Thursday, January 31, 2008

King blames killings on full moon and hot weather

My God, Liarbour is really scraping the barrel in the excuses department.
Annette King blaming a raft of killings on the full moon and hot weather really takes the biscuit.
Has Liarbour run out of spin doctors? Couldn't they come up with something better.
I bet dear Leader got the choice excuse, blaiming violent crime on the Mother of All Budgets.
Well, I suppose if it was pissing down the crims might stop in.
I must check the UK figures for January 2008 and July 2007 to see if this excuse cuts mustard.
And I guess a full moon does help people see better?
But really, Has Liarbour made us all so ill, we are turning into werewolves?
As for the ten killings being just ' a blip' , I guess Dear Leader has the same view of National's poll ratings.
UPDATE: Simon Power says Annette King is in denial over crime.


dad4justice said...

Put the mad witch in a straight jacket and lock the mad dizzy moonbat in solitary confinement for twenty years .
No wonder the police are the laughing stock of New Zealand -look at the demented huckster that is in charge of them !!Class A & Ministerial car crash daughter and all....

What a nutbar country !!

Clunking Fist said...

Global Warming! The watermelons should run with that.

HOWEVER, there is a chance that a statistical blip is all that caused 10 of this year's murders to occur in one month. I'm mindful that our human brain tend to like and seek out patterns. The main similarity between these murders is...that the victims all died.

Personally, I think people are stressed-out by low net pay. TAX CUTS NOW, SV-effing-P!

Clunking Fist said...

Ooops! My comment makes it look like I think this gummint DOESN'T have something to answer for. To make it clear: after nearly 9 years of the socialist paradise, folk are stabbing & bashing each other to death. Something is not quite right.