Sunday, December 8, 2019


There were great hopes for Zimbabwe after Mugabe was given the bums rush.   Those hopes have now turned to despair as the country continues its slide into fourth world oblivion.

The latest stats tell the story.    When President Mnangagwa assumed office inflation was just 1%.    In October it reached 440% (November figure not yet available) signalling a return to hyper-inflation.    Unemployment is at 90%.    The IMF is forecasting the economy to shrink by 7.1%.     The new currency introduced in June is in free fall while 7.7m Zimbabweans are facing hunger after the worst drought in three decades (this in a country once styled as the 'Breadbasket of Africa').     Air Zimbabwe lurches from crisis to crisis and is now banned from landing in South Africa (its only international destination) because of unpaid fees and charges.

Zimbabweans essentially fall into two categories.   Those who have fled the country and those who want to but can't.   Those that have tend to be educated and successful ... they are the people the country can't do without but the reality is that they see no future for themselves in that once prosperous and now sad country.

I'm in Nelson this week.   Limited blogging.   Back in Paihia Thursday where I will be watching the outcome of the UK elections with interest and will, no doubt, comment in due course.


Tom Hunter said...

Almost two hundred years ago a student of Adam Smith, concerned about the massive borrowing by a British government determined to build a war machine to match that of Napoleon in his threatened invasion, asked if perhaps Britain would destroy itself before any war happened.

Smith's reply was that there is a lot of ruin in a nation, by which he meant that it actually took a awful lot of terrible things to happen before a nation could be said to be destroyed. Deficit spending alone would not be enough.

Would that Smith be alive now to overlook the ruins of North Korea, Zimbabwe - with Venezuela next on the list. These nations have bested the limits of his maxim.

Perhaps the best thing for Zimbabwe would simply be to split it up and parcel out chunks to neighbouring nation states?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Tom, you've missed the obvious solution.

Give it back to the Poms, to whom it rightfully belongs.

Snowflake said...

Adolt just can’t help himself can he? His first reaction to everything is to figure out how he can make a racist comment. The Obama presidency drove him over the edge for obvious reasons.

Tom Hunter said...

From the land of just can’t help themselves comes yet another reminder of how the Left never learns from its mistake in hero worship of The Great Leader, with a quote from Green Party member "Toad" a decade ago on Kiwiblog:

Chavez is a bit different. He is no fundamenstalist ideologue, but his tendency to authoritarianism concerns me. I hope that is only a consequence of the fear of military overthrow by Bush-backed forces, and that he will take a more liberal, democratic, and pragmatic approach now there is a less aggressive US foreign policy. But that is a hope – I’ve never met the man, so I wouldn’t know what goes on in his mind.

I had the same hope for Mugabe (whom I did meet) when I was in Zimbabwe 20 years ago, but he stuffed it up big-time.

Classic isn't it? "Toad" took no notice of the critics of Mugabe who pointed out that he was less "Freedom Fighter" than all-out Marxist, and even after Mugabe fucks Zimbabwe with his dingbat socialist ideas, all that "Toad" can say is that he stuffed it up big-time.

And in the same comment in 2009 he promptly jumps on the Chavez bandwagon in Venezuela. Nothing learned! Not a single fucking thing. Not even the destruction of a country caused Toad even a moments hesitation: It'll work next time. And I'll bet he still supports the Greens and still pushes the same ideas inside that party.

I also had to chuckle at this blast from the past from such commentators:

Oh, and don’t forget that Chavez is a fairly democratically elected President (which Bush NEVER was – he was elected by fraud).

Yet another thing that has not changed except for the name of the GOP president.

Wonder who the next Far Left hero will be?

Snowflake said...

Whataboutism and deflection allows Tommy to ignore the racism his chum just waved in front of his nose. Nice work, Tommy!

Tom Hunter said...

Oh - so you think the thread should be about you "calling out" Adolf for his snide crack!

Well actually my comment goes directly to the issue with Zimbabwe and the primary reason it's such a fantastic shithole - that reason being that a hardline, murderous, ruthless, will-to-power Marxist-Lennist got to be leader of the country, with the support of countless numbers of brainless Far Left fucktards like Toad.

