Sunday, September 2, 2007

Local Body Elections

These are just about upon us. Andrew Falloon has good coverage here.

North Shore has some fine, upstanding, candidates standing on the Shore Can ticket. You simply have to vote for them. More details here and here. I think the recently completed Royal Commission of Inquiry into Rates was modelled on the Shore, it was so similar to the problems faced here.

Anyhow, a fundraising lunch has been organised for 16 September at a Chinese Restaurant in Milford and the speakers are John Banks and Deborah Coddington. The functionality of blogger won't allow me to upload the PDF invitation but if you would like to attend ($50) then feel free to email me at

See ya there. And don't forget to vote early and vote often!


Cactus Kate said...

Banks and Coddington?

Is there a discount if you stay and listen to Coddington?

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha Cactus, you're way ahead of me!

Anonymous said...

Dear Cathy


You haven't even donated to the campaign so why would WE be giving YOU a discount?


Anonymous said...

banksie.?...and codders..?

fifty bucks..!

it's a steal..!

(and i mean that..most sincere..!..)

will anyone be asking banks about that $350 million + he threw down the toilet..?


Cactus Kate said...

Sorry to burst your bubble "G" but why on earth would anyone donate money to a local body election campaign? From your coded message to this "Cathy" it is obvious that she is very sensible.

Candidates should be able to fund it entirely themselves.

If they get elected they will be the benefactors of a reasonably well paid very part time job to supplement their "real job". Council positions are meant to be part-time aren't they?

No one with any sense should be voting for anyone who hasn't got a real full-time professional job in any instance.

Council candidates are generally highly uninspiring. It's not like any of them are ever going to actually reduce rates is it?

Anonymous said...

Such cynicism Cathy.

Phil, when you attend you can ask him yourself.


Anonymous said...

yes gooner..!

but i think i'll be 'washing my hair' that