Thursday, November 21, 2019


I litigiousness a communicable disease?

Brian Henry, in  a generic Winston First response to the revelations over the New Zealand First Foundation and its apparent suspected machinations over avoiding the doner declaration and hopes of transparent funding so wished for by many, is threatening to sue Nick Smith and Simon Bridges for thirty million dollars should they repeat their allegations outside the sanctuary of the parliament.  Allegations made in the parliament yesterday under privilege.

Poor old Mr Henry, he is claiming he has "lost" a lucrative US contract because of the adverse publicity, clearly false,  that there is anything illegal in donors thinking they are setting Winston up to keep the bastards honest when their donations to Winston First  somehow end up with "the foundation".
One quoted in media as 'disgruntled' is said to be Garry Chittock a large player in the  Waikato Bloodstock industry, It is suggested he felt a certain disappointment when Winston appointed Ardern as the Part Time Prime Minister.

Next question? will  David Seymour  take his concerns to the police not that there is much hope they will give him the time of day, with their track record (pun intended) over electoral transgressions.


RosscoWlg said...

Its a bit like dog poo stuck to your shoe, you walk around like nothings happening, pretending to be normal, but every time you lift your foot there is a stink of shit

pdm said...

On Wednesday morning Peters told Hosking he would arrange for Henry to be interviewed this morning. No sign of Henry as far as I am aware.

Good to see one of the Donors Garry Chittick putting the boot in - hopefully more will come forward and do the same.