Saturday, November 16, 2019

"You Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means" - UPDATE


Rasmussen polling reports Nov 15, 2019
The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows that 50% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Forty-nine percent (49%) disapprove.

After three days of breathtaking Impeachment testimony? I mean to say, "Impeachment" means you're guilty right? Especially if it's the Democrats and the entire US Left raising a pointed finger at you? Surely the accusations of such sainted people as Schiff-face count for something?

The Impeachment situation has developed not necessarily to our advantage

The president’s overall approval has been tracking up since Wednesday, the first day of the House impeachment hearings. It was at 46% on Wednesday morning, then rose to 48% yesterday and is now at 50%. Two of the three nights in today’s survey follow the highly-publicized hearings.

Tracking up? But..... But.... But.... that's not supposed to be what happens when you're a Democrat telling everybody how awful Orange Man is.

And when we look at history...

Holy dog shit Texas!

But wait... there's more...
Trump's approval rating on Wednesday was 44.3 percent, according to a Real Clear Politics average of more than a half-dozen major polls. That is higher than Obama's average approval rating of 43.9 percent on September 18, 2011, by the same measure.
You mean to say that Trump's Approval/Disapproval ratings are ahead of where Barack Obambi was on the same poll at the same stage of his Presidency in 2012?

After weeks of this Impeachment-Trump-Is-Dead shit? After three years of 90%+ negative coverage from the MSM? Compared to the overwhelming MSM fellating of Obambi circa 2008-2011. Well - aside from Fox News of course: but who cares about them, right?

It's okay. The Democrats have lots of Star Witnesses to call as they desperately trudge forward on the Great Inquisition of 2019. They hope that somewhere - somewhere, surely - an impeachable offense will be found hiding among Trump’s communications relating to Ukraine.

Oh - and Trump released the transcript of the April 21st call he made with the new President of the Ukraine.

Sounds like a really guilty guy!

My God. My God. What will the country say?

It should be noted that people were walking out of the House chamber long before Impreachement proceedings were done the other day.

Sounds like a winner.

And of course; Dems Switched From “Quid Pro Quo” To “Bribery” Because A Focus Group Told Them It Was Better.


Maybe the Democrats can win this by telling every Trump voter how ashamed of themselves they should be! That'll work?

UPDATE: One of the quotes supplied by a commentator on this thread contained the following lines...
Guilty, guilty.
Guilty, guilty, guilty...
Yes, that's actually a quote from a supposedly "sober" magazine called Esquire, and it reminded me of the following scene from possibly the greatest ever Pixar movie, The Incredibles:

Jesus! That teacher even looks like Schiff!


Snowflake said...

Rasmussen is a joke, as you well know, or perhaps you genuinely don’t. Tell me are you really stupid or do you just think the people reading your crap are?

Snowflake said...

Oh and the RCP approval ratings are about the same, but the disapproval ratings? Why don’t you tell us what they say? Again, you’re either stupid or you think we are.

Snowflake said...

And really? He didn’t do anything criminal in one phone call, so the one where he did blackmailed a foreign leader is just fine? Holy fuck dude! Now I’m beginning to think you’re a retard.

Roj Blake said...

No surprise that "Tom Hunter" is spinning faster than a pulsar - The House now have all the evidence they need, courtesy of Roger Stone's conviction. Of course, the Senate won't convict, unless the Senators feel their own chances for re-election are in jeopardy.

Good to see Hunter is still a shill for the greatest threat to the American Republic since Benedict Arnold. And not a word from the most verbose "author" on this blog about the Stone conviction. Figures.

David said...

Off having a hol with the FamBam in fu$#%g freezing Canadia, but keep warm watching Trump explode with the tweet machine.

A few of the best

Reaction to Stone’s conviction.

And more to come.

Keeping score.

And the last word goes to Hillary.

Roj Blake said...

Here Hunter, I've done it for you.


Guilty, guilty.

Guilty, guilty, guilty and, did I mention...


Professional ratfcker Roger Stone, a blight on American politics for five decades, has fcked his last rat. On Friday, during a recess in the committee hearings into one of his former boss’s other abuses of power, Stone was convicted on all seven counts on which he’d been called to the bar, and no sartorial cock-of-the-walk narcissism can save him this time.

