Wednesday, October 23, 2019


I mean direct from presiding over the Kiwibuild f****p it looks as though the Auckland light rail project, entrusted to him by St Jacinda, is headed the same way with the Treasury warning that the initial estimates of $6 billion were way off the mark.  Indeed, one NZTA source has suggested they could double which would see it rivalling Edinburgh's light rail debacle.  Mind you, this government and debacles tend to go hand in hand.   Indeed one might argue 'they' have become rather expert at it.

And all this before a single sod is turned and won't be until 2021 at the earliest.    Contrast that with the promise made by Ardern shortly after taking office that the Mt Roskill segment would be completed within four years (i.e. 2021).   Politics 101 for dummys ... under promise and over deliver. This mob have certainly managed to turn that one on its head.

And all this against the backdrop of firms associated with the project saying the delays caused by the  government shifting the goalposts has cost millions and has seriously harmed New Zealand's business reputation abroad.

That's why the hapless Twyford's throwaway remark to the effect that with the NZ Super Fund taking a stake in the project users of light rail will be contributing towards their own retirement ... leaves me cold.   For this to happen the service has to make a profit ... tell me, does the Auckland commuter train service make a profit? ... just asking.

Nah, no twinge of sympathy for Twyford.   All of 'their' own doing.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

All in all a good week.......

Given the amount of vitriol that has been dumped on young Winston and his intrepid band of unlovables I was wondering that perhaps it’s because they are Labours unlovables and whether or not the same character assassination would be forthcoming if they had plighted their troth to well they might do in the future.

The forecasts and speculation of implosions, personality clashes and empire building have not come about. Winston’s brief premiership was handled quietly and with dignity contrary to the drooling expectations of some on this blog and it appears that the only thing to attack is the long baggage train that long term politicians inevitably haul behind them which is probably why a certain J. Collins has dropped off the radar until needed.

It also appears that the attempts to link the PM with the Trudeau government, on the basis it was finished, has misfired badly as his government has been reelected along with the even better news that the Canadian anti immigrant, anti vax far right party was annihilated.....not one seat did they get.

It was also the week of the two letters from Trumpo and son of Trumpo that will go down in history. The Trump letter to Erdagon was not published initially because it was thought to be a hoax or fake news trap and Johnson’s unsigned letter to the EU along with another photocopied letter telling them to ignore the first letter were childish beyond belief.

The petulance and self entitlement shown by both these extremely wealthy hard right politicians who are supposed to lead by example should serve as a warning for the future.

 I doubt that we will be continually nagged about “socialist” Venezuala going to the dogs anymore now that Equador (Centrist) and Chile (Centre right) are going down the same’s the money dummy. Money and an absence of a binding middle class.


He was on the money with his advice to the PTPM and got savaged for saying what needed saying,  however he has created a legend on 2GB radio with his Sydney Breakfast show.

He also does an hour on Wednesday nights on Sky News with Peta Credlin ex Chief of staff for Tony Abbott during his later years in opposition and his Prime Ministership.

This week Alan Jones  was brought to tears in dealing with his frustration that Scott Morrison on his radio show that morning had virtually nothing to relieve the disastrous drought that currently grips much of the Eastern states including the entire Murray Darling Basin. An emotional breakdown that saw an unscheduled ad break to give him time to recover.

This dry is a biggie,  a big one, right up there with the worst in memory and Jones' Dad farmed in Queensland during Alans formative years and the scars still exist from drys that he witnessed there.

Some heartless bastards continue to link the Droughts that are as Australian as the Original Aboriginal people and Blue gums, to Climate change when there is a wider consensus than that which many Politically driven egos consider upholds their tax grab  over warming that if any influence that comes from warming it is the opposite of drought,  greater and more intensive rain events.

There is some unconscionable devastation occurring from this drought and not only the farmers but entire communities are threatened and once gone it is hard to see the depopulation being reversed.

How much better for Australia if the Billions being poured into the UN wealth transfer scam into immediate relief for the rural communities and then drought proofing by moving the tropical rains south and building serious storage for that water.

Hang in there Alan Jones the farmers have my empathy, sympathy and heartfelt admiration, and you are in too much of a minority as opposed to the majority who will get a hell of a surprise when the Lucky Country has to import essential foods, it had me more than a little emotional just watching from afar.


New Zealand is in the grip of a measles epidemic of third world proportions.    There have been more cases reported this year than in the whole of the United States.   Of those catching the disease up to 30% will develop complications.   The death rate from the disease is assessed at between one and three per thousand.   So far two deaths have been reported.

Back last year National's Dr (real one ... not of the Dr of Divinity Labour Party variety) Shane Reti was warning that Labour's scrapping of vaccination targets and the consequential reduction in vaccanition rates was a ticking time-bomb.   He was proven right.   Meanwhile the gummits response to the outbreak was to insist there was no problem and everything that could be done was being done ... except for the small matter of vaccine availability.   And only now, six months into the crisis, has the government managed to source sufficient quantities of the MMR vaccine to offer protection to all those who want it.

The anti-vaccer lobby has much to answer for ... almost as much as the silly little girl from the Greens masquerading as the Associate Minister of Health with her quite stupid comment that the public had to choose between tax cuts favoured by National and a first world health system.   News for you Ms Genter ... the measles epidemic wuz all your own work from a gummit that back-pedalled on the need for vaccinations; took its eye off the ball when the inevitable outbreak occurred and all the while was raking in more dosh per courtesy of bracket-creep and increased indirect taxation.

