Sunday, March 9, 2008

Whatever it takes

Michael Bassett has a piece that is spot on.

Thanks for the heads-up reid.

I always admired the fourth Labour government because it had the courage to do the right thing by the country.

This lot wouldn't know how to spell courage.


Barnsley Bill said...

Michael Bassett should get of his arse and do something about it. His ability to articulate the truth from a position of insight into the murky thought processes is priceless. it is a shame he is wasting his time ranting at his keyboard. he should be holding rodney 'twinkle toes" hyde's hand or at the very least kicking him in the arse.

Seán said...

I thought the NZ Herald's claim of xenophobia was a bit far-fetched but Bassets comparison with racism, fascists, Nazis and Antisemitism is ridiculous.

While I agree Labours handling of this is very wrong, and poll driven, majority control of strategic assets in NZ hands is something I support. Auckland Airport is one of those strategic assets. Need I say why?

I would be more keen to see some competition to Auckland Airport as this would benefit the consumers more. If AKL and Manukau City Councils own shares in AIAL, and hypothetically North Shore and Waitakere City Councils own shares in a potential Whenuapai Airport then the competition would exist, and with sufficient local ownership.

Bogusnews said...

Sean, what have you been smoking?

Cullen has not given a list yet of what makes a strategic asset, what other strategic assets there are and what policies will be applied to them in the future.

Telecom for example could easily be listed as a strategic asset, much more so than the airport. Do we think we should buy that back from the foreigners? Is service much worse now than when NZ'ers owned it?

Financial markets HATE uncertainty. Like it or not, share prices are driven by sentiment. As soon as a thick fisted government stomps in with jack boots then the implications are complex and significant. This government has no concept of such things however, take their niaive disbanding of the airforce for example.

Keeping Stock said...

This is an outstanding piece by Bassett, and I hope that the Nats file it away for reference during the election campaign. It totally debunks the myth that Clark, Cullen and Goff were actually opposed to the reforms that Douglas and his acolytes brought to the table.


Agreed, what a sound piece there from Dr Bassett.
But outside the business pages who is there to articulalte such a view?
I haven't seen anything from Key that stacks up.
And sadly Rodney seems to be missing in action.
I hope at the ACT conference this week , He Prebble and Roger Douglas can rip shreds into the Liarbour government, with the full thrust of a strong intellectual debate.
Prebble and Douglas were major players in the Fourth labour. They saw and witnessed the deeds that Clark, Cullen and Goof did then but decry now.
A well thought out conference, ith ideological clarity, should have Liarbour on the ropes over this issue.
It might seem like doing National's work, but here's a chance for ACT to speak out, give itself a distinctive identity and carve out a more significant share of the political marketplace than it currently has.
ACT should be able to remind Liabour of the h-word that is the hallmark of this government. Not Helen but hypocracy.

Anonymous said...

Act & Hide should be lambasting National for their stance as much as Labour.

Just my opinion said...

If it was up to me, they should be publishing a list of what they would sell if they were in power. NZ Post, Kiwibank and TVNZ are top of my list.

Running businesses should not be a Govt role, the sooner this was drummed into the heads of dumb Kiwis the better.

Seán said...

bogusnews - like I said the handling by Labour is shocking. However we don't need to wait for Cullen to come up with a list of strategic assets. As the HoS mentioned, ports and dams would also be included, and TVNZ wouldn't be. The control and future security of such assets must remain in the best interests of the country. We wouldn't outsource the armed forces now would we? So there needs to be an element of government control. I am not yet sure how this would look, but certainly not a fully-fledged SOE (noting your Telecom example). Needs more thought to find the right balance.