Monday, September 17, 2007

Longest Ever Political Suicide Note

Colin Espiner has an excellent summary of the folly which is Labour's flagship election plank, announced today. The Carbon Tax. (Follows the equally suicidal Smacking Ban, Fart Tax and Electoral Rorting bills.) The comments thread is amusing and instructive with outraged lefties vigorously defending their demented leader's latest political debacle.

The Gnats don't need to say a word. Except maybe - 'Don't worry, we'll carry out an urgent review of all recent legislation immediately after the election and repeal everything we feel is not in the interests of ordinary WORKING New Zealanders.

Hell. I'm yet to be convinced carbon emissions have anything to do with climate change in the first place.


Whaleoil said...

Ohhh the sides, they can't take much more of this ineptitude from the morally bankrupt and ultimately doomed last years of the Clark Ministry.

KG said...

I'd feel some amusement too--if I could be sure that Klark won't rush the legislation through and if she does, that Key will repeal it should Labour lose the election.
I'm betting that she will, and he won't.

Psycho Milt said...

Well, he's certainly bang on the money with this bit: "The Government might well find that while everyone loves the environment, a majority of people are not keen to sacrifice their own living standards for its benefit."

Yep. NZers prefer the easier option of publishing "100% pure" ad campaigns while turning our rivers and oceans into sewage ponds. Pretending to be green is easier and cheaper than actually being it. I can't imagine what idiot at Labour thought protecting the environment was a vote-winner - if it was, wouldn't Jeanette and Russel be hammering National and Labour in the polls?

Anonymous said...

The scary thing is that I bet Key signs-up to this carbon trading scheme.

KG said...

Spam, I reckon he will. All part of the Nats "move towards the centre" sell-out.