I remember being nauseated watching him get treated like a star at the Republican National Convention in 2016, and even more deeply nauseated watching him gallivant around the Capitol dressed like Mr. Peanut’s evil twin during the inauguration that same year. For all his celebrated “eccentricity,” Roger Stone is what democracy finds stuck to the bottom of its shoe on a hot summer’s day. Your time in the barrel has come, Roger, and the barrel’s gone over the falls. The bell has tolled. The cock has crowed, and maybe it wasn’t a good idea to spend the entire pre-trial period playacting the role of political tough-guy at the expense of the judge who now will sentence you on all seven counts on which you were indicted.
Jury Finds Roger Stone Guilty In Obstruction Trial
Stone has fcked his last rat.
Win McNameeGetty Images

This was a big win for Robert Mueller, whose reputation as an investigator has been badly battered in recent weeks as it has become clear that his strict-constructionist view of his mandate left him incapable of confronting the limitless vista of corruption that is this administration*. His prosecutors needed this one to validate their work. In addition, Stone was nailed for lying to Congress, which has to give pause to the people who will be testifying in public next week. (Hi, Gordon Sondland!). The conviction further validates the view that the Russian Story and the Ukraine Story are parts of a reeking whole. The entire noxious fabric is unravelling almost by the hour.

Moreover, to those of us who have followed politics for a while now, watching Roger Stone go to the sneezer is a blessed bit of rough justice for all of the people he has victimized over the years and, indeed, for the system of government that was his most prominent victim of all. He learned the basics of ratfcking from Richard Nixon, which is like learning music from Mozart. In 1977, he was elected president of the Young Republicans with the help of his good friend, Paul Manafort. But his career came to full flower in the 2000s, which began with his role in disrupting the Florida recount process on behalf of the Bush campaign. (He may or may not have been central to the infamous Brooks Brothers Riot that shut down the recount in Miami-Dade County, but it certainly bore all the hallmarks of Stone’s work.) And he was pushing the idea of a Trump presidential campaign long before one finally was organized in 2015.

He was an A-level predator in the jungle politics that also produced Karl Rove and Lee Atwater, the jungle politics that many Nice Republicans would rather not talk about now that the rot and decay has taken the ground under their feet. The Republican Party was perfectly happy with Roger Stone for as long as it needed his gifts for the dark arts. Now he’s caught, and he’s going to be punished, and he’s going to experience what nihilism is really like. I’d like not to be quite this happy about someone his age going to prison, but I know that his fundamental crimes against democracy will be forever unatoned.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Something appears to have got under their skin!

Snowflake said...

Yep, Tom telling lies.

George said...

Now I know where Gollum ended up....
seen the eyes on that 'chair person' ?????

Snowflake said...

George has nothing to contribute (he would be unable to defend the Chosen One’s conduct so he’s not even trying), so resorts to personal abuse. The right’s normal playbook, right Adolt?

Tom Hunter said...

One of the reasons I don't post that much about Trump is that I don't want to get sucked into the breathless 24/7 world he and his enemies have created for eachother. They may love it but for the rest of us it's exhausting, and it leads to lightweight clickbait pieces.

Another reason is the huge amount of online triggering it causes with hardline Lefties, to which...

9:06pm..... 9:09pm...... 9:10pm...? Seriously You okay Bra? It's like you were sitting on the toilet popping hemorrhoids.

@Roj Blake
My Dude!. No wonder you write and think as you do given that unwinding clown you quoted from Esquire. At the rate he was going I thought he was going to blame Stone for the Kennedy assassination.

Here's what it actually means in the world of normals like me:

Clinton associates jailed: Jim and Susan McDougal, Webster Hubbel, David Hale, Jim Guy Tucker, ...and others
US voters: Who?

Trump associates jailed: Roger Stone, Paul Manafort,...and others
US Voters: Who?

As I said to Sludgy the other day on the TVNZ-RNZ stuff, we could have interesting debates here if you guys could only take your Xanax prescriptions. Just on Trump alone I wrote quite a bit on Kiwiblog in 2015/16 that discussed his various failings, plus how he couldn't get elected.

