Thursday, May 28, 2020


My PhotoWith NASA and company on the line earlier today I was reminded of a former NASA engineer named Mark Rober, who quit the organisation - as well as Apple, where he also worked - and has managed to build himself a bit of a career on YouTube doing crazy engineering things.

He first came to my attention when he got pissed off with thieves stealing packages from his porch where they had been delivered. This type of thievery has become quite a thing in the USA with the rise of Amazon and their ilk and will likely become more so in the age of post-Wuhan Flu.

Rober decided to retaliate as only an engineer can and built a series of booby-trapped packages for the thieves that they would only discover when they got home. The "glitter-bomb" is probably the most famous of these.

However, during the Great Chinese Lung Rot Lockdown Mark was bored out of his brain to the extent that he started bird-watching. This led to him putting out a bird feeder in his backyard. That led to squirrels invading the place and attacking the bird feeders to get their daily hit of nuts and stuff. And that in turn led to Rober's escalating war against the squirrels that ultimately resulted in him building The Perfect Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder.

I loved squirrels in America but all the locals dismissed them as "rats with fluffy tails". This video shows that as well as being cute they're a lot more than a rat!

And if you enjoyed this video you'll also enjoy the glitter bomb one.


Anonymous said...

Excellent watch thanks Tom.

Are you a Pixar fan?


Kimbo said...

Those squirrels are sooooo cool.

Tom Hunter said...


Aren't they just? And to think that most Americans are so dismissive of the little buggers.



But that's story for another day, especially considering how The Mouse has fucked them over in recent years.

Tom Hunter said...


BTW - at present I'm watching the new Netflix doco on the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan - The Last Dance.

Superb. Knowing how much you love team sports it should be a must see for you, although you may have to wait a while. It'll spread beyond Netflix over the next few months. Who knows, maybe our useless TV channels will pick it up.