Wednesday, September 12, 2007

911 Protests: USA v "EUSSR"

The sixth anniversary of 911 seems to have passed off peacefully.
No major terrorist attacks to report, though the Palestinians have once more been celebrating the death of terror victims, just as they did six years ago. However, the open and tolerant society that is founded in the USA, obviously does not exist in Europe, especially in Brussels, the "capital" of Europe.
As we reported last week, a march to "Stop the Islamisation of Europe" was banned by the socialist controlled and muslim-dominated Brussels City Council.

The march took place anyway, with reports of much police brutality.
The Brussels police were so brutal, even the media noticed.
Two members of the European Parliament were arrested among the many arrests that day.
The story finally making it into the papers , the BBC , ABC, and others , though the blogs Gates of Vienna and The Brussels Journal have the best commentary, photos and video.

The reaction of the Brussels police all goes to show what happens should you oppose politcally correct multi-cultural policies.
Is the European Union, the new Soviet Union, the EUSSR?
Meanwhile, in San Francisco, no matter how bonkers you might be, how much you might oppose government policy, you can protest and celebrate with gay abandon.
Here are some 911 'truthers' and assorted misfits, including so-called peace loving Marxists.
Where's Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, George Bush and some facist police bootboys?
The comparison is breath-taking.
NEWS UPDATE: EUSSR-One MP was grabbed by the balls and Italy unhappy at beating its MP got. Good Pic of MP here, plus other photos.


KG said...

The Brussels police were doing exactly what is expected of them--acting as tools for the muslim-dominated council.

Anonymous said...

Is the EU the next Soviet Union? Well this man who has lived under the Soviets seems to think so

Psycho Milt said...

Yeah, these woofty pinko liberal Belgian cops, always trampling on conservative people's rights! Why don't they take a leaf from the Aussies' book, and have their cops staunchly defend people's right to protest, as seen in Sydney recently? Oh - er, hang on a minute...