Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Adolf's Worked Out What's Wrong

Yessir, Adolf has worked out what's wrong with Labour's lacklustre campaign. They've started out like a Yemeni Cricket team in a test match against Australia. Two wickets in the first two balls and John Key is on a hat trick.

Almost totally ignored by the media; laughed at by commentators for the stupid notion of a 'mole' feeding policy to National; subtly mocked by the unflattering camera angles and assailed by daily reports of murder and mayhem in the streets as Baghdad Annette rushes to sooth the jangled nerves of citizens living in gangland, the Klarkunists will be dreading the next lot of opinion polls.

Look for Labour to dip below 30%.

The trouble is, see, they've got the wrong sheila spruiking the story.

Helen Clark. Photo / Greg Bowker

Photo / Greg Bowker

Instead of the scrawny old bag of sorry bones the Herald showed us delivering her speech, they should have used the Prime Minister. You know, the one from the Labour Party website.

Helen Clark

Hell if they could produce that chickadee, I might even vote for the pricks.


dad4justice said...

That airbrushed huckster should be sent to boot camp then front line duty in Kenya.

PM of NZ said...

With that nightmarish apparition of unknown gender over at Clint's fresh in my mind, no amount of plaster work with an airbrush could ever induce me to vote for it

Tim S said...

According to Annette King, there is no problem with rising violence in Zouth Auckland and it is 'safe. Oh and btw, all the murders have been due to "A hot January" and "the full moon"....

What next? Blaming the Elders of Zion?