Sunday, January 20, 2008

How do we deal with murderous thugs?

Just hours after being released on bail, a teenage thug then murdered a man, which has caused a national outcry.
Ever the democratic and represenative newspaper of a large cross-section of UK society, the Sun is asking its readers how the state should deal with offenders like 19 year-old Adam Swellings.
The paper looks at overseas treatments like the electric chair, canings, and eco-camps alongside UK 'punishments' like safari trips.
I'm a bit undecided myself. I like the German idea of sending offenders to Siberia, which I think Crusader Rabbit liked too. But canings and the electric chair also have their appeal.
There again, I think issuing them with large screen plasma tellies and make them watch endless hours of Eastenders would be ideal purgatory!
And perhaps hugs and cuddles might work after all, from Dear Leader!
What do you think?

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