Saturday, May 31, 2008

At last.....

Want to get depressed regularly? Want to shout insults at a group of men? Want to hurl things at television sets? Just tell 'em you're a Warriors supporter .

My wife and I have been that way since 1995 and have ridden all the highs and lows, from Grand Finals to Wooden spoons, and this season's effort from the team was beginning to look pretty damn dire as well, but now there is a glimmer of hope. Finally a win in Australia, Warriors 18 - Newcastle 16.
It wasn't pretty and had all the drama you could hope for: dubious reffing decisions (in both directions), the not unusual sight of the Warriors defending their line again and again, far too many dropped balls at the most inopportune times, and some marvellous tries.

Grant's Player(s) of the match: The Warriors grafters, Micheal Luck and Simon Mannering. Special mention for Paddy Ah Van - who knew he could kick goals?

Tip for Ivan: For crying out loud, buy Brent Tate some boots with decent sprigs on them.

Young Hillary

See how the kid Clinton was a right miss bossy boots!
I wonder if Dear Leader was the same?

For whom the poll tolls

Two polls are out tomorrow, says Colin Espiner.
First, the long awaited TVNZ Colmar-Brunton poll.
And TV3 has a poll out too.
I wonder what might be in them.
I haven't heard any rumours though Fran Mold tonight said the Greens were up to 7% in the Tv1 poll.

More good news for the Greens

The Greens will be happy. Those horrible people who pollute their way halfway around the world to visit us, don't seem so keen on the idea anymore.
The view has been nice but I see more job losses over the horizon

One in every 10 New Zealanders are either directly or indirectly employed in tourism.

3 Little Ducks all in a row

The pond really is getting interesting.

I wonder what 'Unty Helen is saying

Artic Bathing

A quick reminder

Great Global Warming Swindle, screens on Prime TV this Sunday June 1st at 8.40pm.

Green Duck Shooting

I'm with FFM and Adolf here.

The Greens have quacked up to Helen for so long they have swam themselves into a corner. Their problem is that no honest government will want a bar of them.

Bring on duck shooting season

Why I Can Never Vote For The Greens

I wondered how long it would take before the commies would bleat to the capitalists.

The hairy smelly denizen of the Coromandel jungle wants the dairy farmers of NZ to supply the bludgers' of New Zealand with milk, cheese, butter and yogurt.

" would be a good thing for the New Zealand company to do to help kiwis struggling with high food prices."

It would be an even better thing for New Zealand voters to throw her and her Labour cronies out of office.

It is Genetix and her gangster friends in Labour (so well illustrated above) who have caused incomes to decline to their present third world standard where we can no longer afford to buy the very foodstuffs we produce.

This is the real 'defining election issue' of our time.

Jack Nicholas case

From here:

Speaking to Radio New Zealand, Foreman's counsel, Bruce Squire QC, lashed out at the police investigation, labelling it "shoddy" and "selective".

He said police had made the "fatal flaw" that characterised many investigations of picking a particular individual and trying to fit a case around them, instead of thoroughly investigating a crime and remaining open minded until all the evidence was clear.

"They simply picked the wrong man and they should have known it long before they charged him," Mr Squire said.

Then, from here:

Napier Crown prosecutor Russell Collins declined any comment on Wednesday night after a jury acquitted Haumoana man Murray Foreman.

But he said on Thursday he was happy to comment on allegations by defence counsel Bruce Squire QC that Operation Kaweka was "shoddy" and "selective", focusing on one individual and fitting a case around him.

Mr Collins said there were 400 suspects, and it was more than 18 months before police made an arrest.

"It is totally unfair to say that it was shoddy and selective," he said. "There was a number of suspects and they were investigated thoroughly before any decision was made to charge Mr Foreman. I was surprised the criticism was levelled at the police," he said.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Labour's plan to 'destroy Peters'.

Oh, the plan was written twenty years ago but is still prophetic.
The strategies included ignoring Mr McKinnon ("Don Who?"), discrediting Miss Richardson ("inconsistent, expedient") and dismissing Mr Peters as "arrogant, flashy, superficial, lacking in substance".

The paper said Mr Peters had "third party appeal, now fading fast - shrill".

Mr Peters said the strategy failed because Labour had too many problems of its own. But he said parts of the report were "obviously insightful".

Sure were Winston!

Jumping into bed with Helen Clark

After being her bitch for so long, Green Party co-leader Jeanette Fitsimonsfeels scorned. And hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
John Armstrong in today's Weekend Herald notes the fury of the normally placid Green, who turned on Liarbour in Parliament on Thursday.
Fitzsimons noted Liarbour's poor environmental record, despite its rhetoric, such as rapidly rising carbon emissions, even blaming Liarbour over a possible future extinction of the Hector's dolphin.
At the Greens annual conference last night, Nandor Tanczos told the party faithful that supporting Liarbour was a 'mistake.'
So the penny has finally dropped, that being too left-wing and shunning National means that they can well and truly be rooted by Liarbour. Tanczos fancies working with the Maori Party.
Instead of being just water melons, Green on the outside and red in the middle, perhaps an accomodation with National might be possible, or at least having the credible threat of such a possibility, then they might be able to strike a better bargain with Dear Leader.
You can see why Winston Peters gained so many baubles as the captain still had the plausible option of going with National.
Liarbour's history is one of using and abusing people as it suits them. There are dangers to jumping into bed with Helen Clark.
Today we see how Liarbour set out to destroy Winston Peters, who know props up a Liarbour-led adminitration. No doubt Liarbour would like to destroy Winnie today too.
Dear Leader has hung out Maryann Street to dry over the Housing NZ conferences fiasco.
Dear Leaders also looks set to do the same with Energy Minister David Parker should there be power cuts.
So indeed, the Greens need to assess their Liarbour love affair.
But National too need to look warily at what the Greens might offer future National -led coalition. There certainly needs to be a rejection of the neo-marxist policies we see at the moment.
The media simply sees the Greens as well-meaning tree-higging hippies. Few if any see what lies behind.
Thus, I hope Zen Tiger will update the research he did into Green Policies at Election 2005, when the media accused the Exclusive Bretheren of 'smearing' the Greens, but Zentiger found the Bretheren claims were largely true.
In the meantime, the smaller parties and government ministers need to realise Dear Leader is the preying mantis of New Zealand politics. If need be, after she has made love to you, she will eat you alive!

A Family Man

Adolf has been asked to deliver to the assembled multitude on Sunday a five minute address on 'what it means to be a family man.'

I'm really struggling to think of anything to say.

