Wednesday, June 3, 2020


It's now day X11 since the last Covid-19 case case was reported in NZL and all Jacinda can say is that we are on track to go to level 1 next Wednesday.   As Todd Muller rightly points out ... happy for 25,000 to gather at Eden Park next Wednesday ... why not today.   And he's not alone ... backed by the Deputy PM no less.   So much for cabinet solidarity and, more to the point, a vivid illustration of how toothless he is when push comes to shove.  

Some in the past have labelled Jacinda Winnies poodle.  No more, no longer.   Jacinda has called his bluff and WRP is left looking impotent.

Clearly Jacinda and her muppets don't care that in the intervening period another 7,000 Kiwis are likely to lose their jobs ... Jacinda has said that right now it's business as normal ... no it ain't but completely understandable from someone whose exposure to the real world is limited to wrapping up fish and chips.    After all, it can all be fixed by cracking up the money printing presses yet again.


Updated ... National has just released a leaked Cabinet Committee paper which recommends that we should be at level 1 now.    The paper sets a benchmark for going to level 1 of 28 days since the last case of community transmission.   33 days have now passed so again I ask, why are we waiting?


Psycho Milt said...

See, this is why it's good that we have people running things who are willing to take this seriously, rather than dilettantes who just spout whatever their gut is telling them through that orifice their gut uses for a mouth.

If we fuck this up, we're back at level 3 again for however long it takes, with all the damage to businesses that that would involve. Muller can afford to ignore that highly relevant fact because he has neither responsibility nor accountability for anything, but the people who do have responsibility and accountability have to take the country's welfare a bit more seriously than Muller does. Fortunately, a lot of people can figure that out and it's reflected in the current polling.

Andrei said...

Todd Muller can point out the sun rises in the East and nobody will take a blind bit of notice notice - he has ruined any chance of us getting rid of Jacinda Ardern this year and looks to the outside world like a castrated fool, which he is - dancing on the strings pulled by the harpies of the press corps.

The fact the National caucus didn't tell him to pull his head in when he made his run for the leadership actually shows that National is totally unfit for the treasury benches and contains too many self serving hacks.

God Defend New Zealand

Andrei said...

And Milt we will not be going to level 3 again regardless of what happens - the idiots who are running things have almost certainly realized how badly they screwed up and this is all theatre now as they find a way to climb down without loosing face.

Anonymous said...

Gosh there's a novelty, Andrie "putin" the boot into both sides of the house.

Out of the worlds 200 odd governments surely there is one you think would be suitable for 'lil NZ. Don't be shy, we won't laugh at you.....promise.

Veteran...5000? links please or is that a wiggo statistic.

Petri Dish

Nick K said...

Do you not agree with printing money, Vet?

Psycho Milt said...

...we will not be going to level 3 again regardless of what happens...

Is that right? You know for a fact that if we get new clusters popping up as a result of those ass-hats going on protest marches the other day, the govt will just shrug its shoulders and say "OK, we'll just let it play out this time, why the hell not?" Frankly I don't see a reason why anyone other than you would find that likely.

...the idiots who are running things have almost certainly realized how badly they screwed up and this is all theatre now as they find a way to climb down without loosing face.

You seem to be confusing our government with the Swedish government: Still, perhaps you're right and the Ardern government is comparing NZ's performance in this crisis with other countries like the UK, the USA and Brazil, and feeling that the comparison reflects poorly on NZ. Perhaps. And perhaps Mohammad flew to Mecca on a winged horse.

RosscoWlg said...

"If we fuck this up" says Milt. Sorry mate but you forgot the "again". We went hard and late and the cost has been horrendous. It will be years before the final costs are reckoned.

I see the Norwegian PM apologised to her people for getting it wrong, recognised they went hard and late and should have been more like Sweden.

As for WRP.... Vet good call. I think he misread the situation and made the wrong call. He's definitely Jacinda's little cuck now. I guess he was busy looking after his industry association, fishing and racing at the time.

Mind you Simon mis-read it too and look what happened to him

Gerald said...

The Veteran said...

Sorry Andrei ... you're kidding yourself if you thought Simon on 29% and with the phone off the hook was going to topple Jacinda ... mind you, you got it wrong too with your outburst on Bishop re cigarettes so you have a bit of a track record on getting it wrong.

The National Party caucus makes up its own mind (which is damn better than the NZF caucus who have their minds made up for them by WRP). Time (the election) will tell how right they were.

Meanwhile our economy burns and all Jacinda's little helpers are trapped in the meme of borrow and hope.