Since you were likely also one of those fucktards It's actually your comment that is an exercise in deflection and whataboutism on this thread.

Kudos for your chutzpa in trying it on though.

Snowflake said...

Really though? Because Adolt’s view is that the trouble started when whitey left, because whitey’s great and the black fellaows can’t be trusted to govern their own affairs. Solution? Bring back whitey! How about commenting on that theory? Has merit do you think?

Tom Hunter said...

Whataboutism and deflection allows Snowy to ignore the socialism his hero Mugabe enforced on Zimbabwe and avoid talking about why he still supports that insanity and the pricks who put it into action. Nice work, Snowy!

RosscoWlg said...

Well Snowjob your are more astute then I thought ( just made the astute up,) ...from the Daily Telegaph

"White farmers quietly retuning to seized land" and

"Yet it was harder to blame outside forces if the black recipients of the land, many of them bigwigs in the Zanu-PF party that still rules Zimbabwe, leased it back to the whites. "

So Snowjob even the Blacks know that Whitey is the only way to save their asses.... is that racist in your bizarre little world?

Snowflake said...

Now Rossco is piling in and Tommy’s losing control of the narrative. It’s no longer a sledgehammer rant about “communism”, the racists have arrived. Will he step in to condemn his chums?

Tom Hunter said...


Toad said...

A list of all the Socialists, Communists, and Marxists at the Lancaster House Conference that led to the Lancaster House Agreement, the independence agreement for Rhodesia, now known as Zimbabwe.

Peter Carington, 6th Baron Carrington, Conservative Party MP.
Ian Gilmour, Baron Gilmour of Craigmillar, Conservative Party MP.
Michael Havers, Baron Havers, Conservative Party MP.
David Ormsby-Gore, 5th Baron Harlech, Conservative Party MP.
Richard Luce, Baron Luce, Conservative Party MP.
Sir Arthur Michael Palliser, British Diplomat.
Sir Arthur Antony Duff, DG of MI5.
Robin William Renwick, Baron Renwick of Clifton, British Diplomat and Member of the House of Lords.
Sir Nicholas Maxted Fenn, British Diplomat.
George Walden, Conservative Party MP.

Tom Hunter said...

I heard that Winston Churchill and FDR worked closely with Stalin too.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Poor Flakey can't help himself. Every time he opens his mouth he cops a shellacking. He makes Wil E Cyote look like Machiavelli.

Toad said...

The Duke of Windsor (Edward VII) cavorted with Hitler. Did you have a point? Or are you just trolling for more stalking material? You are quite sick, the way you get an obsession with stalking Internet commentors.

Tom Hunter said...

Lefties condemned the Duke of Windsor and other idiots who supported Hitler and said they had learned the lessons of history.

And then they ignored all the idiots who supported Stalin, and then Mao, and then Castro and then ended up supporting Mugabe.

But they'll know better next time: pinkie swear!

... the way you get an obsession with stalking Internet commentors.
Meh, it's like opening a book to read about idiots like The Duke of Windsor.

Judge Holden said...

Adolt, you’re an embarrassment to the rest of the blog owners (other than Gravetodger, as he’s a bit special). They’re a bit too afraid to point it out, but it’s high time you put yourself quietly out to pasture. Racist old misogynists are a bit 1962. It’s been fun though, especially that time you spent months telling us how Romney was going to trounce Obama and become President in a landslide. Remember that? Your little episode after the election where you went AWOL for few weeks was especially entertaining.

alloytoo said...

Somewhat raciest of Snowflake to assume the "The Poms" AKA the British are a uniformly "Snow" white nation. That hasn't been true since at least Roman times.

Adolf's comment suggests that Zimbabwe be given to a competent agency to manage. Not sure the British currently fit that description.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Sludge is an embarrassment to all those readers who possess a sense of humour.

RosscoWlg said...

Well said Adolf, I bet they cant see the funny side in the year of delivery that the little plastic stickers on apples are to be banned!