Thursday, April 30, 2009

The focus on government spending

I pity Bill English come Budget time. However, in times of adversity comes opportunity. Richard Prebble has written an excellent piece on the numbers and how serious it is. And a little number crunching by my spies shows the following.

Government spending per person in 1983/84, 2009 dollars, was $11,527.35. Government spending per person in 1995/96, 2009 dollars, was $11,292.22. Government spending reduced over this time saving each of us about $230.00 per year.

Yet government spending per person in 2008/09, 2009 dollars, was about $19,000.00. So between 1983 and 2009, the increase cost you about $7,500.00 per year. But which Government stole more?

National: $2,662.22 (4 years)
Labour: $4,905.41 (9 years)
Total: $7,567.63

This increased cost of Government for families is as follows:

Family of Three

Family of Four

Family of Five

Family of Six

Productivity, not government spending, is the driver of our wealth and wages. High productivity growth will deliver high wage growth. But unfortunately, high taxes and poor quality spending decrease productivity. We are paying for government twice – once through taxes, and once through lower wages.

Productivity growth from 1984 – 1990 was 2.8%. In 1990 – 2000 it was 2.5%, yet in 2000 - 2008 it was a mere 1.1%. This cost in lost wages adds up over time. The difference between 1% productivity growth and 3%, over ten years, is almost 25%. That is, policies which lowered our productivity growth have resulted in wages 25% lower than they would otherwise be. For the average wage earner, that’s over $10,000 per year.

So what's the future?

Let's take a "two futures" look for the year 2021. If we do the same as we have done over the last 12 years from now till then government spending will be $31,500.00 for every man woman and child: the average income will be $54,600.00.

But with quality policies, which involve reduced government spending at just $19,000.00 for every man woman and child in New Zealand, plus inflation adjustments, the average income will be about $69,000.0.

Do you want a big government in 2021 or a small government? The burden of Government per person could be $31,500.00 or $19,000.00 and therefore an average wage of either $54,600.00 or $69,000.00.

Your choice.

Norman 'not a serious contender' says Standard 'Greenie'

Barnsley Bill told me the other day that The Standard is losing its Greenery.

Commenters like Tane, Steve Pierson and Irish Bill claim to have some Green ancestry in their politicking and this is confirmed by a look at Tumeke!

Barnsley noted that one might expect the Greenies among its ranks just might want to say something about their beloved co-leader Russel Norman standing in the Mt Albert by-election.

Indeed, on the day of the confirmation that the great man is standing, we see nothing on the announcement from the great blog of the left.

Now, the Standard has often claimed to be 'independent' of Labour, even though bloggers like Whale Oil and David Farrar so comprehensively showed how Labour and the Standard were joined at the hip, via the EPMU and through government departments prior to Election 2008.

Looking at its opinions, dissent from the Labour line is very rare, where it exists at all.

Now, I did look hard to find commentary from its so-called Greenies about the Mt Albert by-election. I do see such commenters claiming Liarbour affiliations too, but the lack of support given to the Greens is illuminating.

Here's what Tane blogged a week ago about Russel Norman.

Speaking of the byelection. Interesting choice for the Greens to go with Russel for their candidate (it’s not official yet until the local party makes its choice but even in the Greens the leader gets what the leader wants). It will be an opportunity for Russel to increase his profile and it will be interesting to see how he campaigns on the streets. He’s obviously not a serious contender for the seat and I don’t think he will split the Left vote to any significant extent. Labour would never have counted on the Greens to give them a free ride or expected it.

Well, if that's what you get from so-called supporters like Tane this is not good for the Greens, unless of course Tane really has no Green credentials at all, and is simply a Liarbour stooge claiming to be something else, with the Standard the Liarbour 'lapblog' as I have always claimed!
Crossposted over at The Fairfacts Media Show

Nothing Better To Do?

What on earth did they expect to find?

Adolf has no particular sympathy for trading banks.

However, every day people sign loan agreements with banks. These agreements are binding contracts between both parties, in which the financial penalties for breaking a fixed rate loan agreement (it's the agreement which is broken, not the mortgage, shit for brains journalists) are clearly stated.

When you break an agreement there are penalties. If you don't like the way your bank calculates break fees, go and find another bank. If you can't find a bank with break fees to your liking, DON'T BORROW the bloody money in the first place. Most of all, DON'T GO COMPLAINING to the Commerce Commission because you lost the bet on whether rates would go up or down.

Will New Zealanders ever grow up? Have they become so used to turning to Nanny State to bail them out of their own self made troubles?

If this is an example of how the Commerce Commission uses our tax dollars then it is a prime candidate for severe and immediate downsizing. Next thing you know, they'll be accusing McCains of collusion with Watties because both companies sell frozen peas which are the same colour. (At least they don't include the berries of Deadly Nightshade.)

I'd rather have another thousand hip replacements thanks.

Cullen gone - last nail in Labour's coffin

Considering the Clyde dam delivered electricity to help give Cullen a very comfortable lifestyle, it's a bit rich (prick) having a crack at it now. Only annoyed by this comment because I worked on the dam as an engineering student one summer and well remember that it was hard and occasionally dangerous work. We should be proud of it as a nation.

If he is going to go down in history as a wit then I'll believe half of what I hear.

I Still Can't Find It

Update April 30th: The United States economy shrunk during the first quarter of 2009 by 6.1% (annualised rate) Curiously, that's exactly the same rate at which the Chinese economy grew during the same quarter. Now you know where to look for early recovery for New Zealand. More trade with China and India. (They are spending) and less trade with Obama's US of A which rapidly is becoming the economic train wreck of the 21st century.

The bloody recession, that is.

I see Fonterra is about to TREBLE its sales to China and has just cracked open the Egyptian market for its Anchor range of products. Sounds to me like the cow cockies will be having a pretty decent recession this time round. Anyone else picking better than $6.00 per Kg next year? With interest rates half the rate of a year ago?

The Herald reports that China is having a tough time because it's GDP increased by ONLY 6.1% in the first quarter of 2009.

Well folks, so much for the world wide recession. China appears to be not part of the world because recession means your GDP is in decline (euphemistically termed negative growth) for two consecutive quarters.

"China has reported its worst economic growth data since 1992. Growth slowed in the first quarter of this year to 6.1 per cent, but some analysts see signs of a recovery with hope that the last quarter was the trough.

Growth was 6.8 per cent in the last quarter of last year, but the first-quarter GDP figure dropped as exports fell 17 per cent last month."

Accordingly, Adolf asks that journalists cease the use of this outrageously exaggerated term 'world wide recession.' It is damaging negative propaganda and it is a lie.

I wonder how certain other countries are getting on? The ones which do not suffer from tax and spend socialist governments and their cradle to the grave social services and bloated public services? No doubt NZ, Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Canada are in recession but what about India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore?

