Thursday, January 31, 2008

For This, They Sacked Madelaine Setchell?

If this is the best the Labour appointed spinmeisters at the Dept of Environment can do, they would have been better off to keep Ms Setchell on.

Someone needs to tell the dim witted 'communications' experts that it's a bit unfashionable to use the heading "Key Points" in a report from the PM's flagship Ministry funded electoral campaign, especially when the Frump herself gags at the mention of his name. Thats actually very bloody funny!

And what did the report say? I'll summarise for you.

"We've talked a lot for ten years but we have achieved precious little, if anything by way of good results. In fact, our performance is worse than it was ten years ago."

Save this summary folks, for you will be able to apply it to every Ministry and every loudly shouted goal put up by this gaggle of managerial derilects who call themselves a government.

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Clunking Fist said...

cudul"greenhouse gas emissions continued to increase" who gives a fuck, other than using it to bash the stupid watermelon enviro-mental-ists

* agricultural land use had intensified (that implies land productivity improved) with negative side effects, including greenhouse gas emissions (fuckssake, see above)and reduced water quality (aha: a real issue that can be measured and therefore acted upon);

* New Zealanders were consuming more goods (wealth, yummy), driving more cars more often (choice: great)- cars tended to be larger (ditto) and older (regs cause the newer models to be more expensive to trade up to, esp for the non-rich, i.e. normal folk) - and using more energy (but see below on overall energy use);

* native species remained in danger (get the CONSERVATIONISTS onto this, and get rid of the enviro-mentals)

* More people were using public transport; (do we know why?)

* energy use growth was at a lower rate than economic growth (is that because more of what we consume comes from overseas, as our own producers can't compete, what with high dollar, excessive regs, gummint sucking up all the skilled workers);

* waste management systems and recycling had improved; (local councils: so no glory shall be attributed to the gummint?)

* ozone levels had stabilised and ultra violet levels had dropped; (thanks to heavy reductions in use of depletants by the whole world, cause=>effect .: solution, unlike that global warming bullshit)

* more land and waters were protected, and pest management had made a difference to some native species.(good old CONSERVATIONISTS been on the case then)

APologies for the rant: I jusyt feel the gummint will take too much credit for stuff others do, but not the blame for the things that haven't improved. I'm a bit grumpy today. Must be the full moon/summer heat/death of Gaya, etc.

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