Thursday, February 6, 2020

USA: SOTU and Acquittal Aftermath (UPDATE)

Well, well, well.

Looks like Nancy's "spontaneous" ripping up of Trump's SOTU speech was actually a planned stunt as she carefully re-ripped the pages throughout the speech in the lead up to her big finale.

And of course this is in addition to her making silly faces behind Trump at various points in the speech. Less House Speaker (3rd most powerful political position in the US) than leader of a High School Mean Girls group.

I thought these people held themselves to be better than the "childish" Trump?

Posted without further comment.

"I'd trained for weeks to prepare for ripping up those few pages, but I forgot to stretch before the big event," she told the doctor sheepishly. "I even pre-ripped the pages so they'd be easier to tear up, but it wasn't enough. I shouldn't have skipped arm day at the water aerobics class last week. Oh, boy, am I going to look silly. But I'll just blame it on Trump somehow."


The Veteran said...

Very droll TH. I see that the House Republicans are to move that Pelosi be censured for her conduct and for destroying House documents. As much chance of that passing in the Democrat controlled legislature as impeachment did in the senate.

The whole US political discourse has become extremely toxic and both sides are to blame. That doesn't bode well for the future.

Anonymous said...

You don't do satire very well do you Tom..

"In the aftermath of Pete Buttigieg’s strong showing in the Iowa caucuses, Donald J. Trump accused the former South Bend, Indiana, mayor of engaging in “suspicious travel” to Afghanistan.

“People are saying that he went to Afghanistan for seven months in 2014,” Trump told the hosts of “Fox & Friends” in a phone call. “Seven months is a long time to be running around in a Muslim country full of terrorists, don’t you think?”

He added that Buttigieg reportedly had a gun with him while he was in Afghanistan, a fact that Trump said “sounds fishy to me.”

@Veteran..There are good people on both sides (chortle snort choke).

Marty Blartfast

Anonymous said...

The people of the US are renowned at navel gazing and being obsessed with their own affairs probably due to lack of travel opportunities. In 1990 only 4% owned passports.
Now its 42%. I see the escape pods being readied.

What the world thought of the US sheannigans..

"The international media were scathing in their verdict on Donald Trump’s acquittal in his Senate trial, portraying it as a bitter charade that would allow the president to continue his onslaught on American democracy – with potentially global consequences.

Germany’s Die Zeit said the outcome of the impeachment process was “a triumph for Trump – not just over the Democrats, but over democracy”. The end of this “historic yet absurd process” had made abundantly clear “how seriously damaged the US political system now is”, the paper said.

Trump, “a president who knows no borders”, did not begin this attack on democracy, it said, “but he recognised it and accelerated it. He took advantage of the smouldering distrust of institutions and norms, proffering lies and slander to all who oppose him. Trump, his followers and the majority of the Republicans are, together and wilfully, breaking down the foundations of democracy,” the paper argued.
Impeachment vote lacked suspense but weight of moment was still felt

“Parliament as the supervisor of the president? No, they argue, the Democrats were just trying to overthrow the rightful ruler. The judiciary, an independent pillar of the state? No, not if it decides against Trump. The press, a factual corrective for political propaganda? No, whoever criticises the man in the White House is an enemy of the people. Intelligence agencies, advisers, the whole government apparatus is justified only as long as it supports the truths of power.”

France’s Libération said the curtain had fallen “not before time” on a process that for the past fortnight had “offered the American public, and the world, a desperate spectacle. A hollow pretence of justice, without testimony or an ounce of impartiality, it ended as expected – in the president’s acquittal.”

Johno said...

What the media and polling companies say is becoming increasingly irrelevant for the same reason populists like Trump are becoming increasingly successful.

Rusty Arrow said...

There was no acquittal. There can be no acquittal when there is no trial. Trump could have shot Moscow Mitch in the head, stripped off, down a pole dance, fucked Nancy Pelosi and the Senate would have voted the same way.

That is why the US will remain in a downward spiral until the GOP is burned to the ground.

Tom Hunter said...

There was no Brexit. There can be no Brexit when ....

Oh! Sorry about that. It's hard to tell the difference between all the temper tantrums of the losers.

Rusty Arrow said...

Party defeats country.

Hang them all.

The Veteran said...

TH ... luv your 10.10.

Anonymous said...

Quite correct TH, there can be no Brexit until until 31st Jan 2021. After that it may be the Brexit of your desires or the Brexit of my desires. You got it wrong before and you are still getting it wrong.

Loved your Freudian slip in a previous when you said "we" have the most powerful military in the world....oops.


Anonymous said...

@ Yossarian.

Seems only 15% of the British public agree with Tom.

