me" to be a pejorative term indicating contempt and hatred, but for most of us this is not the case.) He appears to be living testament to the truism that there's one thing money can't buy: good taste. The posessions on sale mentioned in the sidebar of the print edition were a veritable catalogue of grotesque vulgarity - so ludicrous in fact that it would hardly have seemed credible were it not also mentioned that Mr Frost had inflicted the names "Porsche" and "Jag" on his children.

(I couldn't help but ponder whether Porsche will grow up to be overly heavy at the back end and very unforgiving, Jag to be sexy but annoyingly unreliable, and both of them to be unreasonably high-maintenance.)

But I digress - back to the point of this thing. Mr Frost is selling all this unspeakable shit for the following reason:

"We can sell the piano, the spa pool, we don't need that stuff, it can all be replaced but the business can't."

Here we have a clear indication as to why Mr Frost is (or at least was) a successful businessman, while I, someone who couldn't sell water in a desert, remain a mere hireling: he recognises the relative worth of his posessions compared with his business, and acts accordingly. I couldn't do this - my posessions are in many cases very fine if not particularly expensive things that I care a great deal about and couldn't give up lightly, especially my house. This is one reason I'm prepared, unlike Mr Frost, to settle for job security on a modest salary, rather than setting out to make myself rich through enterprise.

(Further digression: I know many of our readers apply moral values to matters such as this and will consider Regan Frost to be indisputably my moral superior for pursuing an entrepreneurial career, rather than offering specialist skills to a large organisation in exchange for security and a regular paycheck. Such moral judgements are foolishness - it makes no more sense than for me to consider myself Regan Frost's moral superior because he lacks good taste.)

Back to the point - again. Consider how beautifully it balances: Regan Frost sensibly cares less for his posessions than for the much more important matter of actually making the money to be able to buy such things, which is very fortunate because his posessions are over-priced tat that no-one should ever care about; Psycho Milt on the other hand devotes taste and thought to his posessions and would never fling money at over-priced tat, which is also very fortunate because he will never be in a position of having large amounts of money to fling at anything. There is something very fitting about this, which left me satisfied with the story in a way I wouldn't have imagined in my initial eye-bulging horror at the sheer vulgarity it.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Aaaaaah. Now The Truth........

Remember the sensational headlines? "Bank Wrongly Deposits Millions Into Account" or words to that effect? Here's the brain dead clueless Radio Left Wing version.

4 Couple flee country after bank error (Audio - duration: 3′14″)
Police in Rotorua are trying to track down a couple who've fled the country after Westpac mistakenly deposited ten million dollars into their bank account.

Focus on the word deposit, folks. Adolf has been struggling to figure out how anyone could actually transfer that amount of funds into another person's account without there being some systemic warning bells sounding and red lights flashing. Further, I have been trying to figure out how anyone could physically transfer such large amounts of funds (over $6 mil) out of the banking system and tuck them away overseas without more and different bells and lights leaping into action.

Now it turns out the bank did NOT credit any funds to the fellow's account. It formalized an overdraft facility which is an entirely different thing. Adolf wonders if the bank might struggle to recover these funds legally as there is a big difference between 'making a deposit in error' and 'authorising an overdraft.'

My guess is that the gentleman concerned will have himself a bloody good holiday, acquire some assets in countries where Westpac can't touch them, deposit some cash there under an assumed name and then come back to New Zilnd to face the music. As Westpac seeks to call up its ten million dollar overdraft and the interest owing thereon, he will smile as he declares himself
bankrupt and walks away. There is no chance his passport will be confiscated and even if it is, it's not too difficult, with the right contacts and a few dollars, to get a new passport under an assumed name.

Let's face it, these Asians all look the same, don't they?

He will tell all his friends in Hong Kong - 'you can bank on the Wales.'

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A quiet saturday afternoon

Some questions

Should list MP's be banned from standing in Byelections?
No out of Parliament candidate would EVER say that they are only there to come second.

Will we ever have an Asian PM?
It's early days yet for Asian MP's, as Lee has shown, but what will the future hold.

