Friday, October 31, 2008

Think of a name

Can't wait to see whose names appear on this list. Perhaps, redundant Labour Cabinet Ministers with no chance of finding real work.

Cabinet minister Phil Goff, a former foreign minister, said a Labour-led government would look at assembling conflict resolution teams and giving the United Nations a list of New Zealanders who had the skills to be personal envoys.

We haven't heard much about Labour's planned budget in December lately. Maybe Cullen is thinking it wasn't such a smart move and is updating his CV.

Idiots I have, fortunately, not met

The pop gun attack on H-Fee Key isn't the only illegality Labour have been trying to pin on the PM in waiting.

The Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA) has not upheld a complaint that National Party leader John Key was pictured in a party advertisement not wearing a seatbelt in a car.
PICTURED (L-R): Andy Boreham, Tim Barnett, Aaron Hailwood
Andy Boreham complained to the authority that Mr Key did not appear to
be wearing a seatbelt in a moving car, breaching the law and order and

children's interests standards.
If you google Andy Boreham you will also see he is a fan of Georgina Beyer and Rainbow Labour.

Oh! I almost forgot, It's Halloween

So I hope the link for Whale Oil's Helen Clark mask still works.
UPDATE: Herald reader Poll has her as the Queen of Halloween, with ove 60% saying she will frighten the children.

Is Liarbour hiding both her faces?

I've just driven up from Auckland to Barnsley Towers just outside Kerkeri.
The sun is shining, the banana palms are blowing in the breeze, and the tuis are twittering.
The swimming pool looks like it might be worth a use later.
Anyway, along the way I saw dozens and dozens of election banners.
Most had a happy and smiling John Boy. Quite a few had Rodney looking somewhat cheerful.
In Whangarei there were hoardings of Hone Harawira, and even Jim Anderton and Philip Field.
But I only saw one of Uncle Helen by a high school. Is she the face that dare not be shown? Is Liarbour now ashamed of its blessed Dear Leader?
What Liarbour hoardings there were just featured names of various candidates,plus Kiwirail, Kiwisaver, etc.
Now, I have just heard that Uncle Helen's face has now been removed from the telly ads.
Both of them!

Voters this is a real bailout! Don't settle for poor imitations


Funniest Comment For Years

From Farrar's place:-


  1. damocles (69) Vote: Add rating 20 Subtract rating 0 Says:

    THIS JUST IN: The Labour Party Research Unit, working in combination with the full might of Statistics Department and the Investigation Division of the Accident Compensation Commission, has after extensive research concluded that a ‘Johnkey’ waxed that particular floor 32 years ago, during a Work Experience Programme.

    Clearly, a terrorist conspiracy was set in place many years ago that the Prime Minister, thanks to unwavering personal dedication, has narrowly managed to avoid.

    Journalists are now being flown to the scene to examine the work roster that has been kept under tight security for the last three decades. Our extensive 12-page report follows in tomorrow’s Weekend Herald.

Whatever happened to global warming?

Just as one swallow doesn't make a summer, I guess one cold snap doesn't herald the start of a new ice age.

But the world seems to be having an interesting number of cold snaps on at the moment.

London has just enjoyed its first October snow since 1934, and the weather was pretty wintry across much of Britian this week.

Switzerland has also received its heaviest October snow since the 1930s.

Canada has just experienced an early dumping too. New York state has also suffered.

And Tibet has just experienced its 'worst snowstorm on record' with people dying or getting trapped.

Australia's Tim Blair calls the wintry weather an 'October Surprise' while his colleague Andrew Bolt notes such wintry weather, with Brisbane having a record cold snap, comes as governments in Australia and Britain introduce climate change legislation. In London, the snow fell just as legislation ws passed.

And all for a 'warming' that stopped years ago.

Peter Creswell notes we are sacrificing industry to ignorance through the emissions trading and other environmentalist scams.

Meanwhile, The Hive notes China and India are holding western countries to ransom over demands to cut carbon emissions and that European countres realise such emissions cannot be cut without damaging their economies, which are suffering enough already.

As I brace myself for my first White Christmas in years, since I plan to spend Yuletide in Yorkshire, I can only hope the parties here in New Zealand go as cold on the climate change scare as the weather seems to be turning now. The eco-facists have well and truly taken us for a ride.

But as we look at the election policies of the Green Party, which offer little on the envirnment and much on social matters, it is not so much about trying to control the climate, but rather the eco-facists trying to control every facet of our lives!

Subliminal Messages

It is instructive to examine the subliminal messages sent out to undecided voters by the Labour and National party leaders when they released their respective emergency redundancy relief packages. I think they throw into stark relief, the real attitudes of Labour versus National. A veritable microcosm. So much for the idiots from the far right who insultingly bleat about National being 'Labour Lite.'

Labour appears:-

Mean - excluding a large number of battling Kiwis from their scheme.

Grudging - if National had not pre-announced its scheme, does anybody seriously believe Labour would have? No of course not. Remember, no policy until after the election.

Out of touch - only people completely out of touch with the reality of life in mortgage alley could exclude a single income family with kids or someone in work for four years and eleven months from receiving assistance.

Profligate - the failure to means test emergency assistance is a remarkable lapse of plain common sense. That's MY money they are throwing around. They haven't learned how to stop spending.

National appears:-

Compassionate, generous and inclusive - reaching out to the widest range of Kiwi battlers.

Innovative and keen - this is new thinking, reflecting an ability to come up with genuine ways to solve new problems.