Do I remark that is seems silly to go out and pay $1,000 for a bit of tough old brisket when you have an unlimited supply of rump steak at home? Naaah. Don't think that would go down with this particular audience.

Should I reflect on how lucky I was to have parents who were loyal and were never heard to utter a cross word to each other?

Will I allude to the potential difficulties faced by children raised in single parent families? Particularly single parent welfare dependent families? (yes) Even though that might have me accused of being 'political.'

Do I lament the modern day trend towards denigration of the traditional 'normal' family unit of mother (woman), father (man) and their natural or adopted offspring? (yes)

Do I lament the popularity of abortion as a de facto means of 'family planning' wherein little effort seems to be made to encourage the adoption of unwanted children. It's so much more convenient to kill them before birth. (yes)

Should I remark on the irony that those who shout loudest about civilian deaths in Iraq are nowhere to be seen when it comes to our own civilian deaths outrage in New Zealand? The twenty thousand or so live, kicking unborn babies put to death each year.

Why, that's nearly as many civilians as were murdered each year in Iraq before Saddam Hussein was brought to account.

Cullen Takes The Bait

The Labour dim bulbs just don't have enough brains to know when they are being suckered.

While Mallard re-invents his tired 'policies written in Washington' story, re-branded as 'assets being sold to Ockers,' Cullen tells the Greens that he bought the train wreck for 'environmental reasons' and every man and his dog screams 'National will sell state assets.

At the same time as all this high pitched squawking is going on, Cullen is spending every last penny of nine years' surpluses to ensure there's no money for National in 2009.

John Key will be rubbing his hands with glee.


Because Cullen is setting the scene for public approval of the biggest asset sales programme since 1985.

By early 2009, the economy will be in much poorer shape than it is now, petrol prices will have risen to $2.50, interest rates will remain high, food prices will be up another ten percent, about 5,000 more jobs will have been lost and middle income Kiwis will be facing starvation or foreclosure. Most, if not all, of these problems are a direct result of Cullen's blinkered and ideological economic mismanagement - predominantly his failure to reign in massive growth in wasteful government expenditure.

Under those circumstances, John Key will announce an emergency mini-budget in which excise on petrol will be slashed, income tax further reduced, the RBNZ inflation criteria extended to 5.0% for two years, all pseudo government departments abolished immediately, government department staff numbers reduced by a huge 20% and selected state owned "assets" sold, with proceeds directed to funding the infrastructure necessary to pull us out of the mire.

But, but, but what about the milk solids bonanza? I hear you ask.

Well indeed, what about the milk solids bonanza?

You don't seriously think all those cockies are going to pay tax on it do you? No, cockies don't pay tax. They pay accountants instead. They'll go out and borrow to the hilt and buy more land - no matter what the interest rate - rather than pay tax.

That's the way it's always been.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Benson-Pope solicits all offers

It seems if David Benson-Pope names his price, Winston might just give Labour what they want: 5% for the Poodle.

Labour MP David Benson-Pope says he would consider standing for another party if he was approached...

Asked in an interview on Radio Dunedin if he would consider standing for New Zealand First or the Greens, he said: "I would think about it, if it were to happen....

It's called political prostitution. PSB should know all about that.

Let's look at the machinations: Labour gives Winston 2% in the latest poll via their Budget and $100 million bucks in return for him taking on PSB as Dunedin South candidate for NZ1st.

Who' screwing who here?

Blue Chip Barrister Befriends Bridgecorp Burglar

Being a Lawyer is an amazing thing.

One day you are revered for going into bat for the downtrodden and victimised.

The very next day you are defending someone who, for all intents and purposes, caused similar misery.


Friday Frolics

It's Friday afternoon and time for some fun at No Minister with our regular Friday Frolics.
As if seeing Liarbour slip further in the polls and endure more scandal and hypocrisy isn't enough fun!
I'm going to try and keep it relatively clean this week, so let's see how we go.
First of all, quote of the week goes to someone over at Kiwiblog on the issue of top UK blogger Iain Dale 'marrying his partner after so many years.
One person said such a thing was 'nothing to celebrate.'
But here came the riposte
"What’s to celebrate? How about at least two married men who will not have to put up with a nagging wife????
Blog of the week, as PM noted last night is Big Girls Blouse!
Of course lefties like them might think some of us need 'sensitivity training' , though what if it turns out like this?
Of course, responding to the left might need some training in giving insults.
Here are some of the most devastating insults from around the world.
Meanwhile, as the Hillary specials (see above) may not be the taste of US Dhimmicrats, here's a trailer for the Obama thriller 'Clear and Present Danger.'
Now, we might think Liarbour and the Dummicrats live in another world, well maybe we will find be told the right one, when proof of Alien life is meant to be exposed today, reports the Rocky Mountain News.
Finally, the Archbishop Cramer blog reveals what has happened to examination standards in British education and what lies ahead.
:1. Teaching Maths
In 1970:A logger sells a truckload of lumber for £100. His cost of production is 4/5 of the price. What is his profit?
2. Teaching Maths In 1980:A logger sells a truckload of lumber for £100. His cost of production is 4/5 of the price, or £80. What is his profit?
3. Teaching Maths In 1990:A logger sells a truckload of lumber for £100. His cost of production is £80. Did he make a profit?
4. Teaching Maths In 2000:A logger sells a truckload of lumber for £100. His cost of production is £80 and his profit is £20. Your assignment: Underline the number 20.
5. Teaching Maths In 2008:A logger cuts down a beautiful forest because he is selfish and inconsiderate and cares nothing for the habitat of animals or the preservation of our woodlands. He does this so he can make a profit of £20. What do you think of this way of making a living? Topic for class participation after answering the question: How did the birds and squirrels feel as the logger cut down their homes? (There are no wrong answers. )
6. Teaching Maths 2018:أ المسجل تبيع حموله شاحنة من الخشب من اجل 100 دولار. صاحب تكلفة الانتاج من الثمن. ما هو الربح ل

Scandals home in on Liarbour hypocrisy

"The party is over. The nonsense is going to stop," Clark said in October 1999.
"Labour will be a very careful custodian of taxpayers' money no more squandering of taxpayers' money on luxury resorts."