Has Rodney Hide signed his political death warrant by being the face of the Supercity?
Seems to me that he is either going to end up either hero or zero. Most politicians tend to avoid extremes at all cost. But then Rodney isn't your typical politician. I take my hat off to him. Personally I think that we need to restructure our local government, so we may as well have a decent crack at it. Chipping away around the edges is a waste of time. Rodney is the James Bond of reform and Bond always survives to make a new movie.

Is "give it a go Bro" really the new "number 8 wire" motivation for this century?
It has a smack of desperation about it. The banks may not respond positively to "I'm just giving it a go".

The best motivation is allowing people to do what they love. Then don't fleece them with high taxes and having to provide a safety net for anyone but the truly needy. People in charge of their own destiny are generally unstoppable.

Our worst enemy in achieving our goals is fear. Mostly the fear of failure, but it can come in many forms. My experience is that your worst fears generally only happen in your head.

That is why I hate with a passion, people like the Greens who only thrive by creating fear out of any situation, whilst trying to convince us that they have our best interests at heart. As if they have been given some special divine wisdom. At the end of the day, fear is control and they know it.

Will this economic crisis end up like the sugarbag years of the great depression?
The new world economies, China, Brazil, India etc still have a long way to go with growth. Is the crisis really just Western countries adjusting (mostly downwards) to a changing world? Life will go on. We just may not recognise it's new face. Of course, as things change, new opportunities arise. It is just a matter of spotting them. Life only throws up a few real opportunities so don't miss them. And now there is a lot more competition for them.

Do we need a new approach to how we run NZ?
Now we have a government spending its time and our money parking ambulances at the bottom of the cliff, to treat "victims".
This is a lot different to us all standing at the top, enjoying the view, with a small sign warning us of the dangers of getting too close to the edge.

Will the mighty Crusaders win tonight?
Well done the Chiefs last night. I actually thought the Canes would win, so shows what I know.

Bugger all.

MPs expenses: What are they hiding?

Apparantly, they are under too much scrutiny and releasing such material would damage their privacy.
What hogwash!
MPs are our employees. We the people employ them and we should have the right to see how they spend our money.
Now, I recall David Farrar at Kiwiblog has said our expenses system is much less generous than that of Britain, so we should be spared the abuses MPs have been making over there.
I quite agree that our MPs are comnparatively better behaved, even if some interesting but legal abuses were also uncovered in Australia this week.
But it does beg the question, what are they hiding.
Surely the taxpayer has a right to know?
Hat tip: Kiwiblog

Friday, May 22, 2009

How Rodney Honihoni'd Pita

Today Rodney Hide announced the line up for the transitional Auckland Authority or what the hell ever it's called.

Nobody else seems to have noticed that in doing so Rodney has severely fucked over Pita Sharples.

Tomorrow, the good people of Auckland might wake up to the fact, yes it's a fact, that their transitional authority contains twenty percent Maori representation. The problem for Pita is, this huge percentage of Maori representation was achieved by merit, not by allocation according to race.

Good on Rodney. Good on Mr Walden.

Tasers Locked and Loaded

Tasers are finally being rolled out to front line police.

I am picking that much of the minor crap that cops have to deal with, drunks, fights etc, might show a marked decrease when someone is looking at the business end of one.

Of course there will always be people who will ignore them and create further trouble.

Just like "smacking" was labelled "beating" by Bradford, expect Locke and Co to cry "torture" everytime one is used.

Green Party human rights spokesperson Keith Locke said the Government should take note of concerns raised about the use of the Taser.
"New Zealand politicians should listen when a reputable UN committee says this 50,000-volt stun gun inflicts 'a form of torture' on its targets," Mr Locke said.

Don't want to be run the risk of torture, behave yourself in public places and don't commit crime.
And Russel the mus wants the Greens to be taken seriously in Mt Albert?
Just remember that "Mr Mainstream" is a front.

Who's Minding Melissa?

Now that Trevor Mallard and Phil Goff have been exposed yet again for the shameless muckrakers and liars they are (They haven't learned much from November 2008.) and the dust around Mellissa Lee has settled, someone needs to ask some hard questions of the National Party. Not the parliamentary wing of the party but the party organisation itself.

