Friday, December 13, 2019


The United states long represented in the psyche of many by the Statue of Liberty.

"Give me your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free" engraved on it.

Often mentioned as the inspirational bit of the land of hope Europe's masses first saw after crossing the Atlantic from various persecutions.

A repository of Democracy and the envy of many, the United States is threatened by a bunch of congressional representatives who three years on are still in total denial that their candidate lost to Donald John Trump.

Having decided they have very little chance of defeating Trump at the Polls next November, the House leadership has begun openly admitting Impeachment is the only faint hope of removing Trump.

With the total absence of any evidence to support the maniacal move that - unless something changes massively - will never get the necessary support from the Senate to complete the removal of a duly elected President before hell freezes over.

It is even being openly suggested that the next Democratic Party Potus should immediately be impeached to restore what has for some become blatant political use of Impeachment for political advantage by the current idiots in control of the oldest Government party continuously in election contests in the world.

Speaker Pelosi, the Democrat with the Gavel as Speaker of the House of Representatives currently under their control, knows full well the electoral dangers in pursuing the Impeachment path, but is seemingly unable to force her will as the lurching left socialists will simply ignore her seniority that delivered the gavel and replace her.

She reacted with venom to a suggestion from a reporter she was acting out of hatred  of Trump; that may be true,  however unlikely. Not so is the open bias and hatred of Shifty Adam Schiff who chaired the House Intelligence (now that is an oxymoron almost without equal) Committee that voted to proceed with the suicide move after hearings devoid of due process and almost all held in Camera.

Now the Chairman of the House Judiciary committee, Gerry Nadler, has only gone for two very vague and unsupported "articles" of impeachment. Charges so weak and improbable that almost every one of the previous 44 Presidents would be open to the Articles merely for holding the office.

Another note of irony is that Nadler is the only Congressman still involved who was there when Clinton was brought to book and who then, in an unsurprising load of Hypocrisy, went ape over that Impeachment proceeding.

This charade has the potential to derail the number one "Democracy" in the minds of many of the worlds citizens.

It seems certain the House will vote to Impeach, the only remaining question being how many of the sitting Democrat Congress reps from pro-Trump districts will spill over and vote against. Two already did that when the vote to proceed to Nadler's star chamber from Schiff's was taken.

If it happens  and the circus proceeds to a trial in the Senate - with the Chief Justice replacing Vice President Pence as president pro tem - Trump will be the first Republican so treated. Two Democrats, Andrew Johnson who succeeded the assassinated Abraham Lincoln, and William Jefferson Clinton,  both survived a Senate "Trial" where an almost impossible two thirds majority is required to remove an impeached President from office.

The Founding Fathers in the 1780s, while setting a method for removal of a sitting President, were very deliberate in making the process well beyond easy. I am supposing the Dimocrunts will want to change that along with the "Electoral College that thwarted Billary in 2016" and the Supreme Court as the third "Estate" that Trump has turned back from its efforts to legislate from the "Bench"

Johnson's Crime of 'High Crimes and Misdemeanors'  involved arguments over how the Confederate States that Opposed the Union  would be treated in the aftermath of The Civil War, so successfully prosecuted by Lincoln.

Clinton otoh was more serious over Lying to Congress and denial of his predilections over white house interns with Monica Lewinski at the forefront (pun intended).

Johnson narrowly survived the Senate vote by one, Clinton easily passed muster with a Democrat Senate going nowhere near the required two thirds.

Of course Republican President (37), 'Tricky Dick' Richard Milhous Nixon, resigned the Presidency to avoid what was by then an almost certain removal from office over "Watergate".

An interesting side light comes with who replaced Nixon. After the resignation in disgrace of the elected Vice President in Nixon's re-election, Spiro Agnew, the Senate in accord with the Constitution confirmed Gerald Ford as Vice President from his position as Speaker of the House, where Nancy Pelosi sits as we speak.  Gerald Ford - Potus 38 -  is the only President to take the office without being elected as Potus or Veep.

The circus makes for compelling viewing with heaps of comedy and the Media almost totally allowing their collective bias to fuel what is increasingly a totally irrational and now serious threat to the entire democratic process of The United States.

No sign of any hiatus as yet as the lemmings race to the cliff.


Max Ritchie said...

Read Manhattan Contrarian for a legal analysis, with commentary. On the articles. Author is a NYC based lawyer. Good blog for those interested in US politics and climate change.

George said...

So when a Democrat president is elected we can expect impeachment to begin immediately.
Sort of school yard "Well, you started it "

Tom Hunter said...


It's quite possible, although it would lead to the same sort of pent-up frustrations that we've just seen unleashed in Britain when a government is stalled from doing anything. The Yanks wanted divided government but they were convinced they could build it such that it could get big things done while also not turning into a one-part state. Over 250 years that's proved to be the case.

So were such a situation to develop, with everything gummed up by constant fighting between the President and Congress, the people would eventually vote mostly one way to give one party control of the Preseidency, Senate and House. It's happened before in the US, and for several decades in some cases.

And here's the link to that site Max mentioned: Manhattan Contrarian.

Anonymous said...

Psycho Milt said...

So when a Democrat president is elected we can expect impeachment to begin immediately.

Well, that would depend on whether this future Democrat PotUS did something that warranted impeachment, wouldn't it? It's not possible to start impeachment proceedings on the basis of "you're ugly and your mother dresses you funny."

Still, I suppose that if you believe government is a matter of partisan cultural warfare and the law is irrelevant except to the extent it can be employed as a tool in that warfare, maybe you would expect Republicans to try and impeach the next Democrat PoTUS regardless of whether there's any real basis for it. After all, they have form as far as that goes, having tried to impeach Clinton for having lied about getting a blow job.

Max Ritchie said...

Lying to a Grand Jury is a crime. People have gone to prison for less. Still, Clinton should not have been impeached and neither should Trump - read Alan Dershowitz on this.

Tom Hunter said...

It's not possible to start impeachment proceedings on the basis of "you're ugly and your mother dresses you funny."

Ironic because that's pretty much exactly where the Democrats are right now, or at least that chunk of them who were screaming for Trump's impeachment before he became President on January 20th, 2017. And they were not insignificant, "fringe" members of the party either.

Nancy manged to fob them off for two years but eventually she caved.

The failure of the Democrat's impeachment hearings to move the needle with the public shows the her experienced shrewdness was right on this one. They can make all the arguements they like but at the end of the day there is nothing in the Ukraine business that crosses the threshold of impeachment - unless, as Law Professor Jonathan Turley said, you want to impeach every President from here on for actions that Presidents take every day and which they are constitutionally empowered to.

Anonymous said...