Wednesday, December 11, 2019


On Hosking this morning - a regular "Politics Wednesday" segment - Police Minister Stuart Nash (L- Napier), seemed out of touch to a point where he seemed to need medication.

In response to a question from the host he went troppo; "nine years of neglect", "Feces running down walls at a Hospital", and so forth.

For god sake, Man-Up and begin to accept that the Coalition of Second, Third and Fourth place that was hijacked by Mr 7% (and that figure is becoming questionable) when he appointed the totally inept and unprepared new leader of the Second-placed losers as Part-Time Prime Minister will - somewhere down the line - be responsible for its destruction of NZ Inc, now growing with no sign of reversal.

Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Horticulture, would continue to fund NZ going forward. Treating them as pariahs and the enemy will not provide the money to fund feel good talk-fest efforts.

The current economy is still resiliently providing some residual good news resulting entirely from the rescue and rebuild of the Key-English administrations, but it will grind to a standstill sooner or later with all these COL measures. Then what?

Oh that's right - Russell Norman has the answer: print the money.

I assume that a government propped up by the remnants of the good work of Bill English, a subservient Media - and a Speaker who will easily defeat Gerry Wall, Jonathon 'ate-all-the-pies-delivered-by-taxi' Hunt and screeching Margaret Wilson as the worst speaker ever, in the form of The Duck Mallard - will stagger through to an election even if the deficit in commercial nous that has been the feature of the "year of delivery" continues unabated.

The Socialist glove puppets can leave Carter alone, he at least attempted to set his natural bias aside as far as his abilities allowed. Mallard does not even try.

The "nine years of neglect" is worn out, the motor wont start and the gearbox barely turns. Your mate 'the padre' Davy Boy Clark has done too many miles without maintenance on his own to use it any more.

Oh and the feces running down the walls at Middlemore was never reported to Government and has all the hallmarks of a beat up by a spendthrift, pretend government suddenly confronting a salient fact that they have wasted the money and there is none left.

The arms buy back is falling seriously short of what the import figures - and they are very incomplete - suggest is out there. Remind me again, when did you actually ever own any of the weapons being targeted?

The Gangs are flourishing with a leniency demonstrably in operation at Justice and our neighbours sending the worst back here. Oh just how many weapons have the gangs surrendered in response to your threats, just asking?


David said...

The “faeces running down the wall “ claim has been totally disproven yet a Minister of the Crown openly and blatantly lies to a large audience. It is a shameful statement from the Minister of Police no less and demands some sort of response, but what can you do?
At the least, Hosking and/or Mitchell should have called him the liar that he is.
Shot, flames, credibility, in, down. Rearrange words to suit

It could of course be a reflection of the desparate state of the COL and that they have already given up on the 2020 election.

Judge Holden said...

COLPTPMSLGPRINCESSCINDYFAIRYDUST! Sorry didn’t catch the rest, what were you saying? Angry old white guys are funny.

RosscoWlg said...

Oh Sludgie, you're a petty little boy with no brains.....aren't you. When it comes to vacuous comments you plumb the depths of inanity.

Still being paid by the word has it compensations..even if at HQ they snigger behind your back, so I've heard!

Judge Holden said...

You would know all about the depths of inanity, Ross, you odious old drunk. Back to the gin, wee man.

RosscoWlg said...

Oh Sludgie...I also heard you boyfriend makes you dress up in girls clothes.. oh dear but goes with the territory in the old Labour Party... but you enjoy the hands on the ass at Party functions even more.

I guess they didn't employ you for your intellect and ability to make intelligent discussion on policy outcomes etc.... more the volume of your output (if one can call it that) and that dress of yours (if you can call it that)at the functions.

Unless you were being paid nobody in their right (sic) mind would waste their time with such inanities on NM, or of course they didn't have a life!