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Over the years there have been some ludicrous acts by the Gnomes who control our "State Highways" in relation to access, distractions  and use that have a propensity to be placed in the "Plain Stupid" file.

An often-asked question comes about roadside signage where there is a miraculous change from a "danger" to "no-problem" - when some money changes hands.

For example, Fred and Mabel decide to do someething entirely different in their later years; they have lived in a little township on State Highway, one-two hours from anywhere. Mabel can cook well - quite well in fact - and Fred has complementary talents, and a now their adult daughter/son has a ticket as a Barista. So let's do this.

A vacant shop with great parking is rapidly transformed into a roadside Cafe and with limited funds they set up to provide a service to the numbers of passing traffic. The budget is all gone in setting up; buying the Coffee machine, chairs, tables, food display cabinets, dishwasher, fridges, freezers - plus compliance with the food nazi from the council.

But no signage to alert the many passing by on a once in a lifetime pass. Fred - not without a degree of initiative and some basic equipment - erects a sign "Coffee And Great Food One Km On Left".

A passing hi-vis clad numpty from LTSA, in his ludicrously elaborate four-by-four going nowhere worthwhile but intent on pretending to be earning his salary - many times what Fred, Mabel and spawn hope to collect by their small act of entrepreneurship - soon sends a notice to remove the unapproved sign as it is a "Traffic Hazard" being a "distraction".

Of course should Fred and Co increase their debts to the Bank and - with the apparently miraculous magic safety content, apply for "Permission to erect"  their traffic hazard - then all  be well and another potential killer endangerment is "alleviated" to the satisfaction of the LTSA numpties.

All this totally ignores the often stupid signage that LTSA place right beside their sphere of influence.
A classic is near the Summit of Hwy75 between Takamatua and Akaroa to "Slow down", when most vehicles are struggling to maintain any sort of speed due to the incline? Then there are the KFC, Burger King, Maccas, fuel stops et al, that create more than enough location ID with their unique building designs and large neon signage, well out of reach of the little people such as Fred and Mabel.

What inspired this? Well simple actually. Recently, in challenging visibility, I came up behind a bus in a bus stop on an arterial urban road with a seventy kph speed limit when, just as I arrived at the rear of the bus, it began to pull out - starting the indicator after movement commenced. No problems; nearly twenty years of emergency vehicle driving and all was well.

My biggest gripe however comes with the very stupid, poorly planned advertising covering the entire rear of the bus. Advertising the AA no less, with many small yellow blobs on the graphic that to some could well be missed in the poor late afternoon light as merging with the same colour indicator lights. In fact the bright painted squares showed much more apparent than the dirty indicator lamp that many might actually see was flashing.

Then again that advert on the bus  was probably made completely "safe"  because a relevant fee had been paid into the LTSA coffers????

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Ho Ho Ho

Friday, August 16, 2019

Not looking good..

I have never put any reliance on polls although some people live and die by them.  Even polls "accurate" over a couple of years get it wrong so I did not take much notice of this one....until.

There was more bad news for Trump at the polls, with Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris all on course to beat him according to a poll conducted for Fox between 11 and 13 August.

Now if Fox with all their spin are telling us that Trumpo is in the doo doo then perhaps there is some truth in it.

South Australia All Over Again

It has taken the western world a long time to wake up to the fraud that is wind power.

Hornsea One wind farm off the coast of Yorkshire reduced its electricity output last Friday

(pic stolen from The Times)

Anybody remember how the state of  South Australia switched itself off  by placing too much rliance on unreliable wind power?

The Poms have done an encore.   Almost identical circumstances.

Headline Of The Week

From the Washington Post, no less.

Tells you all you need to know about the mendacity of the US left whose latest movie shows they are happy for Democrats to have guns but want Republicans banned for possessing weapons of self defense.

Police officers keep getting shot by people with criminal records who are not allowed to own guns


Heading to a more remote  location or a few days. Gunna burn some fossil fuel.
C ya all


One important proviso take a quick look at who is on that list.

Ms Ardern heads off on another jaunt to an Idyllic Island Paradise, and gobs off in total denigration of a  mainstay export that sustains our Trans Tasman cousins.

Yes Burning coal does create CO2  and Australia exports coal to Asia including India and Mainland China where it is, heaven forbid, burnt to generate electricity.

The coal Australia exports includes high quality coal that when burnt allows for cleaner and lower emissions than the domestic coal both India and China dig at home.

China burns domestic coal at a rate very much larger than the total exports of Australia.

China is making serious inroads of influence across the Pacific countries involved in the latest Holiday destination of the NZ Prime Minister.  That gorgeous simply luvverly bit of Paradise  called Tuvalu, easily confused with the other nice to visit place her Daddy looks after for us, Tokalau, generates electricity how you ask. The simple answer much of the energy needed to sustain a bunch of Luvlies gobbing off in opposition to Australia exporting coal is generated by diesel generators that we are to believe do not create any CO2.
Another great pile of stinking excrement involves the Chinese Dragon, yes the one that now virtually owns Papua New Guinea, they do not rate a mention from the tinpots who have enjoyed an orgy of great dumping on Scott Morrison for selling a small proportion of the coal India, China and others burn to make electricity, nary a word of opposition for the Chicoms, now why would that be I wonder.