Colin Espiner today reports that Housing New Zealand has staged not two but six conferences at luxury resorts, with a total spend now topping $250,000.
It’s certainly not a good look for a Government that slammed state sector extravagance when in Opposition to be presiding over a department that is charged with housing the poorest and most vulnerable yet sees nothing wrong with sending staff to some of New Zealand’s poshest venues.
It is good to see Colin and National's Housing spokesman Phil Healey highlight Helen's hypocrisies over the whole affair, which is the main point.
Meanwhile, the NZ Herald editorial 'Labour caught on the hop' recalls similarities with 1999.
The National Party, which endured criticism of that event at the time, was only too ready to remind the Labour Government that it had promised to put an end to conferences at expensive venues. Yet here was another state agency charged with aiding the poor doing something similar, and apparently unaware how bad this looked.
The NZ Herald notes other Lirbour hypocracy and scandal first with the controversy over Owen Glenn similar to the infamous dinner Kevin Roberts had with Jenny Shipley all those years ago.
Then it mentions another Clark pledge from the past.
Labour, said Helen Clark, would "abandon the culture of golden handshakes, negotiated in secrecy and paying people for doing nothing". Yet Ralph Craven left Transpower with a $350,000 payout, despite questions about the handling of Cook Strait cable problems.
And whilst Dear Leader might put the Housing NZ scandal down to the inexperience of Maryann Street, one commenter over at Martin Kay's entry notes the following:
"It’s all very rich of Street to have blamed the Board and management of Housing NZ for 9 years of these types of conferences when Street herself was on the Board of Housing NZ for a while so was probably recieving regular reports on sensitive expenditure. At the very least as deputy chair of the board for a while the board should have been setting guidelines on this sort of stuff for management to comply with.
Labour even trumpeted that this was useful for her moving into the Housing portfolio when she got it last year."
No wonder Kay expects more embarassments to follow...

The apple core

I am begining to get the feeling that around 35% is Labour's core support.

These people will vote for Helen come Hell or high water.

60% of the population will be moving on with their lives after the next election, (I know that only adds up to 95% but in my book the 5% Green bullshitters don't count.) but these people will be stuck in some weird time warp where they still grasp onto the failed ideology of last century. They should wake up to the realities of this century.

There will be enough new threats and difficulties facing New Zealand this century without having to deal to the remnants of Helen's failed socialist state.

Liarbour: The Cancerous, corrosive, dirty, nasty party!

As Liarbour sink further in the polls, the sleazy Trevor Mallard once more reprises the role of Muckraker General.

He accuses National of having talks with Australian businessmen about some sale and leaseback arrangement for state owned enterprises.

National is reportedly angry about this, though I might wonder if they might perhaps laugh off Duckman's allegations instead.

For we are still awaiting evidence of the infamous American bagmen that Mallard claimed were funding National, influencing policy or whatever, way back in Election 2005.

Still, Dear Leader needs her little lapdog to create the weapons of mass distraction from her government's own incompetence and growing failings.

Indeed, noting some of the syndicated blogs being published through the Thorndon Bubble, I noted more examples of Liarbour smears yesterday afternoon.

Following on from an Otago Daily Times column that referred to David Farrar's Curia Market Research company doing the recent Family First poll, a couple of commentators were alleging Curia operated from Willis Street and was essentially the marketing wing of the National Party.

Now, David says that he polls for Liarbour politicians too and I doubt there's a businessman in the capital that can afford to turn down such a dominant employer as the government and its party. Anyway, when David kindly showed me his offices the other week, I could have sworn they were in Thorndon Quay, a stones throw from where David lives!

Next up, I noted allegations made about Whale Oil and a former business of his. Whale Oil once assured me that any problems with the business were the fault of his business partner. I too am capable of using Google and have seen various articles online.

Either way, it all shows what dirty muckraking scum exists in the Liarbour Party and among its supporters. Not content with smearing National, they now go for the country's top two political bloggers for supporting it.

I'm not going to say whether the right should retaliate, but I guess if the left and their lapdog bloggers find themselves exposed for wrongdoing, they only have themselevs to blame.

Cullen delivers Election winning budget..........for National!

Well, I knew the budget was not a poll winner for Liarbour, but at least I had expected some firming up of Liarbour support.
Instead, as today's poll shows, Liarbour has fallen further and John Key stays ahead has preferred PM.
Granny Herald today reports Liarbour down one to 36.2% with National down 0.6% to 51.5%, giving them a slighting growing lead to 15.3%.
Sampling taken after the budget saw Liarbour slump to 35.3%!!!!
Women seem more inclined to vote Liarbour, and yes the old do go for NZ First.
Winnie seems to be a winner, along with the Greens, being above the 5% threshold.
Economic issues are tops, along with tax cuts and hospital waiting lists, three things Liarbour has a most wondrous record of achievement on! :)
Indeed, Brian Fallow yesterday reported the economy was going into 'shark infested waters' and Cullen's budget gives us less protection than ever.
Strange the healthy support for the greens, when their enviro-socialism is behind current high prices and the threats for even higher fuel prices, unless of course, the true believers went from Liarbour to Green when the government was forced to delay some of its fuel tax raising measures.
Well, with the polls still trending down for Liarbour, and Cullen once more delivering a damp squib, I can only wonder what TV1 will have on store this Sunday should they follow previous trends and deliver the first true post-budget poll.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Artful Roger

Just got home from an ACT Party knees up in a pub at Albany. There was an excellent turn out - eighty to a hundred people.

Sir Roger was the guest speaker and this was the first time I had seen him speak, in the flesh. He was very good. Clear, simple, straight forward and logical yet with considerable emotive appeal. A consummate salesman with a good message.

He looked fit, energetic and keen.

Adolf was introduced to the assembly as the National Party's spy.

I was so pleased to hear The Great Man eschew that awful slogan ACT used last time round. Do you remember it? 'Let's Keep National Honest.' No wonder they got people's backs up. Implying your mates are dishonest is not the most intelligent way to court them as a coalition partner. The new slogan is much better - 'Lets be There to Make a Difference.' Much more friendly.

Adolf has said many times before that the best possible outcome for New Zealand would be a National, ACT, Maori Party coalition with over sixty percent of the party vote between them. Nothing he has seen or heard lately causes this view to change.

Then you'd get some policy. Then you'd get some real change for the better.

I'll happily wear out a bit of she leather to give them a hand.

No Minister bloggers "threat to mothers"

I have to agree with Blair that Big Girl's Blouse is awesome. And how chuffed I was to notice that on a blogroll in which NZ's bloggers are given unsavoury names like "Wankfest," "Total Fucktard" and "Takes it up the arse," your hosts here at No Minister are given the (relative) accolade "Motherfuckers." Yeah, that No Minister, he must be one bad motherfucker.

On second thoughts, maybe I should have shut up - no doubt by tomorrow we'll be listed as "dog felchers" or something...