Are you serious about this Mt Albert by election?

Why did you hang an almost totally inexperienced candidate out to dry?

Is there no communication between ministers, party and candidates?

Who is the party president? Has your arse been kicked?

Have you made changes to ensure there are no more unnecessary stuff ups like the 'motorway' debacle?

Adolf is reminded of the Australian Labor Party's folly in mismanaging it's prime ministerial aspirant and loose cannon Mark Latham in 2004. He, like Melissa, was a bright young shining star, albeit unhinged. Like Mallard he would resort to fisticuffs when his limited mental faculties were stretched.

Mark Latham

Latham looked a shoe in to beat Little Johnny but during the last fortnight of the election he slipped away to Tasmania, shot his mouth off with some foolish statements about the forestry industry and lost Tasmania for Labor, thereby killing the ALP's chances of victory. Remarkably, the glowing Wikipedia account of his political life carries not one word about this memorable debacle.

Now to National's mismanagement of Melissa Lee.

Melissa Lee.

She is a high flying list MP with almost no experience campaigning for an electorate seat, yet she seems to have been left to her own devices.

She was allowed to appear at an important televised multiparty event without being briefed on the next day's motorway announcement. Worse, she was allowed to assume the whole damned thing would be above ground. Imagine the PR triumph for National if Melissa Lee had been allowed to let slip that National was going to put in a tunnel AND save a billion dollars. Mallard and Goff would have absolutely shit themselves. As a political issue in Mt Albert, the motorway from that moment would cease to have existed.

Adolf has been ferociously critical of Helen Clark but one thing is for sure. She never would have allowed her party machine to stuff up as National's has done here.

We are lucky our party has three weeks to recover from this near fatal mistake.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vote No...... Getting organised?

I received one of those "***** is following you on twitter" emails a few minutes ago from vote_no
They appear to be organising themselves early. Whoever "they" might be.
Personally I will not be bothering to vote, the last time I voted Michael Cullen was given a new shiny job, and I definitely did not intend that to happen.
The web address for these guys is
Please do not read this post as an endorsement of their viewpoint. I simply do not care enough to campaign for either side, and as I a feel like punching almost every single person I ever come into contact with I might not be the right fit for either camp
Click on the pic to embiggen.
If you are a twitter user I can be followed by adding user name barnsleybill via your home page.

How Cullen used his power to make us all pay!!

A long running theme of commentary by Bernard Hickey and others was how the SOEs in the power sector rorted their positions to screw us all for billions.
Confirmation came today in a report by the Commerce Commission. The power companies, many of them SOEs, gouged the consumer for more than $4 billion.
Naturally, Cullen enjoyed filling those Treasury coffers with the extra billions of revenue, and tax from these power companies, to fund Liarbour spending.
Bernard Hickey also covers the matter here, noting the government is also conducting a Ministerial Review into the energy sector.
I have long queried the set up of the energy sector here, part private, part-state-owned as a unhappy halfway house.
Either we have a state-owned monoply or we have a wholly private and competitive market. Though there is obviously room for debate on that matter.
However, I fully concur with Hickey's recommendations:
The government needs to bear down on the market to reduce prices and control inflation. How it does this is another kettle of fish. It needs to ignore its own desire for super profits from the SOEs.
New Zealand needs a more efficient market delivering lower prices.
Hat tip: Bernard Hickey

A Brash and Stupid Move By the Police!!!

Oh this is truly becoming a farce!
The day after the police release details about the Tony Veitch case, we naturally see Don Brash calling for a Commission of Inquiry into the rpolice investigation of his email theft.
Didn't the police leadership realise that releasing the full sorry saga about Tony Veith would make people realise the inconsistency of releasing a heavily censored report on a major political scandal?
No wonder Don Brash has timed it well with this media release today.
It certainly makes you wonder about the buffoons in charge of the police hierarchy.
They should have seen this public relations fiasco coming.
Now, as ever, it begs the question, what are they hiding?
And if they can reveal all about Tony Veitch, why not Don Brash!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Veitch gets another kicking

Word must have slipped out that Tony Veitch is on the mend.