So while things political slowly slide into the Abyss back home the rock star continues to wow people who will never be asked to contribute to the bags of gold dispensed on each and every jaunt undertaken as an avoidance of the kitchen routine,  indulged in every other week.
The Part Time Prime Minister is rumoured to be visiting the Basket case  New Zealand next week if a suitable itinerary can be arranged between photoshoots for the glossies.

Meanwhile the moronics back home are taking serious steps to reduce the country's emissions by reducing the reliance on meat and dairy in Hospital food production.

You just could not make this sh&t up?


You are in a hole, cease digging asap, The dirt you thinkyou are moving is falling back on top of you, no one  else is doing that,  it is called gravity.

Aah Gravity,  the situation you are currently struggling  with  is all your own, forget the previous memo re "nine years of neglect",  it does not apply here.

Tarrant is still not convicted  of any crime so he does not come under the memo on treatment for inmates. That small anomaly could have been remedied by a simple prosecution for say unlawful and reckless use of a firearm. one week after the violence of March 15th.
Then Mr Tarrant would be a convicted criminal sentenced to a prison term, of course subject to the oft stated desire of your equally challenged Minister of Justice and his oft reported desire to keep such people out of incarceration, because it does not work.

The man who many would  treat under the current protocol for a teased Jack Russell that protects its immediate space in a first act of violence ever recorded  and   is then Euthanised before sunset same day,  is on remand,  sort of somewhat similar to the status of Jeffry Epstein, you know the recently deceased inmate of the Manhattan Remand centre in New York.   A man equally despised by many.

In spite of the considerable inconvenience involved Brenton Tarrant is only under arrest for Murder, attempted murder, and stupidly an entirely unnecessary terrorism charge, apparently as a test of recent law changes.

He has many rights to correspond with people, his lawyers, and a religious support person.
A lawyer on the make with the moral belief system  of a Rattus Norvegicus could make hay on a wet day with the treatment of Brenton Tarrant  publicly being reported in your tame media.

Finally there is a well known meme that could apply although I sense things are well past that simple status.  It is often better to remain silent and  be thought stupid than open your gob and remove all doubt.

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Poor Thomas......

A few posts ago, OK many posts ago I suggested that the UK shadow PM, a Mr J. Corbyn’s Labour party had a wildly popular policy which is namely the re nationalisation of the UK railways. This being the blog it is the reaction was predictable....lefties, unions, stifling of free enterprise etc etc ad infinitum were all brought out to the crease.

The benefactors of  the privatisation were and still are the city of london shareholders, the CEO’s all who have a salary many times that of our Prime minister. And  the end result is the highest fares in Europe and about to go up again by 2.8%, along with the latest and the dirtiest trains outside of India....oops sorry India, you are ahead on punctuality.

It now turns out that the UK railways are state owned after all....only not the UK.

Network rail that owns all the rail, buildings, wiring etc which consists 75% of the railways is indeed owned by the British tax payer and the rail companies pay to use facilities but there is a problem all the companies that, apart from those marked, are owned by companies that have majority government shareholding by the state owned railways of the various counties.

All this has absolutely nothing to do with the EU as the EU does not have the power to interfere in a countries affairs but it does make the Brexiteers “Take back control” look a bit hollow as the Tories will resist any attempt that will prevent their city of London chums from lining their pockets.

c2c: Italian state

Chiltern: German state

Caledonian sleeper: PRIVATE

CrossCountry: German state

East Midlands: Dutch state

Eurostar: French state

Gatwick Express: French state

Grand Central: German state

Great Northern: French state


Greater Anglia: Dutch state

Heathrow Express: PRIVATE

Hull Trains: PRIVATE

LNER: British state

London Northwestern Railway: Dutch state

London Overground: German state

London Underground: British state

Merseyrail: Dutch state

Northern: German state

Northern Ireland Railways: British state

Scotrail: Dutch state

South Western Railway: Hong Kong state

Southeastern: French state

Southern: French state

Stansted Express: Dutch state

TfL rail: Hong Kong state

Thameslink: French state

TransPennine Express: PRIVATE

Transport for Wales: French state

West Coast: Italian state

West Midlands Railway: Dutch state

Thursday, August 15, 2019


Go to The 2GB website and listen to the opening of Alan Jones August 15.

Jacinda Ardern and her approach to the Tuvalu Forum remarks to SCOMO on coal and other matters.

Even Sky News Hack does not sumarise how an increasing number of NZ citizens view the Appointed Part-Time Prime Minister - and last I heard he is based in Auckland

Demolition hardly covers it.

Gee, how to get wider coverage? Alan Jones was sure not looking for a gig as a Spin Dr for Labour public relations.

My source asked if I considered it was "Warts and All", opining it was more "Ebola and all" in her ever humble opinion???


Even if given safe in the knowledge it would not be accepted?

Jimmy, one-way-or-another, throws Liz MacPherson under a bus  in a cynical attempt to remediate the damage accumulating for the truly disastrous last National Statistics ballsup, where a poorly planned and executed swing to digital collection was found wanting, having more holes than a Swiss Cheese.

