Saturday, September 29, 2007

Frank Goes To New York

I hear on 0500 RLW News that Commodore Bainimarama is to address the UN and set out his strategy and timetable for returning Fiji to democracy. Not a mention of this can be found in either The Herald or Stuff. Adolf awaits his speech with great interest.

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Bainimarama has skillfully gazzumped the inept sartorial bauble and his basso profundo sidekick from the NZ Muppet Show which passes for government. Good on him. He is roundly criticized for expelling NZ's diplomatic representative yet it appeared pretty obvious the man was caught out inciting opposition to the administration and he was reported to be following instructions from Wellington. Join the dots. The end result of NZ and Australia's ham fisted handing of this affair has been the arrival of Communist China's influence in the South Pacific for the first time. Now there's an outfit that doesn't mess around with dissenters.

Stuff does carry a useful report on the irregularities and vote rigging during the constitutionally illegal election which put Qarase and his band of thieves into power. So much for BooBoo Hobbs who could no more touch her toes than recognize a fair election.

It's worth noting for the benefit of David Farrar and other political theorists that the vast majority of people in Fiji support the moves made by the Commodore. Adolf recently heard from a retired member of Air Pacific's board who spoke approvingly of the Commodore's actions. He explained that it will take a long time to 'clean out' the corruption within the public service and the indigenous hierarchy. Similar commentary from a senior member of the Fiji Sugar Corporation. I hear the same sentiments expressed by Indo-Fijians who are heartily sick of the graft and deceit practiced by a privileged and venal indigenous elite, in whose pocket are Qarase and his henchmen - abetted by their friends in Wellington. Oddly, few commentators seem to have noticed that the so-called coup is being driven by indigenous Fijians (the military) who recognize the severe damage which was about to be inflicted upon the country by Qarase's illegal and corrupt regime and its shady backers.

DPF and his mates can pontificate all they like about 'taking power at the point of a gun' but in fact the guns were only for display - the soldiers in the streets were not carrying ammunition. Perhaps he might ponder on the horrors of life in Rome where Adolf recently noted Carabinieri patrolling the streets armed with modern sub machine guns with fully loaded magazines attached. What of Singapore where armed soldiers patrol the airport at all times?

For sure, all is not well in Fiji, especially the deaths in custody which have been reported but has anyone looked to see how many deaths in custody occurred in police stations prior to the military take over?

Adolf and the Cook will pay their annual visit to Fiji in a few weeks time and it will be interesting to hear first hand what the locals make of it all. You see, Adolf doesn't talk just to senior businessmen. He talks to cab drivers, commercial fishermen landing their catches on the beach at 0630, shop keepers, hotel staff, ferry skippers and all sorts of people one can meet if one has a mind to. So far the only supporters of Qarase he has found are David Farrar, Winston Peters and Helen Clark


KG said...

Jeez, Adolf, you're not going to take the word of mere peasants about the situation there, are you?
The Champions Of the Working Man won't be at all impressed....

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Here's the intemperate outburst from our bebaubled Foreign Sphincter. NO substance, no evidence, just an unsubstantiated smear alleging the Commodore will gerrymander any election. Just ignore the public commitments already given to the Pacific Forum and the EU. What a disgrace is this whiskey soaked soon to be ejected short arsed big mouth.

What a pity the Herald did not bother to print a transcript of Bainimarama's address. Well, they couldn't, could they. Would make the Baubler look stupid.

Anonymous said...

Frank's statement to UN General Assembly

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Thanks for that. I spent twenty minutes on the UN site but got nowhere.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Now that I've read his speech I'd say Peters and The Herald should be taken out and shot. Contrast Bainimarama's actions in consulting with the people over electoral reform with Clark's corrupt Electoral Finance Bill. I'd rather be governed by an honsest soldier than the putrid gang of liars and cheats we have in charge here.

Anonymous said...

Now we know why Frau Clitler is agin Frank ... he's showing her up. While Frank is trying to improve democracy in Fiji, she is trying to utterly destroy ours here!

KG said...

let's hope Fiji will take political refugees from NZ.