Thursday, June 4, 2020

Die, MSM Die 1.7 - The Hook: Double Standards, Always

My PhotoIn a previous article comparing the situation in Democrat-controlled New York to Republican controlled Florida, I pointed out that the MSM had played its part in attacking Republican State Governors for not going for extreme lockdown while praising the likes of Cuomo who did.

Now I had assumed that this was simply because most journalists are Lefties nowadays and will happily repeat any Leftist theme or idea.

But I'd forgotten that sheer political partisanship plays a big part too, while almost always being vehemently denied by the MSM.

To that end, in late April the august publication The Atlantic, published a story ripping into one of those Deplorables states, Georgia, for not having gone hard enough and lifting the lockdown too early, with this gruesomely vicious headline:

Remember that "journalist's" name - Amanda Hull - because here she is just the other day, Tweeting about the new curfew imposed on New York City:

Woah! Could be that we'll be seeing a new headline out of the NYT to top their old one, The Rioting and Looting Is Deadliest Where Democrats Live.

It does seem that karma is working its magic all over the USA, as the as the editor of a "Progressive" newspaper, The Indy Week in Raleigh, North Carolina discovered.

That's her on the Left, Leigh Tauss - and my god, don't we all know that Lefty look oh so well.
I see peasant, that you are still racist and privileged. We need to have a conversation. You just listen while I talk and enlighten you.
Anyway, after she expressed her support for the protests-turned-riots something bad happened, which she Tweeted about:

Some of the comments from around the Social Media traps were priceless:
  • "It was a brick of peace."
  • "Did you paint 'progressive' over the door posts in the hopes the mob angel of death would pass you by?"
  • "Fire is blind."
  • "Leigh needs to check her privilege. As a woke progressive she should be HAPPY to sacrifice her windows to this cause. After all, these people are simply expressing their rage at centuries of oppression. She should be standing outside the office handing them baseball bats."
But my favourite Tweet response was this one:
Dear Comrade Stalin: Please tell me what I have done wrong and how I can atone. Here in the Lubyanka, I await your wise judgment.
Paraphrasing Oscar Wilde on the death of Dicken's character of Little Nell: you'd have to have a heart of stone not to laugh.


RosscoWlg said...

Bricks you say, the brick of peace. Well just looked up their address on Google Earth.

Certainly not like Paris with paving stones everywhere ready at hand for use. Heaps of tarmac lined streets.

I couldn't spot any new construction either in the near vicinity, not that it seems like they use bricks in that part of Raleigh.

Funny they seem to be surrounded by sushi bars and restaurants. Weird.

It almost looks like they were on someones hit list.

They probably wondered why there was a pallet of bricks on the corner when they came to work.

I guess they now know.

Tom Hunter said...

@Petri Dish
You're responding to the wrong thread. You should be on this one responding to my comment about Sweden.

I'll give you a few minutes to move it before I delete it here.

Anonymous said...

You mentioned Sweden and extreme lockdown in your first paragraph..I didn't read the rest..... Just saying.

Tom Hunter said...


You didn't read it at all. In the first paragraph I put up a link to my piece on Florida vs. New York. Sweden is mentioned nowhere in the article.

Anonymous said...

It's the sherry, wiggles popped over... However comparing the results of one lockdown to another is a part of the learning process. Not my fault you backed the wrong horse all those weeks ago.

Florida is still fiddling the figured and shouldn't be used in any comparison.

Petri Dish

Anne Tiffa said...

Petri Dish, I thought it was nice of Tomas to allow you a chance to move your comment to a different thread. Probably the nicest offer has made, ever.

Although Dog only knows how you could do that without blog admin rights.

Tom Hunter said...

Simple. He deletes his own comment after copying it and then pastes it as a comment on the other thread, a pricess little different to what you did within the same thread. Easy peasy.

Anne Tiffa said...

Ah, but I have a "blue name", PD does not.

Tom Hunter said...

Now what about the hypocrisy and double standards of Ms Hull and Ms Tauss?

Oh - and their privilege too.

Anne Tiffa said...

What about it?

I don't see a problem. All I see is an impotent, pale, stale, male dairy farmer getting his knockers in a twist over matters of little consequence because he's been pussy whipped by Jacinda.

I reckon you could star in the next lot of Speights ads - after all, the two "southern men" in the original were a poof and an Australian. I'll let you choose which one you want to be.

Tom Hunter said...

You don't see a problem with double standards and hypocrisy in the media.

Of course.

Fail on your next deflection too.

RosscoWlg said...

Christ on a Bike PD, I told you not to drink the stuff, and especially not before breakfast. No wonder your posts are in all the wrong threads. For a moment I thought you had early on set DM.

It was a gift from an admirer in New Zealand someone called Mother of Snowflake.

I even read you out the card

"Dear Rossco I really am an admirer of yours. You have so kind to my son Alegenon (Snowflake). He has really developed, we feel, under your harsh tuteludge of the real world and your sharp sarc humour.

We always felt that Alegenon should have studied harder at school but he insisted that Media Studies was the way forward and that it could lead to great things.

Perhaps the curent PM proves his theory right but we still have our private doubts.

You are of course right, my connections to the Labour Party got Alge his first and only job with the Labour Party Social media unit. But as any parent knows you have to start somewhere.

Alas our nick name for him was "non" as in nonentity but we still feel he is destined for great things.

Take this sherry bottle as a small gesture of our thanks.

