Monday, January 28, 2008

Don't Ride In His Car

The Democratic Party primaries just got interesting. The alcohol soaked windbag from Massachusetts, Ted Kennedy has endorsed Barack Obama for President.

If one these days can believe anything written in the New York Times, it appears Hillary's silver haired upwardly mobile pecker begged the good senator not to do it. The NYT has it that this represents a schism in the foundations of the Dopy Donks. The Kennedys versus the Clintons.

Some one should tell Mr Obama to make sure he never takes a ride in Kennedy's car. As some wit remarked a few years ago, more Americans have died in Ted Kennedy's car than have died in nuclear accidents.


Craig Ranapia said...


I guess we're going to have to agree to disagree on this, but the endorsement is the first sensible thing Teddy Kennedy has said in years.

And make all the tacky Chappaquiddick cracks you want, the simple reality is that 1) Kennedy does have a wee bit of influence in the Democratic Party, and 2) the good electors of Massachusetts keep re-electing the man by double digit margins. Forty-five years in the Senate leads to a wee bit of clout in that sphere as well.

The appeal of the Kennedy mystique, and Teddy in particular, is rather elusive. But it does seems to matter to Democrats.

Barnsley Bill said...

my thoughts on the son of an irish gangster were posted a couple of weeks ago.

Barnsley Bill said...

can somebody explain how to insert a link into a comment.....

Psycho Milt said...

Here's your link.

Explaining it is a bit trickier because the web browser hides the code if I write it for you. There's an example here though. Or, just replace the ( brackets in the example below with angle brackets <, the ones above the comma and full stop on your keyboard:

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Barnsley Bill said...

Thanks PM, I shall practice in the dark space of my stupidity and have a go.

Sean said...

Blogspot is so crap and archaic. Nothing beat the format used at "Sir Humphreys". Will the real Antarctic Lemur please stand up (and bring blogosphere back into 21st century technology)!

Barnsley Bill said...

Or at leas tmake it easy to use for people who have to get the kids to programme the MySky.
My last comment on this thread is
"Don't ride in his car" UNLESS YOU CAN SWIM.