How soon before New Zealand is also 'Islamised?'

The Church of England has warned that the UK will be an Islamic Nation in 2038.

"This progress has been enthusiastically assisted by this government in particular with its hard-line multi-cultural dogma and willingness to concede to virtually every demand made by Muslims."

"Religious trends and our religious future," from the Church of England News gives the alarming wake-up call, no-one should ignore.
It reports a pandering by goverment to Islamic extremistson many issues including abandoning legislation specifically referring to 'honour killings.'

The point is that Islam is being institutionalised, incarnated, into national structures amazingly fast, at the same time as demography is showing very high birthrates.

Of course, it might help if the CofE dumped that dhimmified Archbishop of Canterbury who supports elements of Islamic law integated into British law, and replaced him perhaps with the Archbishop of YorK John Sentanu, who seems to have more faith in Christianity, as it were.
I was back in the UK over Christmas and just in a few years the Islamisation was striking.
My home town and village were perfectly safe and anglo-white, but take a trip to Leeds.
There you pass through a muslim suburb before arriving at the prosperous and multi-cultural CBD.
The local evening paper employed journalists with muslim names. The regional and national tv featured stories on honour killing trials. The national press ran stories about Muslims in Bradford attacking incoming Polish immigrants for 'taking their jobs'; or there would be some tale about Christ being removed from Christmas celebrations as lefties sought to appease Muslims.
And we see films like 'War is Coming, Are you ready?', with the police unable to cope with Muslim protesters; prison officers afraid of muslim gangs , a muslim convert trying to set off a nail bomb in a shopping centre, a Muslim elder kills a British National Party activist, are just recent examples of the troubles facing Britain.
Melanie Philips in The Spectator notes the dangerous naivety of those who downplay the threat posed to Britain by Islamic extremists and Al Queda.
Now, Britain currently has a muslim population of just 3% but already Islam is flexing its muscles.
And in 30 years the country will be 'Islamised' warns the Church of England this week.
New Zealand is at 1% and rising.
Here, as reported before, Front Page magazine charts the progress of this Islamisation as a country's muslim population grows.
Let us prey to Jesus, even if we are not religious, that the same fate doesn't befall New Zealand.
UPDATE: UK bishops warn collapse of Christianity is wrecking British society, leaving radical Islam to fill the void. I wonder, Is the Church of England finding its balls at last?
Update 2: Scroll down at Fortress Australia Outpost for videos of Islamic Nuclear jihad and the Islamification of Britain. The problem we all face is serious.

Greens fear debate over 'climate change'

It's a good thing our resident Lefty, Psycho Milt, likes a debate.

Why else is he here at No Minister in a nest of right-wing vipers?

Pity the same cannot be said for the party he votes for.

Prime TV plans to show that British Channel 4 documentary 'The Great Global Warming Swindle' on Sunday night.

And the Greens are so outraged, reports Poneke, that they plan to complain to the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

How dare Prime TV so openly flout the religion of our times! The non-believers! Denialists! Heretics! Burn them at the stake, eh!

Now the Greenies claim 'inaccuracies in that film, but well look at the Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore. The Inconvnient Truth was, Gore's movie did not contain much truth and faced the inconvenience of being found in court to be riddled with lies. But the movie still had a showing on tv here and Gore still got his Nobel peace prize, just as Yaser Arafat got his!

It does seem the Greenies are losing the debate, or at least trying to block the debate, when increasing numbers of facts are not going to their belief. They must be afraid!

We are in a cooling spell, the US and China had severe winters, ice is thickening at the poles again, it even snowed in Baghdad and in New Zealand, the papers today reported early frosts, just as out power supplies are threatened.

There's more to climate than carbon emissions; there's solar sunspots, solar cycles and ocean currents.

Nonetheless, governments are pushing environmental legislation through to curb a problem that probably does not exist, and policies set to harm jobs and living standards everywhere.

Yet greenies and government are both engaged in censorship and intimidation.

Anyway, unlike FrogBlog, we are happy to host debate. Dennis Dutton of Arts & Letters Daily fame has launched a website for both the pros and antis to argue their case, featuring many news stories showing eiher viewpoint.

And if you cannot wait until Sunday, here's a similar sceptical film about climate change from Canada which we posted before. And here's the 'Swindle' film itself.

Liarbour 'Streets' ahead for hypocrisy and incompetence

Fine piece from John Armstrong today about the failings of Liarbour's newer cabinet ministers.
Fair from being great hopes of the future, they are turning out somewhat disappointing.
There's Maryann Street, defending the indefensible and not following the advice of the PM, getting herself into more trouble, if not actually incurring Dear Leader's wrath.
But what joy to see Liarbour reaping what it sowed in 1999. The past does come back to haunt you, with Street defending two luxury retreats, and the Hawkes Bay DHB rubs it in with news its own retreat cost just $180 all-in.
Clayton Cosgrove is fingered by Armstrong over what he may or may not know about the shennanigans in the Immigration Ministry concerning Mary Ann Thompson and various issues.
And then we have Energy Minister David Parker , initially denying potential power problems.
But Liarbour has only itself to blame.
If it truly believes in diversity, the party needs to recruit from a wider cross-section of the community than it currently does. Not just being a party dominated Maori, gays and trades unionists. Such a small gene pool to choose from. No wonder they have so many shortcomings and are so out of touch.
UPDATE: Audrey Young at the Herald loses sympathy for Street and notes her deputy-leadersip chancs are harmed by the affair.

From Power house to power at all cost

Years ago as a civil engineering student I worked one summer for the MOW, on the mighty Upper Waitaki power scheme. It was a fantastic scheme in its vision and well built by NZers.

It has been a vital cog in our economic growth for close to 30 years.

We are now in the situation where we desperately need more generation capacity as the natural cycles that constrain hydro generation come into play.

What have our leaders done in the last decade to ensure supply.

Well not much apparently, apart from pillage money from the electricity consumer and cross their fingers. They have spent our money recklessly to help ensure their own survival at the elections. Much better to have their pet social projects well funded than actually build anything useful.

They have put alot of unnecessary pressure on our long term prosperity by adopting a head in the sand mentality.

Where are the leaders with the vision to ensure that ensuring long term generation is a priority?

Nothing will lower our standard of living faster than a lack of electricity.