Jimmy,  who stood in the Highest court of the Land and declared unequivocally that the Census he had presided over (accepted, it was largely inherited from the nine year disaster of Key/English), was on track to be the most comprehensive and accurate measure of the nation ever???

Two things here. First it was a pretty comprehensive delivery of falsehoods to challenge for a best ever in misleading "The House". Second, it also revealed a Minister either unable or too incompetent to make such a summation on matters that were by then being openly accepted as a disaster by all and sundry.

Numerous failures to actually access people being asked to virtually swear all the information sought to be accurate: numerous incidents of not contacting those people at all: and a total disconnect to realise that the digital platform and associated backups were failing spectacularly.

In my Mobile Home activity I am in constant contact with many who can be off the grid for all intents and purposes for weeks or months - and a few who enjoy NFA (no fixed abode). One such couple have not had any form of residence for years. They spend months in NZ: whitebaiting, with two separate sites on different rivers. Then High Summer:  again a choice of two camp. Finally Winter: an extended stay near family on "The Gold Coast". That pattern is  not uncommon.

For myself, over a year we are AWOL; more than present in our humble abode and few have any idea where we are at any given time, apart from less than a dozen with the cellphone numbers, should there be a tower available. Hell, where we store our trailer-home is marginal for the Vodaphone network, off the grid for Spark, and only five miles west of the CHC International control tower.

The old system employed numerators, almost always with local knowledge who had a high degree of covering the location of even the homeless. There is a rapidly expanding deficit for finding people who often do not wish to be found. The White Pages? Nah. The Electoral Rolls? Nah again. And with The Little persons desire to only require a voter willing to divulge a residential location at the Polling booth, that will descend to farcical, and rate rolls are all diluted to a point of the absurd.

Realism suggests that any system of Census, as regarded historically, are now broken beyond repair and a new method of collecting the information deemed essential for infrastructure, commercial, educational and facility planning - long a justification for often invasive data collection - will have to find new avenues for collection.

Since forever I have been falsly informed that the data collected will never be available for access by any other Crats except than Statistics NZ. That is total Bullshit!

Sometime in the early 1990s a Census attempted to collect data on ethnicity and offered multichoice options. Finding such attempted invasion of personal space  offensive, I struck the whole offering out and wrote in hand-writing: "I am a native born New Zealander" - and promptly forgot all about it.

To my astonishment some weeks later I received communication regarding my "Maori" ancestory and asked if I wished to be on "The Maori Roll",  File thirteen asap and again cast aside from my mind.

Move forward, and another screed of paper, by post, included a generous offer from a group headed by the now Late Sir Paul Reeves offering to asist me to discover my "IWI". From memory, there were around 84 offerings, including the locations and the associated fish allocations accruing to each Iwi. Some had impressive accruing rights: some had hopes both hopeful and unlikely, and a few that had no bloody fish at all.

Now the only trigger that charade could have had was my admittedly dubious claim on the census form.

Attempts to resign the clearly unintended consequence of being a potential Maori have been in vain. I am still offered options to register as a Maori voter from the electoral commission, now all ignored.

So please desist with the false claims that information collected for census reasons will not be linked to anyone person or divulged to another bunch of Crats.


I am a mix of third, fourth and fifth-generation Caucasian New Zealand Citizen, with predominantly Celtic blood (courtesy of the Highland clearances and industrial depression around the Lowlands).  Some rumoured French blood - not unusual in many of Scottish descent - and a Paternal Grandmother who lived in Melbourne as a girl, whose anticedents may well have been selected by a member of the UK judiciary: a suggestion that is fueled by a dearth of information on her history -  apparently widespread in those who are researched amongst our family tree.

Apart from Granny Roxburgh, nee Boyd, there is no evidence of Polynesian bloodlines and in the absence of any racial markers in the physical features of her many descendents, almost zero chance for making any claims to the fish.

That said. I place much store in my Birthplace of Kaikoura but no money or rights accumulating from the bloody whales either. Perhaps in an attempt to prolong the TOW Tribunal - as it could be seen to be running out of meaningful work opportunities - by way of assistance a claim? Nah.

So Jimmy, an offer to resign? Nah! Didn't think so, not even to be considered eh? One body is plenty?


Listening to the Deputy Labour Leader attempting to deflect any corrections shortcomings over Tarrant's communication with a Russian Blog site,  was there a distinct air of categorising Tarrant as convicted sentenced and incarcerated for a very long time?

Tarrant  is on "remand" charged with murder and attempted murder so why the need to consult Norwegians around how they are handling Brevick who is actually convicted of multiple murders?

Then again it was Kelvin who is normally in witless protection, enuff sed, mebbee.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

A Fridge to far....

My daughter is being run ragged by her teenage daughter, the word grounded is now in everyday use and cell phone removal seems not to be as effective as before. This new generation seems to run rings around the parents of today so I do feel for his poor woman I read about in this mornings paper.

Dorothy was supposed to be helping her mother cooking but become so obsessed with her tweets she set fire to the kitchen….bye bye mobile.

Undeterred Dorothy turned to her Nintendo and tweeted from that….bye bye Nintendo.