Right in touch - seen to identify with ordinary NZers. Instantly aware of the pressures facing mortgage belt battlers.

Fiscally prudent - carefully costed and targetted at only those with a real need.

Happy Birthday

Update: see below.

Adolf turns 62 today.

What was that old song? The one with the big booming voice?

"Another day older and deeper in debt"

It's another year older and mortgage free.

Feels pretty good, what with this banking crisis coming on.

Here it is:

Sixteen Tons

Tennessee Ernie Ford album cover

Ford scored an unexpected hit on the pop charts in 1955 with his rendition of Merle Travis' "Sixteen Tons," a sparsely arranged coal-miner's lament that Travis wrote in 1946, based on his own family's experience in the mines of Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. Its fatalistic tone contrasted vividly with the sugary pop ballads and the rock and roll just starting to dominate the charts at the time:

You load sixteen tons, what do you get?
Another day older and deeper in debt.
Saint Peter, don't you call me, 'cause I can't go;
I owe my soul to the company store...

With a unique clarinet-driven pop arrangement by Ford's musical director, Jack Fascinato, "Sixteen Tons" spent ten weeks at number one on the country charts and eight weeks at number one on the pop charts, and made Ford a crossover star. It became Ford's 'signature song.'

Shiffty Gazzumped By Smiling Assassin

John Key has just announced National's emergency redundancy relief package and it's a good one. The final nail in Clark's coffin.

Ten times better than Labour's cobbled together bundle of rags and tags.

National will means test families. Labour will throw money at everybody.

National will not exclude those who have been working for four and a half years. Labour will leave them in the lurch.

National will not exclude single income families. Labour will let them be sold up.

National recognizes the purpose of the scheme is to meet a rare emergency. Labour will change the scheme into a permanent taxpayer funded long term redundancy insurance scheme. More wasteful and unnecessary welfare spending.

Best of all, National has costed it's scheme and it's $8 million less costly than Labour's scheme.

"-Under Labour's scheme they would get $425-a-week through a combination of benefits and supplements.

-Under National's package, low to middle income workers would be $116-a-week better off, receiving $541 a week."

More practical, more common sense, more equitable and less costly

I'll take it.

Party Vote NACTional.

Shifty Blinked First

Update II: It just got a whole lot worse. Now the Cancerous Cow is going to entrench free redundancy insurance for every no-hoper who gets made redundant during times of prosperity and plentiful jobs.

It is to be A PERMANENT FEATURE of the social welfare landscape. No longer is this a special emergency measure to avoid catastrophic adverse knock on effects from mass redundancy during Cullen's self inflicted recession. Staggering.

"Helen Clark said the new allowance would become a permanent feature of the social security system under a Labour government."

Mean - as well as dull, predictable, useless and stupid. If you are a single income family, you will not qualify for Labour's Limited Largesse. Doubly stupid.

John Key is playing Helen Clark on a break.

Today at lunch time, John Key announced that under National's scheme, any grants would not need to be repaid. So, Shifty got all spooked and shot her bolt at 3.00 o'clock.


She announced the details of her 'job search allowance' for redundant workers. Apparently it is a non income or asset tested dole payment for up to three months. How dull. How predictable. How stupid. How useless.

Useless, you say? Yes, pretty useless if you've got three kids, a $400k mortgage and you just lost a $100k job.

Dull and predictable, you ask? Yes, straight out of the standard 'no new ideas' Labour play book.

Stupid? Yes because they'll give my tax dollars to a sixty year old with no mortgage who didn't really need his job but was made redundant anyway.

Adolf looks forward to National's ten times better, innovative and imaginative policy announcement tomorrow.

Labour buses seen preparing for election day

Hawking your pearly

Just heard Dunne on 1ZB talking to Leighton Smith. He came on after Larry Baldock of the Kiwi Party and when Leighton pointed out the similarities between the two parties, Dunne launched into his Taliban tirade. Absolute classic.

Then prattled on about multiculturism. Was Families only last elections flavour? Will his new bottom line be a $25m Multiculture Commission? I sure hope so because I once sold several hundred dollars worth of wooden giraffes to his Families Commission, so I could be in the money again.

If MMP was a fiddle you would pay money to listen to this guy play.

Update; As Redbaiter points out as well: Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought he said in his opening remarks that the Labour government hadn't done much wrong but had only fallen foul of a "change of mood" in the electorate.
If you have never seen a man "hawk his pearly" before, then just follow Dunne.

A corpse goes for a corpse

How bizarre, macabre, even.

The Axis is fighting among itself.

The elderly and frail Jim Anderton is gunning for the old folk to take their votes away from political leper Winston Peters.

A corpse is going for a corpse.

Annon says it better than me

Thanks for elevating my comment on small business to the post below.

Some of the resulting comments there either seek to belittle running a small business in NZ as a piece of cake, or to portray public servants as idle bludgers. Both approaches are wrong, and sad.

More to the point is the example of Helen Clark's approach yesterday to building a safety net. Leaving aside the issues of different treatments for different family circumstances, what happens when people like Blade get put out of business by the downturn, as some no doubt will? Seems to me they are not considered at all, and I see no mention of them in any public debate.

Under this regime and current NZ thinking small business people are at the bottom of the heap and are largely ignored, even though many earn an average income if they are lucky. Once they could count on selling their business to fund their retirement. Selling a going concern is often not possible today, except at a bargain price for the goodwill, because of the lack of desire to go into business in the present economic and political climate.