Where can I get a look at their 2009 first quarter figures?

Update: From the OECD website - final quarter 2008:-

India ....... GDP 5.92
Indonesia GDP 7.78
Czech RepGDP 0.32
France .....GDP 0.88
Germany .GDP 1.17
Italy .........GDP 1.47

So there you go. It's a world wide recession which doesn't include China, Indonesia and India - must be nearly half the world's population.

Michael Cullen's valedictory

The disembowelment of Labour is almost complete: Cullen is gone.

What were his four main low points?
  • The failure to stop the philistine obscenity of the Clyde high dam.
  • The lack of consensus around the foreshore and seabed issue.
  • The difficulty of getting a simple approach to the problem of leaky homes.
  • The failure to get the majority of the press gallery to understand fiscal policy.
Not a word about Rogernomics.

What does that tell you.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Champions League 2009: Arsenal v Manchester United

The title to this post alone should get us a few hundred overseas hits and raise our stats counter.

Tomorrow, 6:45am NZT, The Arse v Man U at Old Trafford, Leg 1.

In about a week's time Cactus will be ~ $250 poorer and writing in glowing terms on her blog about Arsenal.


Advertorial. New magazine available now.

New title available at all good book stores tomorrow morning.

Dick Cheney: This is a must read for all right thinking people.
Haliburton: This is a must read for all gun owners wanting to put their weapons to profitable use.
Phil Goff: Use of mercenaries is paid murder, but the cartoons in this magazine are really cool.

From the brain of Barnsley Bill... Actual komputer creation courtesy of the Death Star

The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides...

And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger... those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers!


Perhaps my three regular readers (yes, that includes you mum) could advise whether a ranting hate monger from the right (or left) should be trusted to offer impartial research assistance to our parliament.

Antarctica is a big girl's blouse

Idiot/Savant over at No Right Turn has put up his daily shrill on climate change. This time it's on the Wilkins Ice Shelf in Antarctica which has collapsed. It is now a race to see what kills us all first: climate change or swine flu.

But isn't Antarctica just bloody soft? I mean, climate change, if it has occurred at all, might have raised the temperature in Antarctica over the last 100 years by...............wait for it...............3 degrees. Yep, a whole 3 degrees. So if we apply averages to that, Antarctica has gone from its usual average of -49 (that's minus 49!) to - 46 (minus 46!). That's not during the last year, but the last hundred!

If Antarctic ice can't handle that then we are well and truly stuffed because it shows how fragile the World really is.

If the World is this fragile, that it cannot handlel a minuscue increase in temperature without ice breaking up all over the place, then I'm buggered if I'm going to spend my only life on this planet worrying about trying to save it when on this evidence it cannot be saved.

Antarctica is a big girl's blouse that can't handle a little hot air.

Pic stolen from FFM.

From Mesopotamia to Mt Albert: The politics of left-wing amnesia!

One of the issues that was certain to drive a reaction over at No Minister and its forerunner, Sir Humphreys, was the rights and wrongs of the War in Iraq.
Indeed, Tim Selwyn at Tumeke! says its endless debates over Iraq helped create the Tumeke! blog.
But what gave the debate added frission was the evidence that senior Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Al Gore believed Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and that George Bush was right in trying to remove him.
As for President Pantywaist, he too will have changed his views with the political wind.
How the Democrats have changed their views over the years, out of political opportunism, or what, becomes ever clearer with a few more embarrassing facts.
Just as President Pantywaist is revealing various details of how, why and where the US carried out certain practices like waterboarding, we see senior Democrats up to their neck in it, despite Pantywaist’s attempts to release information to embarrass the old Bush presidency.
Andrew Bolt has published some comments from former CIA director Porter Gross, accusing the Donks of a ‘disturbing epidemic of amnesia’ while giving away too many secrets that help our enemies.
His op-ed in the Washington Post tells more.
The Wall Street Journal looks at the issue further in The Politics of Liberal Amnesia.
House speaker and arch lefty Nancy Pelosi seems the greatest sufferer with her coming under greatest scrutiny, of more from bloggers and sympathetic media, rather than the MSM.
The Bulletin of Philadelphia says she has conclusively lied over her denials of previously approving such waterboarding.
But apparently,Pelosi now wants records kept secret.
And as Democrats talk of indicting George Bush, Dick Cheney and other prominent Republicans over the interrogation techniques, aren't Nancy Pelosi and other senior Democrats like Harry Reid now equally guilty of ‘war crimes’ and shouldn’t they also face trial for allowing waterboarding?
Of course, I have no problem with waterboarding as a technique itself.
The issue is also not so much about state secrecy but one of rank hypocrisy.
Indeed, back in New Zealand, looking at the Mt Albert by-election, that is what makes the Shearer revelations all the more interesting.
Labour looks set to stand a candidate whose rightist beliefs, learnt at the foot of Rodney Hide, conflict with everything the Labour Party supposedly believes.
Its leader Phil Goff has been seen as a rightwinger by Labour standards, but Shearer’s views on private armies would even put him on the right of ACT, even some libertarians.
Fortunately, Shearer has owned up to his beliefs, especially when confronted with concrete evidence of them, even if the Liarbour leadership would prefer to forget them and wish they not might exist.
But considering how lefties everywhere can be exposed for hiding their previous views, I am sure ‘the Politics of Labour Amnesia’ could well make an excellent subject for an article on the Labour candidates for Mt Albert, as well as what it did concerning what top US Democrats actually believed, condoned and supported during the War in Iraq!

More Crap From The Herald

Here's the headline:-

'Insensitive' insurance company forced to pay worker $17,000

But wait.

It's not an insurance company, its a pissant back yard insurance broker.


Insurance companies are major corporates who generally treat their staff very well.

Insurance brokers are often erstwhile backyard fraudsters who operate on a shoe string and treat their staff like newly arrive dog turds.

I hope the Insurance Council brings a complaint.

Another Sign Post

Do we need a ministry for men??

Do we in the pussy whipped nation of New Zealand need a Ministry for Men?

After being ridden roughshod over by the harridans of Helengrad, isn't there now a case for the tide to turn?

Over in Britain, Conservative Home looks at the issue, as Gorden's Brown's number 2, Harriet Harpie, brings in fresh new 'equality' legislation.

The article looks at issues like education, cancer, crime, domestic violence; where there is a marked difference between the sexes. Yet government is doing little here and men are significantly worse off and discriminated against.

We could easily argue the same applies here in New Zealand.

Now, you might argue that things are bad for Britain, if their Conservatives are now going down a similar PC route.

Unless, of course, the aim is to highlight the inconsistencies of ministers for women, ministers for minorities and other supposed discriminated groups.

And we must not forget the plight of that most abused minority, the taxpayer, who has to foot the bill for such follies.