Another 'outing' for Panty Slut Boy

Always expect the unexpected, so the unexpected spectacle of Panty Slut Boy running as an Independent will certainly add some spice to the election campaign.
Curious comment from the South Dunedin Labour branch that 'the public comment' is behind new candidate Clare Curran, suggested they have mastered the art of lying, just like David Benson-Pope.
With Panty Slut Boy still campaigning 'party vote Liarbour', David Farrar says that if he wins, Liarbour might gain an extra seat under MMP based on Liarbour's total vote, but Whale Oil raises the prospect of National taking the electorate seat as the two Liarbour candidates split the Liarbour vote.
Either way, I am sure Panty Slut Boy will have some interesting cavassers. Members of Southern Kinx? Maybe, but perhaps not many schoolgirls!

Oh dear! And it's only May!

But already the hospitals are full, and in Auckland they could not cope with a crisis.
Looks like the wards are in for another winter of chaos, again!

What else should she apologise for?

Come on, I'm sure there's a long list of things we can think of!

St Bernard seeks and finds government waste

Bernard Hickey of Show Me the Money on Stuff should be declared St Bernard, patron Saint of the Taxpayer.
After noting Michael Cullen's 'desperate and dangerous' budget last week, St Bernard is now looking at government waste, pledging to seek it out everyday.
In two blog posts yesterday, he produced a chart showing how government spending is set to grow much faster than the rest of the economy over the next three years.
Liarbour says there is no waste and taxcuts will mean cuts in government spending and services.
But St Bernard believes strong government growth has created an atmosphere of bureaucrats employ extra people, pay for consultants, etc, without questioning whether it is needed, and whether the private sector might use such resources better.
St Bernard kicks off noting faults in the government's new Winterwatch power supplies website.
And this was before he became aware of the controversies surrounding Housing New Zealand and luxury conferences.
My belief, backed with a bit of evidence, is that fast government spending growth is one of the reasons we have very high interest rates and rising inflation, as well as low productivity growth.
Indeed, with his second post, St Bernard refers to Housing New Zealand before moving on to the many well-paid jobs within government, wondering whether they are needed.
Many are communications staff, with the Ministry of Social Development employing 19, more journalists than the Dom-Post will have in its newsroom.
Central government currently has 11 positions open for communications professionals on There are currently 35 central government jobs on offer on TradeMe that are being paid more than $75,000 a year out of a total of 76 listings. The average annual salary is about $47,000.
Fifty-three of the 76 government jobs on offer are above the average salary.
Need I say more.

Update: As Housing NZ spent another $34,000 at Hotel Du Vin, Hawkes Bay DHB do it for just $180 all-in.

UPDATE 2: David Farrar reports a growth in ministerial staff numbers.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Life begins at 40...for Kylie!

How could we forget!

Kylie Minogue, singing budgie, turned superstar, turned 40 today.
And as the Aussie media states, she looks hotter than ever.
I turned 40 last year. If only I could say the same.
Let us hope you beat the cancer, find true love and keep churning out those wonderful hits.
I still remember you as Charlene in Neighbours though!

So let's have a few songs from You Tube then:
I Shouldbe So Lucky
In my arms
Can't get you out of my head

Spinning Around

And finally, a banned Kylie lingerie commercial.

Energy campaigns a few weeks away as government finally wakes up to power crisis

Energy Minister David Parker, the man pushing for the Emissions Trading Scheme, is finally taking threat of winter power blackouts seriously.
The Dominion-Port reports the hydro lakes are low on water and Granny Herald says wind is little use.
The country is just few weeks away from a major 'save power' campaign for consumers, but already major industrial users like the Tiwai aluminium smelter have already cut back power use.
The industry also launched a website outlining the current threat to power supplies and a mothballed power station at New Plymouth has been recommissioned in response to tightening supplies.
Anyway, after initially dismissing the threats to our winter power supplies as a National Party beat-up it is good to see the government finally taking the matter more seriously.
Indeed, Liarbour has been widely condemned by the industry over the matter of planning for dought and thwarting plans for new power plants. But obviously more action is needed here.
We don't want a repeat of the early 1990s nor I'm sure Dear Leader does not want a repeat of Monday when a power failure left the Beehive and surrounds in the dark.
More importantly, extra generation capacity is needed to help keep fuel prices down.
It would also help prevent a loss of industrial users to overseas should business judge kiwi power supplies to be too unreliable.

Isn't the UN wonderful!

The Guardian reports the UN's carbon credits programme is not working, wasting billions of dollars.

Meanwhile, a special UN rapporteur on racism is visiting the US to look at racism, xenophobia and Islamophobia in the Land of the Free.

Yet the racial and religious terror of Darfur, Sudan, Gaza, Myanmar, and South Africa merits no such attention.

It's all in a day's work for the UN. The stories appeared just today on Little Green Footballs.

But why do lefties revere such a useless and corrupt United Nations?

With priorities and incompetence like this, Dear Leader should be a shoo-in when it comes to choosing the next UN Secretary General.
UPDATE: Thanks to Shire Network News for the reminder that when Burma had the cyclone, rather than send food, the UN sent condoms!

Join the dots......

We can't have an independent police force, can we? Even if they sometimes stuff up!
They must do Dear Leader's bidding!
She calls for the police to re-open the Kahui case, thus intervening in their operational matters.
Next, potential future Liarbour Leader Shane Jones calls another former future leader Steve Maharey, now vice-chancellor at Massey University, suggesting the sacking of one of its academics because Jones disagreed with the academic's findings of a report into Pasifika immigration.
The government's Race Relations Commissioner Joris de Bres is already investigating that report.
So now academia must do Liarbours bidding?
This, in Helengrad, Klarkistan, in just a few days.
Ian Wishart was not wrong when he detailed the centralisation of power into Dear Leader and her government in his book Absolute Power.
Even moderates like David Farrar at Kiwiblog are increasingly worried at Liarbour's 'growing authoritarianism.'

Financial Fran flays Fiscal Fool

Good grief! Does Fran O'Sullivan really expect financial probity from the Fiscal Fool? Do we?
Anyway, cracking column today from Granny Herald's wisest of old birds concerning the buying and selling of 'state assets.'
Financial Fran reveals that last year Air NZ shares were worth a healthy $3-12 , and airline chief Rob Fyfe suggested the government reduce its 76% holding and do a little profit taking. But Cullen wasn't for selling.
Had he sold 25%, government would still have kept 51% majority control, while earning $820 million, enough for Cullen to buy his train set and its associated debt.
Now, thanks to growing oil prices, the shares are worth just $1.14, valuing the government's total stake at just over $900million; less than the billion-plus the government spent on the bail-out and subsequent capital rights issue. If share values remain low, the government would then have to downgrade the airline's value in the Crown accounts.
The point about this little exercise is not to rub Cullen's nose in the mire - the share price arithmetic speaks for itself.
The point is to ram home the absurdity of Governments wedding themselves to a "don't sell" position out of sheer political blindness.
Financial Fran says National should be able to make capital out of this blunder, but cannot when National now opposes asset sales.
Fran then notes the 'absolute scandal' of Treasury being bypassed over the Toll deal, leaving Cullen and his officials to finalise terms, and finance the eventual upgrade. And she concludes:
Cullen's track record of paying too much for assets (Tranz Rail) and failing to realise nifty profits when presented (Air NZ) does not bode well.
UPDATE: Blind ideology costs taxpayer another billion says Rodney Hide.