I believe that shift has largely happened under the tenure of Helen Clark.It will be interesting to see how John Key approaches the issue with his announcement today.We need a lot more enterprising small business people. It may not be hard to start up a business in NZ compared to some other countries, but I venture to say the mix of risks, rewards and frustrations in NZ needs to be much more attractive if we are to see the economic growth we need.

Just try asking the banks now for financial support for a small business, and see how far you get. They seem to see it as an excessively risky sector, which was not the case until about a decade ago. Too often in recent years I have seen small business ownership put down as a business option in favour of speculation in property development or rental property. Where has that taken us?

Who's lying now?

Is it Dear Leader when she says Mike 'Chamberlain' Williams paid for the airfare to Melbourne out of his own pocket?
Or is it Mike Williams who said the Labour Party paid?
Or is it Dear Leader when she now says the Liarbour Party reimbursed Mike Williams?
Either way, it seems that with the involvement of the taxpayer-funded Liarbour Research Department, some of our money has gone on this little escapade.
I do hope we voters repay Liarbour in kind!
Remember, this is an election about trust.

Uncle Helen's latest slip up!!

Things are so bad, even TVNZ is noticing.

What really counts

Thanks to all the people who commented on the post below about small business. Especially "Blade" whose grassroot honesty actually counts a hellava lot more than academic surveys, in my book anyway.

I've been in small business for the best part of 20 years and at the end of the day what counts the most is cashflow. It is impossible to "win" every day. You take the profits and losses as they are dealt but the pressure of meeting those weekly or monthly "nuts to crack" is huge. It is a risk that many people will now not take and we are a much poorer country for it.

How did we arrive at this point. In simple terms our political system has made the "takers" now equal to the "producers". This causes political stagnation, as both sides square off against each other, each vying for the huge no mans land. As Bernard Hickey points out in his excellent post the easiest option for the producers is to vote with their feet rather than stay and fight a against a "system" that is so bloated and virtually impossible to change. As he says we are being "hollowed" out.

Which is a bloody shame because NZ is a country of fantastic opportunity, natural wealth and peace but as a society we have set ourselves up to ultimately fail.

What really annoys me the most is the way politicians have no respect for the value of cash. $50,000,000 in their minds is justified as "it's only $10 each" whereas 95% of them wouldn't have a bloody clue as to how to create the wealth in the first place. They have no comprehension of the daily risks that have gone on in peoples lives so they can have that cash served to them on a platter, with a 10% penalty if it arrives cold.

We run the huge risk of becoming a country of takers rather than givers. And I don't want my children living in a hollow country.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Small business

Taken from comments in Milts blog below but deserves more space

I've worked in the universities, public service, state corporations, multinational corporations, professional firms, private enterprise and my own small business.They all have their place, stresses and challenges; and their satisfactions.

But I tell you, the toughest is the raw day to day struggle to survive in a small business, especially under Labour.At that stage of my life I learned to loath those who made regulations and laws that made my life a misery, and chopped and changed policies that made a joke of any notion of business planning.

Compared to all the securities and cosseting you have as an employee, as a small business owner you are at the bottom of the heap, unsupported and on your own. Yet these guys are the engines of the economy, and the source of our growth.As a country we have our priorities arse about face, and it shows in our economic performance.

Every public servant and politician should understand very clearly what I am saying. When I was a public servant I did not, and looking back there are many things I would have done differently if I had understood.

I will be voting for John Key because, if for no other reason, he has felt the heat, and is more likely to take decisions that respect rather than denigrate small business. I hope that is what will happen, and if it does we will all be much better off.

Well said

Mike Williams forgets to lock car at Airport last week

That's one plane he didn't want to miss!!


Cactus Kate today offers a fine example of a bizarre right-wing delusion that's often to be seen on the web. The bigotry in question is summed up in the first line:

Labour Party people don't know how the real world works.

Apparently, the "real world" consists of people in the private sector. Those of us currently working in the public sector are apparently occupying some kind of fantasy world, hyperspace, 4th dimension - hell I don't know, the mechanics of it are never explained.

I do have some sympathy for people who've given themselves over to ideology to this extent. When I left university, full of socialism, I was less than chuffed at working in the private sector, where your worth is measured not by how much use you are to society but by how well you are able to part fools from their money (yes, that's a grossly unfair description of private enterprise, but bigotry is exactly what we're talking about here.) As I got older and less stupid, and worked for a while in the public service, I realised that imagining you can fit the world into your little ideological box is foolishness of the highest order; that in fact, a great many people in private enterprise were of essential value to society, and a great many in public service of little or none. The last 15 years I've alternated in and out of the public and private sectors and don't rate one higher than the other in the aggregate. They both have their place.

This is a lesson sadly unlearned by many on the right. Time and time again I see people like me characterised as not living in the "real world" (Hello-o! There is only one! If you're seeing other ones, I recommend a psychiatrist!), for the seemingly impardonable sin of working for a publicly-funded institution. It's a testimony to the fact that a lot of right-wingers never come to realise the foolishness of imagining that the world fits into their little ideological box. For examples, look no further than any of the ACT or Libertarianz blogs.