As New Zealand faces a tough budget, perhaps a government reflection of such activities, ministers and ministries might lead to the abolition of such posts here.

Surely in the name of equality, in a country where women have achieved so many top jobs, such organisations and roles are archiac and patronising.

Furthermore, you also cannot have one without the other!

ACT's Trojan Horse

Rodney Hide and, more likely, Roger Douglas have thrust a spear deep into the vitals of a struggling Labour Party. They achieved this remarkable feat by way of a Machiavellian combination of KGB like patience, Greek cunning and Schindlerlike deception. Did they manage to plant a sleeping Trojan Horse in the Labour Party as long ago as possibly the late eighties, about the same time Roger Douglas was fathering the ACT Party? Looks like they did.

The sleeper's name is David Shearer.

When you read his paper on privatization of the armed forces and then look at his subsequent opinions on privatization, published when he was a member of Phil Goff's staff, no less, you begin to wonder exactly what Mr Goff meant when he described Mr Shearer as 'a very special person. (AVSP)

His 'specialness' appears to be an uncanny ability to make ACT MP David Garrett look like a weepy eyed liberal by comparison. In that he has been consistent all the way through. No flip flops from this right wing hard liner.

David Garrett

All the Gnats have to do is put up a couple of platoons of school cadets marching though the streets of Mt Albert with bayonets fixed and rifles at the slope, shouting "Labour's Private Army" in between singing verses of the Waffen SS's favorite Wagnarian marching songs.

What will Labour do next? Put up Dr Michael Bassett as their new 'surprise' candidate? You'd think they would at least had enough political nous to put up someone called Clark.

Sad news

I remember LWR from when I was a kid so this is sad news.

What annoys me is this statement.

"Hundreds of jobs are at stake and we are sure that poor management is at the heart of the problem," said the secretary of the union's clothing and textiles section, Maxine Gay.

Talk about kicking the owner Ken Anderson in the balls. I don't know Mr Anderson but I would imagine that he didn't invest in LWR only to mismanage the company into oblivion. Mrs/Miss/Ms Gay should make constructive comments or pull her head in.

Maybe Ken's problem was banking with Westpac.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gore exposed as money-grabbing fraud,just like global warming!

I was watching Ian Wishart promoting his new book AirCon on Breakfast yesterday.
The book comes as Australia also has a similar publication attacking the current orthodoxy that man’s activities are causing ‘global warming.’
Anyway, the best news on the climate change front this week just emphasises how much of it appears to be a con- a ruse by governments everywhere to increase tax revenues and control of economies.
Indeed, New Zealand’s own emissions trading programme would have left our government with a $22 billion surplus as well as bring in a host of legislation and controls.
Well, over in the USA, government hearings into proposed emissions trading legislation has heard a Democratic Congressman admit its ETS plans are a ‘great tax.’
Better still was Al Gore being exposed as someone who will profit greatly from cap and trade legislation.
Gore also lied about his financial dealings too.
Indeed, it pays to go green and make millions from spreading fear.
But what can we expect from Al Gore, whose house hypocritically uses far more power than the one George W Bush has!
Oh and how is that Global Warming coming along?
In retreat like those fabled glaciers, it seems.
Ditto in Australia, and I saw plenty of snow on Ruapehu and the Kaikoura ranges last week!
Just as events gave Ian Wishart plenty of fresh material for new chapters when he published Absolute Power a year ago, thus it will be the same this time round, with plenty of new material to back his case in Air Con.
Hat tip: Gateway Pundit, Andrew Bolt

New No 1 Best Seller

Film rights are currently being negotiated with Hollywood's elite scrambling for lead roles.

Subtitled "How The left Was Spun," this fascinating story of lust, deceit, betrayal and pure dumb arsed political naivete could have been written by Ludlam.

From the invisible party leader, the cast ranges though the carpet bagging neo fascist ring in 'good guy', a neophyte teenage party hack, the aging bumbling apparatchiks, the desperate but futile press releases, leading up to the thrilling denouement of a by-election in which any one can win.

Anyone but Labour, that is.

The Recession Is Over

For the dairy industry at least.

Today Fonterra increased the milk solids payout for the current season. Expect more to come.

"Powder prices on our global Dairy Trade platform have increased and our global sales team has made good progress in selling product at these improved prices. As a result, we now have the cautious optimism necessary to signal a modest but welcome increase in payout."

Those with eyes and ears have seen this coming for some time. The world cycle for dairy products started to trend upwards some months ago but there was little media comment. Fonterra cracked the Egyptian market recently and expects sales to China to triple in the near term.

You can be sure this will have been one of the reasons for PM John Key's optimistic assessment of our ability to come out of recession sooner, rather than later.

Astute watchers have been keeping a close eye on lamb prices as well. A typical 17kg lamb which would have fetched $60 last year is currently bringing $95 and is expected to sell for up to $120 next season. Some recession!

These things all mean prosperity for New Zealand about which Treasury had not the faintest idea when it issued it's gloomy predictions before Christmas.

Top 10 Quintessential Kiwi Foods

Adamsmith 1922 over at The enquiring Mind has been drooling over The Top Ten Kiwi Tucker Icons. Adolf has always been a bit of a tooth man so, for what it's worth, here is my ten penneth worth.

Right at the very top of the list is NZ's traditional national dish.

1. Roast lamb (Merino/South Suffolk cross - killed at 14 months) and mint sauce, accompanied by steamed new potaoes, fresh green peas and sweet corn on the cob, all with lashings of butter.

2. Carefully prepared Maori hangi - pork, mutton, potato, kumara, beet root, puha.

3. Steamed pipi, cockles and kutai (mussels) with lots of fresh bread and butter.

4. Steamed Tarakihi or Hapuka with mashed potato and kumara (combined) and plenty of fresh greens. Plenty of salt and cracked black pepper along with lemon juice over the fish.

5. An eighteen inch long slab of sirloin steak, turned on the char grill for forty minutes while continually basted in a brew compising red wine, worchester sauce, tomato sauce, hot chilli sauce, garlic, soy sauce, balsamic viegar and any thing else which gets in the road. Black on the outside, nipple pink in the middle. Char grilled vegies on the side.

6. Steam pudding with custard sauce.

7. Roast chicken with roast vegies and silver beet. Lotsa gravy.

8. Bacon and eggs with baked beans and tomato.

9. TipTop Icecream

10. KFC for South Aucklanders.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Dunne up to his old tricks

You would think that the Minister of Revenue would have better things to do with his time these days. This guy will say anything to get his photo in the paper.

The reporter may as well have gone straight to the last line.
"Prime Minister John Key could not be reached for comment last night"

Maybe Worth Has Value?

Adolf has been puzzled as to the reasons Prime Minister Key has backed Richard Worth after so many apparent gaffes and lapses of judgment. John Key is not a fool and he will have had good reason.