But with you guys there's no point in trying to have such discussions. You're insane with hate and given outbursts like these you're kidding no one when you try to pretend you're all calm, relaxed and detached about this stuff.

Still, it's worth me keeping your outbursts recorded here to show people the next time I get accused by your, Sludgy and Roj of "hysteria" or "rage" or whatever boilerplate accusation you hurl at any of the blog authors here.

Tom Hunter said...

Oh - and I'm going to update my post based in this bit from Roj's cutn'paste:

Guilty, guilty.

Guilty, guilty, guilty

Snowflake said...

I don’t think “we” could have interesting debates, as you’re not interested in the facts and reality, just spinning how impeachment for a clear abuse of power is a PARTISAN WITCH HUNT!, which you will then evidence by selectively citing dodgy polls, finding silly photographs of Schiff and calling him Schitt for brains (geddit?!). In other words you’re not capable of actually defending Trump, or honest enough to admit the truth; that the President of the United States is a crook who’s manifestly unfit for office. This is independent of what the US people think, these are facts.

morpork said...

Its hard to believe that some posters here seem to think that (of the witnesses and testimony Schiff permits) the evidence at the impeachment hearing points to Trumps guilt when in fact it points to their guilt of actively working to suppress his foreign policy. He forms the policy, they are tasked with conveying it and promoting it, not arse about face.
Also how can his tweets intimidate a witness as she is giving evidence ? She hasn't got a phone in her hand checking PDTs twitter account. Schiff stated the tweets out loud in an attempt to trigger her.

Snowflake said...

Yes, Morpork, but His “foreign policy” amounts to blackmailing foreign leaders by holding back congressionally approved military aid until his political opponents are investigated. Text book impeachable abuse of power. Tommy knows this, but can’t condemn it as he’s walked away from reality in order to carry Trump’s water.

And he intimidates witnesses by threatening all of them with retribution in order to prevent others from coming forward. Simple mafia-like stuff. Are you a bit dim?

Tom Hunter said...

... finding silly photographs of Schiff and calling him Schitt for brains (geddit?!)...

As if you're side of the fence hasn't indulged in the same tactics with "Drumpf" (hyuck, hyuck, hyuck) for three years now, nor every other Republican politician for decades now.

If you didn't have double standards you'd have no standards at all.

Tom Hunter said...

Snowflake firmly believes there was no corruption with the Biden family in Ukraine, even with Blabbermouth Joe on record boasting - not just talking but boasting about threatening to withhold aid from Ukraine if they didn't fire a prosecutor.

My how Snowflake laughed at that.

Furthermore Snowflake thinks that just declaring yourself to be a Presidential candidate means you can't be investigated for shady foreign dealings.

Well, as long as you're a Democrat.

The bottomline of all this is that apparently Trump deserved to be investigated by the DOJ, FBI and a Special Prosecutor for allegedly working with Russia to screw the 2016 election - while him wanting to have the DOJ and FBI investigate Biden and Clinton allegedly working with the Ukraine to screw the 2016 election is off-limits and an impeachable offence.

Can't wait for the Senate trial where Hunter Biden is called to testify and be cross-examined, not to mention dear old Dad in the middle of his Presidential nomination run - with no Schiff to disallow such witnesses.

morpork said...

Sorry snowflake. He's trying to drain the swamp, an election promise. If that means asking the Ukrainians to check up on election meddling and corruption in 2016 tough.
Do you think that Pelosi, Biden, Kerry and that Republican (who is really a Democrat) failure of a Presidential nominee Romney all have close family 'working' for Ukrainian energy companies and lobbying the US Govt. on their behalf has anything to do with this half arsed thrown together pantomime of an impeachment hearing ?
The Deep State and pay for players are panicking they know the goose is coming out of the oven in 10 minutes.

Snowflake said...

Man you’re dishonest, Tom. Is it deliberate or are you really buying into the “Biden got the prosecutor fired to save his son” lie? I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, and suggest you do a bit of basic research before recycling Rudy’s talking points. And while you’re at it, can you find all the examples of Trump withholding foreign aid until corruption allegations against people who aren’t his political opponents are investigated? If that’s all this is about it should be easy.

morpork said...

