Wednesday, January 8, 2020


Let me introduce you to the next President of the good Ole US of A ... one Michael Bloomberg Esq ... sometime Mayor of New York, multi billionaire, Republican turned Independent turned Democrat.

Why ... because he's just been endorsed by Judge Judy no less. 

And, such is the state of US politics, an endorsement like that makes it a forgone conclusion.

You heard it first on No Minister.


Andrei said...

Meanwhile while he who shall not be named is blustering about destroying Iranian cultural sites a true statesman with a Phd in international law celebrated the Christmas liturgy in St Peterburg (Christmas in Russia is the 75h of January) and then flew with Sergei Shoigu to meet with Bashir al Assad and also Patriarch John. the Patriarch of Antioch, head of the Orthodox Church in Syria and Lebanon.

Judge Judy indeed!

The Veteran said...

Hmmmmm ... I see that Bloomberg was made an Honorary Knight (KBE) by the Queen back in 2014 but then again so was 'Bob' Mulgabe and Nicolae Ceausescu so I'm not sure if thats a plus or a minus except to note that President Trump is still waiting for his.