Maybe there's a clue in Mr Key's pragmatic approach to politics - 'what's good for New Zealand is what we'll do.'

Last week Adolf posted on those countries which are NOT in recession. These represent a surprisingly large swathe of the world's population. They include China, Indonesia and INDIA.

Richard Worth appears to have close contacts and a long association with New Zealand's Indian community and with business people in India itself. Here lies the Key philosophy. If we want to get out of recession quickly then we need to rapidly expand our trade with countries which can afford to and want to buy our goods. That means India. That means Richard Worth might be able to help make it happen.

Adolf predicts MP Richard Worth will shortly resign as a list MP and accept a specially created role as New Zealand Business Ambassador to India, based in Mumbai and reporting directly to the PM.

Just goes to show, everybody has some value, if little worth.

Phil, send the signs back, the signwriter missed a line

Putting Mt Albert first.

Unusual billboard when you consider Labour and it's blog mouthpiece are doing anything but putting Mt Albert first.

Is forcing Twyford to stand aside putting Mt Albert first?
Is trying to squash Meg Bates candidacy putting Mt Albert first?
Is flying in a carpet bagger, a failed candidate from previous elections, a man who is rumoured to be from the Roger Douglas end of the old Labour party, a man whose sole qualification seems to be being an old school buddy of Goff putting Mt Albert first?
I don't think so.
Putting aside the fact that labour and it's blog mouthpiece have developed a testicular torsion brought on by the Machiavellian manipulations of Blofeld and Darth Blogger they really have shown themselves up for the command and control clowns that they are.
Using senior labour staffers to run the on the ground campaign while still blogging "anonymously" at the Standard is a plan doomed to fail.
Labour will win the by-election, but at what long term cost to their credibility and Leader?

The Clark faction led by the Tizard trough feeding dynasty and the Edwards family is pushing hard for Bates while the parliamentary leader is pushing for his school chum. This will end in tears.

NZ Govt Acts Decisively

In the face of the sudden threat of Mexican Swine Flu, Prime Minister Key this morning has announced decisive action.


"Mr Key said the Government was invoking its flu plan and health officials hiked the potential influenza epidemic status to yellow, just below the code red response phase.

"I think New Zealanders can be confident that the government has a plan............."

In addition, all Labour Party MPs, party office bearers and union officials are to be immediately screened to make sure the swine aren't infected. (To ensure compliance, arrest warrants have been issued for ex president Mike Williams on account of his swinish visage and demeanor. It is suspected he was a latent carrier of the desease during the 2008 election campaign.)

Labour Party public meetings will be restricted to a maximum of twenty attendees.

For the duration of the emergency, all commercial piggeries are off limits to Labour Party members and trade union officials so as to ensure the swine don't infect the national pig stocks.

Party leader Phil Goff said "These restrictions will have little adverse effect on our campaign for Mt Albert as we don't ever get more than fifteen people at our meetings.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Please help Phil

The Labour Party today released this photo of their candidate for the upcoming Mt Albert byelection, seen here delivering pledge cards. Anyone knowing the identity or whereabouts of this person is asked to contact the Labour Party immediately on 0900 MISSUHEL*, so Phil can do a proper campaign launch.
*a $20 donation to the Labour Party will be deducted from your account.

Only One Pea In Three

Is not Deadly Nightshade



I copped a bit of flak in my ANZAC post below so it got me thinking.

I linked the sacrifices made last century to what I think are the threats to our way of life today.

Arthur Lloyd sacrificed his life in a simpler world. He could literally look his enemy in the eye over some rotten piece of no man’s land. His enemy had a spiked helmet, bolt action rifle and bayonet.

As many better people than me have pointed out, we are spending what he and thousands like him paid for.

If I ever had the opportunity to talk to my 20 year old ancestor and ask him his view, I am picking that he would tell me something along these lines.

“My enemy is not the rifle or the bayonet but the man behind it. That man may be an innocent 20 year old like me but we are all caught up in forces greater than us as individuals. Regardless, he is the threat I must deal with today”

And if I could ask him for advice, maybe he would tell me

Know your enemy because he knows you”

Now I have lived through the cold war. I remember, as a 14 year old, being taken to South Korea by my war veteran father. We visited Panmunjeom, the village in the middle of the Demilitarised Zone, where the original peace talks were held. This was a surreal place were 6 foot 2 inch American GI’s towered over their North Korean counterparts and a meeting room was set exactly on the border. The table had a line running down the middle. Everything had its place down to the size and position of the little flags on either side. No quarter was asked for or given. This was the absolute coal face between the West and Communism. There you could still look your enemy in the eye.

Now 35 years on, I have had a great life spending the freedom paid for by past generations. I have had the luxury of a good education, traveled freely around the world and had business opportunities my ancestor’s would not have thought possible. Thankfully I have never had to look an enemy directly in the eye.

But does that mean that they don’t exist? No.

Many human threats exist to our lifestyle and more importantly, the future lifestyle of our children. In fact baring natural disasters, which can be partially mitigated by risk management, 99% of all threats are from other humans. The problem is that now they don't come clearly labelled with bolt action rifles and bayonets.

I won’t name them here because that is not the purpose of this post.

I merely point out that I for one will not waste the lesson that Arthur left for me on the fields of France.

Another one for Macdoctor's list

Here is another example to add to the long list that Macdoctor calls Spam Journalism.

Somehow one branch falling on a powerline equates to the RWC being an unmitigated disaster

McCarten Calls Mt Albert.

The best humour is that which is not written. Today's startling column by Matt McCarten had Adolf chuckling.

"I salute the right-wing bloggers, who mischievously instigated a destabilising campaign against Labour by writing that National could win Mt Albert if Twyford was the Labour Party nominee......

......The bloggers claimed that Twyford's campaign would be overshadowed by the furore of the supposedly unpopular Tizard slipping back into Parliament.

Privately, none of the bloggers believed that their strategy would amount to much, but were incredulous when certain media players started taking it seriously.

What gobsmacked the bloggers particularly - and fatally for Twyford - was that the Labour Party panicked. "

You see, McCarten just could not bring himself to write the words 'Kiwiblog' and "Whaleoil" as he blamed unspecified evil 'right wing bloggers' for the Labour Party's forthcoming loss of the Mt Albert By election.

(Adolf can picture him sitting there, eyes screwed up tight, white knuckles gripping his pen, hand shaking. Anger welling up at the sheer incompetence of the bimbos over at the Labour Party's outlet for flatulence, The Standard. He's right of course. Both Whaleoil and David Farrar are intelligent successful men while the Standard is run by pimply faced school kids.)

Yes, that's right. Before the candidates are even chosen, McCarten is calling a win for National.

