Saturday, June 6, 2020

Onward and Upward

Adolf is recovering from shoulder surgery to repair a snapped tendon.   (The bougainvillea won the fight with the tendon)

It is not my purpose here to regale you with all Adolf's aches and pains but rather, to give credit and praise to the Australian public health system where, incidentally, Maoris and Tongans do not receive preferential spots on the elective surgery waiting list. 

For the last twenty-five years or so, Adolf has been what is known as a 'public' patient.   When the annual premiums hit five grand I decided that was too much to pay for going to the the front of the queue for a tummy tuck.   So, since then we have self insured and apart from one of two cataract operations all others have been 'on  the tax payer.'    At a rough guess, I'd say the cost of treatment over time would go somewhere close to $150k.

I can see all our glued on trolls lining up to vent their spleens upon an insurance broker who decided not to insure.   Well, go blow your brains out, dunderheads.   The cost of premiums over that time would have exceeded $150k by a good margin.

It was interesting this week to observe the system at the hospital.    A continuous cycle of patients, in one day and out the next.  Those poor bloody nurses had to read some long winded piece of politically correct arse covering drivel to every patient before discharge.  I had overheard it twice while awaiting my turn to go, so I looked at the nurse and asked her how many times she had read it out.  'Hundreds and hundreds' came the reply.

Well, I've heard it at least twenty times over recent years so if you don't tell anyone,  I won't tell anyone if we give it a miss.  The look of relief was palpable.

While I was waiting for The Cook to turn up, an old bloke was cleaning the floors and replacing rubbish bins.   He wandered over and asked if he could get me a cup of coffee or tea.  I thanked him but declined.  Funny thing was, all the younger staff were rushing about, far to busy to worry about patients.

Anyway,  when it came time to go, the same old bloke came with the wheel chair.   As we were wending our way through the rabbit warren he quietly asked me 'What do you think of the building?'

'It's quite pleasant' was the diplomatic reply.

Yeah, he said with a grin.  I built it twenty years ago.

You can always tell a businessman by the way he deals with his customers.



Judge Holden said...
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Just Askin' said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for a delightful post Adolf.


Tom Hunter said...

BTW Adolf... Twas me who deleted the first two abusive emails. In the first one Sludgy even said the "C-word" that he's spent months lambasting me about.

I know, I know.... The Left, hypocrisy, double standards, etc, etc.

Anonymous said...

Well we will never know will we. Pretty lame way of appearing to be a good guy. Your word against...what!

Pity you are not as conscience when it comes to wiggos abuse of posters.

Anne Tiffa said...

Anon, Wiggo IS Tomas. Wiggo says the things Tomas wants to say, but doesn't want to own.

Psycho Milt said...

Oh, for fuck's sake. If you don't want people constantly calling you Rex, stop peddling Rex's pet delusions.

RosscoWlg said...

Milt forced to agree with you again..sums it up pretty good with Rex and his numerous little "characters" he has created for this site.

Apart from his wife we appear to be his only other friends in life...and I use that advisedly.

Anonymous said...

And who the hell is Rex and why is he deluded in a blog full of delusions?