Thursday, September 20, 2007

Let's tax the air we breathe, as Clark announces 'green' tax grab

After failing to find 'new blood' in the Liarbour Party for an upcoming ministerial reshuffle, Clark is now sinking her teeth into the economy to drain any life it might still have left in it.
"The Government's bid to tackle climate change - issued this morning - warns individuals and businesses to reduce pollution or pay the price," reported NZPA this morning.
Forestry starts the programme next year, with petrol prices to be hit from 2009, electricity generation in 2010. Farming joins the scheme in 2013.
(Energy Minister) "Mr Parker said there would be a small hit to economic growth, but action had to be taken," NZPA continued.
NZPA noted New Zealand's growing "Kyoto Liability"- remember, NZ was supposed to benefit from global carbon trading by several hundred million or so, but will be over a billion or so in deficit annually.
And Clark saying climate change was one of the world's most important issues facing New Zealand.
Stuff has more detail here.
So here we have it, tax, tax and more tax; control, control and yet more control.
Not a word on any subsidies or anything to reduce greenhouse emmissions, say tax deductable insulation programmes, for example.
It all gives credence to commentators like sceptic and climate change expert Christopher Monkton who mockingly proposed taxes on joggers, etc, because of the carbon dioxide emissions they release. He also proposed taxes on fizzy drinks, including champaigne, because of the carbon dioxide bubbles inside them
Monckton said the Government was at last making real "the dream of every tyrant – to tax the very air that we breathe".
"From now on, every time you exhale you will be paying through the nose for it, literally as well as metaphorically," he said.
The planned cap-and-trade policy was "silly" and exploited "needless public alarm about global warming".
"None of these suggestions is as silly as the carbon trading which the Government proposes," he said.
And I don't think he even mentioned Liarbour's abandonned 'fart tax.'
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Gooner said...

I've given this climate change/global watrming thing a lot of thought recently and have thought about how I can reduce my carbon footprint, laong with my family of course.

So, listed below are all the things I have decided to do to 'save the planet'. Can you think of any others.


Anonymous said...

You could stick your carbon footprint up Helen Clarks arse

Anonymous said...

emmess, my foot is much too pristine to put up her arse.