A determined young lady is our Dorothy, straight to her Wii (whatever that is) and tweeted from that…...bye bye Wii.

Problem solved?….no not at all…...Dorothy then tweeted from the families smart fridge……..a bloody fridge for christ’s sake.

The fridge manufacturer has confirmed that the tweet originated from their appliance.

I will not identify the manufacturer in case Trumpo wants one…….that will be a tweet to far.

Life's Little Experiences - The Dump Next Door (2008)

Look what I found in 'drafts'?

A bit agricultural but still vividly remembered eleven years later.

After three score years and more, Adolf finds the world can still surprise.

Last Tuesday, at about 1100 hrs, he retired to the office ablutions block to transfer breakfast to its final destination. All was tranquil as he contemplated the rest of the day's activities. The peripheral consciousness registered the 'click click click' of another human, pressing the code pad as he too sought the sanctuary of the dunny.

There was an audible groan from the next door cubicle and without warning the peace was shattered by an ear splitting klaxon as the Vagnarian arsehole therein thunderously passed wind. By now wide awake and slightly apprehensive, Adolf endured a second audible groan followed by a sort of short sharp 'Schloooop' sound with a muted 'kerthump' as a giant mach 2 turd crashed agains the adjacent porcelain. There was a discernible vibration!!!!

Who the hell could it be?

Putting discretion to one side, Adolf quickly concluded his visit, washed hands and returned to the office to do a male head count. Nobody was absent.

Now, every time I step into the lift and see one of the fellows from the business next door, I wonder. Is that the Vagnarian Arsehole?

The Impending Knife Ban

In anticipation of their campaign to ban knives, Adolf provides a useful guide to Lefties.


Image result for table knife

Semi-automatic Knife

Image result for flick knife

Military Style Assault Knife

Image result for military combat knife

Fully Automatic Knife

Image result for machete knife

The Ation Invation?

Yesterday there was a stabbing incident in Sydney's CBD.   A young man killed a woman in an apartment and then went on a public rampage, severely wounding another woman before he was captured and disarmed by three brave and clever civilians.

A police statement included this gem:

“A man attempted to stab multiple people and we don’t know the causation or the rationale for his actions today,”

Australia's many blind illiterates will be comforted to know gainful employment beckons from the NSW police department.   What the poor dumbed down bastard meant to say was 'A man attempted to stab a number of people and we don't know the cause of or rationale for his actions today.'

Funny thing is, he was continually shouting 'Allahu Akbar' the whole time.

One can assume the perpetrator was neither a Presbyterian, Methodist or member of the Liberal Party of Australia.

Adolf awaits the call from the Left for an Australia-wide ban on knives.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Back To The Future.

Further to recent posts, another unidentified mole from deep inside the Australian Defense Dept has leaked intelligence to the ABC alleging Iran has issued its elite troops with bicycles.  They are to be known, of course, as Qud Bikes.


The last army to go down this track didn't get on very well.

Wehrmacht 1945?

Image result for wehrmacht bicycles


I see we have two hundred and five posts sitting in draft form, awaiting completion but their respective authors and subsequent publication.

Might not be a bad idea for authors to go and delete those which will never see the light of day.

Are Nuclear Weapons Obsolete?

Probably not but definitely not in the hands of Mad Mullahs.

However, one wonders whether technological advances in the potency of conventional explosives and their accuracy of their delivery systems do render obsolete the use of nuclear weapons in a major conflict as envisioned during the fifties and sixties.   Who was it who quietly told Pakistan 'if you don't do as you are told we'll bomb you back into the stone age?'

No longer is a massively huge explosion needed to destroy a spread out target.   Strikes involving hundreds of cruise missiles combined with stealth aircraft delivering smart bombs of enormous power can achieve the same result or pretty close to it.

What is the point of razing a city with nuclear bombs if you can't occupy the place because of radiation? 

I suspect the likelihood of the USA, Britain, China, India or Russia using nuclear weapons is remote.
Regrettably, the same can't be said for Pakistan, North Korea or Iran, none of whom possess the capabilities referred to above.

Just wondering!

Too Good To Leave behind

From the Babylon Bee

A note from the editorial board at The Babylon Bee:
A number of people have questioned our love for Hillary Clinton based on some satirical pieces published on our site recently.
We would like to clear things up by saying that Hillary Clinton is an upstanding citizen and a very fine human being. She is of excellent character. She would never hurt anyone. The people who wrote those jokes, headlines, and pieces that seemed to criticize Hillary have been dealt with.
Some conspiracy theories have been going around about the Clintons, and we think that's just despicable. Deplorable, really. From Bill's time in the White House all the way through Hillary's spotless record as Secretary of State, the Clintons have served this country with honor and not a hint of scandal. For people to suggest they are so powerful and sinister to kill those who might expose some non-existent "wrongdoings" in their past is treason, really.
We just want to make certain that it's clear how much we respect, love, and honor the Clintons. Honestly, they're our favorite politicians of all the politicians, way better than that Trump guy. It's a real shame Hillary didn't win. She's our president.
Above all, we want to make sure Hillary does not question our loyalty to her and the whole Clinton family. We have nothing bad to say about her. Also, just to be clear, we have no dirt or inside information on her whatsoever and nothing would be gained by our untimely deaths.
So, Hillary, we love you! Please do not hurt us.