The joy of welfare

Delicious Domninion-Post story about a doctor who says GPs are being bullied by sickness beneficiaries who are too lazy to work.

"A lot of people on sickness benefits say Work and Income staff have sent them and just expect you to sign the form."
He had seen one woman who had been on a sickness benefit for 19 years because of asthma but smoked a packet of cigarettes a day. Work and Income had offered her several quit programmes. "She admitted she was too lazy to go."

And there's more:

Another sickness beneficiary's documented reason for not working was they "could not be bothered".
He signed off both beneficiaries but wrote on their forms that they needed follow-up and reassessment.

"it becomes a culture of handouts."

The story continues:

The National Party has previously accused the Government of hiding unemployment by switching people to invalid or sickness benefits.
At the end of March, nearly 46,000 people were on a sickness benefit - up from 38,000 five years earlier, but a decline from March 2007.
In the 12 months to March 2008, a net 2760 people transferred from unemployment to a sickness benefit.

Well , I don't know about you but I'm getting sick of paying for bludgers like this.
And Liarbour thinks savings cannot be made in welfare!

UPDATE: Minister Darren Hughes calls on GPs to dob in beneficiery bullies.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Make mine a V8, thanks

Although I voted Green last election, I'm not much of an environmentalist - I mainly voted for them cos when it comes to social issues, they're like a lefty version of ACT. Who can you rely on to call banning party pills what it is, or tell the govt where to stick their amendments to the Suppression of Terrorism Act? Only the Greens and ACT. So, which one you should vote for really just comes down to how keen you are on Ayn Rand and Roger Douglas. There aren't really any other contenders.

That said, environmentalists generally give my arse the ache. Not so much because of their concern for the environment, but because they're all hippies, and their party attracts food nutters like Sue Kedgeley and opportunist commos like Sue Bradford. OK, that's not really a sound basis for forming an opinion on a political movement, but nobody's perfect, least of all me.

What really gets on my wick is the environmentalist attitude to cars. Those who recall my posts at Sir Humphreys might have noted I rather like cars. We're hearing plenty at the moment about how we shouldn't use cars, it's bad for the environment and it's using up all the damn oil. Well, OK, the emissions are bad for the environment, I'll grant you that. Nothing like so bad as Third World subsistence agriculturalists turning out a kid a year and defoliating the surrounding landscape for firewood, mind you, but it remains a valid point.

But using up the oil? What the hell kind of an argument is that? Apparently, if we were all to start biking, taking the bus and walking more often, we wouldn't use up the planet's oil reserves so quickly. Er, and? What, exactly? We use our vehicles less and it takes a few decades longer for oil to become so scarce it prices the internal combustion engine out of existence? Surely I can't be the only one to find this argument less than compelling? You know, the question of whether driving a Daimler V12 becomes an unreasonable prospect 10 years from now or 50 isn't really one that is going to drive me to getting on my bike.

Face it folks, we're going to use that oil up. The only thing that's going to stop us using it is scarcity increasing the price to the point where plastic bottle caps become units of currency. Later generations may curse us for it, but the likelihood of them being in any sense our moral superiors is about equivalent to the likelihood of us giving up using oil because it would be nice to leave some for posterity, so fuck 'em. If they were here, they'd enjoy putting their foot down in a V8 too.

Electoral Finance Act backfires on Liarbour (again!!)

I had to laugh when I read that the budget press releases did not contain the phrase 'Labour-led government' because it might have broke the Electoral Finance Act.
Now, I hear Bill English has just pointed out that by that reasoning the Dept of Internal Affairs is breaking the law, with the Beehive website. The site contains statements aimed at encouraging people to vote Labour.
But , as David Farrar notes, it goes beyond that.
Whale Oil has heard that Labour Head Office has ordered over a dozen Labour Party websites to be taken down as they are breaking the law.
Thus, we say goodbye to Young Labour, Rainbow Labour,Pete Hodgson, Russell Fairbrother,Martin Gallagher ,Winnie Laban,Brendon Burns ,David Cunliffe,Labour North Auckland,Steve Chadwick,Mahara Okeroa,Tim Barnett .
Oh what delicious irony that once more catches out Liabour. Hoist by it's own petard once more. As Nelson says in the Simpsons, hah!hah!!
UPDATE: Wednesday's Dom-Post has the websites story and the Press releases story.
What a silly bunch of tossers Liarbour are to devise a law leading to farcical situations like this. But you reap what you sow!

Housing New Zealand hypocracy! Not to mention Dear Leader's

The Housing New Zealand scandal is deliciously rich in irony.
There was Dear Leader way back in 1999, attacking the former National government and WINZ chief Christine Rankin over the spending of $165,000 on chartering aircraft in order to transport 140 managers to a conference at the exclusive Wairakei Resort Hotel.
Liarbour attacked WINZ for having a culture of extravagance. Dear Leader promised to 'clean up' the public sector.
However, such extravagance continues in Housing New Zealand and with Minister Maryann Street with the allegations $65,000 was spent on a similar Housing NZ conferenace at Tongariro Lodge.
National's Housing spokesman Phil Heatley has revealed 94 Housing New Zealand managers spent two days at a conference at the luxury Tongariro Lodge.
Now, it maybe that vital work was achieved, but when a government attacks the so-called WINZ excesses of the past and indulges in such practices today, it is surely guilty of the most rank hypocracy, especially when times are hard and we see activities that are ripe for the chopping!
UPDATE: So $250 a night is cheap! Delicious comments from Housing Minister Maryann Street. The NZ Herald looks back to 1999 when Christine Ranking of Winz was in the frame..
UPDATE "2: More luxury weekend retreats for Housing NZ. Who isleaking this stuff and why?