The police have released the file, laying out in excruciating detail what his spurned ex alleged. As this is the crown statement of facts none of it has been tested and the only part we can believe as fact is the section covering the "broke back evening". And then only because he plead guilty to try and end the nightmare.
I bet Veitch wishes he was a cop, if he had been it would have all been sorted

Quite why any of this needs to be aired is beyond this blogger. But on the bright side it may give National an undeserved respite from fat guts garner tonight.

Where is Poneke on the sexist bigotry of the left!!!

Just over a year ago, lefty blogger Poneke feared a 'golden age of female leadership' would end with the Clark era.

The Clark years had seem many women in top positions of power, he noted, and he wondered what role models might exist for his daughters under a future male-dominated National government.

The post, caused quite a stir, and was well argued, even if I found his feminism so last century.

So here we are under a National-led government and how are its women faring?

Well, isn't it remarkable that National has appointed a tough woman like Christine Rankin and the left are having kittens.

Monkeys with Typewriters notes sexism in much of the recent controversies.

As for the feminists, I have yet to hear of a sprited defence from them of this tough woman, who is unafraid to put her mistakes behind her and move on.

What about the abuse heaped on Paula Bennett from the left?

Melissa Lee. Judith Collins too.

But we saw it before with lefty attacks on Jenny Shipley, Ruth Richardson and Margaret Thatcher.

The sisterhood and promoters of feminism never help their own kind, especially when such women turn up on the right wing.

The New Zealand media attacks Christine Rankin as much as its US equivalent slated Sarah Palin, and where are the feminists in all this? Sitting idly by while their leftist brothers and sisters wade in with the criticism.

So where is Poneke today? And his daughters?

I wonder how they feel when they see not an end to this supposed 'golden age' that their father talked about, but a continuance of it under new leadership.

I am sure they too will note the bigotry of the left, that women do have a place in leftist eyes, and that is kowtowing to leftist ideology, rather than thinking for themselves and discovering other opinions and ideologies.

And what a great betrayal of real feminism that truly is!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pig and whistle.

Townies expressing outrage at pig farming practices based on TV1 infotainment and the opinions of a porked off ex frontman.

There has to be a Tui advert in there somewhere.

Can anyone guarantee that the vast amounts of dead pig imported into NZ has come from better conditions.

We can move onto the next story now, like making criminals out of Fathers

UPDATE Just for the record. It seems it was Mike King doing all the whistling

Righties are happier too!!!

Remember those surveys I found that said right-wingers were more intelligent (though others disagree), better looking and generally nicer people?
Well, I have found another. Apparantly us righties are happier too!
True, this is an American survey but I am sure the same findings would apply here.
After all, socialists are an envious lot, always wanting what others have, never satisfied with what they have.
Righties are more open minded, too.
But there are other reasons too, as this commentary notes at greater length.

It can all be boiled down to one, simple reason: liberals and Democrats, as a whole, go through life with a giant chip on their shoulder. They are perpetually outraged. They paint themselves as constant victims, always offended by something, always somehow being victimized and picked on, and always out to find the latest injustice to conquer. Democrats also tend to look to government to solve all of these problems, rather than to themselves, as conservatives do.
Conservatives believe the individual is responsible for his or her life; liberals do not. Knowing that you are responsible for yourself is extremely empowering; feeling like there are endless problems in the world and you've got to get politicians in Washington to solve them for you can lead to a strong feeling of helplessness.
Most young people start out as naive, idealistic liberals. But as they get older, that changes. They get more conservative, usually because they grow up. But just imagine that you never get out of that liberal mindset.
You go through your whole life trying to check people into a victim box, always feeling offended, always trying to right all of the wrongs in the world, and always blaming government for it. It's no wonder you'd end up miserable when you get older! Going through your entire life feeling like that would make you a very angry, bitter, jealous, selfish person -- and often, that describes aging liberals to a T.

The commentary adds:

Liberalism is poisonous. It not only is politically poisonous, destroying whatever poor country you inflict liberal policies on, but it's poisonous in your personal life as well.

