Monday, June 1, 2020


This is nothing to do with the rights or wrongs surrounding the death of George Floyd.   Rather its all about the credibility of the Ardern government.   In Auckland upwards of 1,000 marched down Queen Street to protest his death with no evidence of social distancing.   On TV1 News we saw in Wellington a reported 500 protesting in Parliament grounds with again, zilch evidence of social distancing.    In Parliament grounds FFS ... under the direct control of the Speaker.

Now last time I looked the Ardern government has limited gatherings to 100 with appropriate social distancing.  

So one rule for the Antifa inspired sheeple mob (OK, includes some genuine people) and one for the rest of us.   So why should we bother?   New Zealand the way you've got it.


Anonymous said...

New Zealand the way we have it. Loving it. 10 days no covid cases. Makes you proud to be a kiwi.

Terry S

Anonymous said...

Vet, your post has a “smartarse tone about it. You are better than that. I understand that social distancing and tracing was attempted. As we don’t know who is in who’s bubble we can’t tell how successful they were. Of greater concern are reports of guests wandering through the lobby of the Wellington hotel as Avatar crew from America were checking in. America is burning. The Black community no longer believe that peaceful means are go to lead to reforming the racist criminal justice system neither are they prepared to accept it as it is.

RosscoWlg said...

Terry hows things in Arizona ? Why don't you pop down to Phoenix and join the mob. Right up your street protesting with the oppressed against the injustices of the system.

You could even chuck a cocktail or two into the local Walmart, perhaps burn a church or three.

Those black and Mexican businessmen in the poor areas need to be bombed back to their slave roots..teach them who's boss eh Petry Dish?

RosscoWlg said...

Act on the ball with David Seymour bringing it to the nations's attention, Todd Muller and the National Party missing in action!

Getting more and more impressed with David S, seems to be growing into the job, and or getting good advice.

Well done David.!

Anonymous said...

What, the low/no risk protests or The mingling in the Wellington hotel of high risk Avatar crew and kiwis?

Anonymous said...

Vet, a laugh out loud moment on the tv1 infotainment hour when they said hand sanitizer had been passed around the protesters at parliament.



Anonymous said...

What about the 10's of thousands at the Six60 concert at Western Springs on Saturday night? Not much "social distancing" evident there.


Anonymous said...

It wasn’t last Saturday it was 23rd of February

Psycho Milt said...

In Parliament grounds FFS ... under the direct control of the Speaker.

You seem unfamiliar with what the term "civil disobedience" means.

Leaving aside the fact that the dumb cunts busy trashing two months of collective sacrifice for a bit of virtue signalling are dumb cunts, what in your opinion would a National government have done about this? It would have been quite a message of solidarity with the authoritarian kleptocracies of the world if the NZ government had sent in massed riot squads to beat the protesters into submission, but that's not really how we do things here. Are you saying a National would have done that? If not, what would it have done differently from this government?

The Veteran said...

To all ... just pointing out that (1) the social distancing rule and (2) limitations on crowd numbers are a farce. No more, no less.

Ian, that's not being smartarse. Either the rules mean something or they don't. You can't have it both ways ... and in the parliamentary precincts too. You seem to be saying that you understand that black community has forsworn peaceful protest. Can I suggest that when legitimate protest morphs into rioting, burning and looting then the very legitimacy of the protest becomes moot.

Having said that America is a powder-keg and has been for some time. Poor leadership from the top down; a minimal respect for the rule of law in some quarters, a police force found wanting, the pressures resulting from the pandemic loc-down coupled with the loss of jobs and George Floyd was the match.

But NZL ain't America and TG for that.

Rosscowig ... all Seymour is doing is stating the obivious in calling the Level 2 rules a farce and mimicking National in calling for Level 1 to be expedited.

Anonymous said...

The Black community don’t have the power to change things, only the majority can do that. Trying to get change peacefully hasn’t achieved anything and they believe never will. So what are their options. 1 accept things as they are or?

The Veteran said...

Milt ... National is on record as saying they would have the country at level 1. How many days since the last case? At level 1 there would have been no issue but we arn't and it is. When your rules are flouted with impunity you (the government) are left looking weak and stupid.

For myself and I'm happy for the the government to be left looking weak and stupid.

oneblokesview said...

You will be aware that the Afatar crew were tested for Covid19 before leaving LA.
Only came if they were negative.

So where do you get your High Risk from again?
Verses all the great unwashed, untested mingling around on these ""parades""

Anonymous said...

Just read the Herald article about all the peaceful protests and the photo of the black shield around a policeman who got separated from his mates..restored a bit of my faith.

That is where the MSM does fall down on the job, violence and high drama sell copy, warm and fuzzies don't. But then again Breibart and others of this ilk are doing the same.