Hey snowflake. Can you tell us how many criminal indictments Barr is about to announce. Who will be indicted ? and will they be allowed due process ?
You know, face their accusers, hearsay not allowed, allowed to call and cross examine witnesses, allowed legal representation which Trump and Republicans can't at this joke hearing

Tom Hunter said...


Former Ambassador Yovanovitch was forced to admit that she was prepped on potential questions about Hunter Biden and Burisma when she first faced Senate confirmation as ambassador to Ukraine several years ago. That proves that the Obama administration itself saw Biden’s Burisma role as suspicious enough that they at least anticipated questions about it.

Yet your claim is that it was just a total coincidence that good ole' Joe explicitly threatened to withhold aid in order to get a Ukrainian prosecutor fired to avoid any chance he might look into an oil and gas company that Joe's son was a Director of. A Director paid vast sums of money by a company that already had investigators tracking because of corruption.

You're either a naive fool or a partisan liar!

And why don't you quote us the part from your favoured phone transcript where Trump asks Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and threatens to withold military aid until then.

Don't try to CNN-it either by excising the 500 or so words between talk of aid and the word "Biden".

You can't do it of course because no one - not even your nutcase sources - has done it. Nor will they. The best they can do is argue and argue and argue that Trump really, really did do that - pinky swear.

And of course the joke is that even if he had it would be a stretch to argue that such foreign policy strings amount to a "Text book impeachable abuse of power".

It's the use of the word textbook that strengthens Snowflake's assertion.

Snowflake said...

Well Barr’s a bit of a weirdo, so who knows? The whole Trump-demanded investigation of the oranges of the Mueller probe is a ludicrous waste of public resources, however. It must be difficult for Tom to have to try to defend this nonsense, which is why he resorts to whataboutism, deflection and lies.

Snowflake said...

Oh Tom, that’s a huge stretch even for you, and I suspect you know it. There was no investigation underway when the prosecutor, who was corrupt, got fired. True there was international pressure to do something about the corrupt prosecutor, that’s because he was corrupt. The links to Baurism and Biden are, however, absent. Anyway, it doesn’t even matter. Blackmail is blackmail, and the Second Coming of God did it. And it’s not a transcript and it’s damning.

David said...

Who is driving Drumpf's Ukraine policy?


Who stands to gain most from any prosecutions re Bursima?


As always, follow the money.


And, wee Tommy Fuckoff - I deliberately use the name Drumpf as it is The Giant Orange Cheetos family name. The name they try to hide to cover up their immigrant roots, after all, how can you shit on immigrants when you're immigrant stock yourself?

Tom Hunter said...

So that's a "No" from you on the phonecall transcript that started all this. I'm glad actually because it shows you've still some hold on reality.

Well Barr’s a bit of a weirdo, so who knows?

And yet it's his DOJ, and hence Trump's, that pushed the prosecution of Stone and others arising from the Mueller investigation.

Unlike the DOJ under the direction of AG "I'm Barack's Wingman" Holder. You know - the one who was censured by the House for refusing to hand over documents. He just laughed at that, as did Obama, which is a cool precedent for when there's a GOP president, like right now.

This is a typical Snowflake argument: no detailed rebuttal, just repeat the same stuff over and over again, a long with throwing around semi-sophisticated terms like "huge stretch even for you", as well as the flat-out "liar" bit.

The point was that getting the prosecutor fired absolutely stopped any potential investigation of Burisma - and their $3 million payment to Hunter Biden for a ceremonial cosplay board member effort, in an industry he knew nothing about in a country where he didn't speak the language.

And of course it's now on record that Burisma Holdings contacted the Obama State Department in 2016 in an attempt to downplay concerns about corruption at the Ukrainian energy firm - and they mentioned that they had two "high profile" US citizens in their pay. Would not have taken long to figure out that Hunter Biden was one - hence the meetings they obtained.