You and yours are the guilty ones with blood on your hands ... hurts? ...  and so it should

Genter with two strikes against her name; an entirely preventable measles epidemic and a Wellington (Labour Party) Mayor kicked out of office primarily for his failure to stand up to Genter over her bullying of him to accept the Green's vision for Wellington transport where the motoring public are to be treated as third rate citizens .... and it's all her own work.   Still, if Shane Jones is anything to go by the Fairy Princess will take it on the chin ... or will she?   The Greens have no place to go.

Monday, October 21, 2019


Even Winston aint old enough to have seen the John Ford film when released in the closing of the fifties decade so unless the replay has enjoyed wider support than I am guessing, this will not resonate.

Spencer Tracy's character has a certain relevance to how I see Winston and his ego trip vehicle that must be suspected now of some age related deficiencies, "Winston First".

This morning on Hosking Breakfast,  Peters asked what would it take for him to consider National as a coalition partner,  possibly the removal of Bridges and Bennett?
His astonishing reply almost devoid of any logic based on recent political reality was focussed on Goldsmith as National Finance shadow Minister.  Goldsmiths lack of understanding of his portfolio based on his experience, and a rambling idea that  now departing from the parliament and Goldsmith's predecessor, Amy Adams,  had such necessary experience.
I do not pretend to know how involved the retiring member for Selwyn was/is  in the family agri - business,  I understand she was a lawyer not a farmer before politics.
Peter;s rambling avoidance of Hosking's question totally ignores that  the current man in command of finance in his CoL,  is a political hack who has spent his whole life around politics,  The Labour one before him was a PhD in History, one "call me Sir" Michael Cullen.
Between those two sharing  pretty close to zero experience of how commerce works, was a treasury Wonk who owned a farm but one who  made a very good fist of managing an economy.

What actually led to his peevish attack on Paul Goldsmith who would know but I am  guessing  it is related to how The Nat, Finance portfolio holder  makes some telling attacks on Grunter at Questions for oral answer that must be rather concerning for The egomiester currently at 4% and increasingly looking like Cardigan Bay might look  today if death had not intervened there.

So we are none the wiser as to what National might need to do to become his poodle but rest assured it is not going to happen any time soon as National to a one understand perfectly well what making the little ones dreams come true actually involves and that has very little connection to what he is enjoying  from Labour currently.
Any vote for Winston's cult is a vote for Labour/Melons end of conjecture.

For the record things did not end well for Spencer Tracy's character who lost his Mayoralty and when talking about perhaps a tilt at Governor  from his hospital bed following defeat and a cardiac event his father in law asked would he do anything different if he could, Tracy (as Skeffington) replies "like hell I would". 

It is a pleasant thought though Winston.

A job well done.....

I just can not get on with the current crop of NZ rugby writers nor the attitude of the MSM in New Zealand. The All Blacks don’t just win against or beat...they “humiliate” and “destroy”,  their opponents are “Heartbroken” and pictured crying on the bench. (Probably just getting over a kick in the goolies)  It says a lot about our lack of empathy and pandering to the lowest common denominator and using words of war speaks volumes...........It’s a business masquerading as a  game that makes a few people very rich.

Japan are the winners here and more of a rugby role model and inspiration to a new generation than the top six put together.

From Jonathon Liew.....UK Rugby correspondent

Perhaps, ultimately, this was the way it had to end. The way it needed to end. An ugly mauling by a team of unlovable juggernauts; the natural order of things restored; the harsh realities of international rugby driven home. You’ve got to dish these lessons out early in life: the world is a cruel place, fairy tales aren’t real, the bigger boys always win out in the end, nothing good ever lasts. That’s the trouble with dreams: as golden as they are, as soon as they start, the clock’s ticking.

And on a crisp evening in the biggest city on the planet, Japan’s time finally ticked out. Half the country had tuned into their win against Scotland, and even more will almost certainly have been watching tonight. A fair number will probably never watch another game of rugby again in their lives. But for the rest, maybe something rare and precious has been planted over the last five weeks. Maybe this could be the start of something, not the end.

It has certainly felt that way, as slowly at first and then all at once, a nation fell in love with a game that for a large part of its history they played to a barely acceptable standard. Actually, perhaps that’s not quite right. It wasn’t so much a game that Japan fell in love so much as a team: this team, this magnificent bunch of boys, who in defeat displayed the same dignity and ambition they had displayed in victory.

This isn’t a time for patronising pats on the head. Japan truly believed they could win this, and there will be a kernel of regret that in the biggest game of their lives, too many of their best-laid plans went awry. The boundless, barrelling energy that had sustained them through the tournament seemed finally to run dry in the second half. Their kicking game was well below scratch. So was their set-piece, even taking into account the ruthless efficiency of the Springboks. They lacked nothing in effort, but at the critical moments, the execution wasn’t there.

Even so, it feels only right to recognise a great leap forward when we see one. Go on YouTube and you’ll be able to find footage of their 145-17 defeat to New Zealand at the 1995 World Cup. What’s most interesting of all, for me, is not the differences, but the similarities. The barrelling breaks, the relentless running, the shinkansen speed, the cunning offloads: even in those shambolic amateur days, the style were trying to play was still recognisable as the distinctive Japanese game that has charmed the pants off everyone over the last month. It’s just that they were playing it ridiculously badly.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Ho Ho Ho

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg defends free speech

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Barack Obama Endorses Black PM For Canada

Saturday, October 19, 2019


Wending our way south and last night self and mems stayed at the Mangawhai Retreat Apartments.     Unconditionally recommended.   Five star experience ar three star prices.   Super king size bed; things you don't expect to find in the kitchen like cooking oil and sachets of tomato sauce; complementary chocolates.   Everything spotless.  The owners, new New Zealanders (South Africans) are to be congratulated.   A cut above the rest.