Of course he doesn't actually SAY that but you can smell it in everything he says. The left has thrown in the towel before the race even starts.

McCarten even gives the tortured Phil Goff the political doup de grace he deserves.

"If I was a Labour MP I wouldn't volunteer to share a foxhole with Goff when the shooting starts."

Saturday, April 25, 2009

But What About The Successes?

Granny Herald is back to it's old game of sensationalising one side of a story while studiously ignoring the other. Previously I had thought this practice was confined to tabloid shows like TVNZ's Fair Go and Sunday programmes.

This time it's the losses incurred by Auckland City Council's trading arm, The Edge. The Edge runs, among other things, the Aotea Centre and Aotea Square. According to its website it is required as well to provide for a number of non profit activities for which funds are provided by the council.

The big whinge from the Herald and others is that recently The Edge made a trading loss of some $1.9 million on a production of My Fair Lady. This somehow was likened to the ARC's disastrous Beckham debacle.

Adolf would feel better informed if he knew how many times and to what value The Edge has turned a profit for the rate payers of Auckland,

Accordingly he has written and asked for copies of the organisation's last five year's profit and loss accounts. (For wet behind the ears accounting graduates that's real English for "statements of financial performance.)

I'm more than intrigued as to why Mayor Banks has not called for this information.

Could it be that there has been no profit?

If so, the first thing he should do when he is elected Lord Mayor is to sell off all these unprofitable liabilities with their associated bricks and mortar to private companies who will take the decisions necessary to render them profitable. Then all his grand council will have to do is pay the businesses to provide the council designated non profit activities.

If he's not prepared to do that then he is no more than just another Fiddler on The Hoof


We remember those who sacrificed their lives to give us freedom today.

Pvte Arthur Thomas Lloyd, New Zealand Expeditionary Force, my Grandmother's brother.
Killed in action in the field, France, 1st September 1916, aged 20.

I am thankful that my Grandfather returned, likewise my 2 Uncles from WW2 and my own father from Korea.

War takes much but also gives much.

We were given the precious gift of freedom and in many respects, a gift that we are now squandering.

We have lived well on the back of those sacrifices but those days are drawing to an end.

Like all centuries before, this one also poses a new set of challenges. We would be fools to think that mankind will live in peace forever more.

As I read, hand painted on the back of a truck in Niger many years ago
"Life is war have a safe journey"

There are many dangerous people out there.

Environmentalists who deny our very right to exist.
Socialists who desire to tell us how to live.
Muslims who wish to impose their beliefs on our culture.

Each time we take a single step back we are just bringing the new risks one step closer.

Update. Right on cue, a gutless, anonymous apologist who rates my ancestor's and every other fallen soldier's sacrifice worthy of a 4/5 rating. These are the people who take not one but 2 steps back.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Now this is a conference I would like to go to

This one.

Let's hope the organisers and attendees have read this post and this post.

It's good to see acknowledgment that the USA's War on Drugs has been an abject failure, except for the prison construction industry.

Facts: the USA has spent $US 1,000,000,000,000.00 [One Trillion dollars] on the issue; the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) budget in 1971 was $75 million dollars, in 2001 it was $1.6 Billion; as a result of this “war on drugs” drug arrests quadrupled and the percentage of prison inmates committed for drug offences increased from 26% in 1973 to 56% in 2001; yet the drug ‘problem’, and of course related crime problems, have got worse.

The War is lost. Time for a new direction.

Auckland Governance referendum

I see the malcontents and disaffected are calling for a referendum on the Super City. I think that's a good idea. Let the people of Auckland decide. I've even drafted the question (yes/no answer of course):