Might have worked for Admiral Farragut in 1864 but I strongly suggest it is a strategy that will end in "tears" for the ship of fools currently regarded as the Government of New Zealand c2019?

The total arrogance of the Winston First-led Government, in that past constraints just no longer apply, is astonishing in its application and effects.

The dearth of official leadership, apparently of no concern to the MSM in their ongoing abrogation of any semblance of responsibility to assist the populace with a factual record of what is actually happening, is even greater in its monumental failure, yet still so very few seem bothered.

The contrast to the recent administrations of Key and Clark in particular leaves the Coalition of Losers heading into a legacy of failure that historians will debate interminably as to how so many could allow the state of benign ambiance to continue unabated on a journey to destruction

John Key, in a routine Sunday practice, acted in a now-viewed act of stupidity in allowing a natural familiarity towards a member of a Cafe waitstaff to progress to tugging playfully her ponytail. No assault, no pain - just over familiarity that in different times would have no repercussions.

In an era of heightened suspicion of any such overt attention being judged unwelcome and therefore a serious breach of social etiquette, that incident became a serious assault on the personal space of the waitress. Scribes aplenty leapt into the fray and it rapidly reached a crescendo that could only be assuaged by resignation of a Prime Minister.

Well, a mere four years pass and hot on the heels of an incident at a Labour party Summer Camp last Year in early February that has remained - so far - entirely free of any legal repercussions for any one  being held to account for four attendees being sexually assaulted. Actual sexual assault you know -  where someone is forced to endure intimate physical assault, and not just one person but four complainants? The alleged assailant - said to be closely related to a highly placed Labour party person enjoying court imposed blanket suppression - seems to still enjoy a high level of protection, following an incident far more serious than a playful tugging of a pony tail.

Eighteen months after the Summer Camp (sounds so innocent eh) so far not resolved "incidents" including:

  • alleged underage persons being plied with intoxicating liquor.
  • total failure to involve police for some time while the Party attempted to bring a shroud of secrecy over the whole mess, including failing to inform parents of victims, of any untoward activity.
  • another series of incidents alleging assaults.
  • verbal threats that any release of information will be regarded as career ending.
  • an alleged attempted rape: all very close to the Prime Ministers sanctuary on the ninth floor of the Beehive.
All these are are now on the periphery of current concern, this time even closer to the seat of power.

It is alleged this perpetrator is an adviser to the Ninth floor office and again a remarkable cone of silence has existed for weeks and apart from Soper - who is a most difficult person to threaten due to a long career as a political observer going back three decades - the sycophantic Media seems blinded to what has all the hallmarks of serious and serial offending being alleged. Yet the Prime Minister, her enablers and protection squad are content to seek solutions without involving the Police, all the time hoping the storm in a tea cup will fade.

One problem with that strategy should the teacup be upset the scolding could be rather painful.

Yes I am fossilised and very old fashioned, but I see a gulf of difference in the series of incidents surrounding what is widely regarded as the top job in this provincial little South Pacific Nation.

Throw in some rather dodgy connections around Drug offending by persons so close to the current  Prime Minister who only holds her exalted position of power at the behest of a once-was-Mr-7% - now closer to 3%. So close a good mate of Karel Srubek, a man convicted and incarcerated on drug offences, who was inexplicably "Given" citizenship by Ardern's Immigration Minister in the face of opposing advice from department officials, resulting in a "text" congratulating her administration from one Rodney Hardcore.

You could not make this stuff up.

Is it any wonder why the thumbing of her nose by assistant transport Minister Genter - who insists on her having no requirement to release a letter she wrote to her Minister Twyford on Ministerial letterhead stationary, relating to changes to Wellington transport strategy - is attracting some opprobrium that would normally be submerged in minutiae as a Beltway matter.

As oft stated, in particular following the Watergate affair, it is often not the criminal activity that becomes a problem, it is the Coverup that creates the carnage that destroys people. That said there are no Carl Bernsteins, Bob Woodwards or Mark Felts - collectively the Watergate case-breakers - any where near the Media or Security Services of lil ole NZ. We are just too small and incestuous, with the fear of job loss far greater than any idea of "doing the  right thing.

My only hope of a meaningful resolution lies in the thousand cuts gathering momentum: a hope I still hold.

Quelle Surprise?

People have an elevated concept of the Police as somehow smart, lucid, honest, intelligent souls who will always do the right thing.

They are just  a cross section of humanity who happened to choose the Police service as a career,  a choice often made in their tender years.

OTOH some Police members consider their uniform and training elevates them above those they serve.

The current Weapon confiscation, albeit with some paltry compensation sometimes reaching the lofty heights of half the cost of a purchase done entirely legally, continues to lurch towards the December cut off with many unresolved issues. There is currently some dismay where lawful owners are succumbing to the propaganda that this is all great for a safer New Zealand.