Go to to find out more.

HE He, Ha Ha

Local Radio is promoting an event at a City Hotel tomorrow where the peasants can hear the Little pinstriped person who placed Cinderella in her glass coach, reveals.

The only reason I might be tempted would be to attempt an assessment of his physical state, as for what he will say the totally biassed MSM provide far too much mush already.

Sorry Winston I have to wash where my hair used to be and then if time permits toe nails need attention.


To those living in the bubble.

Media is in the midst of "Media Change" but while Soros and Co are whipping up their storm on Climate, the cast of luvvies remain in ignorance .

Spark got awarded the Rugby World Cup and now has gobbled up local cricket while Sky Sport grapples with bridging the chasm between generations, not truly understanding that as the two cliffs drift apart their diminishing ability to leap across declines.

An ageing population surviving longer due to advances in diet, medical care and healthier options find great solace in sport on TV even Winstons wet dream of good looking horses.
The moves to streaming will leave gaps in ability to continue the therapy.

In my youth a daily paper was the only news for most households, we accessed The Auckland Weekly as a supplement, courtesy of what I now understand to have been original dinky neighbours,  two incomes (well one and a bit in truth), no kids.
The Tangawai tragedy was nothing like that portrayed in The Press  as it was later revealed in the "shiney pages of the Auckland Weekly via clearer photos and print quality.

At that time there was also for City Folk another paper in the evening, The ChCh Star.
National Program Radio played the BBC World News at Six pm followed by Radio News Real then a bulletin of local content at Nine pm.
That was "it",  supplemented in entertainment by live show or the cinema

Heard recently just how Newspaper circulation has fallen outside the fake news bubble.
Two Rural delivery runs in my Turangawaiwai have had reductions of over two thirds in last two years, and that is very close to final nail territory as rural folk are only now finding their Computer is a better source of vital information central to the business of their farms.

TV Three is very rarely watched and with utter drivel as delivered by The Project occasionally accessed in error, plus occasional forays by SWMBO to find something worth her time, the only surprise in yesterdays announcement Media Works are moving from "for sale" to "wont someone take it off our hands" is,  how come it took so long.
A bunch of self aggrandising prima donnas telling us their view of the world are surprised no one is watching, where the hell have they been.
Older people have abandoned ship and younger people even those with a modicum of intelligence or desire to know what is happening,  don't go near the wharf.

Friday, October 18, 2019


The assault on "mbovis" continues and success is some way off,  possibly even likely to end in failure.

The cost benefit analysis was always somewhat doubtful and the longer eradication is attempted that figure only gets worse.

A source close to the heart of the cattle industry has wondered if the whole response was not merely a reduction of the herd dressed up in cameoflage of good intentions to garner support.
Not so fanciful when there is a veritable army of economic stupidity soldiers standing very adjacent to those promoting the eradication attempt who dream of a massive reduction in Bovine herd numbers.

There seems a dearth of information of any progress and  more people involved are believing the disease was present in the new Zealand Dairy herd a lot longer than published admissions portray.
Early infections possibly presented as  mastitis that normal therapy didn't cure so the cows were sent to slaughter and since there was no investigation for mbovis no one knew any different.

One thing certain, there have been a lot of high producing cows killed and mbovis is still here, we will have to wait for the book.


I wonder if Winston does?

His very own "Clayton" plays the "Gilmore" card, remind me again how that played out.

At a National Party "do" in Hanmer Springs, legend in his own mind MP Aaron Gilmore reacted to a refusal by Bar Staff to serve him further Alcohol as he was deemed to be inebriated, with words apparently stating "do you know who I am, I will have PM John Key have your employment ended". His second List MP term ended soon after .

Winston's Clayton, his actual name apparently, is a person deemed in 1998, as unsuitable to hold a Bar Managers Licence for a liquor outlet.
At times  he was in partnership with  a certain ex police officer later convicted and jailed for rape who on more than one occasion provided support for Mitchell in application attempts to manage liquor outlets.

Recently back in the headlines for an incident in another bar in Mt Maunganui  after being asked by security staff to leave?

Of course his leader of Winston First who has not viewed cctv footage insists it is a set up and Mitchell is said to be claiming he was set up by Young Nationals.

With Winston First Leader's recent health issues,  Shane Jones preferring to head to a shooting range to "assess" an AR 15 rather than read the Cabinet Manual and now Clayton doing what he appears to do well, all well beyond any controls that one might expect a functioning Part Time Prime Minister to wield, is it in fact all happening.
Maybe it is a sort of "Brigadoon" event


Wanna bet 'she' cringes now whenever someone mentions 'Year of Delivery'.    Hat-tip to DPF.

Rugby World Cup - Quarter Finals

Four matches with a lot of interest. Some of the teams haven't been named yet and as I am away all day tomorrow and most of Saturday I have decided to go ahead with a brief preview anyway.

England v Australia
England are deserved favourites for this and have named a predictable side with the exception of the inside backs where the dependable George Ford is relegated to the bench and they have a new midfield. They will play conservative, field position rugby, kick their goals and do everything they can to deny Australia the ball. A big call by Cheika to play Petaia at center especially as James O'Connor has probably been their most consistent back. If the Aussies can do what they did to the AB's in Perth they will have a chance but I think England will be too big and too strong.

