Friday, April 10, 2020


When that terrible Orange Man halted all inbound from Wu Flu Host country waay back in January 2020, recall if you will the screeching and wailing from the socialists. Many of whom promptly began several hugathons to coincide with the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations that had kicked off ten days earlier.

Several Chinatown enclaves became a focus for a virtual signalling orgy in bizarre anti Trump events now seen as virus hot spots, none more so that Florence in the heart of Made in China being altered to Made in Italy without disclosing those goods were made by Chinese in Chinese owned factories with those workers having travelled back to China, often Wuhan in fact, for a bit of Chinese Lunar New Year lunacy, and arriving back in Italy where the virus wreaked such health havoc.

There are still many who are suspicious of the truth behind the origins of Wu Flu, where and how it did begin, and plausible explanations as to the world wide paths the virus took.
Initial study throws up many inexplicable vagaries of hotspots and areas that apparently escaped untouched.
Oh sure there are explanations aplenty that give possible answers for Northern Italy, Iran and Other so far almost random outbreaks.
Hell we really have little agreement as to any semblance of a timeline with some suggesting the secretive GGP information stream might have a convenient start date,  little severity data , and now an astounding picture of a Communist state making remarkable progress to recovery.

One certain aspect widely proven is a devastation of so much of the world outside China being real while the CCP has an apparent ending of a Pandemic allowing commercial advantage.

What a rich vein of conspiracy opportunity we have.


Anonymous said...

I see. So it wasn't the draconian 6 week lockdown and extensive travel ban to and from Hubie Province that is responsible for the all is a secret vaccine.

In about two months it will be known as the American flu.

Poll dancer

Anonymous said...

For politicians in the US and western Europe seeking to distract from their own disastrous mismanagement of the Covid-19 pandemic, the idea of “China” has become a convenient scapegoat. The beauty of blaming “China” lies in its ambiguity. Are critics merely condemning the way the Communist party concealed information during those crucial January weeks? Both liberals and conservatives in the US, including Donald Trump, have used this defence.

Or, is the clear subtext that the real culprits are the “Chinese people” and their exotic culture and habits? Leave it to Nigel Farage to clumsily play both sides, claiming both that he held “no ill-will against the Chinese people” but that the problem lay with “appalling hygiene conditions in Chinese wildlife markets” and the customary diet of bats and pangolins. Whatever the intentions, we now see how criticisms of “China” have translated into an upsurge of racist violence aimed at the Chinese and Asian diaspora living in the US, western Europe and Oceania.

I applaud the liberal condemnation of these attacks as xenophobic, but also worry that vague cries of tolerance for “Chinese people” and “culture” play into the racist framing of the right, in which we wind up debating identity and difference at the expense of dynamic historical processes. Any serious attempt to grapple with China’s role in this pandemic must also consider the specific political-economic conditions of China’s ascent within the global market in recent years, which facilitated the virus’s spread as well as planting the seeds for an Euro-American backlash.

Tim Tomson

Anonymous said...

New Zealand is punching above it's weight again. From the British press..

I suspect NZ will be like China and be up and running before anyone else and take "commercial advantage".

Petri Dish

Andrei said...

Two Jacina Ardern fanboys from the University of Otago wtote that ridiculous puff peice Petri Dish

"Michael Baker and Nick Wilson are professors at the University of Otago’s department of public health"

Anonymous said...

No , it come from Breibart. Or was fanboys from Sputnik, shit the world is so confusing.