Friday, December 6, 2019


So its official then ... the Coalition of the Losers is corrupt.     Labour, Winston First and the Greens voted down an amendment to the Bill on foreign donations that would have meant that donations to a foundation associated with a political party such as the NZ First Foundation would be treated as a donation to the party and require the same transparency.

You have to ask yourself why would that be ... blindingly obvious really.   Winston said 'No way Hosay' and Labour and the Greens fell into line.    Begs the question ... was NZ Future Forrest Products, this shell company headed by Brian Henry, the eminence grise of NZ First, his son and a certain Jan Trotman and reportedly backed by hidden foreign investors ... the company that has Shane Jones performing verbal gymnastics ... a donor to the NZ First Foundation and, if so, was it the foreign investors who stumped up the dosh.

Poor old Greens having to swallow another dead rat. This from their website on political donations:

'influence of money on politics is one of the greatest threats to democracy. Political parties
need money to run election campaigns but that money can be a source of undue influence on the democratic process. The Green Party believes it is of paramount importance for the public to know who is funding political parties, as an assurance that political donations are not buying policy.'

One could almost feel sorry for them but I don't ... their principles went out the door when they voted for Winston's waka jumping legislation.


Pete said...

Their integrity seems to have been for sale or exchanged for baubles offered.

On the question of the Greens view the public needs to know who funds political,parties. I am not that concerned, and nor are they apparently by voting down the proposed amendment. What I am sure of is that I do not wish to fund any political party as a taxpayer forced to do so.

Choosing to donate to any political party must remain a free choice. I do not trust this current government given their now demonstrated willingness to set democratic process aside.

Their current amendment On political donations is rushing a matter that is not worth rushing.

The Veteran said...

It is hugely instructive that Flake, Holden et al are silent on this matter. Could it possibly be that they realize defending the indefensible would leave them with egg all over their faces.

RosscoWlg said...

And Physio Melted, she of the double standard, on holiday in Samoa, I guess?

Or so tied up in knots in trying to write a rebuttal has got a bad case of writers block?

Tom Hunter said...

Jsus Vet, you don't think they're not fully supportive of this Winston crap?

Come on.

Roj, Flake, Holden and Wolff are all the same ilk: they'll scream about how much they're doing for the poor as they rip their hobnail boots over the backs of the poor to get their hands on money, just like Winston does.

He's where they want to be: sitting atop the pile smoking big cigars and with money falling into their laps. Like Maduro.

You really are too kind and generous in assuming that they have principles, or at least more principles than Winston, who they decried for years.

But then you are a Right Winger after all.