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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ACT Now For Environment

ACT has a wonderful opportunity to vacuum up a host of previous Green Party voters in 2011, pushing its party vote well over ten percent.

You must be joking Adolf, I hear you say. Danyl will be ROFLHAO as he did when Adolf, months before anyone else, predicted a rapprochement between National and the Maori Party.

Pause for a moment and think about it, why don't you?

  • The departure of Jennetix and The Kedge move the Greens sharply toward the hard left so it is likely their environmentally motivated voters will be feeling nervous. The Greens' genuine environmental policies are ripe for stealing. (Just like the watermelons in the school teacher's garden were fifty years ago. You had to get in quick or the opportunity was lost.)
  • ACT is the only party with a genuine environment scientist in it's caucus.
  • ACT has been stalled in the polls for at least the past five years with stale, dry polices and one or two stale dry candidates.
  • Any move to destabilize the Greens needs to be made pretty soon to prevent them regrouping in time for 2011
So, here's what Adolf would do if her were running ACT. (Hell, he's not even a member!)

  • There's no need to change any of the existing policies. Just change some emphasis here and there. Move some of the drier, boring, beltway stuff like taxation and economic policy off the front burner and bring forward hard hitting, populist but logical environment policies which do NOT hinder economic growth.
  • Deselect Roger Douglas and do it pretty quick. He is a turn off for voters aged less than fifty-five.
  • Have Rodney Hide front a publicity campaign focused on 'ACT Now For Environment. ' (God, that cacky yellow is an awful colour.) Celebrate the failure of Copenhagen. Highlight the corrupt absurdity of the IPCC. Emphasize the beneficial effects of CO2. Vow to repeal the ETS.
  • Promise to deal with New Zealand's number one pollution problem - stinking choking vehicle exhausts. That's the vote winner. (Pledge to introduce a 50c per litre petrol and diesel penalty for all drivers who do not possess an 'emissions warrant of fitness.' Your vehicle is tested annually against stringent new standards and when you comply, you receive a swipe card which allows the fuel company to deduct 50c per litre from the price. No swipe card, no discount.
  • Engage the public in a proper debate on the environmental virtues of nuclear power. Revive the twenty year old discussions around siting a plant on the Kaipara. Investigate a sea borne plant anchored ten miles off Northland. Encase the spent fuel rods in glass and bury them on the edge of sub-ducting tectonic plates.
  • Initiate construction of a mega coal fired power generation plant in Southland. Spell out the stringent and expensive measures to ensure the absence of damaging emissions.
Go for it Rodney. There's a whole new persona, just waiting for you and your party. I can just see you exhorting the public to 'ACT Now For Environment - give your party vote to ACT!'