Saturday, November 9, 2019


The the latest Fox News poll which generally favors the Republicans shows a majority of voters now support the impeachment of President Trump.   Especially interesting the fact the poll was taken before the news broke that Trump had been fined $2,000,000 (USD) after admitting to a series of abuses relating to the use of funds from his own charitable foundation to further his business and political interests.

The poll had 49% favoring impeachment and removal from office and a further 4% favoring impeachment but with the President staying in office.   

Now I'm no expert of the US Constitution but I would have thought that removal from office was a automatic consequence of a successful impeachment somewhat akin to a government losing a 'no confidence' vote in the Westminster parliamentary system.

Would someone care to enlighten me please.


Max Ritchie said...

Impeachment is the House sending the case to the Senate for trial. The vote in the House will be on party lines probably. Two thirds, I think, needed in Senate for removal. Unlikely.

Max Ritchie said...

And just to add to that, in the papers written by the Founders is a specific mention of votes of no confidence- they wrote the constitution to avoid that, so the president was not constrained by parliamentary/dirty politics. I'll ascertain the writer. Jefferson I think.

XxxSammi3xxX Msp Nz said...

Impeachment vote in congress sends it to the senate to be judged. The Supreme Court justice presides over the senate trial, so just a vote in congress to impeach President Trump, would not remove him from office, just the next stage.
2 things to keep in mind when reading news from the US. 95% of media is pro democrat, and if it’s the poll I am thinking of, it was heavily weighted in favour of democrat voting people to a disproportionate amount.
2nd point: Anti President Trump politics has distorted the judicial processes. If you read some of the cases his administration has lost, there is problems with the concept of justice is blind. So he has been fined 2 million dollars for inappropriate use of his foundation, yet I understand that the Clinton foundation has had no fines despite Chelsea’s wedding to George Soro’s Nephew being paid for from that foundation.
For a real head spinner, one court said the Trump administration could not legally restrict or end the Obama DACA scheme, because it was never legal in the first place. I am not making any of this up either.

Max Ritchie said...

James Madison, I suspect. There's a long article in the City Journal "Dilemmas of Democracy" which tells you all (more than?) you need to know. Or read all 60 or so of the Federalist Papers. I had a copy from 1962 until 2018 - never opened it.

Max Ritchie said...

Vet I bought it when I was LWT's ADC. He asked me if I'd read Herodotus (not in the Greek, I replied) so I thought I'd better acquire a library and some knowledge. I certainly got the library - not sure about the other.

The Veteran said...

Max ... I bow to your knowledge and you're correct. If the House votes articles of impeachment the President is 'impeached'. The matter is then referred to the Senate for trial with the Chief Justice presiding. A two-thirds majority is necessary to convict.

If the Senate determines on a two-thirds vote that the President is guilty then removal from office follows automatically. Additionally the Senate may also, on a simple majority vote, disbar the person from ever again holding federal office, elected or appointed.

The Veteran said...

Max .... as an aside I guess you enjoyed your time as LWT's ADC. I had experience of his successor when I was appointed MA to the Minister. 'Luiege' thought he could order me around and did until he was told by Minister Faulkner to back off ... he's mine, not yours. RJHW and I enjoyed an interesting relationship after that.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said... was all laid out in my "It's not an infomercial" posts (twice)..

What's not to understand???????

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... the 4% who voted to impeach but not to remove from office.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

It's Fox for Christ sake....... Machiavellian Murdoch.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I understand the American voting public comprises roughly 31% Republicans, 24% Democrats and 42% Independents. Fox's sample included 48% Democrats, 40% Republcan and 12% Independents..

It's a bullshit poll. The young Murdochs must be wanting to attract viewers from CNN.

Tom Hunter said...

Bloody hell!

I step away for a day of household workshop stuff and miss a post appears that's right in my wheelhouse.

Anyway, I think Max and a couple of others have already explained the reality of the Senate in Impeachment, but I already covered this a few days ago in my post: ""If we don't impeach this President, he wins relection", especially the following:

Pelosi can also count, and there is simply not enough there to induce 20 GOP Senators to commit suicide in order to please her and Democrat Senate Leader Chuck Schumer. She already got a taste of this with the vote on making the investigation formal; it obtained not a single GOP vote in the House, not even from those who won slim margins over Democrats, and two Democrats voted against it. What will happen after a few more weeks of "testimony" when it's time for the House vote on actual Impeachment?

What we're seeing with these polls is what the Yanks call (from basketball), a "Full Court Press". They're throwing everything and the kitchen sink at this issue, confident they have a MSM that is 95% loyal to Democrats, with the remainder eager for clickbait.

But it's not going to work for the same reason all those "National" polls and blanket MSM hate for Trump failed in 2016. You'd think people would have learned something from that. Even the state-specific polls of swing states showed places like Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania as being 90%+ certain that Hillary would win.

And yet the MSM still yelps and screams these sorts of results. But then, lets face it, they've learned nothing from the Mueller Russia Collusion debacle and are repeating the same tactics, arguments and emotional hysteria to go with an almost identical accusation.

But this polling nonsense is probably worth a seperate post.

Snowflake said...

It's a Pravda poll, Tommy, you idiot. And you know nothing about polling, as you've previously demonstrated. If possible you know less than Adolt, and his stupidity and ignorance are legendary.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Keep repeating the same lies Chunter and I'm sure you will convince some primary school pupil somewhere that only you are right and the rest of the world is wrong.

Polling is nonsense when it's not going your masters way, yet you fall over yourself to use polls as an argument when they back your narrative....ask Veteran he knows about polls.

Tom Hunter said...

Jeez Sowflake, I'd expected far better argument from you. Instead I get the Judge Holden/Roj Blank patter of moronity.

When I was a nipper only six months old
My Mother and my Father, too
They didn't know what to wean me on
They were in a dreadful stew
They thought of tripe, they thought of steak
Or a little bit of old cod row
I said, "Pop round to the old cook-shop
And I tell ya what'll make me grow"

Boiled beef and carrots
Boiled beef and carrots

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Ok...Mike....regards to W.Roscoe.

Max Ritchie said...

Sorry to steal your thunder, Tom, but I waited patiently for something like 25 seconds. Vet: I knew Luigi quite well - syndicate leader of my 1st ROSB and Deputy Pres to Walter on my 2nd. Subsequently I went to the provinces (eg Haurakis to where I have now returned) and he to carpet country. MA would be interesting.