England by 9
Referee: Jerome Garces (France)

All Blacks v Ireland
The starting 23 named by Hansen is what I would have gone with in the same position and I think we will have too much depth for an Ireland side which has won two of the last three matches these two teams have played. If I have one concern it is with the possibility of cards dominating the game. If you watch Ireland closely in the last couple of games and especially the Samoa game they go into contact with their heads low into the impact area and more than any other team they may have worked out they way they games are being controlled. Ireland will be competitive and will not give up but if the All Blacks can shut Conor Murray and Johnny Sexton down they should win.

All Blacks by 12
Referee: Nigel Owen (Wales)

Wales v France
For mine the hardest game to pick but I am going with France who have history in progressing unexpectedly in World Cups. France were lucky to beat Argentina in their first game but they have one of the best goal kickers in the competition in N'tmack and no team makes better use of the ball in tight spaces when they are at there best. I read somewhere yesterday an article by a UK rugby scribe who said that Wales had the best loose forward trio at the cup. I am not sure I agree with that and they will have to be at their best in this match. I have not seen either side named.

France by 7
Referee: Jaco Peyper (South Africa)

South Africa v Japan
This is the match the Japanese people will be waiting for and they thoroughly deserve their place in the play offs because they have played some outstanding rugby both on attack and defence. Having said that I think South Africa will be too big and too strong and it is interesting that that they have named a 6 forwards and 2 backs bench, This would indicate that they are going to play it tight and attempt to wear down the smaller Japanese. The Japanese team has not been named at time of this post.

South Africa by 19
Referee: Wayne Barnes (England)

I said in my Pool Play post that I would comment further on the referees so here goes. I am not going to critique them individually except to say I think the All Blacks will be pleased to have avoided a French referee for their match. They, the referees, have an unenviable job and one made much tougher by the emphasis the governing body is placing on contact with the head and also contact when contesting the high ball. No one wants to see serious injuries and particularly concussed players on the field but I cannot help feeling that some minor accidental contact in both areas is being harshly treated. As I commented above I cannot help but feel some teams are trying to milk cards by leading with their heads down into contact and I will be watching for this in all games over the weekend.

Friday's Fulminations

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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Brexit oh Brexit....where art thou?

The end game apoacheth?….nope, like the Trump saga there is still a way to go before sanity prevails.

It was the leader of the free world (default position)) Angela Merkal who brought it to a head. She actually lost her temper and the elephant in the room finally come to the attention of the British public……. If the EU border is not in the Irish sea there is no deal, “Nth Ireland must stay in the customs union.”

Then funnily enough that’s all Johnson has talked about having gulled the public into thinking it was an unimportant detail for three years. A referendum is the only way out for the Tories now, it was always going to be because in spite of goading Corbyn to initiate a vote of no confidence in the govt to kick off a general election he failed.

An election before the leaving date may have resulted in a slight Tory victory but an election after a no deal exit would see the Tories eliminated as a party. Some ballot boxes would have to be flown into areas of Kent along with the rations because of minor road gridlock.

The Tories have nowhere to go now as the DUP has just kicked their deal into touch and as Corbyn quite rightly said the Queens speech was a farce “ A govt with a majority of - 43 and a 100% record of commons defeat is going nowhere”

It was always going to turn into a face saving exercise and Johnson must rue the day he introduced the WW2 language of confrontation to rally the troops…..

“ If the UK crashes out of the European Union without a deal at the end of the month, the government will be flooded by so many appeals for help from affected businesses that it will have to decide “who to save and who to let go”, a new report has warned.

The study by the Institute for Government said “no amount of preparation” by the government can eliminate the risks. Assessing ministers’ efforts to prepare the UK for no deal, it cited boxer Mike Tyson: “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”
Thousands of businesses can be expected to be hit by an unpredictable range of problems ranging from the imposition of new tariffs and trading barriers to congestion at ports and airports, falling demand, a collapse in sterling, tighter credit conditions, and changes to the rules on the movement of data and people."

And just in..."The Republican terrorists warned they would take 'armed actions' against border infrastructure and anyone manning it.
A masked spokesman for the New IRA told Channel 4 News: 'We are the IRA, as reconstituted in 2012. There is only one such organisation. I have been mandated by the Army Council of the IRA to speak on its behalf.'...........shit looking for a fan.
Once again Vladdy is the winner. Having harnessed the power of social media in the west and supressed it  his own country he has destroyed Britains reputation as a sensible democratic country that the world looked up to as an example of parliamentary democracy.

Putin is a master at playing chess....our present leaders are experts at playing with themselves.

UPDATE:   a must read...history repeating....


Fascinating the story here about the Rt Hon Winston Peters being called to account by the Chief High Court Judge, Mr Justice Murphy, and told to stop prevaricating and to supply written answers to several questions posed by the Crown by Friday (tomorrow) ... or else????  In doing so he ordered Peters to pay (modest) costs because of his failure to provide answers in accordance with the rules set down.

This all relates to the High Court action initiated by Peters against Paula Bennett, Anne Tolley, the State Services Commissioner and the Attorney-General over the leaking of the detail of his NZL superannuation over-payments just prior to the 2017 election.    The full trial is due to commence on 4 November.