A simple contrast. Today staff at my work were addressed by Dr Al Rowland, a senior lecturer in genetics and plant biology and apparently not a denizen of the "real world." Al came up with the tests that proved British and NZ servicemen suffered serious genetic damage while observing nuclear testing at the behest of the UK govt. Contrast Al with Mr John Key, an undisputed participant in the "real world" of separating people from their cash. Unlike Dr Rowland's abstract and pointless achievements, Mr Key made shitloads of cash by shifting currency from one place to another on behalf of clients, exploiting fractional differences in exchange rates. Uh, right. So, like, one of these guys is an ivory-tower type dealing in abstractions and offering no discernable and demonstrable practical benefit to society, and the other lives in the "real world." Well, yeah on the whole I have to agree, Kate. But I don't think we're both talking about the same person.

The Lying Troll !!! Clark confesses to Newstalk ZB

But as Liarbour's chief campaign strategist it was obvious she knew something.
The Prime Minister has confirmed she knew about Labour's attempt to link John Key to the H-Fee fraud scandal of the late 1980s.
Helen Clark says she was aware Labour Party president Mike Williams was working on the matter and travelled to Australia to look at court documents. She says Mr Williams paid for his trip out of his own pocket.
Miss Clark says the party's research unit may also have been involved, as it does work on the opposition. However she says the matter was not a focus for the unit, saying its main role is to help Labour's various spokespeople.
Now, Mike Williams might have paid for his own trip, but what about those Liarbour Party Researchers?

Quote of the Week

From NZPA reporting Shifty falling flat on her face in Riccarton Mall.

"But Miss Clark distanced herself from any involvement in the failed dirt digging exercise - clearly not wanting to fall flat on her face twice in one day."

Another Bradford Vote Winner

If you need just one reason to party vote NACTational, then read this.

I thought I saw somewhere someone has compiled a Sue Bradford Roll of Shame.

What Was Shifty Helen Clark Up To Twenty Years Ago?

Updated: See number fifth, below.

See number fourth, below.

The Labour Party's efforts to dig dirt on John Key invite an obvious response but not one which will please Labour, this close to an election.

What was the Bilious Bitch up to back when John Key was turning an honest dollar and building a respectable career?

First: Adolf has seen a number of suggestions that she was among those disgusting activists who abused, spat on and threw bags of their own shit at our troops as they returned from Vietnam.

Hardly a surprise but I have yet to see any reliable reports of such activity so if anyone can send me links to these I'd be grateful. Here's one, from The Standard:

"Clark and her radical lefist student mates throwing bags of human excrement, spitting, and screaming “baby killer” at returning Vietnam soldiers owe everyone an apology: for being on the wrong side of history."

Second: It seems she was more deeply involved than she would like to remember in support for some pretty dodgy overseas communist outfits:-

".......a report by New Zealand journalist Bernard Moran which says:

“When Filipino Intelligence officers raided an underground safe house in Manila on the night of March 24, 1988, they not only captured leading hard liners of the Communist Party of the Philippines New Peoples’ Army, but also 97 computer discs.

“I have in my possession,” continues Moran, “a photocopy of a three-page document from one of those discs. It is headed ‘Workshop 1: Party to Party Relations, June 13, 1986’.

“It deals with overseas work and those who are in consultation with the International Department of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP). On page three, line eight, Helen Clark is listed as the ‘individual link’ for New Zealand.”

Who is Bernard Moran? Here's a CV. Sounds like the sort of fellow who might know his way around the place.

Associate OTUS
A freelance journalist by training Bernard has a long association with the military, serving in the UK and Europe as well as with the New Zealand Army in the Intelligence Corps. A director of Trinity Associates, an information research firm, he brings 20+ years of journalistic field investigative skills grounded in military intelligence experience. He has built an extensive network throughout the Pacific Basin and is well 'connected' in the United States as well. Bernard is a member of 'Sub Rosa' the Military Intelligence Association as well as many other professional associations. Skills include country studies, security assessment and information collection.

Third: Helen Clark was one of the biggest asset strippers in our history.

When she was Deputy PM in the Lange/Palmer Labour government she personally signed off on the sale and privatization of more state assets than at any other time before or since.

- Air New Zealand (1989)
- New Zealand Steel (1987)
- Petrocorp (1989)
- Postbank (1989)
- Telecom NZ (1990)
- Works Corporation (1989)

Hell, I didn't need to take a plane load of tax payer funded Labour lackeys to Melbourne for a week to find out what our shifty, manipulative, mendacious Prime Minister was up to when John Key was a lad.

Fourth: Breaking into military bases and carrying out acts of sabotage during the 1970s. Especially on Labour Day. How quaint!

Fifth: Accepting $250k donations from fraudsters. The same ones with whom dickhead Mike Williams spent a week in Melbourne trying to smear John Key.

Suck on this Jeanette

She knows her days are numbered.Their little green fantasy island is sinking by the hour. She made her bed with Labour and now she can lie in it. Three years of irrelevance in opposition should be enough to see the melons well and truly below 5%.

Liarbour's Chief Campaign Strategist: What does she REALLY know?