Well, I recall how life was grim in Labour run Britain in the 1970s, as it is today.
New Zealand also seems a much happier place since Uncle Helen went.
Obamerica does not seem the happy free-thinking place is was under Bush and especially since the shine has gone off the Obama presidency.
But what do you think?

And while we are on the subject of filth and pigs

Mongrel mob up to the back wheels in cops.
Cops response; " Push a little harder, you might get the rear number plate in as well".

Meanwhile, half the police force are out writing tickets to keep the whole malignant system running.

Meanwhile, we will keep letting them shit in our faces.

My contempt for you all (and myself for putting up with it) is total.

Pork and game pate


2lb each belly of pork and leg of veal
1½lb of back pork fat
1 wild duck or pheasant
2 teacups dry white wine
1 tbsp salt
8-10 juniper berries
1 large clove garlic
10 peppercorns
2 tbsp stock made from the duck carcase with a little extra white wine or Madiera

1. Here is a pate on a somewhat larger scale, suitable for a party or for a buffet supper. It will be sufficient for twenty - twenty-five people, and is all the better for being made three or four days in advance.
2. Quantities are, 2lb each of belly of pork and leg of veal (the pieces sold by some butchers as pie veal will do, as these are usually oddments of good quality trimmed from escalopes and so on), ½lb of back pork fat and 1 wild duck or pheasant. For the seasoning you need 2 teacups of dry white wine, 1 tbsp of salt, 8 to 10 juniper berries, 1 large clove of garlic, 10 peppercorns, 2 tbsp of stock made from the duck carcase with a little extra white wine or Madeira.
3. Mince the pork and veal together, or to save time get the butcher to do this for you. Partly roast the duck or pheasant, take all the flesh from the bones, chop fairly small and mix with the pork and veal. Add 5oz of the fat cut into little pieces, the garlic, juniper berries and peppercorns all chopped together, the salt. Pour in the white wine, amalgamate thoroughly and leave in a cold place while you cook the duck carcase and the trimmings in a little water and wine with seasonings to make the stock. Strain it, reduce to 2 tbsp, and add to the mixture (if it is necessary to expedite matters, this part of the preparation can be dispensed with altogether; it is to add a little extra gamy flavour to the pate).
4. Turn into a 3-pint terrine; cover the top with a criss-cross pattern of the rest of the pork fat cut into little strips. Cover with foil. Stand in a baking tin containing water, and cook in a low oven 160C/330F/Gas3 for 2 hours. During the last 15 minutes remove the paper, and the top of the pate will cook to a beautiful golden brown.
5. One wild duck or pheasant to 1.75kg/4lb of meat sounds a very small proportion for a game pate, but will give a sufficiently strong flavour for most tastes. Also the seasonings of garlic, pepper and juniper berries are kept in very moderate proportions when the pate is for people who may not be accustomed to these rather strong flavours, and with whose tastes one may not be familiar.
6. To serve a large pate for a party the best plan is to slice it down just before the party, but leaving the terrine in its original shape. In this way the appearance will not be spoilt, but the slices will be quite easy to lift out.

Pigs are food. It always amazes me that we manage to get all knotted up about meat.

If you don't like it don't eat it, or better still pay top dollar for food that has been raised with daily massages, therapy sessions and a full and satisfying life...

I will be buying the cheap bacon for Sunday breakfast again this week and I don't give a toss where it came from. I do however care about the price. But hey what do I care really. If these cardigan wearing wankers and their tame crap comic make domestic bacon to expensive I will just buy the foreign stuff.

Many more mouth watering dishes made with DEAD PIG can be found here

Making a pig of your SAFE pork campaign!!