On surrender of entirely lawfully held weapons and parts in the presence of clearly armed police people, some police are taking the opportunity to interrogate the surrendering people as to where they acquired their formerly lawfully owned-and-held weapon and accompanying parts.

Nowhere do I see from the publicity the informing of people complying with the kneejerk-created scheme, that Plod would avail themselves of an opportunity to gather intelligence beyond the actual surrender.

Of course that is absolutely no surprise: too many of the inhabitants of National headquarters with bits of parchment indicating academic achievement, but with a paucity of practical policing, have an inflated opinion of a non-existent ability that can take years of working at the coalface to accumulate.

Faced with what is unfolding as a flawed operation - verging on fraudulent in more than a few ways - I understand there is going to be some significant degree of "F### You" attitude, and there is a likelihood of numerous weapons declared illegal in the frenzy after Tarrant's rampage, that are going to be placed out of reach of the authorities.

A situation not dissimilar to the long held attitude of the gangs, who so far have no admitted policy  so as to be included in the sweep. Oh, there will continue to be headlines publicising the capture of weapons in drug busts and other raids but just as the lawful weapons involved,  there is only guess work in what the numbers are in truth.

Cluster f#$k is somehow less than adequate methinks.

Port of Dover

 At last, at long bloody last the UK government has set a senior minister down to Dover to see what all the fuss is about. It only took three years for a ministers department to identify the M20 as the road leading to Dover.

The Minister in question is known as Gove the untrustworthy or Govey to his detractors and he makes Mac the knife look like a sabre wielding beserker such is his skill at slipping the blade in. Off he went with his minions to spend a good part of a day with Ports of Dover CEO and the head of the Road Haulage Transport Ass. (RHT).

The conversations held we open for recording with press being able report what was said and what was said was not pretty. Dover ports cannot expand, it sits between the sea and town with the famous white cliffs on either side. The UK joined the EU before the internet, even before desktop computers and over the 40 years it has refined it’s systems so the port is now operating at it’s absolute optimum.

At the moment a lorry driver has to stop for about a minute to have the driver and passengers passport logged...that’s it. Any form of customs paperwork or the inevitable smuggling checks will add enormously to the time taken to clear and result in the roads leading to Dover becoming gridlocked. The main London Rd (M20) is four lane until the last two miles into Dover where it becomes two lane…..beginning to see the problem yet?

The minister was told that traffic queues will back up for about 120k or more on the four lane part and it is proposed to restrict trucks to the inside lane leaving the outside for cars needing to access Dover town and the Ferries. No trucks can will use the two lane part unless let through in a controlled convoy. The estimated time for lorry to be in the queue is 48hrs.

Now the problem is that lorry drivers/passengers are human and need to access toilet facilities, dumping on the side of a motorway is not an option so it is proposed to put portaloos and water dispensers in the fast lane of the other side of the motorway reducing that to a speed restricted single lane for a hundred miles…...getting there, bear with me.

It was also pointed out to Govey that under British and EU law drivers are not allowed more than 8 hours behind the wheel so relief drivers must be carried, the same will apply to delays on the other side around Calais. This brings it’s own problems as 85% of all trucks using the port are left hand drive, registered and insured in the 27 EU countries and haulage firms along with their insurers are not happy with the idea of Brits driving their pride and joy without a substantial premium………...all this, including drivers facilities, have to be paid for.

Add to that the cost passed on the consumer of truck and driver hire for an extra three or four days plus the addition of tariffs you can see why British business is in despair.

When you get thousands of trucks creeping along overheating and breakdowns are inevitable adding to the confusion.

I would love to be a fly on the wall when Govey reported to Boss Johnson..

“er, Boss, you know that project fear we all laughed about…….guess what!”

Time lapse of port operation for two hours.....this is a twentyfour seven port.

Monday, August 12, 2019

CONSEQUENCES: Noun (plural) Historic

"Results or effects" Often unwelcome and /or unpleasant.

In my formative years mid twentieth century, widely used as an educative description of how actions might not be so enjoyable in the aftermath.

Over decades the meaning of the word has been reduced in terms of personal suffering from wrongdoing, by successive Socialist-driven governments; every incident, no matter how grave or life changing, will never be sheeted home to an act of omission, illegality, or plain stupidity - and now has the ability to have such responsibility shared, or as so often happens in this century, totally distributed to others, thus avoiding any personal ownership.

Once upon a time, even in the complete absence of any actual ability to have outcomes avoided or even mitigated by someone at the top of the pyramid of  power, they were just assumed to be "responsible" and resignation or severance was accepted as just. A factor that seems to be entirely absent for any Socialists in power in central or local government.

Who can name the last Labour MP, Mayor or local body councillor to even offer to resign? Oh, there may be an odd case where such mea-culpa might emerge but only if the chance of it being accepted is zero. No one accepted any responsibility for the recent leak of budget details prior to official release. Oh hang on - Maklouf finally admitted some culpability long after the event. Robertson, the relevant minister, nary a word.

Minister Kate Wilkinson resigned her portfolios following Pike River Mine blowing up. Dennis Marshal likewise after Cave Creek, two relatively recent significant actions from National MPs. Either of those two would not have  even offered  such a career destroying option had they been serving as Labour Cabinet Ministers. Both Ministerial Warrants ended by the failures of others, with only tenuous links to any action or failure on the part of the Ministers to have changed the disastrous outcomes.