Not sure why every post that bites a chunk out of the Tommo combo's leg is attributed to me. I don't mind but it is lot to live up to.

Petrie Dish (Rex)

Anonymous said...

There are good reasons for the Avatar crew spending 2 weeks in quarantine. While they have been tested a negative result only shows that they are not shedding virus. They could still be incubating and develop in the coming day. Our border is our week link. The fact that we haven’t had any community spread for several weeks. It is generally believed that the virus has been eliminated and I share that view. Of course we should be at level one.

Johno said...

Ian the film people are supposed to be isolated. What makes you say they are mingling with others?

Siouxie Wiles started that the protesters made a perfect storm for spreading Covid-19. Masses of people, close proximity, extended time, shouting, no tracing. Nightmare.

Tom Hunter said...

a laugh out loud moment on the tv1 infotainment hour when they said hand sanitizer had been passed around the protesters at parliament.

Following in the footsteps of the child-mayor of Minneapolis a few days ago when the first riots broke out in his city:

“The City encourages everyone to exercise caution to stay safe while participating in demonstrations, including wearing masks and physical distancing as much as possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19,”

Well there we go again with the similarities between the NZ and US Left, despite all the social distancing between them.

Anonymous said...

The centre left NZ Govternment has no equivalent in the US. The National party under Muller sits on the left of the Democrats.

Don't let that stop you doing the guilt by association thing though.

Of course a manly mayor of Minneapolis would have said "Bugger the masks, it's only a mild flu get out and mingle." and the if he was a child president he would have headed for his bunker.

Petrie Dish

Wayne Mapp said...


I presume you strongly support the protests, that is the only interpretation of your post. You think the demonstrators are a privileged group.

No, it is not "smart arse" to say the protests shouldn't happen in the way they did, not here in NZ. What happens in the US might interest us, but they didn't warrant such a response here. They were a deliberate and blatant breach of the Level 2 rules.

As so many have said, the demonstrations have given widespread licence to act as if the country is in Level 1. For instance, sports clubs should now just ignore the Level 2 restrictions. If they want 1,000 spectators they should do so. They have just as much right as the demonstrators. Churches in particular should ignore all Level 2 rules. I would expect Bishop Tamaki and the Pentecostal churches to now go back to their large scale services. In fact I would be very disappointed if they did not.

I imagine the PM will give us a lecture today at her post Cabinet press conference as to why we should stay at Level 2. She should be ignored, by those, especially churches, who think she is ignoring their rights. The demonstrations have basically destroyed Level 2.

Johno said...

Wayne, I don't think it's the demonstrations that destroyed level 2; it's the lack of interest from the government and authorities that has.

George said...

You can only fool the population for so long and it appears there is a worldwide resistance from the inability of governments to 'control' the message and the oncoming threat of massive unemployment and business closures

Anonymous said...

No Wayne, the NZ protests are pointless. This is America’s internal problem. However I appreciate the position that the Black community are in. Starting with the flickering tail light pullover, blacks are more likely to be arrested than whites in the same circumstances. D.As overcharge blacks because they can get a conviction easier, judges sentence heavier. All this has been known for years but hasn’t been fixed. Re my smartarse comment. The Vet, like me believes that the virus has been eliminated so the lawbreaking posed no risk. Likewise he knew that the police couldn’t do anything about it and agrees that they stay out of the rain. It’s well known that the Vet and his wife have done and continue to do good civic work. His motivation in highlighting this lawlessness wasn’t because of some civic duty but rather a opportunistic cheap shot at an opponent. He knows that regardless of who is in the various positions of power things would have played out exactly as they did.

Anne Tiffa said...
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Anne Tiffa said...

So one rule for the Antifa inspired sheeple mob ...

WOW! Did you see me there? Did you see any members of ANTIFA there?

Nah, just making shit up. Again.

No doubt you will be pleased that Bunker Boy Trump has tweeted The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization.

Like Trump, I am sure that you will be OK with this attack on freedom and liberty. And like Bunker Boy, you are too dumb to know that there is no ANTIFA organisation. There is no leadership. No membership. No meetings. Just a spirit.

And, if like Bunker Boy, your are anti anti-fascists then you are a fascist.

Noel said...

Media has focused on the George Floyd aspect but the organisers appear to have other gripes.

“Protest organisers say there are three reasons for the march:
“To display solidarity with the black community in America.”
“To draw attention to the fact we pride ourselves on empathy and kindness, but the deafening silence from the Government and media is not an act of empathy and kindness.”
“The militarisation of our police force will inevitably result in the disproportionate executions of our Māori and Pacific community members.”

“Disproportionate executions” Wow

Noel said...

Oops forgot to add