"Boris Johnson is struggling to convince the public Brexit is over, as a new poll shows only 15 per cent of people believe he has fully fulfilled his promise to “get Brexit done”.

It comes as the Mr Johnson faces a cronyism row by preparing to give a peerage to billionaire Brexit backer and Tory party donor Peter Cruddas. One of the City’s richest people, he is reportedly on No 10’s list of nominees for the controversial dissolution honours.

Meanwhile Donald Trump blasted Mr Johnson with “apoplectic” rage during a heated phone call – turning “livid” over the decision to allow Huawei into Britain’s 5G network, according to a report."

Tom Hunter said...

Hiroo Onoda

was an Imperial Japanese Army intelligence officer who fought in World War II and was a Japanese holdout who did not surrender at the war's end in August 1945. After the war ended Onoda spent 29 years hiding out in the Philippines until his former commander traveled from Japan to formally relieve him from duty by order of Emperor Shōwa in 1974.[1][2] He held the rank of second lieutenant in the Imperial Japanese Army. He was the penultimate Japanese soldier to surrender, with Teruo Nakamura surrendering later in 1974.

Although he was perhaps the most famous, being the penultimate one to give up, it seems there were a lot more.


Judge Holden said...

Tommy is gloating and chortling like a sycophantic GOP Senator trying to impress the Second Coming of God during his incoherent football spiking. Being the only President in history to have bipartisan agreement to your removal from office is a big win for him I suppose. You would think Tommy would have learned his lesson by now, but no. This time next week the Chosen One will have fucked something else up and Tommy will be back sniding, snarking, deflecting, lying and whatabouting like a coked up Katrina Pearson.

Tom Hunter said...

Hmmmmm - of all the commentators here, it's Sludgy who brings the most warmth with his Hate Of A Thousand Suns.


Judge Holden said...

Yeah see that’s just hysterical projection, Tommy. Why would an accurate comparison of you to such a fine person as Katrina Pearson trigger you like that? Or comparisons to such heroes for truth and justice as Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham or Macho Man Jim Jordan? I get the feeling you might be a wee bit of a self loather. Anyway, this is the time for vicious revenge on all the hard-working people of integrity who pointed out your God’s misdeeds and abuses of power, you should be happy!

Tom Hunter said...

I get the feeling

You should try thinking Sludgy. Your "feelings" can only lead to bad places!

Judge Holden said...

Well right back at you, Tom-Tom. You’ve had to stop thinking quite some time ago, as all the cognitive dissonance was giving you a headache. Now it’s fine as all you need to do is chortle and snort.

Tom Hunter said...

And "snark". Mustn't forget that.

Don't worry Sludgy. At some point there will be a Democrat President again, perhaps with a Democrat controlled Senate and House and our positions will be reversed.

Of course even then, I'll be able to enjoy the fact that you'll still be just as hate-filled and unhinged, with your heroes rapidly failing the Sludgy purity test.

Judge Holden said...

Our positions will never be reversed, as I have standards and principles. There’s no way you would find me or any decent human being staunchly and chortingly in the camp of such a horrible human being - and they’re not my words, they’re those of his own chief of staff. That’s on you entirely. Cue the whataboutism in 5, 4, 3....

Tom Hunter said...

... as I have standards and principles.

Christ Sludgy, it's lucky I'd just put my coffee down or I'd jave needed a new keyboard.

Our positions will never be reversed....

Perfect Goodness:

One prominent methodological strand of philosophical theology is perfect being theology, in which the nature of God is made more explicit by identifying God as an absolutely perfect being and working out what features an absolutely perfect being must exhibit

Judge Holden said...

I know you’re a cynical nihilist, but in fact we’re not all like you, Tom-Tom. We can identify when someone is utterly unsuited to public office and not support them even if they’re ostensibly on the same team. You actually like Trump though, as you think he’s “owning the libs”. That’s the extent of your principles. It’s not too late for you to see where this has taken you, but I suspect you don’t really care. Right now you’re all about those chortles as your Chosen One squawks about taking revenge on decent human beings.

Tom Hunter said...

Why Sludgy, that's exactly the same argument that Snowflake has been using.

Hive minds, eh.

And of course because you're always in attack-not-defend mode, we have no idea whether you think Bill Clinton was suitable for office, since there are no comments that could be attributed to you at the time.

But I'm not worried about that: sooner or later there will be a scumbag politician from the Left somehwere in the world that you will support wholeheartedly. We'll see where your standards and principles are then.

In the same gutter they are now I reckon.

Judge Holden said...

ROFL, there’s the whataboutism folks! But Clinton! You know he left office 20 years ago right? But he lied about a blowjob, so....