More tough times ahead as government gobbles ever more

Economic growth is predicted to fall below 2% next year but not really get above 3% for the next few years.
Considering the expected increase in the country's population over the next few years, that means flat incomes for everyone.
Now, considering how firms are already shedding staff by the thousand, I feel the predictions from the NZ Institute of Economic Research are a little optimistic, though I avoid the total gloom Bruce Sheppard forecast the other week.
Nonetheless, the property and retailing sectors are already in strife and rising food and fuel prices are hitting incomes.
A predicted fall in the growth of real private consumption in the next year will cause the growth contraction.
Real private consumption was forecast to grow zero per cent in the March 2009 year, down from 3.7 per cent the previous year.
"Private consumption expenditure makes up approximately 6 per cent of GDP by value, so this component of GDP remaining static in the March 2009 year will contribute significantly to the low overall level of economic activity."
In other words, while the wealth creating private sector suffers, the government sector carries on growing in blissful ignorance .
No wonder we are doomed. The 'real economy' needs something of a kickstart and to carry less of a burden to help it forge ahead, unless we resign ourselves to becoming the Albania of the South Pacific as the government continues to eats up yet more of our economy!

That vision thing!

Bruce Sheppard of the NZ Shareholders Association laments the lack of vision among our political leaders.
For the last 40 years New Zealand has drifted along on the world stage, with a collective thought that “she’ll be right mate, tomorrow will do….” (When it comes to any action that might be a bit hard or unpleasant.).
Successive political leadership has done little to counter this ambivalence to the future of the nation. Worse, various political parties display no appearance of any vision for the future, and even less ability to communicate one if they indeed have one to the public. So the apparent lack of vision is doubled by a lack of leadership.
Bruce offers a vision of a free, prosperous property owning democracy, but points out that far from getting there, the country is actually slipping, with many people having no savings and more liabilities than assets.
Anyway, Bruce presents a fair and damning indictment of New Zealand and the direction we are going.
He also says this will be the first of five blog posts on the issue.
Like some of the respondents to his post, I feel Bruce is harsh in singling out New Zealand for this, though as it's our home, why not? But Britain, the US, Australia and elsewhere all seem to be lacking that 'vision thing' at the moment.
Many politicians, both Liarbour and National, seem to offer little beyond the next opinion poll. Why else is National keeping quiet on its taxcuts, why else did Liarbour finally deliver some, even if it was simply a matter of reducing fiscal drag, when taxcuts are the anti-thesis of everything Liarbour believes in.
Dear Leader has never said much, if anything, about the feminist, lesbian socialist utopia Ian Wishart would accuse her of wanting to take New Zealand into.; or anything really. Is it all about her gaining and keeping Absolute Power?
John Key, likewise, has said little.
As a youngster, I remember leader like Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, who had vision. Usually it took a crisis to help them formulate a vision to sell to the masses. For Thatcher it was the endless industrial chaos of the 1970s and the 'Winter of Discontent' and Britain economicaly being the Sick Man of Europe. She offered taxcuts and a property owning democracy.
After the many failings of Jimmy Carter, it was thus easy for Reagan to talk of Morning in America and to set a clear direction for the USA.
New Zealand had its crisis too, when Muldoonism bankrupted the country and Lange and Douglas implemented their reforms. While Liarbour is currenly instilling a creeping socialism, much of Douglas's legacy remains.
Indeed, with Douglas back in the political game, and I look forward to meeting him on Thursday, Roger Douglas is perhaps the only politician around with vision. He talks of bringing New Zealand back up to Australian standards of living and bringing the children home. He has a policy prescription to help get us there.
Now, whether we agree or not Douglas has the right policy prescriptions, at least he has the courage to take a lead in the debate.
The other politicians, the other parties, seemingly offer no vision. Douglas's vision has not given ACT the boost I hoped, but at least it is there.
Are the other politicians too scared to offer a vision, either because they don't have one, or are too scared to see what the voters actually think?
Do our politicians lead or do they follow?
I would prefer New Zealand had a prime minister that is a leader and one that has a vision on where to take the nation.

Audrey finds the pork as Larbour's big spend continues!

The New Zealand Herald's Audrey Young today publishes a full list of Liarbour's 'pork.'
The tax cuts, with other highlights announced on Budget day, have added $12.29 billion to Labour's brag-bag of policies.
When added to the previous $3.99 billion identified on Pork Watch, Labour's Porkometer has reached $16.28 billion.

I've yet to find actual department spending totals but it all seems to confirm reports that Liarbour has doubled government spending in its nine years of office.
Audrey also lists some individual projects adding:
The cost of promises included in the Porkometer do not include every Budget item. They are items that parties themselves have highlighted and bragged about. Totals have not been annualised. They may be spread over many years. That is because parties tend to announce funding over four, five or more years.
Last week's Budget allowed for a total of $4.75 billion extra in operational spending in 2008-09 and $23.37 billion extra over four years. It also allowed $1.16 billion in capital spending and $1.91 more over four years.

Additional highlights:
* $10.6 billion over four years on personal tax cuts.
* $553.8 million over five years on faster broadband and digital strategy initiatives.
* $326.3 million extra in education including $182 million for extra teachers.
* $220 million over 15 years for Wellington City Council housing upgrade.
* $180 million for extra police.
* $155.2 million over four years to improve student allowances and eligibility.
* $72 million over four years for free off-peak travel for Supergold card.
* $37.8 million over three years for first phase of Hobsonville development.
* $30 million over three years for transport initiatives in Northland and Tairawhiti.
* $25.1 million over four years for Maori and Treaty initiatives including $5.3 million extra for the Office of Treaty Settlements.
* $24.6 million boost to caregivers of children.
* $23.3 million over four years to establish animal ID and tracing system.
* $18 million over four years to boost subsidy for hearing aids.
* $9 million over four years to monitor financial service providers.
* $7 million over two years to restore 19th century Mataatua Whare in Whakatane.
* $7 million to develop a Maori cultural venue on Wellington waterfront.
Now, I'm not averse to a bit of capital expenditure and it may be a worthy project, but coming on top of the list above, this all seems a little excessive: A $70 million extension to the National Library, which the Dominion Post notes comes on top of other government building projects in central Wellington and has created a 'building boom' there.
It is heartening to see Cullen's goverment economising, making do and tightening its belt, just as we are, the poor buggers having to pay for Liarbour's largresse!

The curious case of Trevor Loudon and Barry Hussein Obama

Many times I have blogged about the unfitness of Barry Hussein Obama for office.
Blogs like Little Green Footballs often run stories pointing out Obama's extreme leftism, his inexperience, his weaknesses on foreign policy, that he may be muslim, etc, etc.
Few Kiwis have followed up such allegations, particularly the MSM.
But Trevor Loudon of New Zeal has often posted on Obama's unfitness for office, and he has obviously done some research himself.
Nonetheless, after perusing LGF yesterday afternoon, I was somewhat surprised, while digging up some anti-Obama content, to come across a reference to Trevor Loudon , where he comments about the would-be president.
"He's a member of an organization (that is) openly a front for two socialist groups," reported another participant, Trevor Loudon.