Dear Leader is denying knowledge of the H-Fee smear.
But is she being truthful?
Here's what Stuff ran on election campaign strategies a few weeks back.
In Miss Clark, Labour not only has the winner of the past three election campaigns, but a politician so experienced and so shrewd that she is serving as Labour's chief strategist in this campaign.
So would she know her party president was out of the country digging dirt? Surely she communicates with the man? Stuff offers more detail.
Within Labour, the key campaign decisions are made by a strategy committee comprising Miss Clark, her deputy, Michael Cullen, chief of staff Heather Simpson, party president Mike Williams and MPs Annette King, Trevor Mallard, Pete Hodgson and Darren Hughes.
In 1999 its members spoke daily on a morning conference call, but Mr Williams, now in his 44th election here and overseas, says the team is so experienced that is no longer necessary.
It now meets once a week – on Monday nights in the Beehive – to plan the week ahead. Daily decision making is left in the hands of individuals, who communicate via telephone and text messages.
So I wonder what was discussed on Monday at the weekly meeting in the Beehive?
Now you might think the chief campaign strategist might want to know what was coming up two or three days hence, wouldn't you?
Surely, the much fabled neutron bomb would be discussed, wouldn't it?
Surely, last Monday Mike Williams might have said he was going to be out of the country, unless he was already out of the country. Wouldn't his absence have been noticed?
And this Monday, wouldn't you think he would give some kind of report on how things went?
Are we really expected to believe Liarbour's Chief campaign strategist did not know what her party president and campaign committee member was planning?
Remember, this election is about trust.
There's no doubt that in this general election, Helen Clark is wearing the pants in Labour's household.
In what will be her third attempt as Prime Minister to win the election for her party, she has placed herself firmly behind the driving wheel by declaring she is now Labour's chief political strategist, unlike the 2005 election when Cabinet Minister Pete Hodgson was in the box seat.
Hodgson is seen as a "good and loyal" trouper by top Labour ranks. But when it comes to outright cunning and stealth, Hodgson is not Clark's match, which is why he has been pushed aside.
Fran adds later:
The Prime Minister moved herself into the box seat after party president Mike Williams was caught out telling porkies to journalists over suggestions he made at Labour's annual conference suggesting that Labour could get some electoral benefit from Government advertising.
The party hierarchy is still clearly in the frame. Particularly Williams, who is Labour's chief fundraiser and party enforcer and general secretary Mike Smith, who has to keep tabs on the advertising spend to prevent a rerun of the 2005 campaign blowout.
Clark's chief of staff Heather Simpson - colloquially known as "H2" - is driving a considerable amount of policy formation and Cabinet ministers know it.
But when it comes to taking the credit (or the blame) for the election outcome, Clark has set herself up as numero uno. If Labour loses, it will be that much easier for caucus detractors to persuade her to stand aside so a new leader can be elected or roll her in a post-election coup.
Although senior colleagues do not say so publicly, among some of them there is considerable unease Clark has concentrated so much power at the top - "Doesn't she trust us?" one insider asked.
More importantly, if Labour ends up in another post-election spending scandal, Clark will be too close to the frontline to escape collateral damage.

In an election about trust ... (again)

Dear Leader said there would be no more big spending initiatives.
But yesterday, she supported a $150million project to widen some train tunnels.
Trust her to say one thing one day, and another thing another day.

Hat tip: Liberty Scott

How Terribly Sad

Here's a guy with immense talent, caught in the horrific whirlpool of alcoholism.

Cullendar Admits He Doesn't Know What To Do

That's why he's announced his economic plan for NZ. He's going to talk to Condaleeza Rice.

Hasn't anyone yet told him she is an enemy of Labour? She must be. She's part of Dubbya's administration, she's a committed Christian and she's a Presbyterian.

In an election about trust....

Trust Liarbour to try and hide its failures in health..

6 years early?

Being a Christian family, we still receive the occasional email from the Kiwi Party asking for our party vote.
Whilst I have no doubts about the sincerity and integrity of the people involved, this is not your time.
In a truly Catch 22 situation, 50% of any party vote for you is a vote directly for Labour. Sorry guys but that isn't going to happen in my house.
Get National back in with ACT this time and come knocking in 2014, by which time Labour will be well and truly buried. Assuming MMP and you survive.
Otherwise get some bright, young Christians involved in the grassroots of the major parties. There will be rich pickings as young voters flee the Green party.

H-Fee Key

I’d be surprised if you could find anyone today who confirms they support Labour on the back of this tosh. I’d be embarrassed to admit it that’s for sure.

The best quote on the topic comes from William over at Farrar’s place:

I see the following today from a story in the Dominion on the HFee deal…
“In the end the government was also criticised for benefitting at the expense of Equiticorp creditors and shareholders by turning a blind eye to the H fee transaction.The government was ordered by the courts to pay $268m as its share of liability for the sale of NZ Steel.

The judge at the time said the government “unjustly enriched” itself through the shonky deal.” I wonder if it is worth posting a picture, DPF, of any Government Cabinet ministers from this time, especially those with the initials HC?

Surely if she “worked” for the same organisation that did a shonky deal she must have known about this…. hell, she might even have signed something to authorise it, as we know her propensity for signing work that isn’t hers.

Labour Promises Corruption Commission

Labour's moon lit moonbat Minister for Favorable Family Placements has promised that if re-elected, Labour will set up a Special Commission of enquiry into organised criminal gangs.

Walk the Bypass Opening

It will have its work cut out investigating the affairs of the New Zealand Labour Party.

Premature Ejaculation

In a media master stroke, The Herald ensured the antics of Labour's crazed party leadership and their hounding of John Key received maximum publicity - all of it adverse. The build up up yesterday was intense but last night the bomb exploded - right in their gormless faces.

John Key. Photo / Sarah Ivey

Thanks to the umpire Charles Sturt who loudly shouted 'no ball' and to some immaculate stroke play from John Key who effortlessly knocked their amateurish googly over the ropes for six. He handled it superbly and as a result had added immeasurably to his mana and kudos.