At least you admit that your Chosen One is a scumbag. You’re still right there with him as he uses the powers of his office to extract his revenge on the people who testified as to his abuses of power though eh? This is where your cynicism has landed you. Enjoy the chortles.

The Veteran said...

Gotta larf with Holden's 'I have standards and principles' ... reminds one of Groucho Marx ... I have principles and well, if you don't like them, I have others.

Tom Hunter said...

Whataboutism = consistency, one of the essential aspects of having "principles and standards"

he lied about a blowjob, ....

He committed perjury in front of a jury. He tried tp persuade others to perjure themselves. And he tampered with evidence.

All actual criminal acts in common law, for which he was disbarred from being a lawyer after he left the Presidency.

And of course you don't deny that you would have supported him - as we all know you would have - you just try and slide away from a such a defence and immediately go on the attack again.

You really are laughably transparent in showing what a garbage human being you are.

Judge Holden said...

Yep, deflection and whataboutism. Trump did far worse than lie about a blowjob, which he has also done by the way, and in the process broken the law. He blackmailed the foreign leader to investigate one of his political opponents and used defence aid mandated by Congress to do it. And he did it a few months ago. Keep raising Clinton though, it’s all you have, even though you’re not being consistent as it’s not comparable.

In addition, here’s a small sample: Trump University, using his “charitable” foundation to pay himself off, mocking a disabled reporter, 15,000 lies, dismantling of environmental laws, exploding the Federal deficit, multiple bankruptcies, half his campaign team being convicted felons, his own Chief of Staff confirming he’s a horrible human being, nepotism, using the Presidency to enrich himself, firing the FBI Director because otherwise, as he admits, he would have been exposed, cutting and running from Syria, diverting military funding to pay for a useless border wall Mexico was supposed to pay for. You know I could go on, and on and on. This is the hill you’ve decided to die on. Congratulations.

Cue the whataboutism in 5, 4, 3.....

Tom Hunter said...

Rant, rant, rant.

We already had the debate about Cohen and Stormy and I already pointed out to you all the reasons that the claim failed. Yet here are you, right back again with the failed ... lie about a blowjob, which he has also done by the way, and in the process broken the law.

You know I could go on, and on and on.

Jesus, you think you need to tell us that? FFS, it's evident that you're so unhinged about this that you just reel off these endless talking points that have already been lost in history. No debate, let alone evidence and proof.

Keep on doing it though. Watching you rage in your loserdom is one of the best things about it.

And of course you still support Bill Clinton re the claims of his victims. You'll support anybody as long they're sticking it to "The Right" (as defined by you) even when your target is a squish like Mitt Romney in 2012. I should go back and see what you had to say about him. Little different than what you said about GW earlier and Trump now I'm sure.

People stopped listening to maniacs like you several years ago as they voted for Trump. You're the Left version of that Right-wing nutter who turns up occasionally here, Paul Scott.

Judge Holden said...

All you have to say is “yes, yes, look at all those demonstrably corrupt, illegal, incompetent and damaging things the Chose One has done, but I’ve forgotten about them so no biggie”. Even for a reality denying nihilist that’s weak.

Cohen pled guilty. Trump told him to do it. The SDNY is still investigating, so that’s going to play out.

Romney was a dud candidate, I said that at the time. He still is the only one of the GOP with a spine. It’s saying something that he’s the best they have. I never suggested that Obama should have pushed Sarkozy to investigate the time Romney killed that woman in France though. That would have been wrong. Or would it, Tommy?

Tom Hunter said...

And Britain will rejoin the EU.

And Trump will be impeached again.

And the Mueller investigation will be re-opened.

And Bolton will unload the "bombshell" truth about Ukraine that will finally destroy Trump.


I'll get you my pretty.
And your little dog too..

Better stay away from water, Sludgy.

Tom Hunter said...

Just for a laugh I decided to DDG the Mitt Romney story and naturally I got The Daily Kos with a 2012 story (because of course).

I did love the following section:

Romney's story has continued for decades among Mormon missionaries in France as hateful anti-Catholic propaganda. Mitt Romney believes that he can lie with impunity. He sees himself as "One Mighty and Strong," the hero of Joseph Smith's "White Horse Prophecy," and destined to lie and bully his way to the presidency. As you will be able to see from the evidence, presented below le chignon d'orange, there is not a stitch of truth to what Romney says.

That writing style of wild accusation stuffed with thundering condemnation uttered from the pinnacle of moral outrage (you can just see them standing in a pulpit pointing with a quivering finger) is classic Sludgy-style writing.

Judge Holden said...

Chortle, chortle, gloat goes Tommy.

