Thursday, June 4, 2020


Looking at the stats for the rest of the world they make for interesting reading.     The US yesterday reported just 248 new cases ... a record low number, while in Russia they have exploded with 8831 reported.   No numbers for the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany or Canada.

Closer to home and Singapore is clearly experiencing a second wave with 517 new infections.   Clearly the talk about opening up that border is going nowhere anytime soon while across the ditch on Wednesday there were 11 new cases so, if you apply the 28 day rule, you wouldn't expect the trans-tasman border to open up before mid July at the earliest.

So again I raise the question.   With NZL on the cusp of going to alert 1 level 1 shouldn't we be actively exploring with the Samoan government the opening of the border with them as well as scheduling more flights to the Cook Islands more than the current once weekly service.   Two countries where there have been no cases ... ever.


Anonymous said...

No too sure where you got your figures from Vet but worldometer had the U.S. as 20,500 new cases and 1083 deaths for the day.

Tom Hunter said...

Those are yesterday's figures Ian. Vet is quoting from today's

Anonymous said...

It’s 4.45am over there. which states have reported Puerto Rico? I think they will go up a bit later.

Anonymous said...

So once again I answer the question...Samoa, in fact all the Islands, have suspect border controls not to mention leverage by the Chinese who have direct flights.

I would try New Caledonia for a holiday. No deaths, 20 cases, 18 recoveries and the food is better :-)

Russia and some US states are fiddling the figures as are I suspect many others. Worldometer is a broad brush.

Sweden is now buggered unless it goes through some sort of lockdown. The head bloke has now admitted that he got it wrong. much crap written about that on this blog by "mild flu" Tomas.

Petri Dish

Andrei said...

Everybody is fiddling the figures Petri Dish, because it is a political issue rather than a public health one.

The latest "death" in New Zealand was a 94 year old woman who had contracted the virus, been hospitalized, recovered, testd negative and retured to the old folks home whre she did some weeks later but it added to our "grim total" anyway.

And of course to J. Ardern it don't matter if it comes back, which it will, provided its return comes after the election.

This is a mass psychosis - you'ld think from all the rhetoric we were suffering a 21st century equialnt of the buboniv plague not a nw varient of the common fucking cold

Anonymous said...

No, I resent the fact that you quite happily include those countries with a robust health system and under the rule of law with Russia and and middle eastern countries.
George said...

St Petersburgh has issued 1,552 more death certificates in May than last year, but reports Covid-19 toll as 171.

The mortality rate for Brazil and the US is 5.6% and 5.8% respectively. Russia reports a 1.2% mortality rate.

France, Spain and Italy were up in double figures. So what this means is that Putin is lying through his teeth, unless he has found a cure for the "common fucking cold"

Snowflake said...

There is no political reason for NZ to over count coronavirus deaths. Fuck that’s stupid, Andrei. As is your claim that the PM doesn’t care if we get a second wave after the election. Regardless of the impact on lives and the economy, from a political perspective that would be appalling.

Mighty naked horsey rider is however fiddling his numbers, as is his thuggish Belorussian bum boy. This will come out when photos of the mass graves emerge. At that point there will be some more journalists murdered and you will squawk, fake news!

Anonymous said...

Adhering to the the law of Tom seems to land you in the shit whatever country;

The UK who fucked around with the rightwing herd immunity and we can shutdown but not the pubs and we want brexit and we cant be affected bullshit now has a daily Covid mortality rate higher than ALL THE 27 EU COUNTRIES COMBINED,


Andrei said...

Here it is in black and white Snowflake

" A 96-year-old Auckland woman has been confirmed as New Zealand's 22nd coronavirus-related death.

An obituary published in the New Zealand Herald on Wednesday said CHT St Margarets Rest Home resident Eileen Margaret Hunter died "due to Covid-19" on Sunday.

The death notice described Hunter as "a beautiful lady with a heart of gold".

Director General of Health Doctor Ashley Bloomfield confirmed Hunter was diagnosed with coronavirus in mid-April and spent time at Waitākere and North Shore hospitals.

Hunter was taken back to St Margarets after returning two negative coronavirus tests and was considered to have recovered, Bloomfield said."

If the definition of a death from COVID-19 is as loose as that then there is no real insight possible into the lethality or otherwise of this particular bug.

Since mortality is our fate I can and everyone who ever ate tofu must eventually die ergo eating tofu will kill you - which is of course a major logic fail, but one that Director General of Health Doctor Ashley Bloomfield has just made.