The bombshell in these early exchanges is the revelation that MSD sent Peters a letter back in March 2014, four years into his seven years of over-payments, asking him to check details that he had supplied including whether he was still single.    Peters did not respond to the letter.   He said he did not recall receiving it but 'I do not doubt that I would have received it'. 

Seems to me proof positive that Peters played fast and loose with his superannuation entitlements.  



Recently Vegan activists blocked access to the Meat display at a St Lukes Supermarket with the protest escalating before the group left at the request of Countdown staff. An action repeated a few days later at a Hamilton Countdown.

Today media are reporting on a rather large protest in The Netherlands by farmers clogging roads with tractors, bringing the draconian rules increasingly being imposed on them over emissions and water into the spotlight.

It is the same here in this country as increasing pressure is applied to primary producers who the current coalition of Losers have chosen as a convenient target for widespread aprobrium in the furtherance of their agendas. Water testing at selected sites often chosen to give the most spectacular results often including natural readings from virgin land surrounding the origins of the waterways.
Some Westcoast SI waters, sampled near their source give readings for Phosphate unmatched in waterways running through intensive farm and horticultural land?

One indication of the total hypocrisy involved was summed up by a suggestion that all the numpties supporting the denigration of those who work bloody hard to fulfil the growing needs of food and clothing in sustainable ways for an increasingly  larger world population, be required to abstain from all food and clothing sourced from primary producers for one month.
The clothing bit will not impact as it is almost all provided from the ghastly Oil based petro chemical industries.  The food on the other hand might just become a little problematical.
Think for  moment if all the food available that depends on New Zealand primary production for supply of vegetables, meats, grains and fruit.
The images from Venezuela might be replicated with queues trying to access imported product.

It wont happen as over time except for rare actions such as the King Country MP attempting to drive his Fergy TEA  Myrtle up the steps of Parliament in opposition to a proposed "Fart Tax", New Zealand Producers by and large get on with what they do best.

However it might be an interesting exercise if groups of producers of the nation's food blocked access to the produce sections of some significant food outlets.
Imagine how the Nuts being unable to access the  nuts for sale might react?

Oh what a luverly war......

How quickly did the Americans bail out of Northern Syria.....bloody quickly is my guess. They left the accomodation, micro wave towers and fridges full of coke (no, not that coke) for the Russians who are now kicking back and enjoying thr 4 star accommodation with A/C.

благодарю вас President Trump but you can't
have the photo's just yet.

Very kind of them. The last time they did that was CamRahn Bay AF and Naval base, a name that has some resonance with Veterans. And as usual the Russians were very grateful. 

Not sure if the Russian ships are loading US goodies or off loading their own not quite so goodies.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Just received the renewal notice for our house insurance.     Not too much of a change from last year EXCEPT that the Government Earthquake Levy charge has increased by 66.6% from $200 to $300.

Problem is that we don't have earthquakes up here in Paihia ... the Pacific Plate fault line runs out through White Island in the Bay of Plenty.

I can understand the rationale for EQ cover but a 66.6% increase for an area where there hasn't been any significant seismic actively since Adam wuz a Cowboy is either price gouging or cross-subsidisation in favor of earthquake prone areas or a mixture of both and neither can be justified.

So again, thanx a bitch Gummit.


Gawd knows what that will be.

Air Canada a late comer to the paranoid schizophrenia of gender sensitivity will no longer welcome Ladies and Gentlemen aboard their planes, instead the Person I allow to go first and self will become simply "everyone"??

Once so simple for around an estimated 99.9988%  of humans who had either a penis or a vagina gender was fixed and males went to a urinal and females sat down to pee.

For the remaining point zero zero one two percent, nature kept up with the doubt to pile onto another bunch who claimed to be trapped in a wrong body, in creating hermaphrodites or humans having a variable degree of gender bits of evidence. South African athlete Castor Semenya is one such person.
Castor came to notice when competing as a female she began shattering records for middle distance events by margins that might indicate serious drug assistance.
The test results of gender examinations remain secret but leaks indicate 'she' might be a bit 'he'.
Nothing compared to Gavin Hubbard, who as a bloke competing against fellow males was a mildly talented weight lifter who then transitioned to sheila and became a winner at around age 30 years, competing against other sheilas, winning gold medals.
Doesn't fool all though,  still looks a bit Press sister for those of more advanced years.

Forget Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus by US PhD John Gray, a non fiction tome on gender differences, it is apparently to be burnt or at least confined to true fiction as addled adults gather to conflicting positions around gender in utter confusion of precepts as outlined in the opening paragraph.
I use "precept" as Biology by nature does not have many of  its basics defined as "laws" such as  make up much of Physics and Chemistry disciplines.

The oh so modern concepts of "gender" as opposed to what once was understood, leave this modern world  much to consider. Gender based toilets now seem to be heading to that which were provided for wheelchair use where larger space and access made gender neutral a very cost effective outcome, non specific gender toilets a growing concept.
A case in Canada (is it the water or climate change) of a body hair removal service declining to "wax" a trans male who wished to have the hair removed from around his meat and two veg, and subsequently taking that case to higher authority to appeal what might seem to many a natural refusal to perform.
This confusion follows  belief based decisions for some who choose not to enable or involve themselves in services from heterosexual marriage ceremonials, ie conducting nuptials between two of apparent same gender,  to an extreme situation where in Colorado, a Cake provider declined to create a cake for a same sex coupling ceremony resulting in a prosecution for discrimination.