It’s amusing how you’re spinning Trump’s never in doubt acquittal as total victory for the Chosen One though. Realistically the vote was the worst possible outcome for the Second Coming. The only time in history there’s been a bipartisan vote for removal and only the GOP toadies voting to acquit, and that has you all tumescent with joy. I guess you’ll take anything you can get and now you get to enjoy the King of Israel destroying politically powerless officials who did their duty. That’ll keep them quiet in future right! Gotta own the libs!

It must take a sort of courage to recognise just how execrable your buddy is and still shill fo him every day.

Tom Hunter said...

Chortle, chortle, gloat goes Tommy.


I like how you try to keep focusing on Trump and guilting and shaming after three years of failure in the department.

Why not back one of those losers in the Democrat Party nomination?

I reckon Bernie for you; almost all the socialist platforms you could want and we all know he'll be hiring executioners soon enough to make his Five Year Plans work, so you'll finally have the job you've always hungered for.

Executioners don't have to be smart either, so a bonus for you.

Judge Holden said...

Awwww, look a squirrel! That’s as much of a concession the hyper aggressive Tommy ever gives; deflect and change the subject.

You’re right though, I keep mistaking you for a decent human being who feels shame. I acknowledge this is misguided.

It doesn’t matter who the Dem nominee is, they’ll be better than the incumbent by an order of magnitude. You know this though right?

Tom Hunter said...

You were already proven wrong on the Cohen/Stormy business but you can't admit that because you think it'll make you look weak. More of your disturbed psychology emerging beside your selection of your pseudonym.

Poor Sludgy. Never mind, loser. One day you'll get over Trump's victory (you know, the one you confidently predicted was Hillary's). Such joy you provided in your self-humiliation. Don't ever change.

Judge Holden said...

That is false. Trump clearly broke the law when he paid off the stripper and porn star he rooted to keep it from the American people a month out from the election and just after he was caught on tape bragging about sexual assault (remember that? He’s your guy). Cohen is in jail for it and Trump told him to do it.

Anyway it is your undying devotion to the Second Coming of God which is wrong. It’s a damning indictment on your character that you cannot recognise this. It’s not as if there aren’t real conservatives who recognise this eg Rick Wilson, Bill Krystol, George Will, Jeff Flake, Romney, Mick Mulvaney (horrible human being), Lindsey Graham (kook), Ted Cruz (pathological liar), Jonah Goldberg. You, however, have no principles whatever beyond your “own the libs” lodestar. That’s something to live for right? #sad.

Seppo Renfors said...

I always voted at my party’s call, and I never thought of thinking for myself at all.

- Tom Hunter

Seppo Renfors said...

How's this one, Judge?

Listen, I would argue that it’s probably three of the greatest years since maybe Jesus walked the Earth with his ministry. And also, yeah, good morning to you. Great day.

Evangelical Liar for Jesus, Christopher Harris, on Fox and Friends.

Tom Hunter said...

Trump clearly broke the law

Obviously he cannot have "clearly" broken the law or he would have had at least a prosecution by now.

But in that other thread I already demonstrated the vast gap that exists between the Sludgy Word-Of-God assertion on this matter and the very debatable stretch that no legal body or lawyer was willing to make. Sludgy obviously he think he know US election campaign funding law better than they do.

And that's just one assertion of Sludgy's that I could be bothered researching. The rest will be all the same.

IPrent in response to the standard Sludgy attack l
22 November 2012 at 8:10 am

Sorry, I didn’t realize you were a troll. So you have nothing to say? Nothing to contribute? No intelligence..

Oh well you will probably get swept away in a moderation sweep.

I'm beginning to think IPrent might have been right on the money. No wonder you have no friends and repeatedly turn up here.

Come on Sludgy. Just admit that you're in love with me.

I mean, for what other reason would you persist in repeating yourself through more than half-a-dozen nearly identical posts.

Seppo Renfors said...

Tom Hunter displays the One tell-tale sign of a Wingnut: they always confuse partisanship with patriotism.

Tom Hunter said...

Sounds almost philosophical, Seppo.

Jason Thibault said...

Tom Hunter

Anonymous said...

I don't take much notice of what politicians say but I do take notice of what they do and when it is beyond my paygrade I listen to the experts.

Were Trumps actions a serious impeachable offence?. Well, every law professor and jurist in the US seem to think so and it's very brave of young Tom to step out and face that sort of expertise.

I'm taking Young Tom's warning about the MSM faking the news seriously now. The Fox network, (the one belonging to the detestable Murdoch) in leaked emails admit their guests lied and spread disinformation about Ukraine and the impeachment.

Also news that is new is that Johnson has appointed a hardarsed woman career diplomat as the US ambassador and we all know how Trump loves assertive middle aged women...delicious.

Zaphrod Beetlebrox