Meanwhile the haggard harridan lied through her snaggled teeth again. "I had nothing to do with this." Come on Helen, are you or are you not the party's Chief Strategist? Nobody believes you were not right in there at the helm, pushing your party's only policy thus far released. You know the one? Your 'Get John Key' no matter what it takes policy.

What a hopeless pack of incompetent dunderheads. They can't even organize a decent smear campaign and they want to run the country? The same country they've already run into the ground?

The Obama Files

Less than a week to go to the US Presidential Elections.
According to the media, it's not looking good for John McCain, but perhaps they are missing something, like these stories, for example, though the MSM is having to take notice on occassion.
Obama is buying the election by illegally taking funds from overseas.
He's also taking untraceable donations.And doing well from Wall Street.
Barack Obama says his mentor and pastor Rev William "Goddam America" Wright is a "wonderful man" and "the best of what the black church has to offer."
His comments on wealth redistribution also included comparing the US to Nazi Germany.
Meanwhile, on top of Acorn, we now have further reports of voter fraud by Obama and his supporters during the Democratic primaries.
The Hillbuzz blog of Clinton supporters backing McCain earlier reported other voter fraud by Obama supporters which I blogged about recently.
Last night, they said things don't look to bad for McCain, who they believe will still win, due to Clinton fans backing McCain.
And in other news, ZombieTime showed evidence of further links between Obama and the Weather Underground. Obama and William Ayres even lived in New York at the same time. Obama has also given different accounts of his involvement in anti-aparthied campaigns.
Word of the real Barack Obama may be getting out.
There are stories of how Obama supporters are able to make the Messiah's support greater than it is by contactin the media and postin on blogs. Some polls are tightening and McCain is doing better in early polling than might be expected.
So McCain may win after all, as the PUMAs say. There may well be a last-minute surprise.

Some homophobic bigotry at No Minister

I had to laugh yesterday when I read that Little Britain 'promotes hatred.'
Among the hatred is homophobia, even though one of the show's two main stars, Matt Lucas, is gay himself.
Lucas is famous for playing Daffyd Thomas, "the only gay in the village,” who constantly outs himself in a tiny Welsh village, only to be only to be disappointed at meeting acceptance, indifference to his sexuality, and more gays than he imagined or wanted.

It mocks the stereotype of a raging queen, and professional victim, but the laughter it invites comes not from a hatred of gays, but a (hopeful) recognition that our villages most certainly have more than one gay and there’s no need to play the lonely martyr," writes Andrew Bolt.
"The comedy wouldn’t work if Daffyd’s sexuality was treated with hatred and derision. The fun is in recognising that Daffyd is out of time, protesting against a bigotry he can no longer find, but needs to hide his own shyness and naivity. And in laughing at him, we congratulate ourselves for our tolerance of - or, much better, affection for - the only gay in the village.
That’s why Daffyd is not just a loved cultural icon in Britain, but a hero in Australia.

Indeed, as a blog sometimes derided for its wingnuttery, No Minister is to feature some more Little Britain bigotry here , here, here, and here.

Apparantly, though, some feathers were ruffled in the USA, with a West Hollywood gay group also offended at such 'homophobia.'

So what can we say about this 'offensive' story from the Onion News Network about the first openly gay race horse competing this weekend. I wonder if he knows Winston?

First Openly Gay Racehorse To Compete Sunday

Hat tip: Andrew Bolt, Onion News Network

US Presidential candidates quiz

Yesterday seemed be the day of the political quiz.
I've just completed a quiz over at Fox News (see above) and it seems my views are closest to John McCain, but only at 48%.
Other high hiders were a Republican called Alan Keyes, closely followed by some Libertarian guy and a radical socialist feminist.
I guess its my liberalism on abortion and gay marriage, coupled with my anti-immigration, pro-hanging, pro-gun rights opinions, and freemarket economics that causes the difficulty to pigeonhole me neatly into a US political party.
At the bottom, and no surprises there, was Barack Obama at 28%, with Ralph Nader scoring a little above.
Now Pundit, who has the NZ election quiz mentioned earlier by Adolf and others, also features the original US candidates quiz.
This time, I was closest a 68% to former Republican Congressman Bob Barr, who was the Presiential Candidate for the Libertarians (I've obviously been corrupted by Peter Cresswell and Liberty Scott!) followed by John McCain on 61% and Barack Obama on 41%!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Story of Two Helens

In response to the Liarbour Party ad about the Two Johns, which breaches advertising standards, Whale Oil has produced this excellent little video.
I only hope it is the first of many in the run up to Polling Day.

Obama allays experience fears

Obama Undertakes Presidential Internship To Ease Concerns About His Lack Of Experience

Hat tip: The Onion News Ntework & Guido Fawkes

UPDATE: John McCain highlights grim reailty in new campaign ad.

Labour Lies Again

Even the Advertising Standards Authority can no longer stomach the crap that Labour is dishing up on its TV adverts.

Trust Labour, to distort, to dissemble, to misrepresent, to flat out lie. For them the test is not 'is it the truth" but rather 'will we be caught out?"

Lately Shifty and Fiscal Fool are being caught out flat lying, more often than not.

The real crime of the century

So the Walking Wallet goes to Oz to get the dirt on Key and bring back a loaded gun. Compared to 9 years of Labour twisting and rorting every possible aspect of our parliament to their end, Key getting a free lunch 20 odd years ago certainly rates up there.

Eugene Who?

