Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Does Nigella have the right recipe?

If I do go out today, I won't be picking up the Telegraph.
For my dad's favourite tv chef, kitchen goddess Nigella Lawson, has some bad ideas.
She says parents should not leave money for their children and she plans to leave her's penniless.
Nigella believes people must work for their money otherwise they become feckless.
But her hubby disagrees.
Now, a year ago, I was given an advance on my inheritence to help buy me a place of my own.
Have I been feckless or what?
No, but I can see Nigella's point.
The money has helped me sleep at night knowing that come what may, bills can be paid.
I haven't frittered any of it away, but if I have stayed in any hotels, they have been 4 star not three star and if I was hungry I would eat the nuts from the minibar, rather than starve.
No flash car, just a humble Mitsubishi Carisma, that has none.
But maybe I would have chased payment from publishers faster than I have, like I had to in Christchurch a few years back when I was broke.
Anyway, I think Nigella is wrong. One of the incentives of working hard is providing for your family, to give them a better start in life and hopefully help them avoid the hardships you endured. If I had kids , that might drive me further.
I want my parents to have a good and comfortable retirement. I don't mind if they spend much of their wealth on travel, nice cars, etc; just as long as they leave a little something.


Anonymous said...

In my view there is nothing more vile and evil than inheritence. On a number of levels. Firstly for you to benefit some-one has to die (normally) and most of the time it is some-one you love. So you profit from their demise. I would rather have the loved one live.
Secondly, it is the single most destructive thing in familial unity. More families break up and squabble over inheritence than anything else.
Thirdly. It usually and comes at at time later in life. And if you have not been able to get your own life together enough to have spare cash by that time, you are missing the boat.
But the most important point is the pointlessness. Your parents work hard and earn. Squirrel some away to hand on some to you, then you squirrel some away to hand on to the next generation etc, ect. The thing is that this is not a dress rehearsal. This is life and you should enjoy what you work hard for. And so should your parents have and your children when they are of that age.

Here is the rules in our house. My parents are to spend all or as much as they can of their money in this live, then when they need it I will look after them like did for me when I was a child. I will spend all my money or as much as I can and then I will call on my children.

We have been onto the mil who is a widow to go on world cruises, buy herself new cars etc and to enjoy what she and the fil worked hard for. he did not get to enjoy it because he died of a heart attack working himself silly to build up a fortune.

It has become a weekly ritual to explain to her that the children and the grand children have made and are capable of making plenty for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to sign the above

Barnsley Bill said...

FFM, you wrote; Anyway, I think Nigella is wrong.
You could not be more wrong yourself.
I don't give a shit what comes out of her mouth. I could sit all day watching her with the volume off.
How could a man as grotesque as Nigel lawson produce a goddess like Nigella.... Sigh.....

Barnsley Bill said...

anonymous/bok, you wrote; "In my view there is nothing more vile and evil than inheritence."

Worse than rectal cancer? or Adolf Hitler?

Light hearted posts deserve light hearted comments.
Frankly i am disappointed in anybody who can be so miserable when discussing a post about saint nigella.

You need to bang yourself against a wall for a bit until you’re less miserable..