Hunter Biden’s business partner, Devon Archer, met with former Secretary of State John Kerry on March 2, 2016, according to the documents. Archer advised Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign and was a roommate and business partner of Kerry’s stepson, Christopher Heinz.

Washington D.C. connections eh? You can't beat them. Although Manfort's partner in the Russian-connected lobbying efforts, Tony Podesta, brother of Hillary Campaign head, John Podesta, certainly did beat the rap by getting immunity to testify against Manafort.

Rather than the other way around.

But in Snowflake world there's no corruption to see here, especially since Joe has denied everything. Just like Trump does!

It's not working for the Democrats in the House or in public. You should take a hint from that.

Tom Hunter said...

Oh - and while a few weeks ago I accepted the Democrat argument that the Ukrainian prosecutor himself was corrupt and that others like the EU also thought this, it now turns out that's shite as well....

The very day that Joe Biden managed to get that Ukraine prosecutor fired, his son’s company’s lawyers, the American company lawyers helping Burisma trying to fight this investigation were trying to urgently reach the new prosecutor, the replacement prosecutor.”

“In that meeting, according to the official record from the prosecutor, the lawyers for Hunter Biden’s company stated to the replacement prosecutor, we know that the information calling Mr. Shokin was corrupt and was ‘False information distributed by U.S. Government officials and other figures. We would like to make this up to you by bringing you to Washington, you are not corrupt and you instigated numerous reforms.’ That is the official record of the meeting. Ukrainian prosecutors kept.”

Of course Burisma and others spread rumours that Shokin was corrupt: attack is the best defense.

It's rather like working with Russians to compile a dossier on a US politician running for President, then using that to get FISA wiretaps and other activities - and then when your candidate loses and it threatens to be exposed, cover your butt by accusing the other side of doing precisely what you did.

Which is why Durham's investigation of the people involved, together with their lies to Congress, has become a criminal investigation.

Snowflake said...

You have innuendo and smears and that appears to be all, Tommy. Wow, a company having board members it thinks will assist it to influence decision-makers! Why was Shipley on the Mainzeal board? What does John Key do these days?

And you’ve really been red-pilled haven’t you? You’re really quite credulous aren’t you buddy? To the extent you will repeat any old lies in order to muddy the waters. Still remains a fact that the Second Coming of God blackmailed Zelensky using withheld military aid. The Chosen One said so himself on the White House lawn.

On your planet would Barr have personally ordered the prosecution of Stone to cease? Man I would have liked to have seen you spin that. No doubt you would have excused it by finding something irrelevant Obama did once. That’s your stock and trade when you’re fucked.

Tom Hunter said... finding something irrelevant Obama did once.

It's called applying consistent standards and I know how much the Left hate that. And hence...

On your planet would Barr have personally ordered the prosecution of Stone to cease?

Well both James Clapper (NSA Director) and John Brennan (CIA Director) lied under oath to Congress, Clapper's lies in particular being revealed by Snowden's data dump months later that showed the NSA had collected data on US citizens.

No FBI raids or DOJ prosecutions for them though - and that can be sheeted home as much to Trump's failure to get after them as anything else.

But the point is that it's not consistent treatment. Not that you care of course, although you'd probably be screaming at the top of your lungs had it been a CIA and NSA director in a Republican administration.

I see that when Congress hauled Clapper back to address this he said that his original answer was "the least untruthful" he could have given.

I think Clapper was being too clever by half: he should have just taken the Hillary Clinton / James Comey route and said "I have no memory of that or "I can't recall that" or some other variation. And done so a couple of hundred times.

That's the ticket.

Snowflake said...

Hey you did it! Classic whataboutism and deflection, symptomatic of a lack of ability to defend the conduct of your heroes. Barr can go after Clapper and Brennan anytime he likes. Why doesn’t he if it’s in the interests of justice and all? He’s too distracted by the Chosen One ordering him to find out about the oranges to do his job I suspect.

Tom Hunter said...

I am the wisest most smartest and beautiful blog AUTHOR there has ever been.

No one has ever known more about blogging than ME because I AM THE AUTHOR.