Once upon a time,  post "The Kinsey reports"  c1950s that finally broke the 1930s "Gone With The Wind" US book sales records, it became common to escape the Victorian attitudes to discussing 'sex' and the revolution began in earnest.
Now bombarded with news and noise from the .0012%  seems  way out of proportion even allowing for the many wanting to join the mayhem in metoo roles where even stating gender on official documents becomes verboten.

Whatever will the social justice warriors settle for as a next basic bit of history to pull down and trample?
Could ask George Soros, chances are he will be involved somewhere .


I truly despair about the state of the media and the ability of commentators to do a modicum of research before regaling us from on high with their opinion.

Take for example the recently trumpeted $7.5 billion government surplus from the 2018/19 fiscal year.    It's a book surplus for c*********s and includes a $2 billion revaluation of KiwiRail (among other things).

No doubt someone more financially literate than I can tell me how you can spend a revaluation ... sell off stuff ... yeah right ... railways tracks going 'cheep'.    

There wuz a time when journalism was a respected profession.   Now their opinion is well and truly tomorrow's fish and chip paper poorly wapped.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019


Shane Jones practising the 'Utu' he vowed against Mr Pat Cox ... perhaps.     He really is a buffoon and a dangerous buffoon at that.


Over seven years in  Real Estate making up the losses the Douglas reforms created, to avoid foreclosure, the very basic cornerstone of "All Buyers Are Liars"  always proved  in play time and again.

The Goebbels mantra On "The Big Lie" was a very effective tool in the manipulation of Germans who would be expected to never accept some of his more outlandish claims, yet they did.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Little lame Joe had a far better state control running than Jacinda will ever muster!

A basic fact of successful employment of the Big Lie requires the Liar to have total control of any alternative view.
Another is Plausible deniability.
For the Trifecta the lie needs to be entirely consistent.

The PTPM is accumulating an impressive record of using further lies to cover for her growing catalogue of provable lies after very early in her time as leader of Labour pronouncing "there is no need to lie in politics".
Almost a daily occurrence and following the ascendancy of of Andy Foster making pin up boy Justin just out, The PTPM attempts to distance herself from the corpse in suggesting Bested Lester was not a "Labour" candidate, here is the "Truth" madam, he was sure as hell not any other party's flag bearer.
Independent my Posterior, NZLP logos on signage, complicit in keeping Genters letter secret, endorsed by her pardy.
Justout was a clear sign from the voters Labour is no longer the flavour of the month and obfuscating, denying, and outright lying will not change that.
A signal as clear as the recent rejection of Shorten in Australia, methinks keeping stumm and allowing some wriggle room as to how you view the truth might be a strategy at least worth considering.
Gobbing off only ads to the growing list of alternate truth, you possibly have enough to last till Christmas as things stand now.


What say you Sir to this.     I mean your Girl ain't that stupid ... is she?

Rugby World Cup - Some observations from Pool Play

Pool play is over and despite a few games being cancelled due to the typhoon the only country with a justifiable grievance is Italy who could have made the quarters had they beaten the All Blacks and in fact they would have topped the pool if they had won with a bonus point. This was an outcome which almost certainly would not have happened but, it seems harsh that Italy were denied the opportunity to try.

Some things that have caught my eye

* Without doubt the team with the greatest impact has been home team Japan with outstanding wins over Ireland and Scotland. I like the way they are playing at present with ferocious but fair defence and players running hard from depth with the ball in hand. Japan are a credit to coaches Jamie Joseph and Tony Brown and their support staff.

* I have been impressed by the competitiveness of some of the `minnows' - Sundays game Uruguay v Wales was a prime example with the score only 7 to 6 in favour of Wales at half time before Wales ran away in the second half to win 35 to 13, which included a converted try scored in the 84th minute.

* Some of the `minnows' players have also impressed. For example in the All Blacks game against Namibia I thought the Namibian 12 (second five) was outstanding in all aspects of the game and he was possibly the best player on the paddock. He never stopped trying on attack or defence.

* The referees were largely a disappointment with the much maligned Wayne Barnes looking easily the best of them while the two Australians Nic Berry and Angus Gardner have been disappointing. Having said that I just hope the All Blacks do not get a French referee from here on in because they are even worse. The job of the referees has not been made easy by the emphasis the controlling body has put on some areas of the game and I will have another post on their likely impact in the playoffs - it could be huge.

* Argentina and Scotland have been the biggest disappointments with Fiji not far behind.

Sparks Coverage

Problems at our place have been minimal with really only the loss of picture for the last 7 or 8 minutes in the Australia v Fiji game and the loss of sound for short periods in a couple of other games. The worst aspect has been the slightly convoluted process of switching from the channels we normally watch to the World Cup games.

A tale of two cities......

 No, not Sydney Carton’s ambition never to have to shave again but the gulf between French and anglo saxon thinking and the rather mundane subject of budgie smugglers.*

A few years ago at the height of the Jimmy Saville kiddie fiddling affair in the UK a group of Mums at Hereford swimming pool objected to middle aged men wearing swimming briefs as it showed off their “bits”.

With a compliant media and the scent of blood in the air it soon took off with many municipal pools banning swimming briefs and “Trunks only” signs at the entrances. It seemed that granddads meat and two veg having procreated the ungrateful mums they were now deemed to be offensive.

Now we move to France, a little while later and with grandson  we attend the L’isle Jourdain outdoor pool only to be told that swimming trunks are banned (all of France) and we must wear briefs. Off we trot to the only local shop who is making a fortune from British tourists buying briefs at 300% mark up.

