Tuesday, January 21, 2020


The latest post from Lindsay Mitchell here makes for instructive reading.    Note particularly the declining focus by MSD on getting 'clients' into productive work.

One expects a tirade of abuse to be directed at Lindsay from the usual Labour Party apologists ... the Beehive/Fraser House meme ... shoot the messenger; bugger the message.


RosscoWlg said...

Yep make stuff free and everybody is your customer, put a price on it and the market responds accordingly.

For the Left-tards who will shit their pants when they read the word "price" it is defined in the wider sense.

Omgiven Av Idioter said...

Typical of the rubbish she puts out. A few words from a 206-page report, words in isolation.

Words she left out include:

70,218 people were able to cancel their benefit because they got work.

97% of participants in youth development programmes said their skills had improved.

New Zealand rates of family violence are amongst the highest in the developed world. To address this major issue the Government has established a multiagency joint venture, in which MSD and nine other agencies work together to reduce family violence and sexual violence. The Joint Venture uses an integrated response that ensures the help provided to victims and families is tailored to their needs and that perpetrators are held to account and supported to change their behaviour.
In 2018/19 we invested $53 million in supporting victims and perpetrators of family violence and sexual violence and on prevention and education, and worked with more than 50 providers and community groups.

But Hey, the right love a Bennie Bashing Fest, and who are we to stop you? But only 24% of social security spending goes to Bennies, while 55% goes on "Super". How much of that goes to rich pricks who don't need it? Million-dollar mansions PLUS free money from the State.

And where's the analysis of how much is pissed away propping up "Veterans" with drug and alcohol abuse problems? Where is their personal responsibility for what the drink and inject?

I'd suggest you read the full report, but I know you're too lazy and Wiggles is illiterate.

pdm said...

Wow - the left are upping the ante. Must be election year.

We now have a troll capable of some literacy - but, who the hell is Wiggles?

RosscoWlg said...

Eggie you are of course missing the wider context of the complete failure of this Government in the Social Welfare front.

Cherry picking a few stats conveys succes but the wider picture is dismal beyond belief.

9 years of back stabbing each other rather than concentrating on the job they were paid to do..developing alternative policy to the National Govt has led to this poverty of policy.

Bit like you not able to make up your mind what physedeom you are, a failure in both cases.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Omgiven Av Idioter said...Typical of the rubbish she puts out. A few words from a 206-page report, words in isolation.

Try this earlier one:


RosscoWlg said...

Good Link Lindsay..263 additional staff..I can retire to bed tonight safe in the knowledge they have the extra staff required to ensure they don't meet their objectives

RosscoWlg said...

Oh and I bet they increased senior staff remuneration significantly in their attempt to meet these objectives and manage the extra staff?

The Veteran said...

and from 'arry' an extract from his Jan 10 post trying to deflect my #19 ... asserting that MSD is 'Hiring 263 more frontline staff to help people into meaningful work'.

Hmmmmmm ... the dole numbers increase by 20,000 per courtesy of Ms Ardern and MSD hires 262 more staff to cope with getting these and the 120,000 others into work ... with this result. How many more success stories can we cope with?

Anonymous said...

Interesting thing statistics that is until they are unfavourable to your argument.

Under several years of National rule in 2014 the employment rate was 65.2% and under the present Labour govt it is 67.5%.

Unemployment in 2014 was 5.4%, now it is 4.2%. Try doing a bit of research. Before adopting Tom Tom's scattergun approach to facts.

EH of Egburt

RosscoWlg said...

Eggie that again is a tired old argument, again you have forgotten context.

The intelligent readers here don't need to be reminded of that. Context: a superbly running economy bequeathed to a what has become clear to all with the ability to discriminate as a bunch of "Fucktards" led by a lying incompetent...

Psycho Milt said...

Note particularly the declining focus by MSD on getting 'clients' into productive work..

Well, that's the interpretation right-wingers put on it, but then they would, wouldn't they? As with the increase in the state housing waiting list, when you have a government that isn't actively hostile to the poor, said poor are more likely to ask for assistance. That will inevitably have effects on the system, but the previous government's approach of discouraging requests for assistance by encouraging vindictiveness in the public servants dealing with such requests is a much worse one for the country.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

PM, From the Annual Report:

'The increase in demand for financial assistance this year has impacted on the time our case managers can spend with clients on proactive employment-focused case management: only 20 percent of engagements with clients in June 2019 had an employment focus, the lowest proportion since 2014.'

That's a statement of fact.

I OIA'd the data and the active engagement had fallen from 47.6% in June 2014 to 21.6% in May 2019 (with percentage as low as 17.9% in Dec 2018). You may believe the left has a monopoly on caring for the "said poor". I disagree. A divergence in how the problem is approached more accurately describes the disagreement. Even charities and churches take dissenting views on 'best practice' (for want of a better label).

There needs to be a better balance of time spent on long term and short term answers to need. Currently there is too much on the latter.

The Veteran said...

Lindsay ... the latter is in play simply because this government is seen as soft on handouts and who turns down the chance of free money. Not rocket science to understand why demand has escalated.

Psycho Milt said...

Lindsay: the numbers are a statement of fact, yes. However, the phrase "Hand-outs trump hand-ups in Labour's lexicon" is a political propaganda claim, not a statement of fact.

I don't believe the left has a monopoly on caring for the poor, eg the Salvation Army is anything but "left." I just observe the reality of many right-wingers' punitive attitude to the poor and its expression under the previous government and read their posts on the subject with that in mind.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

The Salvation Army is very "left" these days. Read any of their reports which constantly conclude govt needs to do more. In the past I've been put up against Major Campbell Roberts to express an alternative view.

From their latest State of the Nation report: "Most New Zealanders recognise that inequality is a serious problem and support decisive action for significant change. Now is the best time to make such big systematic changes. The Government finances are in the strongest position for more than a decade with a record surplus.

There are significant gaps in the current policy including the lack of action to increase incomes for those relying on welfare and little action to address the weakness in the tax system at redistributing income and wealth more fairly. We outline some of the changes that are needed and urge policy makers to take notice."