Adolf thinks voters won't be much interested in the Labour Party's latest desperate and pathetic attack on John Key. Voters would have been more interested in what Labour plans to do to salvage NZers' economic prosperity. But Labour doesn't want to talk about that - it's just too embarrassing.

I'd like to know whether parliamentary services paid for Williams' dirt digging trip to Melbourne or was he on another of hus 'overseas fund raising trips, selling Kiwi indulgences to foreigners?

A Neutron Bomb or a pop-gun?: Granny leaks Liarbour's dirt!!

The New Zealand Herald this afternoon leaks the 'neutron bomb' surrounding John Key, perhaps explaining why Dear Leader sought to campaign on the issue of 'trust.'

Winston mentioned it on tv this week and Tumeke! weeks back said they expected the story to come out ten days before the poll. Liarbour was planning to release it tomorrow.

So here we are, and what is the story?

Well, all will be revealed tomorrow, but it appears John Key's recollection of events may not tally with what some court records show concerning some financial shenanigans known as H-fee.

It all happened 20 years ago.

And as Granny Herald clearly states: There is no evidence that he was involved in handling the sham transactions.

And while Clint Heine's blog says the revalations show how the election is taking a naty turn, the test will be how Key responds to it.

As the Dim-Post notes, it's not the crime that kills you, but the cover it up.

But doesn't it show the desperation of the shifty and manipultive one to release a story now for maximum effect, to take her and her poodle's own lies and corruption off the front pages.

Remember, this election is about trust. And trust Liarbour to play dirty!!

UPDATE: Don't fall about laughing, says Queen Bee.

In an election about trust, Glenngate confirms the lies, corruption and hypocracy of the Liarbour First Axis

In an election about trust, doesn't the Glenngate affair highlight the corruption and hypocrisy at lies at he heart of Helegrad and Winston First?
It's so bad, even TVOne is noticing.
Leading the lunchtime news was Owen Glenn hitting out at Uncle Helen.
She knew about what was going on, Glenn said, and she displayed disloyalty (see the 2min 12 sec video at the side).
Their story quoted Glenn's interview on Newtalk ZB with Paul Holmes this morning, but Glenn's interview with state-owned National Radio was little better for Liarbour.
"She was aware of it all," Glenn said.
And commenting how people like Mike Williams talk, he commented:
"These people are very careful with what they say. Mike Williams says something like 'there is no objection from the Labour party'.. but it's upto the Foreign Minister. The couch it in different terminology , they lik to preserve thisdefensive barrier around the PM."
So, there we have it. Dear Leader knew all along and people lie/mislead to protect her.
Now, this seems to have escaped much of the coverage of the story this afternoon but there is certainly much to show the dishonesty of Winston Peters, Helen Clark and the Liarbour First Axis.
The Dominion Post notes how the release of those official papers yesterday certainly contradicts with what Winston Peters has been saying.
Dear Leader, meanwhile, is happy to run a government with Winston Peters. Her lust for power puts principle first, so unlike John Key who has rejected Peters from a National-led government. Indeed, John Amstrong notes the story is a worry for Peters, a headache for Helen Clark and a vindication for John Key.
Audrey Young , whose integrity was questioned by Peters, blogging this afternoon seems scathing of both, particulalrly Peters.
And while the focus is so obviously Peters, we need to recall her lies and misrepresentations too.
As Uncle Helen says, this election is about trust and having being Liarbour's sugar daddy, Owen Glenn knows at great cost to himself that Liarbour, Clark and Peters are not to be trusted.

or this one

They wouldn't do my one

This is it in reality

But enjoy the competition and enjoy these entries too.

Remember, the only way for a National-led government under John Key is to Party Vote ACT or Party Vote National.

Anything else will help HER.

UPDATE: The Greens sent me this reply:

Sorry, the image you uploaded for the "Vote For Us" billboard did not get the go ahead. It wasn't considered suitable (this is an election after all!) Please try again with another image. If you want to discuss your submission, email

Now The Kids Will Be Safe

Sue Bradford is the most repulsively stupid person I think I have ever seen occupy a seat in our Parliament.

Fran's War Cabinet to tackle Financial Crisis

Our favourite Fran, Fran O'Sullivan today calls for a War Cabinet- both the big parties coming togther to get New Zeland through the economic crisis ahead.
Certainly the idea of bringing in a wider range to talents to develop a recovery plan is an excellent suggestion.
But considering how Liarbour helped get New Zealand into the mess, they are hardy qualified to help get us out of it.
However, I hope John Key looks at Fran's suggestions, such as a council of economic advisers, aproductivity commission, etc, etc.
The crisis shaping up to be a bad one, and John Key will need all the help he can get to articulate and deliver the radical action that will be necessary.

Paris for President! But look who we have!

Its good to see Paris Hilton have some fun with this great video.

But what a contrast comparing the lovely Paris with our own Uncle Helen.

And look at their pets. If Paris has a sweet chiahauhau, what doesUncle Helen have? A pit bull?

Well, she does have Trevor Mallard!


This is good news.

Small businesses here need to know they can be funded.

It will also help stabilise our $. Personally I think the dollar will eventually settle around the 60c mark.

It's Time

It's time for the bold early prediction. A comfortable majority for NACTional with Dunny bringing up the rear.