As the son of a Yorkshire pigfarmer, naturally I am following the Safe pork/ Mike King story with interest.
I recall my dad's 'farrowing unit' featured sow crates just like what people are moaning about.
As a teenager then, I recall saying to him that it did seem cruel that the pigs were trapped like that.
But as he said, the sows do have a tendency to roll around and crush their young.
So the farms are perhaps right in a minimal use of such stalls, if that is what they do.
Of course, it might well be better to let the pigs run free and run the risk.
But back to the SAFE campaign. The campaigners have been invited to name the farm filmed on tv, but they have refused.
I saw Close Up last night and I recall the Pork industry boss was happy to show King and a camera crew pig farms at random.
But either way, if SAFE, is serious about pig welfare it will identify the offending farm and allow a public outcry or the agriculture minister, or the pork industry council to close that farm down.
In the meantime, however, SAFE seem intent on allowing pig cruelty by not idetifying the farm and this is being noted by the blogs at least. And in that respect , they are now making a pig of their campaign, as it will truly backfire.
As for the pork industry, it may well be up to government to legislate. But there will be a need for education for consumers and better labelling of pork products.
Pig-friendly pork does cost more to produce. An extra $2 a kilo, apparantly, Is the consumer happy to pay it?
40% of pork is imported. What standards were those pigs raised in producing it?
These are issues the industry and consumers need to face.
In the meantime, if TV1 wants to be naughty and cause some more distress to the pork industry, it can bring out an old movie.
I remember my dad moaning most bittery when Babe, the film featuring a 'talking' pig came out.
British kids did not want to eat cute little piggies anymore and their parents acquiesced and pork sales, and hence pig prices plumetted!!

Inuendo, Half Truths and Bias

The media, and in particular The Herald, continues with it's shameful pursuit of Christine Rankin.

John Armstrong, for whose writing Adolf has great respect, lets himself down with a couple of unsubstantiated assumptions. The Herald editorial is worse. Straight tabloid crap full of innuendo, bias, invective, sanctimony and pious bullshit.

Readers should search the Heralds's archives and wonder why the same invective was nowhere to be seen as day after day this sorry rag reported each killing of a Maori child. Then write to Tim Murphy and ask him why.

Here's John Armstrong:-

".....despite further questions about her suitability being raised by disturbing revelations about her private life carried in last Sunday's newspapers."

The 'disturbing revelations' have been soundly booted into touch by Ms Rankin and people close to the family.

"Still also in question is the damage this episode has done to the Families Commission's credibility, given most people will now assume the organisation is about to become a mouthpiece for Rankin."

Not true, Mr Armstrong. This Commission never had any credibility. Most people will assume the Commission might now find the gumption to stand up and actually make the hard calls which are necessary if we are to solve our outrageous problem of child abuse in Maori families.

Similarly, Audrey Young does herself no favours with this gem:-

"It is understood the Government has been shocked by the fallout over her appointment which, instead of dying down, intensified after murky details of her private life became public at the weekend."

Murky? Goodness me. I can find allegations about almost every cabinet minister since the Crimean War which could better be illustrated as 'murky.'

Here's what passes these days for serious editorial comment.

"If Ms Rankin had been appointed Children's Commissioner, it might be appropriate. But this four-times-married woman has been appointed to a body whose brief - providing a voice for New Zealand families - is altogether different."

The Herald fails to tell us why it is altogether different. It's as though we are meant to believe that somehow children are things which have no place, let alone pride of place, in families. To be spouting this nonsense indicates The Herald has succumbed to the social engineering of the last nine years. Ms Rankin's appointment already has gone someway to undoing the damage.

Then we are told she achieved nothing of note while she was at WINZ or since.

What the writer actually means is that his media bloodhound colleagues reported nothing of note, other than the much publicised Wairakei Resort conference which, as a matter of interest, was a relatively inexpensive affair compared to private industry functions at the time. (And Adolf can attest to the fact that the so called 'luxury resort' in fact was and is pretty ordinary and would not have rated more than four stars.)

The piece de resistance however, for which she must pay the ultimate price, is the sin of 'being seen dancing WITH HER HUSBAND' at the National Party election night do at Sky City.

What an absolute scarlet bitch she must be. You'd even suspect she paid for her own ticket to the ball!

There's No Justice

If he'd been a card carrying member of the Labor Party he could have pissed on the wall INSIDE the hotel and he would have been given an award.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Labour Joins National Rugby League

Has anyone else noticed the uncanny similarities between today's Labour Party and the NRL off field antics of seven years ago?