No wonder Trevor hasn't commented on his blog for several weeks.
He must be in America and is obviously doing a bit of research to help save us from Obama, by associating with groups like America's Survival.
In the article, a Washington Post journalist reports the following:
Here are some things we can look forward to learning about Barack Obama:
That he was mentored in high school by a member of the Soviet-controlled Communist Party.
That he launched his Illinois state Senate campaign in the home of a terrorist and a killer.
That while serving as a state senator, he was a member of a socialist front group.
That his affiliations are so dodgy that he would have trouble getting a government security clearance.
That there is reason to doubt his "loyalty to the United States."
True, the article dismisses the allegations as 'implausable' , but there is a growing mountain of evidence on Obama's extremism, etc, etc.
Indeed, the liberal left media have often slavishly followed the Obama line even to the point of psychophancy.
This week, Hillary Clinton faced uproar over speculating about Obama getting shot JFK-syle. But amid the outrage, the media forgot Michelle Obama made such speculation herself months ago.
There was the well-worn outrage from the left at the right for referring to Obama's muslim middle name Hussein, but it was discovered Obama had referred to his middle name in speeches too.
There was also outrage from Obamaphiles at suggestions from the right that their savour may be muslim. Then, in a recent column, the New York Times called him an apostate (a former muslim) and wondered whether this might cause Obama trouble when visiting the Middle East as President.
What might be seen as smear or dirt could well be true, whether it is discovered by the right, or Hillary Clinton's campaign team.
The issue is for the media to do their duty and investigate such allegations, just as they do when Republicans have dodgy beliefs, pasts and connections.
Otherwise the media will continue to loose further credibility, as people then have to turn to articles like this concerning Obama's links to communism.
Indeed, the Republicans are starting to ask questions, with campaign ads like this and this, even if they remain restrained so far, compared to the VRWC.
Nontheless, the Republicans are already linking Obama to he soft, wimpish policies of former US President Jimmy Carter. His appeasement led to the appearance of the Mullahs in Iran and Carter is radical Islam's friend.
As for Obama, there is still much more to be discovered and reported by the MSM.
Pity I got sidetracked with making dinner and letting a mate use the laptop for several hours, as it might have been me, not David Farrar, breaking the Trevor Loudon story.
I only hope Trevor can deliver the goods to save the world from an Obama presidency.
And if you are reading this Trevor, there are still a few things we need to know about Dear Leader. Ian Wishart was unable to prove anything either way :)
Just one other thing, here's another LGF story. Obama has links to corruption by the Chicago Teamsters Union.

UPDATE: Not PC offers fine backgrounder on Trevor gaining global recognition and an invite to Washington for his work on Obama.

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Old Trafford Test

I just can't bear it.
No one's scored more than 231 to win a match here and on that deck it's going to be a hell of a chase. If they get it, well done, but I personally think we came out all right.
I repeat. I just can't bear it.

You know what's gonna happen don't you. You don't need me to predict it here.

How could you?

The mother of murdered Dunedin woman Sophie Elliott has told of seeing her daughter stabbed repeatedly.

The Dunedin District Court today heard Sophie Elliott died after being stabbed 216 times.

Just in case you missed that - 216 times. Yes, two hundred and sixteen times.

I am a big fan of degrees if murder and if this was law then this nutjob wouldn't be seeing the light of day again.


Obama's Sphincter Quivered But He Didn't Flinch

There's a new foreign policy being given a dry run by the first Arab-American presidential candidate. Obama has grabbed onto this piece of American genius to counter the adverse effect of all those religious nutters and cop killers with whom he's been hanging out.

Here is the big circuit breaker:

The Plan!

Robin Williams, wearing a shirt that says 'I love New York ' in

You gotta love Robin Williams......Even if he's nuts! Leave it to Robin Williams to come up with the perfect plan. What we need now is for our UN Ambassador to stand up and repeat this message.

Robin Williams' plan...(Hard to argue with this logic!)

'I see a lot of people yelling for peace but I have not heard of a plan for peace. So, here's one plan.'

1) 'The US will apologize to the world for our 'interference' in their affairs, past & present. You know, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Tojo, Noriega, Milosevic, Hussein, and the rest of those 'good ' ole' boys', we will never 'interfere' again.

2) We will withdraw our troops from all over the world, starting with Germany , So uth Korea , the Middle East, and the Philippines
They don't want us there. We would station troops at our borders. No one allowed sneaking through holes in the fence..

3) All illegal aliens have 90 days to get their affairs together and leave
.. We'll give them a free trip home. After 90 days the remainder will be gathered up and deported immediately, regardless of whom or where they are. They're illegal!!! France will welcome them.

4) All future visitors will be thoroughly checked and limited to 90 days unless given a special permit!!!! No one from a terrorist nation will be allowed in If you don't like it there,
change it yourself and don't hide here. Asylum would never be available to anyone. We don't need any more cab drivers or 7-11 cashiers.

5) No foreign 'students' over age 21. The older ones are the bombers. If they don't attend classes, they get a 'D' and it's back home baby.

6) The US will make a strong effort to become self-sufficient energy wise. This will include developing nonpolluting sources of energy but will require a temporary drilling of oil in the Alaskan wilderness. The caribou will have to cope for awhile

7) Offer Saudi Arabia and other oil producing countries $10 a barrel for their oil. If they don't like it, we go someplace else. They can go somewhere else to sell their production. (About a week of the wells filling up the storage sites would be enough.)

8) If there is a famine or other natural catastrophe in the world, we will not 'interfere.' They can pray to Allah or whomever, for seeds, rain, cement or whatever they need. Besides most of what we give them is stolen or given to the army. The people who need it most get very little, if anything.

9) Ship the UN Headquarters to an isolated island someplace. We don't need the spies and fair weather friends here. Besides, the building would make a good homeless shelter or lockup for illegal aliens.

10) All Americans must go to charm and beauty school. That way, no one can call us
'Ugly Americans' any longer. The Language we speak is ENGLISH..learn it...or LEAVE...Now, isn't that a winner of a plan?

'The Statue of
Liberty is no longer saying 'Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses.' She's got a baseball bat and she's yelling, 'you want a piece of me?' '