See now I laughed at that, but you were being very naughty by commenting under my name so that's a deletion. However you can dump the same comment back in if you like under some other name or even "anonymous". I had thought of suggesting that you write under the handle Retard, but then I realised that we'd all know that anyway.


Mahatma Coat said...

"being very naughty by commenting under my name "

As Eggie revealed some time ago, you do NOT comment under your "real name".

You are a fraud.

Tom Hunter said...

Looks like "Mahatma" is out of arguments.

Alec Ross said...

Where have all Lord Egbut Nobacon's posts gone? Did you delete them "Tom Hunter"? I imagine you did, he was getting very close to the truth, wasn't he? You are not who you claim to be, you are in impostor.

Tom Hunter said...

Where have all Lord Egbut Nobacon's posts gone

He never applied any tags to his posts, including his name, despite the rest of us doing so. As a result you can't find them just by hitting his name in the "Contributors" section.

But you can still find them by simply working back through the site until you spot his name. No need for more conspiracy theories.

he was getting very close to the truth, wasn't he?
He had the chance to put up or shut up by sending all his information to the other authors at this blogsite, including two that he trusted, Psycho Milt and The Vet.

He failed to do so. But the real reason for him being booted was attacking another blog author, which all the other authors here agreed was one the shit list.

Digital Disruptor said...

Curious how he only attacked one blog poster, the one who calls himself "Tom Hunter of The Stolen Valor" isn't it? Do you think the attacks were warranted? I do.

You're as fake as Donald Trump's tan old boy.

Tom Hunter said...

Oh he regularly attacked Adolf and Gravedodger as well as me on numerous occasions before we invited him to become an author - and yes, all of us had to approve and we did so.

It's just that as time went on he became obsessed with me in particular - as you are apparently. Not to mention that I proved that he had no idea what he was talking about with various assertions he'd made. Didn't stop him making more of course.

Up until his arrival none of the authors of this blog "knew" eachother in terms of personal contact and it all worked swimmingly. But Egbut did not agree and got more and more wound up about it.

Pity really as having someone in France/Europe/UK to report personally on things would have been good.

Oh well.

Now do you have any argument about this post itself that you'd like to make - or are we just going to witness yet another compulsive obsessive abusing crank?

Anonymous said...

Have to congratulate you Tom, referencing two great movies in one post, AND pressing the lefties hot button so well. Well done.


Snowflake said...

Awww, how sweet, subnormal. Meanwhile, Trump takes another one in the chocolate box, this time in Louisiana. How will Tommy spin this one? So much winning...

Tom Hunter said...

So let's see what's got Snowflake so jizzed up....

Edwards is a conservative Democrat and former US Army veteran who is anti-abortion and pro-gun rights.

Well how about that. So much winning.

If only the Democrats could nominate someone like him at the national level.

Snowflake said...

Goodness me, Tommy, you mean Trump lied to us when he said Edwards was a radical liberal and threw all the power of his heft behind whatever loser the GOP nominated? Fascinating.

Tom Hunter said...

Well you know what politicians are like; in an election it's always hellfire and damnation if the other lot win and afterwards it's usually huggermugger behind closed doors.

BTW - I know you're doing the best you can given your limited skills, but that's a very poor recovery Snowflake. Didn't you check the guy out before blurting this news?

Tom Hunter said...

Oh wait -

You're secretly a gun-lovin' anti-abortion good ole' boy?

Or is it just as base and simple-minded as Democrat good, GOP bad?

Snowflake said...

What matters is that Trump went all in for the loser, again (Alabama senate, Kentucky, Louisiana, and don’t let’s start on the mid-terms). Edwards’ policy positions, which Trump lied to you about, are largely irrelevant. Trump is toxic.

Tom Hunter said...

"What matters is....

Yes, yes, yes,.... Heard it all before: "Trump is toxic"

Just as he was throughout 2015 and 2016 when the air was filled with the triumphant screeching of Democrats, the MSM and other shills about how the GOP was running away from him to avoid catastrophe even as he was doomed to lose.

Which then converted into Russia, Russia, Russia and "The Walls Are Closing In" and "This A Very Bad News For Trump"for two years and now Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine... and fuck knows what's next.