Do you agree that the Auckland region should be governed by a Super City council that has a vision for Auckland that Auckland needs an overarching vision for the region uniting Aucklanders to achieve prosperity for all, quality of place and lifestyle, and enhanced well-being for the region’s diverse and growing population; and that the Auckland Council should include a vision for the region in its spatial plan; and that the Mayor of Auckland’s annual "State of the Region" address should describe progress towards the attainment of the vision; and that Auckland needs governance structures for economic development capable of working effectively with central government to address major regional issues as well as meeting the localised needs of Auckland’s communities and businesses; and that partnership should be developed between central government and Auckland’s local government to address the region’s long-term economic development and to formulate immediate responses to the current economic conditions; and that the Auckland Council should adopt a comprehensive regional economic development plan and an associated funding plan; and that the Auckland Council should establish a) a regional economic development agency within the Auckland Council with functions and activities b) local economic development agencies reporting to the regional economic development agency (existing economic development agencies may be retained where appropriate) & c) a high-level, regional cross-sectoral advisory board comprising representatives of central government, local councils, business, education, and not-for-profit organisations; and that the regional economic development agency should take an innovative approach to developing long-term funding relationships, drawing funding from the regional budget, central government economic development programmes, and the private sector on specific projects; and that the transition should comprise of a Cabinet Committee and Minister for Auckland which should begin work immediately with the Establishment Board to lay the ground for the Auckland Council’s work in priority areas, including the Rugby World Cup 2011 and broadband; and that as a basis for future decision making by the Auckland Council, the Establishment Board should review whether existing local economic development programmes are delivering value for money; and that Urban Design, and Heritage Auckland needs governance arrangements for the region’s built and natural environments to ensure Auckland’s quality of place is maintained and enhanced; and that the Auckland Council should establish an Urban Design Panel to review all major developments throughout the Auckland region, with sign-off power for major projects; and that the Auckland Council should establish a Heritage Advisory Panel to assist it with the identification of heritage buildings and places, and the formulation of rules to ensure their preservation; and that the Auckland Council and the Northland Regional Council should develop a co-management regime in respect of the Kaipara Harbour, involving relevant territorial authorities and mana whenua representatives from local iwi with the final structure and responsibilities to be determined by the Auckland Council and the Northland Regional Council; and that the Auckland Council should a) undertake environmental monitoring (potentially in collaboration with the Ministry for the Environment) b) benchmark progress and collaborate with central government on environmental programmes, including the limiting of air pollution from motor vehicle emissions c) appoint a park ranger with responsibility for volcanic cones d) prepare an internal code of conduct including procedures to manage councillors’ involvement in individual regulatory decisions; and that central and local government’s annual social well-being spend is in the vicinity of $12 billion in the Auckland region so it is critical that these resources are applied effectively, to achieve the best outcomes and accordingly, Auckland needs a governance structure for social well-being that enables local and central government to share decision making and accountability for improving the effectiveness of resources spent, and addressing the critical social issues in Auckland; and that a Social Issues Board should be established as the main governance body for social issues, with central and local government membership with the powers of the Social Issues Board to be set out in Terms of Reference approved by the Cabinet Committee for Auckland and the Auckland Council; and that the Social Issues Board should develop a Social Well-Being Strategy and Implementation/Funding Plan with a Social Issues Advisory Group of officials to be established to support the Social Issues Board which should be co-funded by central and local government with responsibilities; and that the Auckland Council role should centre on providing leadership and facilitating improved social well-being outcomes but direct delivery of social well-being services by the Auckland Council should not duplicate central government responsibilities and should be part of the Social Well-Being Strategy and Implementation/Funding Plan; and that the Government should give consideration to aligning geographic boundaries of local government and central government agencies responsible for the delivery of social well-being services; and that the Establishment Board should ensure the necessary structures and processes are in place to ensure that the Social Issues Board, the Social Issues Advisory Group, and the Auckland Council are able to commence work on their immediate priorities; and that Auckland needs governance structures that promote the benefits of diversity and support culture and recreation; and that The Mayor of Auckland should take a leadership and advocacy role in promoting and welcoming diversity, and encouraging acceptance of migrants and minority groups in Auckland; and that the Auckland Council should establish two advisory panels, one relating to the arts and the other to recreation and with the assistance of the advisory panels, it should develop strategies for regional arts and recreation activities and their associated funding; and that Local councils should be responsible for implementing culture and recreation policies in their communities, partnering with local groups where appropriate, and representing the views of local communities at regional level; and that the Auckland Council should consider establishing a council-controlled organisation ("CCO") to hold and to operate the regional arts, entertainment, convention, and major event facilities; and that the Government should give consideration to the introduction of a four-year electoral term for local authorities in New Zealand; and that the Auckland Council as a unitary authority should be formed to assume all local government responsibilities in the Auckland region; and that when the Auckland Council is established, the following existing local authorities should be abolished:Rodney District Council, North Shore City,Council, Waitakere City Council, Auckland City Council, Manukau City Council, Papakura District Council, Franklin District Council, Auckland Regional Council; and that the Auckland Council should operate and have representation at two levels: the elected Auckland Council, and six local councils; and that all local councils should be given Māori names and these should be determined by the Local Government Commission after consultation with mana whenua, with the new Māori names used by the Commission being the suggested starting point for consideration with the interim names of the six local councils to beRodney Local Council, Waitemata Local Council, Waitakere Local Council, Tāmaki-makau-rau Local Council, Manukau Local Council, Hunua Local Council; and that the Auckland Council should comprise a single organisation, with a single staffing and management structure which should employ one chief executive officer, who will employ all other council staff (but not staff of council-controlled organisations) at both Auckland and local levels, including local council managers for each local council; and that staff from the eight abolished councils should be transferred to the Auckland Council, at least initially; and that local councils should share the governance of their areas with the Auckland Council but will be subsidiary to it; and that the Mayor of Auckland should preside over the Auckland Council and should be elected at large by the electors of Auckland; and that the Auckland Town Hall should be the symbolic centre for the Auckland Council; and that when the Auckland Council is established, all existing community boards within the territories of the abolished local authorities, except for the Waiheke and Great Barrier Island Community Boards, should be abolished and a new City Centre and Waterfront Community Board should be established; and that the assets and liabilities of abolished territorial authorities and of the Auckland Regional Council should be transferred to Auckland Council. However, a fair apportionment of the assets and liabilities of the Franklin District Council and Auckland Regional Council should be made between the Auckland Council, the Waikato District Council, and the Waikato Regional Council, to reflect the boundary changes proposed by the Commission; such apportionment to be made in accordance with the Local Government Act 2002, Schedule 3, clause 69; and that all existing interests in council organisations, council-controlled organisations, and exempt organisations held by current councils should be transferred to the Auckland Council on the establishment date; and that the Establishment Board should develop the proposed structure of the elected Auckland Council and local councils (including the committee structure and advisory panels and groups); and that the Establishment Board should develop the proposed organisational structure of the Auckland Council which will include defining the key roles and positions for council administration, staffing levels, staff locations, and the systems necessary for the Auckland Council to operate on the establishment date; and that the Establishment Board should review the functions and activities currently carried out by the Auckland Regional Council and seven territorial authorities, identifying those that will continue to be carried out by local councils, and those relevant functions and activities to be undertaken directly by the Auckland Council; and that the Establishment Board should determine the location of council offices (particularly Auckland Council, and Tāmaki-makau-rau and Rodney Local Councils) and service centres; and that the elected Auckland Council composition, role, and functions should comprise 23 councillors elected or appointed as follows:10 councillors elected at large, eight councillors elected in four urban wards, two councillors elected in two rural wards, two councillors elected at large by voters on the Māori electoral roll, one councillor appointed by the Mana Whenua Forum; and that the role and functions of the Auckland Council should be as prescribed for unitary authorities under the Local Government Act 2002 and other legislation, and as may be additionally prescribed in any future legislation referring specifically to the Auckland Council or any of the abolished local authorities; and that the Auckland Council should be responsible for all asset management, debt management, and revenue raising. It will also develop one set of financial plans and policies for Auckland; and that there will be one rating system for Auckland and ratepayers will receive one rates bill; and that the Auckland Council should operate a hierarchical and integrated planning framework; and that there will be a new regional spatial plan and one district plan for Auckland; and that the Auckland Council should be responsible for the production of the long-term council community plan and annual plans as required by the Local Government Act 2002, for its own operations and the operations of local councils. There will be one long-term plan and annual plan for Auckland; and that the Auckland Council should establish advisory panels and groups as necessary to ensure appropriate expertise is available to it and the Auckland Council will appoint an Appointments Advisory Panel which will assist the Auckland Council to recruit directors or representatives to serve on boards of council-controlled organisations, external entities (for example the Auckland Museum Trust Board), advisory panels, and forums; and that the relationship between Auckland Council and each local council should be governed by a three-yearly governance agreement negotiated in the year following each local body election; and that the Auckland Council’s annual report under the Local Government Act 2002 should include separate sections on the operations of the elected Auckland Council and each local council; and that the State Services Commissioner should be asked to assist in developing the job description and design of the performance management framework, and in conducting the initial screening and short-listing for the chief executive; and that the Government should enter into a partnership agreement with the Auckland Council and appoint a senior Government minister as Minister for Auckland; in addition it should appoint a Cabinet Committee for Auckland comprising Ministers with portfolios of significance to Auckland, and the Cabinet Committee should be supported by an officials committee; and that the functions of the Cabinet Committee for Auckland should include a) consulting with the Auckland Council through the Minister for Auckland b) setting priorities for Government spending in Auckland and deciding on the allocation of discretionary funding c) overseeing events of international significance affecting Auckland; and that the Auckland Council should meet regularly with representatives of the neighbouring regions of Northland, Waikato, and Bay of Plenty to consider issues of mutual interest; and that the Minister for Auckland should consider convening an annual forum comprising the Auckland Council and relevant interest groups (including regional and territorial councils and business groups) from the Northland, Waikato, and Bay of Plenty regions to discuss matters of mutual and topical interest; and that the Establishment Board should review all current council advisory panels and groups and report to the Auckland Council on which current advisory groups should be continued by the Auckland Council and the Establishment Board should appoint an interim Appointments Advisory Panel which will assist the Establishment Board to a) undertake the review of existing advisory panels described above b) prepare draft terms of reference for new and continuing advisory panels c) identify potential candidates for such panels d) recruit interim directors for council-controlled organisations, as necessary.

