Tuesday, September 4, 2007

There's nothing like a right, right-wing sex scandal; plus the perils of muslim transexuals

I’m in two minds about posting about posting about the Larry Craig toilet sex scandal lest I be accused once more of taking this blog downmarket again.
Furthermore, one of our regular readers might see interesting parallels with a much rumoured airport incident that allegedly has implications for New Zealand. So, please, no more references to that. We all know about this individual.
But let’s face it, there’s nothing like a juicy sex scandal to get the tongues going.
Growing up in Britain, I remember classics from the Conservative Party like minister David Mellor, who was no oil painting, having an affair with a one legged-porn star.
“Mellor Made Love to me in Chelsea Soccer Strip,” screamed one Sun front page, complete with photoshop style picture of the minister with his kit on.
The most bizarre was the Tory MP Stephen Milligan, a former BBC journalist, who was found dead with a paper bag over his head and a tangerine in his mouth. He was killed, apparently after some auto-erotic asphyxiation stunt went horribly wrong.
With this adding to other ‘sex scandals’ involving the UK Tories, the Conservatives there were seen as a sleazy party.
Now, in the United States we see the Republicans embroiled in their own sex scandals. And I’m sure men everywhere are now terrified of accidentally tapping their feet whenever they enter a public convenience.
But what is it about right-wingers and conservatives and sex, particularly illicit sex and gay sex?
Does a strong belief in ‘traditional values’ means suppressing urges that one day erupt and, as it were, your career goes down the toilet! There is certainly some illuminating commentary out there.
Certainly had Larry Craig been open to himself about his sexuality, his career would not be in the ruins it is today. Though I am sure he might not as progressed as an openly gay man as much as he did.
This is the rub, the reason behind cases like this. While there is much to be said about hypocracy, the reason people become involved in ghastly situations like this is that they cannot be open and honest to themselves and to the public.
This is because they fear the consequences of ‘coming out’. How society, their friends, their employer, workmates, etc, might react when/if they find out someone is gay.
If people were more tolerant of homosexuality, gays could ‘come out’ safely, there’d be fewer sham marriages, less cheating on wives, fewer incidents in the restroom.
Had Craig gone to one of America’s many gay bars, he could have had his desires well and truly satisfied and not been arrested for them. No-one would have cared.
The same is true for that well-rumoured Kiwi individual, who shall remain nameless, reportedly arrested at Los Angelese Airport.
Who cares if they are gay? Does who or what they sleep with stop them from having the right or wrong views on various political issues? Should homosexuality stop one from being a senator, congressman, president or prime minister? I think not.
In the meantime, from the bizarre WTF? files, comes this strange story from the Netherlands.
A Dutch man had a sex change and later converted to Islam, reports the Religion of Peace website. But she is finding it hard to be accepted by the muslims at the mosques.
It could be worse however, transsexuals have a rougher time in Muslim Malaysia, as this ROP story also notes.


Anonymous said...

WRT Craig. His disgrace and exit from national politics is not unreasonable. At some stage he would have decided he was a conservative and that he accepted the (almost) essense of conservatism, which is conservative values. To get elected on that side of the fence he would have had to espouse certain conservative values, so in abusing those values he broke a direct compact with his electors.

Putting morality aside for a moment, he let down his electors in a most fundamental way, and he should go because of that.

Some conservative values may be important in electing a Democrat or someone from the left side of the fence, but are hardly the compact with electors, especially when you may also have campaigned on gay marriage or similar progressive issues. Thus being caught in a similar position as a lefty is hardly the same big deal and hardly a resigning offence.

Now look at the situation in NZ.. can you imagine of plethora of gay MPs, a transexual and a minister into kinky sex being a selling point or even a neutral position for the Nats?
Like it or not, there are certain things expected of left and right parties, and no matter how similar their positions might be on economics, health, defence etc, the personal values divide is real.

So a Mallard in parliament can have his marriage crashing on him, possibly due to some hanky panky, but blithly chip Brash for the same offence and get away with it because it doesn't matter to Trev and his electors, but it matters terribly to Brash and his.


Andrei said...

As JC implied sleazy behavior is not unexpected in progressive circles.

Thus there are Democratic senators and representatives who have done far worse than the republicans involved in recent scandals and whose careers have not suffered as a result. Check out Barney Frank for example.

Should a politician's private activities be a factor when you go to the polling booth.

Answer dammed right.

Suppose you support a policy an a politician campaigns or that policy but acts in a contradictory manner to that position in private life. Support for what you believe in is undermined by charges of political hypocrisy.

A politician can campaign as openly gay or open pedophile or whatever and the voters are free to accept or reject him (or her) as they see fit.

Its called democracy where the values of the electorate are allegedly reflected in their representatives.

Progressives are more likely to vote an identity political line. Conservatives, hopefully vote for the individual, regardless of race, gender or dare I say it sexual preference.

Interestingly enough openly gay conservatives (and there are some) get a hard time from gay activists and are typecast as traitors. This also frequently observed for non white conservatives.

Psycho Milt said...

Milligan is the all-time class act here - this is an area where conservatives have it all over liberals. Best summing up was a comment on this thread at the ever rewarding Chase Me Ladies:

"I always envied the people of Eastleigh. They are the only people in Britain who can boast, "Our MP lost his life in a tragic wanking mishap."

Shout Above The Noise said...

That's what I dont' get. Why seek out a high profile career in governance if you intend to act out repressed carnal exchanges whilst 'out and about'?

dad4justice said...

Yes that's what I can't work out, as high profile leaders of society ( politicians and partners ) cannot expect to keep the skeletons in the sordid cupboard.

Californication will be the final nail in the coffin of ??

The all powerful sunlight rays of truthful disinfectant have a habit in history of always uncovering hidden perversion and passive sexual tastes .


So essentially, what we are saying is that we expect higher standards of behaviour from conservative politicians?
Hardly seems unfair on them.
But there we go, I suppose.
Back to Britain, I recall in the 1980s, a senior tory Cecil Parkinson had to resign because he got his secretary pregnant.
But come New Labour, we had Robin Cook, an ugly pixie of a man ,sleeping around scot free.
I think the blind Home Secretary David Blunkett got away with his dalliances.
And then we have John "two shags" or "two inches" Prescott, the deputy PM, who it turns out was a philandering sex beast.
But he too kept his job when Tories were fired for less.
Britain has obvionsly become more tolerant over a politician's private life but there does seem an element of double standards to me.
As for Trevor Mallard, I'm not too fussed if he did leave his wife. But Mallard deserves scorn and censure for the appearance of hypocracy over his 'speaking of affairs" comments to Don Brash over the Diane Foreman 'affair.'
The questions remain, was he seeing anyone else at the time, as rumoured, particularly a former Silver Fern?

But back to my original point.
I still feel that if right wingers could be more open about themselves and their sexuality, it will save themselves a lot of trouble in later life.
But for this to happen, society needs to be more open and accepting too.

Anonymous said...

"But back to my original point.
I still feel that if right wingers could be more open about themselves and their sexuality, it will save themselves a lot of trouble in later life."

To be honest, I think we need conservatives of the old sense who represent the values of Church and a surprising number of younger people. Hell, the turnaround of the Nats since 2002 must be evidence of at least some support for traditional values, albeit imperfectly expressed by National.