Don't you have even the tiniest smidgen of ability to learn from your mistakes and - you know - tone it down a little?

Snowflake said...

He obstructed justice in the Mueller probe, lost the popular vote by 3 million in the election, lost the GOP House majority in the biggest landslide in over a generation, lost the senate race in Alabama, governors races all over the place and has committed an impeachable abuse of power. So much winning. So yeah no, not going to tone it down, chum. He deserves to go, and I seriously hope it’s not by being removed from office by the Senate, although that would be the correct call. Him losing next year in a landslide would be the appropriate course correction. Can’t wait.

Tom Hunter said...

Jesus dude, you think that just by endlessly repeating past fails you're somehow going to make them come true?

How many times are you just going to brainlessly repeat these same mantras? Okay - once again....

He obstructed justice in the Mueller probe
Nope - DOJ said there was nothing there that would win a prosecution - and remember, the same people screaming about how this is down to AG Barr being a partisan, ignore what his DOJ has been doing to other victims of the Mueller report and that Deputy AG Rosenstein, who started the ball rolling, agreed.

... lost the popular vote by 3 million in the election,
Because he lost California by some 4 million votes. Take that out and he won nationally by 1.4 million votes. And in any case Big Whoop and again with the Not Learning. It's called the Electoral College and you play the game by its rules not the Single Party State of Ca. Same could happen in 2020 and he could still win again - although I expect the Democrats will run a smarter campaign than did Hillary, described by the Young Turks as the worst candidate in history (after they'd started off the day being so excited that a "girl" was going to be President.

... lost the GOP House majority in the biggest landslide in over a generation,
Meh! After they'd held it for eight years and four election cycles and while also holding the Presidency and the Senate. Had to happen sooner or later. Sure, if they'd held then Trump would have taken credit, as is his wont. But saying the loss is down to him is, shall I say, equally Trumpish. And you don't want to be Trump, do you? And in a generation? I guess the 2010 loss of the House by the Dems after only holding it for four years is less of a shock to you.

... lost the senate race in Alabama...
Which they'll win back next year because the GOP will not be running such a flawed candidate again. Still more Not Learning.

governors races all over the place
Uh huh. Since 2016 put the GOP in their strongest position since 1927 it would have been amazing if they had not had some reverses. Still more than twice as many state governors are GOP as are Democrat. And judging by the examples of Illinois, Washington State and California I would not bet on that changing any time soon. Even the Dem's vaunted demographic changes can't overcome shit-filled streets and bankruptcy.

... and has committed an impeachable abuse of power.
Sez you. Again. And again. But still with no argument, just the endlessly repeated assertion. You need to watch that Pixar clip of The Incredibles: you are that teacher.

But you know all this. And I'm beginning to think you do believe in the power of prayer.

Still, I'm glad to see you're looking forward to the 2020 election. That's the way Democracies get rid of politicians.

Snowflake said...

You’re wrong on all counts. DoJ guidelines are that a sitting president cannot be indicted, Trump wasn’t cleared by anyone despite Barr attempting to clear him in an act of shocking deceit and sycophancy.

Yep, Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million. California is part of the United States I believe, just like Texas and remember, dirt doesn’t vote.

Nope, the mid-term shellacking. which was historic in scale (and this was masked by GOP gerrymanders), was completely down to him, him and the Dems made it about him.

How could the GOP lose a senate race in Alabama? I know! Have Trump go all in for the pedo the GOP nominated, that’s how. And yeah, yeah the defeats in the Southern gubernatorial races are just par for the course are they? And you think I’m deluded! As for shit-filled streets, well this is the Trump presidency, and the buck stops with him.

Trump’s attempt at blackmail is a clear impeachable abuse of power and you have not provided one rational defence of Trump’s behaviour. When are you going to start ranting about the deep state, I wonder?

You are sort of right about the cleansing power of elections. It’s the best way to rid the body-politic of a boil. However, you do need other checks on tyranny, so the constitutionally correct position in the current circumstances is to use those to get rid of a clear and present danger to the American Republic. I know the GOP are too craven and weasel-like (Hi Lindsay!) to go there though, so an election it will have to be.