These are the Royal Commission's recommendations succintly put together into question format just for the referendum.

So what's it gonna be? Yes, or no.

UPDATE: I see over at The Standard this morning they suggest the question is simply: " Do you support the super-city that the Government proposes?". That's worth a post tonight but for now the only referendum Aucklanders will get will be in about October 2011.

Arm wrussling for Mt Albert

Here is an interview with wannabe Mt Albert MP, Wrussle Norman, from before the last election. The one where the Greens promised the green Earth but delivered the red Mars, yet again.

I am sure he will again be campaigning on being "mainstream" but the reality is that once Jreenette goes, poor old malecoleader Russel is going to have a foot on both sides of the proverbial electric fence. Wackos on one side and a MOU with National on the other.

Talk about doing a Dunne and having a foot in both camps.

All I can see is pain, followed by extinction.
(and National taking another Labour scalp)

David Farrar and Russell Brown in new alliance!!

Interesting little story from John Drinnan at the New Zealand Herald concerning the country's top two bloggers fronting an advertising campaign for Powershop.
Now, I have no beef with bloggers making money in advertising, as long as they make it clear what is paid-for content.
Bloggers like David have gained much trust in recent years, so they do need to be careful. I have wondered about comments elsewhere on other blogs, thinking 'have they been paid to say that.'
Anyway, I am sure David makes a lovely Uncle Sam.
But trust Russell to choose the face of a killer.
Those lefties still have much to learn!

A New Leader of the Oppostion?


You saw it first here at No Minister on April 14th - ten days ago.

Clark's legacy just keeps on keeping on. The destruction of the Labour Party.

The latest blow is the decision by The Greens to field a high profile candidate in the Mt Albert by-election. Adolf wonders if it will be Russel Norman himself. Yep. Sure is!

Russel Norman. Photo / Mark Mitchell

A win for him in Mt Albert would catapult The Greens into prominence and a substantial increase in support at the next general election - possibly more seats than Labour.

Congratulation are in order for The Greens. At last they have divorced themselves from their erstwhile fickle friends who gave them nothing and took everything for nine long years. They will guarantee themselves success in 2001 if now they can remove their communistic rump and transform themselves into a SANE environmental party.

NZ Labour reminds Adolf of the hapless but once powerful battleship Bismark, sailing in circles with it's rudder jammed by an attack from seemingly ineffective string bag WWI torpedo bombers (The Maori Party) while an overwhelming force descends upon it (NACTionalMPGP) and prepares to deliver the coup de grace.

The only real difference is that in 2009, the rear admiral and the kapitan managed to scuttle away to the safety of foreign shore before their ship sank.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Bill's too big already Bill! Life is taxing enough!

Bil English today is talking gloomy. He has done for some time.

Is he shaping the country up for a cancellation of further taxcuts, as Not PC notes today.

He could be. If National stood for one thing, it was tax cuts and the party owes it to New Zealand to be faithful to its pre-election promise.

We already knew things were gloomy last October, so saying the situation is worse than expected will not wash either.

I can picture all the cries from Labour about National u-turning, being weak, betraying the voters, not to be trusated, even if cancelling taxcuts is what Labour would have delivered too.

However, Bill English rightly raised the cost of government debt and the burdens being passed on to future generations.

People are waking up to the costs of government debt the world over.

In the UK, figures like STG 20,000 or $50,000 per person have been bandied about.

The US also has a huge black hole of debt, being quadrupled by you-know-who.

Australia has blown off its government suplusses it inherited from Peter Costello and massive debts will follow.

We also need to look at the economic consequences too, the messages being sent.

Bailouts and big spending as shown by Obama and Brown have actualy weakened confidence and are fuelling the recession. There have been the Tea Party Protests across America as people see the debt burden being generated.

After two stimulus packages, which have failed, in Australia Kevin Rudd now talks of a third package. The economic forecasts for Australia today have just worsened.

And as Cactus Kate rightly notes, Britain's new 50% tax rate at the top will drive away the wealth creators.

So here's my advice to Bill English as he contemplates his budget.

Play it steady. Keep your promises on tax, you are rightly wary of debt, but if anything has to go, it has to be government spending.

The left paint this government as a slash and spend monster anyway. However, most normal people realise we face hard times. They have experienced a growing tax burden and seen little extra for all that extra government spending.

You will have to weild the axe and blame the previous government for it. After all, Clark, Culen and co were never afraid to blame National when it suited them. So get the knife out Bill.

Here is a time when New Zealand can set itself apart from the tax and spend debt monsters of overseas. We can be wise and prudent with low tax, an island of enterprise amid a sea of socialism! Just the thing to bring the jobs and economic growth we need.

Some Very Fishy Dots............................................???

I see the MSM in the form of the NBR has picked up on Ian Wishart's expose of Helen Clark's real agenda for the UN.

World domination by a UN with its own armed forces.

Here's a snippet from Ian Wishart's piece.

The UN, with two parliaments, one for the nations as exists now and another for individual parliamentarians, would gradually take over responsibility for the military forces of nation states, and control world economic flows.
The briefing paper draws heavily on reports by Kemal Dervis, Helen Clark’s predecessor as UN Development Programme head, which indicates Socialist International has been working closely in plans to reform the United Nations along these lines.

This is a euphemistic description of Soviet style world domination.

So it is no wonder Adolf's antennae twitched a little when yesterday's Herald announced that the Labour Party is favouring a new candidate for Mt Albert. One David Shearer, currently Middle East chief of which organisation? Yep, Helen Clark's very own UNDP.

Ask yourself, how does a humble secondary school science teacher from Papatoetoe quickly rise through the ranks of the UN to such a senior position in one of the world's most corrupt organisations?

How is it that he suddenly and conveniently is able to front up for what has been a safe Labour seat for decades?

Is he, like Helen Clark, a member of Socialist International?

Is this fellow to be our representative in the Socialists' brave New World Order?

Will he take the May Day salute?

There is much work here for New Zealand's few remaining competent journalists.

Go to it, Mr Gibson.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spare a thought for Poor Phil-in!!!

