Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Australian Federal Police Seek Bigger Budget

Rarely has Adolf seen such blatant nonsense as this story being hyped by the pinko greenies of the ABC.

Where do I start? Here's what happens to hapless police commissioners when they get ahead of their own game and pronounce themselves experts in fields about which they know little..

Federal Police Commissioner Keelty refers to 'predicted climate changes in China.' Predicted by whom? Al Gore, Groucho Marx or Paris Hilton? He claims they will cause an invasion of Australia by hordes of yellow peril, seeking new rice paddies.

If you were a starving Chinese, why on earth would you try to get to Australia when Indonezia, Malaysia and Thailand are so much closer and easier?

If climate change is going to bugger up China's food production, where the fuck in Australia do these idiots think they are going to grow rice? The Gibson desert?

Does Keelty think climate change will adversely affect China but have no effect on Australia?

Does he not realise that for every advere effect of climate change there is a positive effect? Has he not thought through the obvious logic that a slight increase in world temperature will bring vast new tracts of hitherto unproductive 'cold' land into production? Does it not occur to him that Mongolia will probably produce more grain than Australia if the world warms up a little?

If this is the best the top bobby in Australia can do, it's no wonder our blokes took three days to look in the most obvious place for a body. They are intellectual giants compared with this idiot.

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KG said...

Keelty has form, believe me. The man has a history of making idiotic pronouncements about terrorism and of placating imams who are preaching hatred of Australia.
He's a PC jerk of the first order.