NK ... you can only take quantitative easing so far before it turns round and bites you in the bum and this mob is pushing the limits as if there was no tomorrow ... well, yes there is and its our children and grandchidlren are being left to pick up the tab.

Andrei said...

I love how Milt quotes Stuff as if it were Holy Scripture.

Th article is of course lifted from Bloomberg which has a stake in convincing us that hard lockdowns are the only way to go.

Sweden has done worse than some but way, way better than others, in particular the UK with its hard lockdown and of course New York and New Jersy

This is an archetypical example of a little knowledge is a dangerous. The reality is we would not know that people who have contracted this virus have done so in the absence of testing for it and it usually only makes its presence felt when it infects someone in later life with a terminal illness where it administers the "coup de grĂ¢ce"

It will be interesting to see what New Zealand's overall mortality rate has been during the lockdown but anecdotally it would seem to have been higher than the norm. I personaly know of two suicides and four natural causes deaths that occurred during lockdown which is much much higher than would normally occur within that timeframe within my circle.

It seems really weird to me that people dying after testing positive for this particular virus are singled out for attention and tallied up while the normal background mortality is ignored.

One thing is for sure politics and science don't mix

Tom Hunter said...

Thanks for your usual help Gerald but Psycho already supplied that link.

The thing is that in this piece from The Swedish View on COVID-19, the Swedish epidemiologist already admitted that they had not done a good job on protecting the old and frail in rest homes and the like, which is why its death toll is higher than it should be. But as he pointed out then - and as we're finding out now:

- Getting out of the lockdowns will be the big challenge since the question is around which restrictions can be lifted, followed by watching for upticks in deaths in each case, with increases met by what? Reinstating the restriction?

And of course on Stuff I could not find the following story about the Norwegian PM admits panicking:

Ms Solberg, who announced plans to fully lift Norway's coronavirus lockdown by mid-June, went on to say she and the Directorate of Health overruled the advice of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health which had suggested that schools remain open.
She added: 'I probably took many of the decisions out of fear. Worst case scenarios became controlling
The Prime Minister's comments come just weeks after Camilla Stoltenberg, the director-general of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) said the country could have achieved the same effects by 'not locking down'.

She told state broadcaster NRK: 'Our assessment that we could possibly have achieved the same effects and avoided some of the unfortunate impacts by not locking down, but by instead keeping open but with infection control measures.'

Sounds familiar.

Andrei said...

"Sorry Andrei ... you're kidding yourself if you thought Simon on 29% and with the phone off the hook was going to topple Jacinda"

You know the old saying Vet "a week is a long time in politics". I didn't necessarily think Simon Bridges was going to topple Jacinda Ardern in September but I do know the chickens will start coming home to roost before then and that that 29% was a nadir and would rise somewhat substantially over the next 12 weeks and perhaps to the point where he could.

Sorry Vet but Muller has cost the National Party any hope in September, he is a fool and puts his foot in his mouth any time he opens it.

You have been manipulated by the J. Ardern fanboys into getting rid of Simon who presented the only hope for National in September.

The Labour party are laughing at National's idiocy and I would be too if it wasn't the current crew are so incompetant and repulsive.

Todd Muller will never be Prime Minister, he is a boring old fart with his testcles firmly in the vice of the harridans of the press corps.

But in reality National and Labour are virtually inter changeable in any case

The Veteran said...

Andrei ... we agree to disagree and the election will prove which one of us is right.

But you're being stupid to say that National and Labour are interchangeable. Labour is centre-left moving left. National remains centre-right. The need for a balanced budget, taxation, NZ Superannuation, climate change policy, RMA reform, the rule of law ... the two parties are light years apart.

Meanwhile, do you agree we should be at level 1 now?

Noel said...

Noel said...


Gerald said...

Aw you know Cabinet Papers. There was a proposal for a special train to take Vietnam Veterans and their spouses to the Whakanoa. In the end there was no train and those spouses that did attend had to pay their own travel and accommodation.

The Veteran said...

Gerald ... this government has made a virtue out of making decisions relating to the pandemic based on the professional advice tendered. The advice was to go to level 1 NOW (leaving aside the fact that the weekend demonstrations made a mockery of the level 2 restrictions anyway).

It leaves us pondering what on heck is the governments agenda?

Surely they don't want more job losses or businesses going to the wall so you are left with the only logical conclusion that Ardern had committed the government to a pre-determined timetable and that they lack the whit to change it.

WRP has many many faults but at least he can see the damage government intransigence is doing.