Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Liarbour flip-flops over tax

Don't let Liarbour ever accuse National and John Key over 'flip flopping' over anything.
Liarbour's promises on tax shows shows that it is a lover who cannot be trusted.
Prior to the last election, Liarbour promised a raising of tax thresholds.
The so-called 'chewing gum' budget.
Once the votes were safely gathered in, Liarbour reneged on its election promise.
Yesterday, papers revealed that Labour considered a billion of taxcuts last year but judged them inflationary.
Today, Cullen says tax cuts are 'affordable.'
But how much inflation is actually caused by government!
We should remember is comment about how Liarbour is 'ideologically opposed" to taxcuts.
Like I say, Liarbour is acting like some awful lover, a cheat who cannot be trusted.
There is only one answer to Liarbour's tax lies. Ditch the Bitch!

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