As children we were constantly reminded the Bobbies were just waiting to catch and punish any wrong doing. Shuffle forward to August 2019 and John Hadfield's daughter - who clearly remains close to where she fell from her Family Tree - in an open, racist-inspired rant to an ethnic Asian policeman at the current rumble near Auckland Airport, told him to head back to where he came from and leave her fellow protesters free to continue their  totally illegal invasion of private land.

Dear old Harold McMillan, Conservative Prime Minister of the UK around 1960. once asked what he feared most in Politics, famously responded "Events dear boy! Events!".  One can only suppose that he could have continued with the idea that consequences that eventuate will bring even greater fear.

Now we have the appointed criminal hugger Minister of Justice - as a next step to letting serious criminals out of incarceration as an aim to reduce the prison muster - giving wholesome support to a suggestion from the Waitangi Tribunal, the only power available, to restore voting rights to  the duly incarcerated. A move supported in a Supreme Court declaration, that denial of voting rights for the imprisoned could breach their Bill of Rights protections.

In the olden days no one would give such arrant nonsense the time of day and it must be remembered that getting into a New Zealand jail was so much easier and more likely then. Today it requires a pretty extreme "first offence" to get to accommodation at Her Majesty's pleasure. a fate that will fall to Tarrant if convicted. However I recall recent stats that suggest convictions reach well into double digits before imprisonment becomes likely in most court sentencing appearances.

Do bad things and one might be caught, convicted and sentenced, but go-to-Gaol not necessarily a given. Do multiple bad things and imprisonment chances increase. Keep doing bad things and eventually a member of the Judiciary might decide to deprive freedom, but still not for sure.

So to have concerns that seriously bad buggers retain the basic rights of voting? Spare me the crim hugging; there are still some places that criminal activity resulting in gaol time will have some other consequences. My only regret is the chances of that draconian outcome becomes less likely with every week that passes.


I see that David Farrar over at Kiwiblog here is running a monkey on who killed Jeffrey Epstein.

Certainly it suits a lot of people to have him out of the way but, for what its worth, I'm not sure he's dead.    Money can work magic.    Deepest darkest Eketahuna beckons perhaps !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Conspiracy theorists of the world unite ... better than the 'fake' moon landing.  LOL. 

Sunday, August 11, 2019

All the other kids with the pumped up kicks

A couple of weeks ago I posted my article on Antifa in the USA, which looked at their ideological and street violence. I focused specifically on them beating up a gay Asian-American journalist, Andy Ngo, who had been reporting on them - and still is - and the refusal of Democrat politicians to condemn or even criticise them.

There were two primary reactions from the Leftists who chose to comment. I must admit that I expected the reaction to be that this was a step too far, that they might say something to the effect of:
Yeah, that's pretty shit and Antifa need to get a grip on themselves in their endless search for Fascists.

But in fact the first type of reaction, and the one that dominated, was an outright celebration of this incident and the other violence as well, and full-throated support for it. Some examples:
"A single individual laid a single punch on him... "
"Demonising the guys who are actually out there fighting the white supremacists..."
"It is ANTIFA that stands in the way of the return of lynchings to America..." 
"ANTIFA are doing something, right here, right now, to prevent the rise of a new Hitler..." 
"A punch here, a milkshake there, does not come close to the violence, the depredation, and the horrors committed by those on the Right..."
"I stand with ANTIFA. I stand for a civil society..."
"Today, and every day, is Punch a Fucking NAZI Day."
"It is a response to regular violence and intimidation from White Supremacist thugs."
"let the brave and courageous work to defeat the enemy of the people..."
Now some of those came from one individual who is certainly the most unhinged Far-Left stalker that we have here at NoMinister, but there's no question those same attitudes are found among tens of thousands of US supporters of Antifa.

The second type of reaction was a bit more nuanced, to the effect that Antifa were a pretty "unpleasant" group, but that they hadn't murdered anyone, unlike Right-Wing extremists. My response was as follows:
"the near misses that have recently occurred with Antifa thugs dying before they could pull off firebombing attacks and school shootings. That sort of "luck" can't continue for much longer...
And now here we are: Antifa's first mass murderer:
While the Dayton shooter, didn’t leave behind a manifesto, his extensive social-media footprint provides clues as to what may have inspired him. Federal investigators announced Tuesday that they are looking into his exploration of violent ideologies.
[The shooter] had long expressed support for antifa accounts, causes and individuals.
"Kill every fascist,” the shooter declared in 2018 on twitter, echoing a rallying cry of antifa ideologues. Over the next year, his tweets became increasingly violent. “Nazis deserve death and nothing else,” he tweeted last October. [The shooter] frequently flung the label “Nazi” at those with whom he disagreed online.
By June he tweeted: “I want socialism, and I’ll not wait for the idiots to finally come round understanding.” Last week, he promoted posts that demonized Sens. Ted Cruz and Bill Cassidy’s resolution against antifa extremism.
Well, well, well! Is all that not an echo of the language of some of our Leftist posters here, not to mention those on other blogs and especially on Twitter, Facebook and other Social Media platforms?