The thinking behind it is thus.......some men and youths wear their trunks as shorts around the house and for sports sometimes for days before visiting the pool and in effect it is like someone washing their dirty underwear in the water you are swimming in.....but you never see anyone mowing the lawn or fixing the roof in budgie smugglers.

I’m with the French on this one and would certainly back any move to ban trunks at any local pool I frequent......but I’m sure some will disagree.

* For our US readers : Brief swimming briefs

Monday, October 14, 2019


Any seasoned (and honest) political observer will see a political poll for what it is ... a snapshot of voter thinking at a point of time.    Far more important is the trend.

Both the Reid and Colmar Brunton polls show National up and Labour down with the CB poll suggesting that, on the numbers, National would govern with the support of ACT.

Lotsa water to flow under the 'bridge(s)' before election day but the trend appears to be towards National with the gloss wearing thin on the fairy princess and, where she goes, Labour goes also.

The Greens are about where I think they should be while Winston First is a tad higher (but still below the 5% threshold) than I expected.

I suspect a certain gnashing of St Jacinda's chompers ... how could the great unwashed abandon me and Labour in this our year of 'delivery' ... physician heal thyself.

Having said all that I stand by my prediction of a 70/30 chance of Labour and the Greens to form the next government ... errrrrrrrrrr maybe 60/40.

Die MSM, Die 2.2 - The Narrative: Covington Kids

Even as the New York Slimes continues to go down the toilet in terms of being credible, let alone truthful, it pays to look back a few months to show how the MSM has at least stayed on message.

Which brings us back to the Covington Clusterfuck of 2019.

WARNING: This photo may be faked!
Every year, there’s a huge anti-abortion march in D.C. The March for Life. This year it pulled between 100-200,000 people, which is typical. It gets almost zero coverage from the MSM.

But on this day they found a story involving people who’d attended the protest that they had to cover.

White Supremacist Racists.

And Trump of course. A twofer!

That’s always been the real secret of The Narrative; you hide what hurts it and report what helps it.

In this case the story to hide is that abortion, fifty years after Roe v Wade, still splits the US population about fifty:fifty, with the proportions swinging from solid support for 1st trimester abortions to low support for 3rd trimester and almost zero for partial birth abortions. That split includes millions of woman voters and that knowledge can hurt the Democrat Party and the US Left, who try to pretend that it's only men opposed to abortion and that the debate is all over, bar a few Christian Fundamentalist nutters.

Whereas Racism, despite being overused, still has some theoretical power to help the Democrats. And the only racism that matters is White Racism, as every journalist graduate knows from reading selected chunks of White Fragility, Readings for Diversity and Social Justice, and Critical Race Theory: An Introduction, or being surrounded by people who have.

No Eagle Worship Here
So when a small strange group called the Black Hebrew Israelites began abusing a small group of Native American protestors with stuff like this…
“You’re not supposed to worship eagles, buffalos, rams, all types of animals,”“you’re not an Indian. Indian means ‘savage.’”“Uncle Tomahawks.”
… that was not a story.

And when the same group turned their attentions to abusing the schoolboys…
“You little dirty-ass crackers. Your day coming. Your day coming…”“Yeah, ’cause I will stick my foot in your little ass”
… that was not a story.

There’s even one part where these Catholic boys boo the Black Hebrews in response to them unloading some nasty, abusive shit about gays and lesbians. Obviously Catholic teaching has fallen away a lot; being gay is a sin, so according to the Left these kids should probably have linked arms with the Black Hebrews and started shouting “Burn the Sodomites”! But they did the opposite and...

... that was not a story.

But finally, after one of the Black Hebrews, deflecting from an argument he’s losing with members of the Native Americans, points to the kids and says..
“It’s because of these… bastards over there, wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ hats.”
That’s when “Native American Elder” Nathan Phillips, finally chose to turn his attention to the kids, whereupon he wades into their midst banging his toy drum.

Now that's a story!

Thus runs the mighty beat of the 21st century MSM's Narrative, which also happens to be the Left's message. Funny that!
.... one teenager wearing a Maga hat can be seen standing in front of Phillips and staring into his face while smiling - The Guardian
Videos circulating online show a youth staring at and standing extremely close to an elderly Native American who was singing and playing a drum - Snopes
“His stupid, smirking face seemed to symbolize everything wrong with America right now.” - Katie Herzog, Salon

Oh my god. Standing extremely close... while smiling!! What an asshole. Fucking typical White Male Teenager. Smiling Smirking While White!

And not just smirking at anybody but at an Elderly, Native American, Activist, Vietnam Vet. How cruel.

Even in the original, heavily edited video I noted the fact that the kid does not say anything at all while the old prick is the one who aggressively gets right in his Gen Z face with all the singing and the drumming, plus his friends with cameras. Quite the little Alpha Male Power display.

Why it’s as if he was hoping for some angry pushing and shoving back so he could play the victim, as usual. But the youth are wise to that shite nowadays after seeing it on TV for years.