As a media star at No Minister as there any chance i could have a spare pair of your used undeies in the mail, I promise not to tell Algenon.

Petri throw that bottle out for heavens sake, you'll have the FBI around next for writing a letter of paise to President Donald Trump!

Anne Tiffa said...

You don't see a problem with double standards and hypocrisy in the media.

It's always been there, it always will be. Let he who hasn't practiced either cast the first stone.

I am far more concerned about the heavily armed "anonymous officers" in DC. They appear to be in uniform, but they carry no insignia, no sign of which branch, if any, of law enforcement they are part of. They are unidentifiable and unaccountable. They bear all the hallmarks of Trump's very own "Black Shirts", modeled after Mosley's BUP thugs.

Make no mistake, we are in the early stages of a coup.

That is a far greater threat to the Union than a few words you have spent days agonizing over to find a flaw.

Tom Hunter said...

So as a proud member of the Far Left you would not have whined about a brick through the window like Ms Tauss.

I mean she's one of you and her hypocrisy and double standards are yours as well.

Anne Tiffa said...

Tomas, a brick through a window is a minor inconvenience compared to the Reichstag fire Dumpster Fire Donnie is igniting.

This is not a drill. This is a coup.

By tomorrow night Mark Esper will be looking for a new job.

But you're OK with that, Tomas, as long as Jacinda lets you go out for pea pie n pud.

Tom Hunter said...

Doesn't sound like an inconvenience to Ms Tauss. She seems especially affronted by it after all her support for the protests and riots.

In the same way as that idiot ESPN reporter excitedly Tweeting Burn it all down before squealing about how "they" were trying to get over the walls of his precious gated community. What was the last thing he said: "Get these animals TF out of my neighborhood?

You too I'd bet.

With clowns like he and you Trump has the perfect set of enemies burning things down, and given your awareness of history I'm glad you realise your role here. Trump voters thank you. Keep doing it.

Anne Tiffa said...

Scratch the son of a cop, find a fascist. What a surprise.

Tom Hunter said...

Heh. The personal abuse won't work old fella.

You think like a Fascist. You act like a Fascist. Or a Communist. It really makes no difference at this point.

You and your thug friends are out in the streets copying the communist and SA tactics from the 1920's/30's, doing whatever you can to destroy the load-bearing walls of society. "Burn it all" scream you and your friends. So you can get all the power.

The silly cover of calling yourselves "Anti-Fascist" fools nobody.

Anne Tiffa said...

Calm down, Tomas. It's OK, mommy will get you a glass of warm milk and cool your feverish brow.

I must say, I seem to have forgotten my history. You're right, it was the communists who tore up the town during Kristalnacht, who burned the Reichstag and who launched a genocidal war in Europe. It was a communist King of England who was prepared to hand the UK over to the communist Hitler, and a communist Thomas Watson who provided the Hollerith Tabulating Machines that cataloged the Jews before sending them off for a shower and a nice holiday in Poland.

It is the communist "leader of the free world" who is busting a gut (and ain't his a biggun) to unleash to might of the American military on the civilian population. It was communists who occupied Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and who stormed state houses with effigies of hanged governors.

Yes Thomas, just like the Jews, we communists are to blame for everything, from stealing your jobs, turning your sons gay, controlling the banks, grinding babies bones to make our Matzo, to keeping you locked inside your crib.

By God We have the Power!

Have you finished reading "The Protocols" yet, I seem to recall Davegrodger was looking for a copy.

Tom Hunter said...

Calm down, Tomas. It's OK, mommy will get you a glass of warm milk and cool your feverish brow.

Chuckle. And now this ploy?


Just keep digging up those stones from the streets, dressing all in black to hide your identity. And keep your Molotov's at the ready.

For those Black and Minority neighbourhoods of course, not yours. Might wake your neighbours.

Anne Tiffa said...

I love this.

Refuse to validate Tomas and he goes full on Trump melt down mode, shrieking, waving his tiny fists in the air, and demanding his wife smiles.

The winds of change are coming Tomas, but you will be safe in little old New Zild. Not brave enough to come to the US and bring the fight to us. Oh, that's right, Jacinda won't let you out of the house and you don't have the balls to resist.

Gawd, anyone would think you were married to her, the way she drags you around by the nose.

Anonymous said...

As I write, Trump is hiding in a bunker under the White House terrified of what his compatriots might do to him if given the chance. The bully is chalk-faced and trembling, his braggadocio reduced to a whimper.

The last tweet I saw from him consisted of three words, typed in block capitals because everyone knows that block capitals make things come true. The three words were those favourites of authoritarians, LAW AND ORDER. Ha.

Trump despises the law. He routinely breaks laws when he finds them inconvenient. He's done so all his life. His so-called university broke the law. His so-called charity broke the law. He is the unindicted co-conspirator in the case for which his long-time lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen went to prison. He'll face that rap when he leaves office.

He surrounds himself with thieves. His campaign manager went to prison. His deputy campaign manager avoided prison only by ratting on his campaign manager. His adviser Roger Stone, as nasty an operator as you could meet, is off to prison this month. Team Trump is a walking crime wave. Twenty women have accused Trump of sexual assault. And here he is screaming for law and order. You have to laugh.

Joe Bennett (press)

alloytoo said...

"You're right, it was the communists who tore up the town during Kristalnacht, who burned the Reichstag and who launched a genocidal war in Europe."

Technically Socialists, the communists were too busy creating famines and purging themselves in the 1930s.