Thursday, November 28, 2019

Jeremy Corbyn? Meet Prince Andrew

If you thought that Prince Andrew's TV interview about his history with Jeffrey Epstein and his "girls" was bad, then you really need to see this one on the BBC with Jeremy Corbyn that happened yesterday in Britain.

Just staggering. At this stage the only thing that seems to be holding Labour up are Remain voters who think that a Liberal-Democrat vote will be wasted.

And Labour's internal pollsters may know that, which would explain Corbyn's wooden-headed determination to continue waffling around how to handle Brexit, including in this interview being unable to say who would lead the campaign for his Brexit deal in a second referendum, in which he has pledged to remain neutral!

Then there's the spending thing, which actually did look like it was under control with tax increases to balance out all that extra spending. Scary, but at least it added up.

Until they sprang a new plan about compensating female pensioners born between 1950-55 for changes made to the pension scheme back in 1995 - the so-called WASPI group (Women Against State Pension Inequality). Trouble is that it will cost £58 billion that Corbyn admitted Labour have not got,  even with their tax increases.

And in then dealing with that whole tax increase thing, Corbyn was rather surprised in the interview to find out that the top 5 per cent of earners, who he has targeted for tax increases, already pay 50 per cent of all income tax. Which is probably why he and shadow chancellor John McDonnell were so gung-ho about such tax increases. It's quite a common Left-wing belief across the Western world that "the rich" don't pay enough taxes, including income tax, or that they don't pay "their fair share", so naturally facts like this do come as a bit of shock.

And of course this then led Corbyn having to admit Labour would breach its longstanding promise not to raise taxes on workers earning under £80,000.

And all this wreckage is aside from what happened with the whole Jew-Hating problem, where Corbyn assured the interviewer that it had been taken care of inside Labour - only to have no response as specific cases were put to him of Labour activists and candidates saying blatantly classic Jew-hating things and suffering no consequences. One example in particular was getting Corbyn to agree - finally - that the following statement is anti-Semitic:
“Rothschild’s Zionists run Israel and world governments” 
After several attempts Corbyn finally got around to admitting the obvious - and was then confronted with the next logical step:
“So we’re agreed it’s anti-Semitic? Right, that’s all I wanted to establish. 
Yet these were the words used by Liam Moore. He’s a Labour member, former council candidate. Your party’s actually been investigating him now for almost a year. … But has he been suspended? He hasn’t been suspended. You said everybody’s been suspended or expelled?”
Is it any wonder that just the other day Britain's Chief Rabbi slammed Labour for how it deals with anti-Semites - and of course Corbyn had only waffle in responding to the Rabbi too.

There's actually much more, but you have to watch it for yourself to get a true grasp of how awful an interview it is for Corbyn. I have seen TV interviews this bad, but usually not with politicians and certainly not with the leader of a major political party.

I'm reminded of the stories around Ouroboros: the snake that eats itself.

In ancient mythology it's supposed to be a story of renewal, but in the case of Corbyn and his Marxist mates it's more a case of living inside a bubble and consuming yourselves because you can't escape your own beliefs.

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