Good old Petri Dish using the Guardian claims Saint-Peterburg, a city with 5.5 million inhabitants saw 1,552 more death certificates in May than 2019 but if he or the Guardian explored further then they would find that this is lower than May 2018.

Of course none of the 5.5 million souls currently residing in Saint-Peterburg today will be alive in 110 years so living in Saint-Peterburg must be ultimately fatal.

Unfortuately shifting to Mt Albert in Auckland will not save you

Gerald said...

Anonymous said...

Vet, by now you would have realised that you used today’s figures, which are still being added to rather than yesterday’s. However the question you posed about the Pacific Islands is still valid. Those countries are even more dependent on tourism than we are. Yes we should open up if we can, even if we have a lite self isolation regime apon return. Don’t know why we are still at level 2. Jacinda is taking a lot of heat but is sticking to her guns. Kinda admire her for that. It isn’t because she is a commie or because she wants the limelight or any of the other crackpot theories. Might be that going to full stadiums is a big step or perhaps the cockpit with the Avatar people intermingling with kiwis on Sunday.

Noel said...

Negotiations with Australia before the Cooks is necessary.
Cook islanders travel on a NZ Passport.

The Veteran said...

Petri Dish ... best you actually know what you're talking about before you open trap. Samoa exhibits a high degree of paranoia over imported infection which is entirely understandable. The country does not have suspect border controls and in fact when I was there two months ago their border controls left NZL for dead.

China/no country does direct flights to Samoa anymore but Chinese passport holders coming in on our Air NZ flt were being turned away at the border long before NZL closed its borders. Someone (a devotee of Wiki) posted on one of my earlier threads that foreign fishing vessels were a threat and that Samoa couldn't possibly police its six ports. Samoa doesn't have six ports. There is the fishing fleet section of the main port at Apia and crew from any vessels docking there are confined to their ship ... period. The two ferry terminals linking Upolu and Savaii cannot accommodate fishing vessels and the two Marina's are a pipe-dream away.

Noel ... you've lost me with your 12.39 comment. The Cooks and Oz are mutually exclusive. Currently Air NZ is operating a weekly flight to/from there. They could and should ramp those up in consultation with the Cook Island government.

Just why the focus on Oz where infections continue while both Samoa and the Cooks have yet to resister a case fair beats me.

Anonymous said...

From the Samoan govts own website

"There is limited availability of COVID-19 testing and infection control facilities. Critical care for managing Australians who might become seriously ill is likely to be significantly below the standards available in Australia. Monitor the media for latest information and follow the instructions of local authorities."

Apia, Samoa's only port is closed but the Cooks islands ports are open with ships crew allowed entry. The border is porous with small craft leaving and arriving from other islands. It is more honoured in the breach than the observance.

Given your concern about disease coming into the area it seems strange that you are are now encouraging people to visit. I suggest you put your fundraising skills to good use and start a fund to help the people dependent on tourism jobs.

Petri Dish

Anonymous said...

Veteran want's to put all this at risk for a coconut curry


The Veteran said...

Chris ... crap. Start that stuff and I'll argue that our government is putting it all at risk talking up the trans-tasman bubble. I repeat again s l o w l y. Samoa and the Cook Islands ... no infections ever. Got that .... e v e r. Bottom line, they did better than NZL.

PD ... In the Cooks inter-Island travel ain't an issue, Can't be with no infections.

Nah ... I understand you don't think St Jacinda can put a foot wrong but she's wrong on this one and NZL should have been at Level 1 five days ago ... that's not me saying it. That's the professional advice tendered to government in the leaked cabinet committee paper which of course the government was at liberty to reject ... and did. Why?

Anonymous said...

The only reason Samoa can claim no cases is that there has been little or no testing.

May 9th

"Australia and New Zealand each contributed AUD $1 million and NZD $1 million respectively to procure the testing equipment that will allow much needed in-country testing for Samoa and other PICs.

A press release does not give the number of tests received in country so far, but does confirm that, “Samoa has received a small initial batch of the testing equipment, with further batches to follow over the coming weeks”.

It is three weeks later and no word on testing unless you know better. This is not a reason to open a country in fact it is a good reason not to.


The Veteran said...

Chris ... not much use debating with you as clearly you have no understanding of Samoa, its history or the absolute paranoia that exists at government level over the possible importation of infectious diseases. No cases ever actually means no cases ever and the closed border is the main reason for that.

Just what's your beef? You're happy for the government to engage with Oz where there were 11 new cases yesterday over a trans-tasman bubble but not with Samoa or the Cooks which remain disease free. You're not a closet racist are you?

This article has it about right.

Jessica said...

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