Tuesday, January 29, 2008

UK troops cleared of abuse in Iraq

Thought I'd post this in case no-one saw it Down Under.
Well, as we know, the only good news to come out of Iraq is bad.
So there was no systrematic abuse of Iraqi civilians, just the odd mistake.
The UK Army has done its best to get to the bottom of it and changes in trasining is underway.
Well, we have haven't heard much else either.
So the trouble must be dying down and the surge working.
John McCain seems a wise old bird to have put forward such a policy.
General Petreus has done a sound job.
I'm sure President Bush will touch on Iraq in his final State of the Union speech today.
And give us the reassurance that we need.
That despite its troubles , the War in Iraq was justied after all.
Pity Hillary and Obama will undo such good work given the chance.

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