He also said the he was going to vote for Elizabeth Warren, which is natural enough given his other beliefs, which closely match the incendiary language of Warren and exciting future leaders of the Democrat Party like Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez when they've talked about ICE facilities as "concentration camps".

Perhaps these Democrat politicians and activists, especially those online, should be more careful with language and rhetoric that creates the atmosphere of fear and hatred in which people like the Dayton shooter marinate?

The Dayton and El Paso shootings occurred within hours of me writing an article here on the vapourous bullshit surrounding mass shootings and White Supremacism. Having learned nothing from that, commentators jumped right in and trumpeted the same old lines as in the past, as did the MSM.

Dayton somewhat got lost in the screamfest. Of course.

Is my analysis unfair to the Left? Am I drawing conclusions and making accusations about the motives of an insane mass shooter, based upon slim reeds of Leftist political and activist language?

Well that's what happens when you apply to the Left the same standards that have been set by them in recent years in talking about the Right, starting effectively with this in 2010:

"Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' blood is on Sarah Palin's hands after putting cross hair over district."

That's a map of House seats held by Democrats in the 2010 mid-term elections and it was set up by Sarah Palin. Such maps have been common down through the years and nobody thought them to be inciting hatred, let alone mass shootings.

Until Democrat Gabby Giffords was badly wounded in a mass shooting that killed six people in 2011, at which stage the Democrats and the MSM (but I repeat myself) jumped in boots-and-all to blame Palin's map and language for creating - you guessed it - "an atmosphere of hatred and division", that had triggered the shooter. Giffords seat is one of those "targeted".

It was bullshit of course, and admitted to be so some time after the fact by the NYT among others. Not by Democrat activists though, for whom it served its purpose of keeping the Republicans in a defensive pose and suppressing her political hopes, which were still feared to be strong at that time as a populist. Given the rise of Trump they'd probably like to have Palin back. And it didn't help the Democrats regain the House in 2012.

But exactly like Trump's "good people on both sides" comment, such claims turn into unexamined propaganda myths. Which is why a New York Times writer and moron (!) repeated the same claim in 2017, which has led to a lawsuit against the NYT by Palin. Thanks to the First Amendment it's much more difficult to win such lawsuits in the US than in Britain, and in order to demonstrate that "malice" was not involved the NYT will have to show that their writer was a fool and ignorant of the recent past. Given that's almost certainly true I expect the NYT will get away with the old smear.

While Democrats may be upset at being tied to a mass-shooter, for Republicans it's just more of the same-old, same-old. Bush II was regularly called a racist and Fascist - "Bushitler" was soooo clever - and John McCain and Mitt Romney got much the same treatment, as well as what we see here; claims that their language created the "atmosphere" in which these crimes occurred. When mass shootings by young white men happened during Obama's presidency it was held to be a result of them driven to rage by having a Black President, egged on by GOP politicians who made jokes about his golfing and Chicago politics. Now it's held to be because OrangeManBad is President.

It will always be something, and it will never be the real reason for the claims, let alone the reasons for the shootings.

The real reason for the political claims is that the US Left need to win and retain political power and if they can't use the economy or a war to attack the GOP they'll find some other stick, whether it's Russian Collusion or that hardy perennial, "Racism".

The problem is that the former is very dead and the latter - due to overuse by the Democrats and the MSM (!) - has begun to lose its once magical power to intimidate. It certainly failed to stop Trump and the GOP winning everything in 2016. Then there's this survey from Rasmussen the other day:

But only 41% of African Americans think Trump is a racist, despite being overwhelmingly Democrat voters and being the primary historic victims of White racism in the USA. Which tells you everything you need to know about White Democrats and their racial politics: cue the White Power of Antifa.

It would also be lot more pertinent to have a discussion about the real reasons for these mass shootings by young, fucked-up White men, which is why I chose this title. But I doubt that will happen any time soon - unless it can be made all about gun control.

With the decline of "racism", look to hear more about "White Supremacism", which sounds more sophisticated while actually being just equally crude and moronic abuse that's as hollow as Joe Biden's head. And it may backfire anyway, as I pointed out in "Hey, where the white men at?":
“The white male vote is indispensable, it’s a part of any winning coalition,” said Democratic pollster Ronald Lester, who worked for Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016.
Well sure. Calling them "Deplorables" didn't work out for Hillary but perhaps calling them White Supremacists will turn the trick for the 2020 Democrat candidate for President? And trying to weasel out of that problem by saying that Trump merely "encourages" White Supremacists won't work either, not with Leftist nuttery like this floating around as training material for teachers in New York:

Either way, what you need to remember is that no matter what they do and what they say, Left-Wing politicians are almost never asked by MSM reporters to issue statements disavowing "links" with Left-Wing killers or thugs, domestic or foreign. They never use language that "echoes" the worst slurs of Leftist activists and fanatics nor "incites" people in "an atmosphere of fear and hatred" and they never stir up "division and hatreds"  or "set people against each other for cynical political gain".

And they never have blood on their hands.


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Yes, this was an actual MSNBC segment...except for the logical punchline.