Interviewing both sides of a protest story used to be a basic function of reporting. But not now. The MSM simply leveraged off the video images and interviews with Phillips, and then it turned into a cascade of relying on eachother's outraged opinions to get even more spun up.
Journalist Reza Aslan tweeted “Honest question. Have you ever seen a more punchable face than this kid’s?” A writer for Saturday Night Live offered oral sex for anyone who managed to punch one of the kids in the face. Trevor Noah let these school kids know that not only did “everyone” want to punch these boys out, but he did too.
Adults talking about harming children. I thought that was a bad thing? Except for kids wearing MAGA hats apparently. Also this, from some oaf named Laura Wagner:
“If you wanted to compress the history of relations between the powerful and the powerless in America, or the dynamics of the current moment, into a single image, you couldn’t do much better than to present a white teen in a maga hat, surrounded by a screaming horde of his peers, smirking into the face of an old Native American man.”
Oh, I'm quite sure I could do better, based on any number of other single images, and I'm not even a journalist or Leftie!

Bryan Maygers - remember that name
No reporters asked the kids for their views on what happened until much later. That would have distorted the narrative of White Supremacy, and we can't have that when Leftists have a US Presidential election to win in 2020.

The kids school was closed for a day while security was arranged because they received death threats.

The main kid, who turned out to be a 16 year old named Nick Sandmann, finally got interviewed by NBC, which was a waste of time judging by the interviewer:
"There’s something aggressive about standing there. Standing your ground. You both stood your ground."
Actually no, and a real reporter would have tried to go beyond the original video edited by the activists themselves. As it turned out, Phillips voluntarily walked up to Sandmann and got within a few inches of his face - while beating a drum. That’s moving towards someone to invade their space, both physical and aural. Sandman chose to give an uncomfortable teenage "don't hit me" smile: an evil, disrespectful smirk, loaded with white-boy privilege and racist bile.

The key point here is that the MSM Narrative was already written - in this case, Disrespect, Bad White Person - which by a total coincidence just happened to be the Activists message too. There was nothing Sandman could have done to change that:
  • An unsmiling face - “aggressive”.
  • Laughing at Phillips - "disrespect".
  • Turning his face away - "disrespect".
  • Telling Phillips to go away? - "disrespect - probably also racist!".
  • Walking away - "disrespect". And Phillips would just have followed him, beating the drum, or pulled the same stunt on another boy.
And it worked. So pervasive is the Left's propaganda technique of making people feel guilty over everything so they can be manipulated into doing what the Left wants, that even the people running the boys Catholic school swallowed the bullshit:
... wringing their hands and rushing to condemn the boys minutes after the original video went viral. Like the journos, they did not bother to investigate or even wait a few hours for the truth to emerge. They simply assumed the boys’ guilt because the mighty mainstream media said so, and then hastily went public to apologize for something that never happened, assuring liberal critics that they, too, considered the youths—their own students, parishioners, and co-religionists—to be deserving of grievous sanctions.
I wonder what the parents of those kids must have thought as they got thrown to the wolves? They may as well have sent them to a public school if the only teaching they get is the same "principles" and "standards", taught by the same sort of useless, brain-washed, spineless assholes. If you want to know why millions of Catholics vote for Democrats, this is why. Were I a parent with a kid in that school I'd have pulled them out the next day and told the useless fuckers in charge why I was doing so.

It took about 48 hours but eventually the new media came in to kick the Old Media in the balls: many other videos surfaced, unedited, showing all the Black Hebrew abuse, and Phillips choosing to move into the crowd of kids. It also turned out that his very specific claims to be a "Vietnam Vet" "in theatre" were false: he'd been a Marine Reserve in the US from '72 to '76, never left stateside, and was discharged after multiple AWOL's. An oppressed victim with the boundless guiltlessness of a victim that's enabled him to be a prick for the rest of his life.

It was also Karma that both Buzzfeed and The Huffington Post laid off a stack of people later that week, including this POS, Bryan Maygers, seen earlier in this piece, rage-mobbing a group of kids.

And 48 hours later he was out on the street on his useless butt! Not just Karma but Instant Karma.

The real question is how do you live in a society with people like this? People who make no bones about destroying you for your opinions, political and otherwise, no matter how powerless and obscure you are.

Sandman's family launched defamation lawsuits against the likes of the Washington Post, precisely on the grounds that Sandman was not a public figure. But in the land of the 1st Amendment I highly doubt they'll win.

More than a few on the Right have decided that two can play at this game and they're going to start collecting scalps by digging into the Social Media history of MSM reporters, which has naturally led to whining about how unfair that is, as noted in The Hill - Liberals haunted by social media tactics they use against the right:
Many journalists are in the profession not to inform the public, but to gain the power to destroy people who question them — and they don’t like those tactics being turned against them. “[U]sing journalistic techniques to target journalists and news organizations ... is fundamentally different from the well-established role of the news media in scrutinizing people in positions of power,” the [New York] Times wrote in its article — which was of course labeled “news,” not “opinion.”
And once again, these clowns wonder why they're not just distrusted but increasingly hated by those "ordinary" people - and why such people voted for Trump.


The present occupier of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW is not my cup of tea but Trump's abject abandonment of the Kurds to their fate removes the last vestige of respect I had for him (and that wasn't very much at all).

And now the news that the Turkish invasion of areas held by the Kurds has seen 800 hardened ISIS fighters break out of their jail .... to do what?    Thanx a bitch Mr President.

America today is hopelessly divided but one thing I'm sure of ... America's standing in the eyes of the world community has never been lower and it's all the work of one man who thinks God calls him God. 

Updated 2.04 pm ... J***s C****t on a pogo stick.   I see 'the man' has now blasted one of his own Republican Senators, Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican nominee for the Presidency, in a tweet which included the hashtag #IMPEACHMITTROMNEY.     Big big call when you're facing possible impeachment yourself which will be determined by the Senate.  Big big call.