Party name Party Votes won Party seat entitlement No. of electorate seats won No. of list MPs Total MPs % of MPs
Act New Zealand 4.00% 5 1 4 5
The Greens 10.00% 12 0 12 12
Jim Anderton's Progressive 0.50% 1 1 0 1
M�ori Party 2.50% 3 6 0 6 * 4.88%
New Zealand Labour Party 31.00% 39 0 39 39
New Zealand National Party 47.00% 59 0 59 59
United Future New Zealand 1.00% 1 1 0 1
Totals 96.00% 120 9 114 123 100.00%

Fiscal fool fools around with Fonterra

No wonder Adolf calls him the fiscal fool.

There's Michael Cullen wanting to build a railtrck to Fonterra's dairy plant down there.

But Fonterra doesn't want to use it.

Remember, this is the man who paid several times more for KiwiRal thn it was ctually worh.

This is the man who blew off thesurplus created during the good times, leaving a decade of deficits.

And remeber it is his party and those watermelon greens that want to spend billions on rail and buses, while the overwhelming majority prefer to stick with out trucks and cars.

The man truly is fool!

Well There You Go

  • 1 The ACT Party 81% similarity
  • 2 The National Party 68% similarity
  • 3 New Zealand First Party 51% similarity
  • 49% similarity

Where the sun doesn't shine

Seems there is a big uptake for ACT's "stick the Carbon Trading Scheme where the sun doesn't shine" policy. Only problem is that its on the other side of the Tasman.

What will it take for National to wake up and come on board?
The last thing our farmers, industries and citizens need right now is to be lumbered with another item on their expense sheet, just so some fruitloop greenies and socialists can take more of our money, freedoms and choices away.

Interestingly, it seems it is the younger people waking up to the con. Maybe they are now realising that the "fears" they have been force fed aren't all they are cracked up to be.

It seems back here that an ACT party vote is looking more and more like the only vote for common sense.

Liarbour fails on hospital productivity

Liarbour has doubled the spending on health but has nothing to show for it.
Productivity has slumped according to a new report.
The study, by analyst Mani Maniparathy, shows the inflation-adjusted cost for each operation, consultation and other "outputs" declined by around 8 per cent in Labour's first two years. It then rose by 12 per cent - or 18 per cent if outpatients and several other patient groupings are included.
Well, we all know how useless Liarbour is at spending our money.
They stuffed it up in the good times.
Can we trust them in the bad?

Mead's boot

As the truth about Peters dealings with Glenn Owen surfaces, the most disappointing aspect to me is Helen Clark's response

Prime Minister Helen Clark said there was "no issue" because no appointment had been made.

"No issue" pretty much scrapes the bottom of the barrel as far as excuses go.
Mind you, she did write the book on "move on, nothing to see here"

It is also an insult to a great NZer that Peters drags Colin Mead's boots into the argument.
There would be more integrity in Mead's sprig than the whole of the Clark's motley coalition.

Reminder #2

Déjà vu?

"Clark's not on solid ground when it comes to hidden agendas. As deputy Prime Minister and Labour's key strategist at the 1990 election she helped perpetrate the big lie of that campaign. In 1990, New Zealand was teetering towards economic recession. But the Labour Cabinet kept claiming right up to election day that the Government's accounts were in surplus.

National Prime Minister Jim Bolger's plans for a decent society were scuppered when he was confronted by officials just one day after the election with news of a serious fiscal crisis that they had kept secret under Labour's orders.

The Bank of New Zealand was about to go belly-up, something senior Labour ministers had known about for weeks, and the Treasury was forecasting a $3.7 billion deficit for the 1991/92 year which would blow out to a $5.2 billion deficit by 1993/94 unless drastic actions were taken. Bolger's Cabinet had to cut costs to avert a major credit rating downgrade for New Zealand.

These are the conditions that led to the mother of all budgets."

Who do you trust now?

Hat Tip: Inventory2.

Dumb and dumberer

Research from the UK shows that many teenagers today are less bright than a generation ago.
It appears the brighter ones have suffered most as schools focus more on those of lesser ability.
More might be passing exams, but are the standards as high as they were?
When studying for my O'levels in the 1980s in Britain, I do recall a general trend that the older the exam paper you saw, the harder it tended to be.
Reasons given for the decline in British intelligence also include kids spending so much on computers and playing games. Teaching methods are also mentioned and I would agree standardswill have fallen.
I would say there are other reasons too. A general dumbing down in the media including television. We see fewer documentaries but more trashy reality programmes and game shows. The news seems as obsessed with trivia and entertainment as opposed to what really matters.
The welfare state is also to blame, with it encouraing the feckless and idle to breed, while the brighter ones are too busy working to pay the tax to support those who prefer not to work. We are paying the wrong ones to breed!
Anyway, I am sure you can think of other reasons, especially as I guess we will see similar findings in New Zealand.
Will both countries be like the film Idiocracy which postulated a dumbed down America 500 years from now. But I guess on current trends, British schools won't be schools by then. They will have been replaced by madrassas!

Labour Bludgers

Here's how you get to play golf without paying green fees.

You turn up at the appointed time with your clubs and other gear and when it's time to pay your green fees, you turn to your mates and say 'No, I don't pay green fees, I send the bill to the Minister of Sport.'

Better still, you send your kids along to the pro for golf lessons and when he asks to be paid you tell him to send the account to the Sports minister or maybe Jesus Christ.

That's what the free loading Labour candidate for East Coast Bays does.

Viv Goldsmith sends her kids along to all the school functions and activities which are funded by parents' donations but she doesn't pay anything herself. Now doesn't that tell you absolutely everything you ever needed to know about the attitude of Labour Party people?

Freeloaders, bludgers, scroungers, parasites.