Spare a thought for Philip Bruce Goff this fine evening.
At long last you have achieved what you have always wanted- the leadership of the Liarbour Party.
But is it what you expected?
You come after a huge towering figure, one who made her mark on the country, for better or worse.
Who could follow her record? Who could also make as much an impact? Who?
Indeed, as you see the first poll results you are but an invisible pygmy. An impotent midget against a most virile colossus.
Phil Who? Phil-in, Mr Invisible? It all sounds so cruel and most unfair.
You bided your time and served loyally. But it seems your party has just set you up for the fall.
You compete against a fresh new prime minister who it seems cannot put a foot wrong.
He looks like he will be around forever, whereas you are older, a relic from the 1980s when the rookie PM was but a boy.
You note the economy is turning to custard and try and push him on policy, saying the country needs some extra stimulation, some extra spending.
But it’s a hard task convincing a man who madeh is money on the markets and has a sounder grasp of economics than you will ever have.
It makes the task even harder that your former government spent all the money when the sun shone, saved nothing for our rainy day, and left debts so large the markets would downgrade the country’s credit rating if they spent more, like you seek.
Deep down you know you cannot push the issue too far, for you were a senior man in the old government, even if others made the decisions, but you’d be blamed all the same. You are but tainted, tainted by their failed government, the government you once served in.
Indeed you tried to break free, mooting a change on the smacking bill, but you decided you better not run the wrath of your party. You have enough on your hands dealing with the opposition now serving in government, never mind the opposition in your own party, the left faction, the bigger faction, Helen’s faction.
Indeed, she rebuilt the party in her own image. Her immediate legacy is a by-election and what a problem that is. A wrong candidate, such as list MP like Phil Twyford, means the return of her ‘Handbag,’ an old face as old as you, another relic from another age.
Thus you seek fresh faces. The much mooted rejuvenation. Megan Bates, Conor Roberts, both presentable faces, but aren’t both Clarkist clones, or at least youthful members raised at the feet of Helen, keen to carry on her work?
Your options are closing fast.
So you look around at your old government. There’s Helen now in New York, with Heather to help her out. Michael Cullen has swallowed his dead rats, sold out, and is to work for Bolger at NZ Post.
There’s always jobs for the boys if you are good. Politicians always look after each other, don’t they?
So you cheer up thinking, ‘serve a decent time , lead the party to respectable defeat in 2011. Let that nice Mr Key enjoy an extended place in the sun’. He’ll need it to undo the mess your old government made.
You remind yourself to tell him. If Cullen can have an SOE, then so can you. You go away and smile thinking your future is secure. Then you remember this National government, its promises, and the economic crisis your government left behind. The Nats might keep you waiting so long, there might not be any SOEs left to chair when you need one!!

Enjoying a golden autumn

There’s nothing like an autumn drive across the fine New Zealand countryside.
I have just arrived in Picton after 3 hours on the Arahure Interislander ferry.
Now, I was supposed to be heading south relocating a campervan for a hire firm so I pay bugger all for it, , but since I don’t like vehicles with manual transmission, I was able to swap for a huge Mitsubishi 4wd auto, still paying bugger all.
As wise move as it turned out. I spent last night in Ohakune and there was frost on the roadsides as I drove towards my first interview.
Why rough it in a little campervan when you can have all the comforts of a decent motel? The one I had been given was not at all like the luxurious Winnebago bloggermobile David Farrar enjoys on his adventures.
I am having what you might call a working holiday, interviewing various provincial businesses for one of the business titles I work for.
Trouble is, combining the work with the driving has left insufficient time to catch up with people properly or at least give them fair warning. The unpredictable and busy traffic on the Kapiti Coast Highway does not help either. It’s almost as bad as Auckland yet the hillsides, the houses and the railway get in the way of any simple road widening. The capital certainly needs Transmission Gully and a motorway to Levin, at least.
But roads are being improved, even in the very hilly Wanganui District, where SH4 is as twisted as the government we booted out in November. The autumn colours on the trees looked particularly good, just as they did in the Waikato and King Country yesterday, passing west of Hamilton.
I also enjoyed the snow early on Ruapehu and the mountain’s pinky-orange glow at sunset as I arrived at the carrot capital just after 5pm yesterday.
So tomorrow, after working in Blenheim, I hope to pay homage again to the homes of Wither Hills and Alan Scott. I might even get some of that bottle fermented beer his son Joshua makes.
Then it’s Kaikoura, some decent kai moana before heading to the Garden City to drop off the car late Friday.
After catching up with ACT blogger Rick Giles over the weekend, I expect I’ll be ready for heading back north early next week.

Cul len de sac

Fran O'Sullivan says it all

What the OECD has prescribed is not radical New Right theory, nor is it a
neo-liberal prescription, nor is it the line-up of usual suspects, or any of the
other Pavlovian responses which jump up whenever outsiders attempt to forge
debate on just how New Zealand's lagging performance might be enhanced to get
ourselves out of the cul de sac into which the Labour Government parked the

All the Paris-based organisation has done is come up with solutions to
some of New Zealand's short-medium term fiscal problems such as cutting
spending, selling mature assets to reduce debt and free up capital for new
investment, and increasing the revenue line.

This is bog standard stuff for New Zealand companies right now as they get
their balance sheets into order to withstand the international recession. Why
should it be any different for Governments if they are to match the
international norms necessary to attract top-flight investment capital and
secure the retention of our own best companies and talent?

Labour's cul len de sac. It wouldn't be so bad if he had parked up a Rolls Royce but all we've got is a clapped out Corolla, with bald tyres, on tick to a finance company. While the driver has hitched a lift with a NZ Post truck and dun a runna.

Sack Him And His Boss - Now

Now you can see why those Israeli ladies who were refused service in Invercargil would have wasted their time appealing to our pathetically biased and mis-named Race Relations Conciliator.

Joris de Bres

This idiot attended the appallingly discredited Israel bashing UN conference organised by Islamists when the rest of the civilization stayed away. Not only that, his actions are a direct slap in the face to the government of the day which has openly repudiated Labour's barely concealed hatred of Israel and support for the so called Palestilian cause in Gassa.

Mr de Bres attended the conference independently and publicly criticised the Government for pulling out, implying it was trying to please the United States. But Mr McCully believes Mr de Bres has no business criticising foreign policy and implied that Mr de Bres was a Labour Party hack.

You can tell the prick is a Labour hack. Just look at his teeth. He goes to the same veterinary tooth doctor as Goff and Clark.

The HR Commissioner obviously need to be sent packing as well.

Chief Commissioner Rosslyn Noonan said she did not believe he overstepped any line.

What a sour looking hack she is. She even wears Labour's (Clark's) colours.

Both these people are streets ahead of Richard Worth in the 'lack of judgement' stakes. In fact it could reasonably argued that Worth is chronically stupid while these two characters are deliberately undermining their country's foreign policy.

Such is the legacy of nine years politicising of the public service.