Back then, prominent members of the NRL sexually abused women groupies and patted themselves on the back, congratulating themselves on their superior prowess and stamina.

Today, prominent members of the Labour party and their literati groupies verbally abuse women, congratulating themselves on their superior intelligence and perspicacity.

Unfortunately for Labour, they haven't got a clue what message they are sending to voters when they open their raucous mouths to deliver their salvos against Christine Rankin, Melissa Lee, Anne Tolley and Paula Bennett.

The mental image they are creating is of de facto leader Trevor Mallard and his rag taggle team of cowardly bullies, screwing over every female MP or personage within sight, while not daring to take on the big boys Key, Hide, Brownlee, Ryall and Power or the tough political operators like Collins and Roy.

The women voters of Mt Albert will be watching carefully.

More and more Adolf is becoming convinced the Greens will defeat Labour in Mt Albert. More accurately perhaps, Labour will defeat themselves. It is though they are flailing around with no clear strategy and even less tactical competence while The Greens are simply walking over the top of them with better strategy and excellent tactics.

Blamange Squeezes Rock

Tracy Watkins writes rot in this morning's DomPost.

Well, actually it's the headline writer who wrote the rot.

Squeeze goes on to dump Rankin

When you read on down, you find the 'squeeze' is being applied by none other than the cotton wool cowlicked Dunny and The Man Who Never Is, Filk Goff.

John Key will know that out where the votes count in 2011, Ms Rankin's appointment will be worth at least two percentage points of party vote. If he forces her outbecause of the mewling of outraged social engineers, he will lose big time within the constutency which put him in. Country New Zeealand.

Tracy, she won't be dumped. Barnseley, she doesn't have to 'perform on TV' You'd think from all the screeching that she had been appointed the Chairman or CEO of this useless outfit. She is just one lousy member of a hitherto do nothing board on a hitherto useless outfit born out of the hermaphroditic dreams of Peter Dunne. (For those who are thick, there was only one parent.)

Adolf awaits the announcement from the Families Commission that it will focus it's energy on the endemic cancer in Maoridom of family violence and child abuse. Only then will Dunny's lovechild be of any use to the country. By triggering the resignation of the fat Druid, Christine Rankin has achieved a major step toward that goal before she even gets her feet under the table.

If her appointment serves to remove Dunne from his coalition arrangement with National then the Family Commission will have acheived it's second success.

More strength to her arm.


I was interested in the 3 News item on Nikki Catsouras last night. (If you never heard of this, Ms Catsouras was killed in a high-speed crash, and crash-scene investigation photos of her almost-decapitated body were published on the internet after California Highway Patrol staff emailed them to friends in an egregious breach of CHP policy. Her parents unsuccessfully took the CHP to court for invasion of their daughter's privacy by failing to secure the photos. Wikipedia article - if you want the photos, look for them yourself)

As a one-time publisher of car-crash photos myself, I have some thoughts on the matter. The fact is, a lot of people are interested in car crashes - hell, J.G. Ballard wrote a whole book about it. I'm one of those people. The fact also is, a lot of people are interested in seeing severely or fatally damaged human bodies. To some extent I'm also one of those people - wouldn't go looking for such photos, but look with interest if I come across one. I don't see any moral problem with that - given the number of people into this stuff, I believe an interest in violent death is hard-wired into us. However, I do think there's a moral line between publishing pictures of severely-damaged cars, which are simply interesting objects, and publishing pictures of severely-damaged people, who should not be treated as objects (even when dead, at which point they are objects - objectively speaking). At bottom these photos are all about death and serious injury, whether there's a human in them or not, but the ones with a human in them are a gross abuse of the human involved and anyone who cared about them.

That said, I don't think there's a right not to be photographed, and the world's photojournalism books are full of pictures of dead Third Worlders who are different from Ms Catsouras only in that their families don't have easy access to lawyers and TV news crews. It's easy to understand the Catsouras family's pain, but a court-enforced ban on publishing photographs of people who haven't signed a waiver would be an unjustified curtailment of freedom of expression.